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How my first 3some happened

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How my first 3some happened.

This is a true story of my first bi mmf 3some that happened a few years ago. Also, you know the warnings, don't read the story if you are not 18 or older.

For my birthday, my gf treated me to a very romantic weekend in the Sonoma valley. On the second night, after having a very wonderful dinner and out of the blue, she asks what were my fantasies. I responded that I wanted to see her with another man. At first, she couldn't believe it. But after convincing her I was serious, and how much of a turn on it would be, she finally said that she might be able to do it. Later that night back in our hotel room, while we were making love, she seemed to cum more than usual. And I think it was due to her talking "nasty". She wanted to know details like, how would I like this other guy to fuck her. And, would I like her to suck his cock? Or, would I let him fuck her ass? I told her I wanted to see all three. She asked me to describe in detail what I wanted him to do. I told her, I wanted to see her ride his cock up and down slowly at first. I wanted to see how wet she gets when riding his cock, so I could see their juices dripping from his cock and her pussy. I told her that I wanted him to cum inside her, so I could see the cum run out. I wanted to see her licking his shaved cock, to suck it getting his and her cum off of it, to get it hard again. So that finally when he was hard enough, I wanted him put it in her ass, that I wanted him to fuck her ass nice and slowly. She came several times when I told her these things which of course made me cum deep inside her.

From that point on whenever we made love, she would talk "nasty" about having another guy. She started to fantasize about it more and said she would love a DP. In one of her "nasty talks" she said she wanted me to help her. I asked what did she mean. She said she wanted me to grab his cock and guide his dick into her pussy. She said that when he was fucking her that I should put my finger into her pussy so I could feel his cock inside her. Then she said that when she sucked him, she wanted me to help. She moaned when she said this. I had admit that I've wondered what sucking a cock would be like. I asked her if that would turn her on. She hissed yes, that it would be so hot to see me suck another man's cock. Then as if to simulate this right in the middle of passion, she put her fingers in my mouth, trying to imitate a cock going in my mouth. We both climaxed immediately. Later that night, she got horny again, I think from putting her fingers in my mouth, and we started another hot session. She and I ended up in a 69 with her on bottom. She was sucking me, as I was licking her. Then, she started fingering my ass. Hearing no protests, she worked two fingers in. I really started moaning. Which casued her to start fucking my ass with her fingers, going really deep. She stopped sucking me, and said that it would be so hot if her fingers were a guys cock. She started spewing out nasty things that she wanted to see. She started cumming and I shot one of the biggest loads partly in her mouth, but mostly all over her chest. After relaxing a bit, she said, "I want to do a 3some."

We put several ads in various web sites saying that we were looking for a male for a bi mmf 3some. After several months, we weeding through them, and we finally decided on a guy who was not in our town. After all, we both had public jobs, and discretion was a must. He also told us that he had been recently tested, and was disease free. We chatted with him for about a month, and finally agreed on meeting him at a bar to see if we wanted to pursue the 3some. We were both nervous as hell. When we got there, he was already there and greeted us warmly. He told us about himself and assured us that he wouldn?t do anything we didn?t like, that we were in complete control. He also didn?t drink, do drugs, and was disease free. We liked that and then told him what we wanted to try, and what we didn?t want to try. After finishing dinner, several strong drinks, and one bathroom break, we decided to go back to my house with him.

When we get back to my house, and immediately after stepping inside, they both drop to their knees in front of me, pulled my short and boxers off. They both started licking and sucking my cock together (later I learned they had planned this when we were back at the bar and I was using the bathroom). I couldn?t believe how great it felt to have two mouths on my cock. I mean I?m sure every guy has this fantasy, but usually it would be with two females, and here I was with one of them being another guy. But at this instance, I didn?t care, in fact, it felt wonderful. While they sucked my cock, they also stripped their clothes off.

Finally, I got very close to cumming and told them I didn?t want to cum yet. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and said, ?What would you like us to do then??, and smiled. I told her I wanted to see him fuck her. So she laid down, spread her legs, and he got between them and slowly licked her pussy which he informed me that she was very wet. After 15 mintues, I told him, I wanted to see him in her. So, he got between her legs and entered her with his cock. He said that she was soooooo wet, and she had a beautiful pussy. I was right next to them, watching his cock slide in and out of her wet sex. She looked up at me and said, ?Is this what you wanted to see lover?? All I could do was moan, as I sat there stroking my cock as he slowly started fucking her. It was so hot, and they both were getting into it too. Right then, I remembered my digital camera, and started taking pictures of their coupling. She looked at me, biting her upper lip, and reminded me, that I couldn?t take any face pitures. I told her not to worry and enjoy. I certainly was.

