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It is All Just

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I was standing in the shadows of the stars looking into the living room. Joyce was sitting on the stairs waiting for me to go upstairs with her. I had whispered to her I wanted to watch George and Lynn for a few minutes and she had said no problem we have plenty of time. George and Joyce are married and so are Lynn and I. This was a first experience for all of us together. I had a history before I married Lynn and Both George had done some things separately as they had an open marriage. George had an experience with a much younger girl. Joyce knew her mother but her mother was unaware of what she was doing with George. The girl was 19 and had very large boobs.

George was fucking her brains out every chance he got. He even did it once in front of Joyce in their living room. Joyce had once met a black girl in a motel and had sex with her. She also had an occasional meeting with a male friend who George had written a note saying it was ok with him if they fooled around some. Joyce would not fuck him but did give him blow jobs when they got together. Lynn and Joyce would get together later as Lynn was Bi Curious. George was about to be the third man ever in her life. Lynn is a beautiful blond with nice boobs and a terrific butt. Joyce was to be her very first woman.

George and Lynn had gotten to know each other over the past few months and she liked him. Joyce had she had gotten close and Joyce had told Lynn that George had 9 inches. Lynn was a little nervous about that fact. Lynn was going to fuck him and I was going to fuck Joyce. I would be her first man to fuck her other than George since they had gotten married. The plans for tonight had been developing over the past few months and the night had finally arrived. All of us were excited and a little nervous.

I am Jim and have been in the swing lifestyle for many years and this would be a first time for Lynn. She was standing in front of George unaware I was watching. George is tall and had to lean down to kiss Lynn and at the same time slid her top off her shoulders as he kissed her. I could see the flush on her face as he looked down at her bra and boobs and I could hear him say very nice. He reached around her and undid her bra and her boobs fell out into the open. I could see the budge in his pants and watched him adjust himself as Lynn watched. Lynn was now naked to the waist and George pushed down on her shoulders and knowing what he wanted she dropped to her knees in front of him and looked up and they made eye contact and he nodded.

Lynn unbuckled his pants and unzipped him and his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. His shorts looked like a tent. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and she gasped saying Joyce told me about you. He pulled his shorts down and his cock sprung free. He was up and ready and said this is for you. He leaned down and guided her head in front of his cock and pulled her forward and she opened her mouth and he pressed his cock into her mouth.

Her eyes opened wide and she looked up at his face as she sucked on him. They had talked about her giving him a blow job on line several times. It was one of her favorite things to do. She put her arms around him and grabbed his butt in both hands. He moaned oh yes love your hands. He began thrusting forward and grunted and she held onto him tight and he exploded pulling out still squirting, in her mouth ,on her face and down on her boobs. She pulled back and I could see the smile on her face and the lust in her eyes.

I turned to Joyce and said ready? George just got his blow job. Joyce looked up at me and said well time for yours than as I took her hand and led her upstairs to their bedroom. When we were alone I kissed her said I have been looking forward to getting close to you for years. She said I know and now you will. Joyce looked up to me and said I am a very bad girl. I have been for a long time. George knows all about me and what we are going to do tonight. I have always been very bad for him. He wants me to be very bad for you and tell him all the details when we are alone later. I want you to fuck me really good. I will give it all up to you. She reached up and began to undress for me. Joyce has long brown hair and big boobs that I have always wanted to see.

I heard sounds coming from the living room. Skin slapping against skin and Lynn moaning. I said sounds like she getting that 9 inches and likes it. Joyce said he takes a long time and so they will be a while at it. I looked at her and said so will we. Joyce continued removing her clothes until she stood in front of me naked. Her face was flushed and her breathing was faster. I started to undress and she moved over to me and helped. I liked it when she unbuckled my pants and unzipped me. When I was naked she looked down at my cock standing straight out and smiled and said nice. I moved over to her and we moved to the bed. She stretched out in front of me and spread wide open, an invitation.

I moved up to the bed and she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet. I almost came at that instant. She sucked and licked and we made eye contact and I could see the lust in her eyes. I pulled away and climbed on the bed with her and slid between her open legs and went into her pussy. She was very wet and moaned oh yes as I went in deep. We fucked. Her legs went up in the air and then around me. I felt her hands on my butt as she pulled me in deeper. I was ready to cum and she could tell and whispered in my ear in my mouth; my promised blow job. I slammed into a few more times and pulled out and she went down on me and I exploded. She held my cock in her mouth until I stopped squirting and swallowed it all. She shook and moaned and as I came in her mouth she climaxed with me. She said I always get off when a man cums in my mouth. We both lay back quietly recovering. I was certainly not finished with her yet. She knew that and was waiting for me to recover so we could start again. It would take me much longer the next time.

