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How my second 3some happened.

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This is a true story of my second bi mmf 3some that happened about a few years ago.

About a month or two had pasted since our friend had played with us. A week earlier, he had chatted with us on Yahoo to let us know that he could play again if we were interested, which we both readily agreed. We decided to meet at the same bar that we had met at last time. He met us outside the bar and the three of us went inside. We decided to sit on the patio outside which gave us more privacy for talk. He told us that he had a great time last time, and was glad that we decided to meet him again. My gf and I agreed with him, and said that we had both loved it. She said though that this time she wanted to direct us two guys more, take more pictures and even maybe make a video of it (little did he know that she had already set up the video recorder back at my house). We had a few more drinks, when the conversation came up about strip clubs. I mentioned that we had one at the north side of town, and he said that he thought it would be really hot to go there with us. She and I looked at each other, and said why not.

So we left the bar and headed straight for the strip club. We got to the club, and found a table fairly close to the stage where the girls danced and stripped. Because the club's strippers get completely naked, they don't sell any alchohol, so they sold juices instead, which probably was a good thing because of all the drinks we had at the bar. We watched a few girls dance, before my gf said we should sit at the stage. So the three of us sat at the stage so we could "see" better. It kind of pissed off some of the other patrons, because it seemed like the girls were paying more attention to my gf than anyone else. At least, it seemed that way. For those men that haven't taken your girl to a strip club before, you should try it. The strippers seem to pay more attention to you if you have a female there, or maybe it is because they are paying more attention to the female, always asking if she wants a lap dance. Anyway, after sitting at the stage, and getting some angry looks from the other guys sitting at the stage, we moved back to our table. Not five minutes go by when one of the strippers comes to our table asking my gf if she wants a lap dance. Our friend graciously offers to pay for it, so off they go to the lap dance area. She comes back about 15 minutes later looking rather flushed and red in the face. I asked her if she is ok and how was it, to which she replies that we need to "go now", and that her pussy is sopping wet. When we got outside, she explained that the stripper immediately got naked and was constantly rubbing her breasts against my gf's face. The stripper also would put her pussy and ass just inches away from my gf's face which I had to ask if she licked them, which she sheepisly replied, "a couple times". The stripper then got between my gf's legs, and pushed her short skirt up, and started licking my gf's pantied pussy. At that poing my gf decided she better leave or she wouldn't be able to contain herself any longer. The two of us males got hardons hearing this. As our friend drove us back to my house, I put my hand under her skirt, and wormed one of my fingers inside her pussy to confirm that she was indeed soaking wet.

Once back at the house, our friend discovered the video recorder and said that he loved the idea of getting our 3some on video. My gf says that before we get started our friend needs to shave his crotch like she and I were. We told him that he was too hairy down there. At this point, he was willing to agree to about anything. After he shaved, while we watched, he told the two of us to play with each other while he watched/filmed it. We slowly started kissing and touching each other. Soon we were licking each other's exposed body parts. We started to get into a 69 when all of a sudden she pushes me away saying that she wanted to watch me and him. I looked at our friend to find him already with a hardon, and stroking himself. He laid down on the carpet asking her what she wanted to see, with her response being a 69. I don't know if it was because we went to the strip club or the alchohol that we had earlier, but I felt more comfortable than the last meeting, and got on top of him in a 69 fashion. We both started licking each other's cocks while my gf started coaching us to lick and suck each other, with her fingers diddling herself. She even got the video recorder to get some close up shots of us sucking each other. After putting the video recorder back onto the tripod, she pulls us apart, puts a pillow down, and tells me to lie down with the pillow under my ass. She picks up some oil and pours it onto his cock, pours some into her hand which she then spreads around on my ass. With a devilish smile, she tells him to fuck my ass, and pulls my cheeks apart. He rubs his oily dick up and down my crack, and with each pass, he presses his cock a little more into my ass. She is standing over me taking pictures with a camera, telling us how hot it looks. Finally he starts sinking more and more of his cock into me. She is overcome with lust and sits down on my face so I can lick her sopping pussy. She holds my legs apart as he starts thrusting more and more of his cock into my ass. This seems to really turn her on because soon she starts moaning like no tomorrow, and grinding her pussy up and down my face. After a while of this, our friend announces that he can't take too much more of this and he is going to cum. So my gf gets off me and tells him she wants to see him cum. He pulls out of me, lays flat on his back, and starts to furiously stroke himself when all of a sudden he starts erupting like a volcano. I'm sitting very close to him, and tell her to get a picture of me pretending to lick his cock which she does, but then she hands me the camera and proceeds to lick up and suck off every drop he has. She then looks at me smiling and says, "That's how you are suppose to do it." She comes over to me and kisses me deeply so I can taste the reminants of him on her mouth and tongue.

