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Its what she wanted.

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This story goes back a few years. But still makes me heard each time I think about it.

You see we are both Bi people. She loves both sexes and so do I(the male half). Well she always wanted to see me with another guy. And us having fun. And then her join in for a 3sum.

Well little did I know. She had been in touch with a guy.

He was also BI and he was a black man. And she knew I liked black cock. And so did she.

Well it was a saturday night. And I didnt know what was to CUM for me later that night. So we went out. And had some dinner. It was our usual fun. Talking flirting with each other and having a good time. She said she was getting tired and wanted to know if we could skip the movie and just go home. Well that was music to my ears. Because the movie she wanted to see. I didnt like. So I said SUREEEE.

So we headed home. Well on the way home she lifted up her skirt. Now I must tell you here. She is a knock out. About 5'7" a true red head. About 140lbs. Nice 36D breast and a pussy to die for. And she keeps it shaved. Well this night she had on a sexy black dress. Lacey type and very flattering. Well I guess she was horny and started to play with her pussy in the car. I said feeling a little horny huh. She said VERYYYYYYYYYYY. As she ws playing I felt my cock growing. And I heard hear now wet pussy making sexy noises. She said I would love to see you suck a black cock soon. I said well i can go for that. She said ok. And continued playing with her wet soaked pussy.

We got home and she said i think we should go to bed. Well being what she was doing I wanted her bad. So we went upstairs. She said I want to get something to drink and be right up. So I went to the bedroom. And got on a nice pair of silk boxers. And she walked in. She had taken off her dress and she was wearing a black body stocking. And it was crotchless. OMG I think my cock grew to new heights. I am not John Holmes. but I am just over 8" and 6.5" around. So she came to the bed. With the "fuck me" eyes looking right at me. She got into bed and said. "wow baby you must like what you see". Well what guy wouldnt. with those 36D's and that shaved pussy. And by the way a hot ass also. she climbed in and took my cock out of my boxers. She said "wow baby, You are the biggest I have ever seen you." I said well baby with you playing with your pussy on the way home. And then that body stocking. WOW. She said I have one more surprize for you. About that time to door came open the rest of the way. And walked in a black guy. i said well who is this. She said :OUR play toy for the night." I said so you had this all planned huh. She said "yes baby".

So he walked over to the bed. And only had on a pair of white boxers. I could tell before he took them off. that this guy had a HUGE cock. Like I said I am just over 8". But he was much bigger then me. I slowly took off his boxers. And he was about half hard. My wife started to go "OMG". And then I seen it for the first time. I had in front of me. A black cock still not totally hard. and had to be 10" already. I took it in my hands and couldnt wait to start sucking it. He came on the bed and we had a side ways 69. he took my cock out and said "damnnnnnn your thick". I said ty and started to suck this black snake. As I did it started to grow. My wife now over me was taking pics of all of the action. and I felt my cock in a hot mouth. I was taking about 10" of his cock down my throat. And there was still 3-4 inches left. I couldnt believe how big he was. I would stop and lick the sides and his balls. Then I felt 2 mouths on my cock. And my wife was down there also. And they shared my cock and kissed some.

I said damn dude how big do you get? he said I can get to 14" And I will say right now. he was at that 14".

I continued to suck this hot black dick. And then my wife came up. She said ok it is my turn.

So she started to suck his cock and we shared it for a min or 2. then she said I want BOTH of you in me.

Now she usually dont like anal sex. but this was not a normal night.

He got in the middle of the bed. I sucked him and got him all nice and wet. About that time she climbed on top of him. Now remember this is a 14" cock. So it was like a ladder to just get on him. well she finally got on. And she said "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG" and took 3/4 of him. I got in front of her and she started to suck me and still had him deep in her pussy. Now he was not as thick as I was. But I know he was reaching places never been too before. As she was sucking me she took more and more of his huge cock.

And then finally she took 12" of it. She said I want you in my ass NOWWWWWW. So I got in behind her. And got her ass all lubed up. And slowly took my 8" cock and entered her. I could feel his huge cock beside mine as I did. And wow what a feeling. I was about 1/2 in and she said OMG I AM CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. And about that time I felt pussy juices coming out of her I never did before. My balls were soaked and his cock was now burried. She took all 14" of him. I dont know how but I guess with all the juice she could. I took my cock and got about 7" in her. And she said OMG I AM CUMMING AGAIN. and she did. About that time she said I want to taste my pussy. So he got out of her and I still was fucking her ass from behind. He got in front of her and she went to town on that blakc snake. I said well how do you taste. She said OMG BABY IT IS AWESOME. about that time it was all I could take. Seeing my wife sucking on a huge black cock. So I took my cock out of her ass and wanted to fill her pussy with my cum. I just got inside of her pussy and exploded. About the same time he started to yell and he cummed all over her face and tits. She licked him clean and turned around and said do you want some? I said yes and licked off all the cum on her face and tits. he got up and thank us for a fun night. Got dressed and took off. We layed there for about 30 mins. Then I said I want more of you. So we made love the rest of the night. And alot of it was still seeing her sucking him off. She said baby I loved watching you take his cock. I want to do this again some time.

Well we got a divorce about 3 years later. And never did have that again.

But I know it will be a night I will never forget.

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