I listened to what was going on downstairs. George was grunting as he fucked Lynn and she was panting and moaning oh yes give it to me. Lynn could be a bad girl also and wanted to be tonight. Joyce was listening as well and I asked her want to watch them. She smiled and said yes I would like too. So we quietly moved down the stairs and stayed in the shadows to watch. Lynn was on her hands and knees with George giving it to her from behind. I was a little surprised standing there watching my wife being fucked and knowing she was enjoying it with another man. Joyce whispered I want you to do that to me. At that point George went over the top with Lynn.

He was sitting on top of her butt with all his weight on her and his 9 inches really deep as he pounded her. I heard her grunting and she cried out and gave it up to him shuttering and falling forward with him still inside her. He kept going and I could her just how wet she was. He grunted several times pulled out and squirted all over her butt and back and fell on top of her. I grabbed Joyce and pulled her back upstairs. I was ready.

Joyce and I fucked for a long time in almost every position. Behind, her on top, me on top and finally when I did cum I exploded deep in her pussy. My favorite was her riding me with me looking up at her bouncing boobs. We made eye contact as she gave it up to me. I love watching the face of a woman when they cum. When she was finished she fell forward kissing me saying that was so good, I came so hard.

The house suddenly got very quiet. It was time for us to Join George and Lynn. We got dressed and went downstairs. George and Lynn were sitting on the couch fully dressed with her holding his hand on her knees saying he has been between those knees. Lynn had that I have just been fucked look as I am sure so did Joyce. Time for a break We all had drinks and just relaxed. George and I made eye contact knowing we had just had each others wife. Actually it was a strange kind of feeling for both of us I am sure. We went out to the patio with our drinks and he said Lynn is a wonderful woman and you are a lucky man. I said you are too. That was all we ever said.

I looked into the kitchen and Joyce was giving Lynn a hug and then kissed her on the mouth. Lynn flushed knowing what that meant. She had told me earlier that she was looking forward to having sex with Joyce. She had said I just want to know what it is like. I has said go for it.

Joyce and Lynn wanted to be alone for their first time together. I was truthfully a little disappointed but agreed. So did George. So the time had come and Joyce took Lynn by the hand and led her upstairs. They would be awhile. George and I put on a football game to give us something to do or we would have to have sex too .The girls had encouraged us to try it if we wanted. That would be a huge leap for me. I actually considered it as I had had a couple of close in counters in the past, but never had actually done anything. George was very unsure. So we sat watching the game, slightly uncomfortable I think.

We could hear sounds coming from upstairs. I heard Lynn say oh that feels good. I got hard listening knowing what they were probably doing. I know they planned to go down on each other as that was what Joyce had done with the black girl and had enjoyed it. Lynn wanted Joyce to do the same to her and she wanted to do the same to Joyce. I noticed that George had a tent in his pants as well. We had obviously become bored with the game and focused on what was happening upstairs. It had gotten quiet and I figured they were doing each other by now. I imagined Lynn licking a pussy for her first time. I also could see Joyce down on Lynn. I thought wow. I really wanted to watch them and knew George did also. We were both already turned on. I said if we are very quiet we could go to the top of the stairs and watch. He immediately agreed.

We got to the top of the stairs and it was dark there. The ladies only had a bed lamp on so we could see them, but we were hidden in the dark. Joyce and Lynn were kissing each other and both were naked. We watched Joyce reach out and feel Lynn up and then she leaned forward took one of her boobs in her mouth and sucked on her nipple. Lynn loves that and gasped and through her back in pleasure. Joyce did one boob then the other. Lynn was breathing hard before she was finished and I Heard Lynn say that was wonderful and leaned forward and did the same for Joyce. Next Joyce continued kissing Lynn with more and more passion building between them. She then moved downwards toward the ultimate goal. Joyce kissed and licked her way down and slipped a finger into Lynn. Lynn gasped and spread wide. A moment later, Lynn felt for the first time another woman licking her pussy. She looked down watching this lovely lady eating her. Lynn was flushed and near panting she was so turned on. She got very excited. Lynn started to jerk and Joyce held her down so she could still lick her and Lynn lost it. Twisting and turning and jerking she gave it up to Joyce. Joyce rose up with her face very wet from Lynn and said I could tell you liked that and laughed. Lynn had fallen back on the bed having gone into another world.