After a break, she and I get into a 69 with her on top. He finds the camera to get close up shots of us licking and sucking each other. He is taking a picture of me licking her spread pussy, when I pull him closer to her, and guide his hard cock towards her pussy. He slowly pushes himself into her, which causes her to moan. He snaps a few more pictures of him sliding in and out her, when he pulls out and points his cock towards my mouth. I open it and he slides his cock into my mouth taking another picture. After several minutes of this, it starts to be too much for her, and all of a sudden she starts moaning, and I can feel her body shaking and quivering. After she stops cumming, she gets up and tells our friend to get on his hands and knees. He tells her that he is game, but has never had a man in his ass before so that we should go easy. She directs me to get behind him and then start lubing us both up. She inserts one, then two fingers into his ass, then pulls his cheeks apart and guides my cock to his hole. I push just my head inside which causes him to groan in pain. I stop moving. She snaps a picture or two, and then slowly starts pushing me towards him. He moans to stop and that it is killing him. So she pulls me off him, and tells me to get on my hands and knees, that if she can't see me fuck him, then she wants to see him fuck me. I get down on all fours, and she tells me to suck him to get him hard, which I do. She gets behind my and lubes up my ass, inserting one, two, and then three fingers into my ass. She then orders him to get behind me and start fucking. He complies, and slides in. She says she loves to see this, and snaps away taking more pictures. She even stands over me so that she can grap his face and shove it into her pussy so he can lick it while fucking me. I find it all too exciting, and start cumming all over the floor and tell them so, which causes her to cum as well. She decides that it is time for another break which I readily agree.

After relaxing naked with each for a while, we go back at it, with her and him in the 69 position with her on top. I slowly scoot up behind her and start entering her from behind with him guiding my cock into her. After a while we find our rythm with me fucking her, him licking us both and her sucking him. He occasionally will pull me out of her to suck me and to thrust his tongue deeply into her spread pussy. The three of us are moaning away when all of a sudden I feel him sliding a finger into my ass. This is too much for me as I groan out loudly and I immediately start cuming inside of her. I pull out of her and he rolls her onto her back. He then switches around so he can start fucking her. He really starts pounding into her which she loves. I get the video recorder and the camera and alternate between them to get some good video and pictures of them. Finally, his thrusting get more wild, and then all of a sudden he moans out loud and thrusts one last time deep inside her. As he pulls himself off her, I get close to her pussy with the camera and get some closeup shots of the cum running out. I am over come with lust for her, put the camera down, slide closer to her, and start licking her shaved, beautiful cunt. This sends her over the edge, she graps my head forcing my tongue deeper into her, and starts cumming like a wild woman. I am licking and sucking for all I'm worth, and after what seems like an hour, but probably more like 10 minutes, she comes off her wave, and lets me come up for air. I look at her contented face, whisper thank you into her ear, and give her a deep loving kiss. "No," she says, "thank you."

If you enjoyed this, please let me know. And also if you want to hear how we found another 3some friend, which utimately caused my gf and I to break up.


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