After fucking her that way for awhile, he looked at me and asked would I like to see something different. Yes, I replied, that I wanted him to fuck her ass. So, he pulled out, flipped her over onto her stomach, and I handed him some oil. He oiled his cock and her anus by inserting one, then two, and then three fingers into her ass. After finger fucking her ass, he pulled out his fingers, and slowly started inserting his erect cock into her greased ass. I started snapping away again with the camera while stroking my cock loving every minute of it. He slowly inserted himself into her ass. He politely asked her if she was ok once he got his entire cock inside her. She replied, ?Start fucking my ass?. So, he started fucking her ass. He started slow, but then began building up to a faster pace. She really started moaning, which told me, she was cumming, and he looked over at me saying where should he cum, I told him to cum all over her ass. Not a moment later, that is exactly what he did.

I got up and got them a clean warm wash cloth. But because he had cum so much, she said she needed to take a shower. He asked could he take one with her, and she replied as long as all three of us did. So we took a shower, and washed each other off.

After taking the shower, we went back into the living room, and he reminded us of the porno that he brought with him (he had told us about having a bisex video, and we asked him to bring it). So, he popped it into the VCR, and we all started watching it. He had actually fast forward it to a good part, so the scene that is started out with was two guys stroking each other. My gf moaned when she saw this, and then said, "I want you two to do that." He happened to be sitting right next to me, so he reached over, and started stroking me. This made her moan even more, picked up the camera and took a couple pics. "Now suck each other," she said. We both laid down on our sides and started licking each other's cock. Then with more encouragement from her, we started sucking on each other's cock. I couldn't believe, here I was with my gf, sucking another guy's cock in front of her. What's more, I was enjoying it.

"Ok guys, this is hot watching you two suck each other's cock, but I want to see some fucking!" She made me get on my hands and knees, and handed some oil to our friend. He poured some on his hand, and started stroking himself. He then poured some onto the top of my ass, and let it run down into my crack. My gf caught it with her fingers and rubbed it around my anus.

Over the past few months, we had done a lot of anal play with each other, and I had come to realize that my anus was highly sensitive, and that it felt extremely nice when she played with me back there. In fact, it had gotten to the point that at least at some point during our love making, she would either finger, tongue, or use some type of toy on my ass. I, likewise, would do the same to her ass, only, of course, I often would fuck her ass after playing with it, whether it be fingers, tongue, or toy.

Anyway, back to the story. After she started massaging oil around my anus, she started inserting one, and then two fingers into my ass. He helped by spreading my cheeks. Finally, she crawled underneath me, 69 fashion, and guided his penis to my anus. He started pushing in, and immediately, I got nervous and clenched up. "Don't worry hun, he'll go nice and slow. Relax," she said. She started licking and sucking my cock, and I started licking her pussy. This let me relax, and he slowly started inserting himself into me. After some gentle, back and forth movement, the head of his cock pushed inside my ass. He let me get use to it, while she moaned with my cock in her mouth. It felt incredible. He slowly removed himself from my ass, and then pushed back inside. He did this many times. This must have got her more excited, because she finally took my cock out of her mouth and said, "Fuck him," while pulling my ass cheeks apart. So, he did, and slowly started pushing himself all the way into my ass. At this point, I was use to it, and even pushed back a little. He said aloud that my ass was very tight. She told him to that the camera was right by his knee and that she wanted him to take some pics of his cock going in and out of my ass. He took a few, put the camera down, and then started fucking me, only harder now. I couldn't believe I was doing this. But with her sucking my cock, and the pleasure that my ass was feeling, I didn't care. In fact, about that point, I started cumming into my gf's mouth. It wasn't too much later that he announced he was about to cum the second time for the night, and where should he unload. My gf responded by telling him to come on my ass which he did.

Later after he left, she and I made love. She whispered into my ear that she had lost count of how many times she had come, but that she did remember coming three times from watching him fuck me in the ass. And, ... that she wanted to do another 3some again. "Me too," I said.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this, and want to hear his second visit.


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