Joyce moved up until her pussy was across from Lynn. She than reached out and pulled her head into her pussy and Lynn got her first taste. Lynn was so turned on she had no hesitation and buried her head and licked and sucked Joyce. Joyce was holding her head against her pussy thrusting against her mouth in a fucking motion. Joyce knew where she wanted to go. Joyce began to shutter and moan oh yes and holding on to Lynn tight grunted and climaxed on her face flooding her face with her cum. Lynn raised up with her face and boobs all wet from Joyce. Lynn said oh I did it, wow.

Joyce got up and moved to their drawers and pulled out a dildo. It was about 14 inches long with a cock head at both ends. She turned to Lynn and said seen one of these being used in a video and have always wondered what it might be like, are you willing? Lynn by this time would do anything Joyce wanted and said yes knowing it meant they were going to fuck each other. Lynn said I have seen them in a video too.

I could see the lights go on in Joyce. Her eyes brightened as she approached Lynn and Lynn could see the pure lust on her face and knew she was about to be fucked by another woman. Joyce wanted to be that very bad girl and Lynn was going to be very bad with her. They moved in front of each other with their legs spread open. I noticed that George was making stroking movements and figured that in the dark he was playing with himself, so I joined him and did the same. The ladies fucked each other. It was wild to watch as they pushed the Dildo into their pussies as it disappeared. They were clit to clit banging holding each other by their arms for leverage. I heard Joyce saying oh yes I love doing this. Lynn was lost in the sensations and completely into what she was doing. You could hear how wet they both had become.

Joyce said oh yes Lynn, fuck me, fuck me. Lynn did and Joyce fucked her. Joyce moved her legs so they were in a scissor position. There pussies tight against each other and then pulled Lynn forward and now they were also boob to boob holding each other and having long passionate kisses. Occasionally you could get a peek at the dildo moving in and out of them. They each had seven inches of dido. It went on for a long time. Joyce was the first to cum and holding on to Lynn tight grunted and gasping for air got off wiggling her butt side to side and shuttering through her cum. Lynn just kept going faster and faster and yelled out and climaxed giving up all control of her body. She fell back and got very quiet and finally opened her eyes and said wow that was intense. I passed out for a moment. George and I quietly went back downstairs.

When Joyce and Lynn joined they both looked wore out. We were going to spend the night. Lynn and I went out to the patio to talk. I asked her if she was having and she said oh yes but it is wild. I have been very bad tonight. I said me too. George and I have talked and he would like you to sleep with him and me with Joyce. Do you want too? He for sure wants to do you again if that is what you want to do. You had a good time with him right? She smiled and said you already know the answer to that question right? I said yes. I added I am ok with it, if you would like to do him again and I will have Joyce. It could be the only time we do this. She looked up to me and said well sounds like you want more time with Joyce right? I said that would be nice yes. She said ok we can do it then. I asked do you think you will enjoy swinging in the future. She said I know you want to and I have had a good time tonight and so yes we could do it again if you want. I said great then we will. Lynn added I had a great time with Joyce. I smiled and said yes I know we could hear you both.

So we spent the night with them and Lynn told me after we got home that they had both fell asleep and she had woke up after a few hours and lay there watching George and had went down on him and he woke up with a hard on and I climbed aboard and had went for a ride. It was fun. I got off with him again and him with me. Then we went back to sleep. She added I know you did Joyce again as before George woke up I listened to you and her getting it on. She sure makes a lot of noise. I said yes she is very good and I really enjoyed her. Lynn smiled and said I could tell.

Later we talked about the weekend and agreed we both had a good time. The most important part was that we were as close as before. No problems for us.

About a month later I asked her if she was ready to explore again and she said yes I have been thinking about it. She added I never realized how bad a girl I can be; is that ok with you? I said yes as long as it is ok with you. It lets me be bad too. She laughed. I said I suppose you have discovered you like women too and I was wondering if you would like to do it again with someone else. Lynn said well it is still new to me, but yes I would like to do it again. I said I will find us a new couple then. I was excited.

