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How it Started BI

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How it Started

Setting in a bar out of town on a business trip after several days with no one to talk to the man on the stool next to me started a conversation with me. Just small take in the beginning. Then he started talking about how bad he needed to get off but there were no women in the bar at this time. I laughed at him. Telling him he was in the wrong place. He replied the he had no transportation. He was in town on a business trip also and with no car so he was trapped in the hotel bar which was dead. Then he said who said I was looking for a women! I was shocked! So I guess your are gay? No not really he replied. I am bi I guess. I love women but when none are around I will do a guy. Really? Really he replied . I have never tried the bi thing. I have not had a women in several weeks but I have never tried a man. He said you should try it. It is different from a woman but it is hot in its own way. I said I would not know where to start or stop, as I laughed. I had been drinking for several hours. Can I ask what you do with a man. He replied almost everything. I like being the top but have done it all. I said O my. He ask if I was moving to a another bar stool. I said why. I have never talked to a man about this before. At home I do not know anyone that would talk about this kind of thing. Not me he said. I will talk or do what ever I want to . You got any questions I could answer for you. Or I could just show you. I Laughed again not knowing what to say. I changed the subject to sports and he let it drop. After another hour and 2 more beers I told him I was going to call it a night. He said me too. We paid our tab and started up to our rooms. When we got in the elevator we were alone. He ask so going to J/O tonight. I laughed again and said probable. He said me too, but I am going to watch some porn first on pay TV. You are welcome to watch too and have another beer. He seemed like a nice guy but the bi thing bothered me but also had me thinking maybe I was missing out on something. So I said why not.

When we entered his room I did not know what was going to happen or what I could handle. He turned on the TV and went to the pay per view and selected a gang bang movie. He went into the small kitchen area and said sorry I am out of beer. He returned with a bottle of tequila and 2 shot glasses. I said why not. So he pored us a shot we toasted and pored it down. The movie started it was the normal gang bang one hot chick and 3 guys with big dicks. While watching he ask which dick looked the best to me. Well I said the big one is so big it looks scary, the curved one looks damaged, the other one is shaped good and I have to admit shaved ones like that have always caught my eye when ever I watch porn. Now he laughed. I did not know what I said that was funny. We had 2 more shots while the movie played. It was starting to get me very horny those dicks in and out of every hole the chick had. When the movie ended I was about to pee on myself and ask if I could use his bathroom. I was a little drunk and I did not think I could make it up to my room before I had to pee. When I came out of the bathroom he had started another movie. He met me as I exited the bath with another shot. We drank it and he went into the bath and told me to enjoy the movie. I sat down and started watching the movie, OMG it was gay porn. I was drunk and very horney the movie was hot in its own way. Both guys were shaved an looked hot and enjoying themselves. I had another shot. I knew where this night was going and I was going to try my first bi experance.

The light in the room went off. I turned around and he was standing in a bath robe he smiled and went to the night stand for something. I returned to watching the movie. The movie was getting very hot and so was I! He sat down on the couch and started watching the movie and me. My eyes were glued to the TV . He was watching me more than the movie. He ask have you seen enough to know where to start. I laughed. He stood up and so did I. We turned to face each other, His robe was open. He had a hard body. I was sure he spent some time in the gym. I looked his body up and down there was not a hair to be seen. So smooth! I reached out and touched his chest, it was firm, much harder than a woman, He unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. He moved so close that I could feel the heat from his body and his breath on my neck.I put both hands on his chest and slid them down to his nipples hand pinched them. I lowered my hands down his smooth body. As I leaned over I licked his nipple, moving my hands lower until I was on my knees looking straight at his dick. It was only inches away from my lips, I made sure he could feel my breath on his dick.I slowly moved until my lips were on has dick, I kissed it and opened my mouth to suck it. He exhaled . I started to give a BJ my first ,I cupped his balls, I was sure that I was not very good at this, He stood me up and lead me towards the bed, I was shaking, He took off my pants and we laid down naked, He keep his face close to my neck and his hands started moving over me, My chest , nipples and down to my dick. My dick jumped at his touch. He stroked me a little, This was so exciting I have never been here before! He moved down to suck me, He had one hand piching my nipple his mouth on my dick and the other hand cupping my balls, a finger moved so close to my ass, then on it putting a little pressure, then it popped in just a little,he held it very still, It was strange butI liked it, Slowly moved in little by little until it was all the way in. I was rock hard. It moved in and out slowly my ass was getting use to it just as he pulled it out then added a second finger as he pushed back in. I did not think it would fit but it did and he fucked my with those fingers and it just felt better and better . He pulled out the fingers and moved up on the bed a little. He slid on a rubber and added more lube and lubed my ass. He moved up until I could feel him against me. The head of his dick felt so big and I knew it was just average. He lifted my leg a little and the pressure increased on my ass. I was sure it would not fit! Then it popped in. It burned and felt odd. Then he started fucking slowly moving deeper each stroke until I felt his balls hit my ass. I was so glad he did not have a big dick. As the fucking picked up in pace it got better and better. Then he started moving so fast slamming in me then it was over he had cum, he rolled over, My dick was still hard. He went to the bath room While he was in the bath room I got dress and left quickly. Back in my room I J O and cum so hard and so much. While it could have been better I knew I would try the bi thing again SOON

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