I called some people in the lifestyle I knew and told them we were looking for a couple with little or no experience and with a girl who was Bi-curious. They said they would look around and let me know. A couple of weeks later I got a call from a couple I had known for some time. She was Jill and she told me she had some people of interest to talk to me about. I knew Jill liked me as we had spent some time together a few years before and had fun together. She told me her sister who is 28 wanted to get into the lifestyle.

She added of course John and I cannot be involved, but thought you might be interested. I said I am sure we would; is she married and Jill said no divorced so it would be just her for now at least. I said ok can you arrange for us to meet her ok? Jill said I will let you know soon. I asked her before she hung up why her sister was interested and she said well she knows John and I are in the lifestyle and she just wants to do some exploring. I said ok.

A couple of weeks later Jill called back and said she would like to meet you. So I said there is a local bar Lynn and I go to so she could meet us there Saturday night if she would like. Joan and got on the phone and agreed to meet us. I described Lynn to her and told her that we would in front and wait for her.

We stood waiting for Joan to arrive. Lynn was both nervous and excited at the same time. Lynn said do you think she will like us. I said well she knows exactly why she is meeting us. Lynn said oh forgot that part. I said otherwise why meet us. I am certain she wants to do us both. She knows what we want. Lynn smiled and said I hope so.

A woman got out of her car looking around and looked at us. We knew she was 28 and this lady looked right. She had long red hair near her shoulders and was very pretty and shapely. She walked over to us and said are you Jim and Lynn? I said yes. She said I am Joan. We shook hands and she said I am very nervous. I smiled and said us too. I said time for a drink and we went inside the bar. Lynn and Joan sat together with me across from them. I could see Lynn light up as she looked at Joan knowing what she wanted to do. Joan looked back knowing it as well. they both flushed a little and I was getting hard.

I broke the ice by asking Joan how long you have been interested in the lifestyle. She ever since I found out about my sister. I was curious about what she was doing and she told me a couple of stories. I said we are very new only one experience with some friends. Joan said well I never have done anything. My sister told me about you two and said you were nice people for me to get to know. I laughed and said getting to know each other is different in the lifestyle you understand? She flushed and said yes I know what is going on here and why I am here. I said well, us too.

We had a couple of drinks and I asked her to dance as the music had started. As we danced I said you are really beautiful. She said thanks Lynn is too. I decided to make my move and said she has had one experience with a woman and wants another, how about you? She paused for a moment and finally said well my sister is Bi and has told me she really enjoys other women, so I am curious too. I added and then there is me of course.

She made eye contact me as smiled and said I like men I been with a few mostly since my divorce. She added actually only two and laughed. I said I would love to be your third. She made eye contact with me again and flushed more and said me too. I said well why not come over to our house ok? She nodded yes. I told Lynn we had a guest and we all left the bar. She followed us home. I told Lynn on the way that Joan was willing to do us both. Lynn remained quiet.

We sat together on our living room. I said thanks for being here we will have a good time. Joan looked nervous, but said well how do will we start? I said well how about now and offered my hand and she stood up and I led her to our bedroom and Lynn followed. I said to Lynn I think she needs a hug and kiss once we were in the bedroom. Lynn moved over to her and gave her a hug and a light kiss on the lips. Joan seemed to relax now that we had started. She said that was nice. I went over and kissed her a little longer. Lynn kissed her again and this time lingered in the kiss. Joan kissed her back. I moved to the side and she and Lynn continued kissing as I watched. They parted both breathing faster and Joan said that was very nice. Never have done that before.

I turned to Lynn and you could undress each other. Lynn smiled and said yes we could and moved closer to Joan reaching out and unbuttoned the first button of her blouse. Joan gasped a little at her touch, allowed Lynn to continue unbuttoning her top. It fell open revealing a lace bra and very nice boobs. Lynn whispered now you. Her voice quivered a little as she was getting turned on. Joan reached out and unbuttoned Lynn. Lynn moved behind Joan and unclasped her bra and it fell to the floor and I got to see her boobs for the first time. They were full and her nipples were hard and she looked up and we made eye contact as I looked her over and I said very nice. She flushed.

Lynn moved in front of Joan and undid her own bra and her bra fell to the floor too. The two ladies stood facing each other naked to the waist. Lynn said very nice you are beautiful. Joan said you too. Lynn moved closer and pulled Joan against her so their boobs were pressed together and gave her a long kiss and hug. Joan gasped and said wow. I took my shirt off. Lynn reached down and pulled her skirt off her hips and it fell to the floor. She was wearing pink panties. Lynn said pull my skirt off for me and Joan reached out and did as she was told. Lynn said now my panties and reached out and the two ladies removed each others panties and stood in front of each other naked. I removed my pants and shorts and I was up and at the ready. Joan looked down at my cock knowing I was about ready to do her. She said I feel like a very bad girl. Lynn said I am too and led her over to the bed.

Joan sat on the edge of the bed and I moved over to her and went to my knees and pushed her legs a part and went down on her. She shuttered at the touch of my tongue. Lynn stood behind me watching. I looked up and said to Lynn want to join me. Joan suddenly got focused with was about to happen and watched Lynn get on her knees in front of her and leaned in and licked her pussy. Joan said oh I am going to do it. Lynn worked her over as I watched. Joan jerked and fell back on the bed. I touched Lynn on the shoulder and she moved to the side. I moved between her legs and she looked down as I slipped my cock into her pussy. She was very wet and I went in easy. This would be the first time Lynn would see me with another woman. Lynn stood behind me and hugged me from behind as I fucked Joan. She whispered this is wild.

I took my time with Joan. She said I am so hot. I turned to Lynn and whispered get on the bed with her and see if she will lick you. I pulled Joan off the bed and turned her around and whispered Lynn wants you to taste her. I went I to her from behind and she bent over the bed. Lynn was lying in front of her waiting. I motioned for Lynn to scoot up in front of her and she did spreading her legs wide open. I pulled Joan back to me and whispered go ahead it is ok and pushed her back down in front of Lynn.

Joan moaned as I gave it to her hard and fast and she grunted and lowered her head and had her first taste. Lynn gasped and said oh yes do me. Once Joan was there she relaxed and did the thing to Lynn. Lynn and I made eye contact and I could see the lust on her face as Joan licked her. She mouthed a silent I love doing this. I really was giving it to Joan. She shuttered and lifted her head up and said oh I am going to cum and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. Her pussy was quivering around my cock as she gave it up to me. I pushed her head back down and Lynn was thrusting against her mouth and suddenly flooded her face as she got off together with Joan.

I was ready and slammed into Joan and pulled out squirting all over her butt and Back. We all collapsed on the bed. Joan was very quiet for a time, but finally said that was incredible. You two are wonderful. I said you are too. Joan looked up with her face all wet from Lynn and said I understand what you and my sister mean now. That was wild and fun.

I put on a bathrobe and grabbed a beer and went out to the patio in the dark. The ladies sat on the couch together talking. I could hear what they said. Joan was saying I am surprised I did it with you, but once I got started I just wanted to get you off. Lynn laughed well you did that for sure. Lynn said to Joan I would really like to do you again and feel you cum on my face. Could we? Joan said oh yes I would love that and me with you as well. I thought well here they go and sat back to watch.

They both had light robes on but as they sat kissing again the robes fell to the floor. I sat in the dark stroking. I was going to do her again before she went anywhere. I watched Lynn moving down on Joan and with no hesitation this time she spread open for Lynn. Lynn buried her head in her pussy and Joan gasping said oh yes good, good. Lynn really worked her over and finally pulled her down to the floor with her and swung around so Joan could get to her. Joan pulled Lynn to her and had her second experience. The girls were in 69 really working each other over and I moved into the living looking to get fucked. Joan was on top with her butt in the air. I moved behind her and without any warning slipped into her pussy and went deep. Lynn was below me and watched me giving it to Joan.

Joan just kept licking Lynn and I could see in her eyes how much she liked it. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she mouthed cum and started to shake and jerk around and climaxed. I lost it to and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her pussy and butt, some fell down and Lynn had some cum on her face. I pulled away and Lynn went back to licking and sucking on Joan. The ladies stayed that way for a time. Joan began to quiver and shake and raised her head up and moaned cum and exploded on Lynn. She got very wet as she came and when she was done Lynn looked up to me and her face and boobs were very wet. I thought wow what a scene.

Before Joan left she hugged us both and said it was incredible and hoped we would do it again soon. Lynn said to her how about next weekend and she said yes.

This story was based on real events. My wife Lynn did give a friend of mine a blow job and have sex with his wife more than once. We got together with another couple and his wife and Lynn did it all. More will come.

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