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How I fucked my 25 year old sue

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Hi readers, I am not a writer nor this is a story, this is a true story about me and my aunt, many thinks this is sin or forbidden but it is not, I will tell you how it begin and then you can judge. I have changed name and place. Send me feedback.

I am from a well to do family, Father is business man and mom also work, so

we have everything, own house with swimming pool, video room, living room tennis court, 3 car. We have one King-size master bedroom for me and two my


I remember I have an aunt (Mom?s youngest sis) Sue she was about 7 year senior to me,, her parents use to live country side, so for higher study she use to live with us. She was very cute, very sweet girl who use to take care our needs, mom and dad both were very busy in their business. Sue use to sleep in our bedroom and we all have fun watching cartoons, horror movies, we all kids enjoying her company. On week-end she use to take us to beach and other place, we had a big jeep and sue really love to take us different place in that Jeep, it was normal routine when she use to take shower she comes in the room in panty or some time in gown, but I never had sexual feelings, in

beach I had given her oil massage but never had a sexual feelings.

When I was about 16 she married a very handsome man and left to LA, her hubby was in marine. We all miss sue. almost every evening we use to talk about her, how nice was she, after about one year she asked my mom to send me for one month since Don was going out for one month, I was very happy to visit Sue. In the meantime I had grownup I have touched my friends cock and given Blowjob to each other, we have touched girls pussy even I have fucked a girl in school wash-room, I use to peek my sis?s when they were in shower?

When I landed at airport, sue came to receive me, she was still as pretty as she was before getting married, he lovely smile was on her face when she see me, she hug me saying I am now grownup, I give her a strong crush while hugging, for the first time I felt I have embarrassed a something like cotton very flexible like foam, she has a very narrow waist and butt. First time I felt her body like a man and I was instant hard she was in a sport car, during one hour drive I use to watch her sexy legs, her boobs, her face and try to remember her body when she use to came out from shower, I was rock hard just thinking, I started amusing myself how easy for me to fuck her,

within an hour we reach her home. it was a small house but very nice house with small garden, very nicely decorated, Don was there, looking at him I was very disappointed, he was really very handsome guy, being wife of such handsome guy why she will let me fuck. I was given a bedroom next to their, Sue talked to me hours and it was late night when I sleep. In the morning sue awake me with a cup of tea in her hand, but I thank her since I use to take cold water instead of tea. She was wearing a short a loose one and a small sleeveless top, a friendly smile was there. On breakfast table Don asked me how was my sleep is it normal or I had any problem due to new place, I told them I sleep very sound sleep never mind any place or any situation both laugh and don said it is my younger age sleep he also use to sleep like this in his younger age.

When Don left, sue talked to me for hours and I enjoyed watching her beauty now I admire her beauty she has very hot n sexy body, she was really an Angel look like Goddess of sex and love, she has lovely small lips, she has well shaped tits I think 32C, 5.5? height, about 120 Lbs weight all made her really sexy and hot, I wanted to masturbate I was hard since morning and now it was painful, Sue said she is going to sleep and I went to my bedroom and started playing with my cock, thinking of Sue and her sexy body I was masturbating but very slowly, it was very nice, hot, crazy mixture type feeling which I never had in the past I was about to cum when my room door was jerked open and sue was there, I was speechless I did not understand what to do I was ideal for 2/3 minutes and then I turned in bed and now my cock was on bed and my butt was on top, she laughed very sexy laugh and she said just finish she will back with French fries when she gone I turned there was big spot of my cum on bed I tried to dry but can not immediately I fixed my pant when Sue entered the room, I was shy I can not look in her eyes??.she said it is natural and every guy do that never mind and don?t be shy , it is ok. Looking at the

wet spot she again laugh and said your overflow is too much, She touched the wet spot and asked how I tried to dry???she give me one thick paper and asked me to put inside bed sheet I can see she has wet ness in her fingers, when she touched the wet spot but she did not care and we enjoyed French fries, she asked me if I had a girlfriend but I said I don?t have, we came out in the garden, while talking she said I am much grownup now taller then her saying this she came nearer to me and I was 2 inch taller then her, standing face to face she put both hand on my solders and asked me since how long I am doing this (masturbate) I was really shy to reply, she was very close to me, I can smell her body??.I was silent she hold my hair of back side and repeated again, I replied six month. She again laugh and said I am now grownup, I was very excited I hug her very tightly she was in my arms I can feel pressure of her boobs on my chest and my hard cock was touching her pussy over her pant, she asked me to release I ignored my hands came down to her ass cheeks, it was small, firm very soft she cried and with a jerk she was out of my reach. I was shy, ashamed and I left to my room, after half an hour she came to my room lay besides me and told me that it is sin she is my aunt and I am not suppose even to think that type of relation. Further she said she always treated to me like a mother, I was feeling very shy and ashamed, I just said I am sorry and tears burst from my eyes she was very upset she took my face in her hand cleaned my wet checks and said it is okay there is nothing wrong every young man do in this age but I keep crying she embarrass me and asked me not to cry but I was helpless she tried to make me comfortable, again I feel my cock is getting harder and I realize I am in her embers my head was just few inch up then her sexy tits I started crying more and embarrass her now my mouth was just over her tits, I enjoyed feeling of her body, touch of her tits and lastly I hold her face with my hands and I said I apologize, she laugh and said good boy, looking directly at her eyes I asked her can I kiss you? She said Ok and I placed my lips on her lips, before she can say anything her lips were between my lips she wanted to say something but can not, I have kissed her for 3 minutes and then I released her, without saying a word she left my room.

At Dinner Don and Sue was normal after dinner I went to sleep, locking the door I masturbated and started thinking of Sue, with an hour I masturbated twice suddenly I hear cries coming out from next room I was worried I can

understand it was Sue?s cries, I entered the bathroom (there was common bathroom for both room) I searched for a crack on door and I peek through wow what I see, sue and Don both were total naked and Sue?s hands and

legs were tied with four corner of the bed and he was snapping her ass checks with something like leather hunter, I can see tears in Sue?s eyes but this was new to me, I was very horny I can see Don totally naked, he was also very handsome without cloth, very nice cock I remember when I enjoyed sucking my friends cock. Now, I can see Don is trying to enter his cock in

Sue?s asshole, Sue was crying begging him to stop but he avoided her request and started fucking her asshole harder and faster, sue was crying with pain not he did not care and stop only when he cum inside her asshole. Sue standup she hardly standup, now I was sure it was just pain for her she was coming towards bathroom so I went out and locked the door from my side. I hear locking the bathroom door from my side, I tried to see inside the bathroom through latch hole but I just can see her ass, she has very nice ass but there were several mark on her ass check, I was sorry for her I went to bed and sleep, in the morning she was normal Don told me that was suppose to go out of country on duty but now he is not going. He told me to enjoy his city for one month and then if I like I can go. I was disappointed he is not going but also I was happy that I have to live with sue one month.

Don was on leave, he asked me to come with him if I want to see the city.

Sue refuse to go but I joined him, he took me many places and within two hours we were like friends, he asked me if I have girl friend and we enjoyed talking and chatting little personal too. In the afternoon he took me to a club while having lunch we watched a nude show, now we both were very free even when we were watching nude dance he caught my cock over pant and said

it is hard.

We talked about everything in car I asked him why he was doing last night he was surprised and asked how I know, I told him everything. I told him although it was hot but I can not see sue uncomfortable, further I added sue took care of me like a mother when she was living with us, Don was serious and said he is helpless being in army it is normal, he asked me if ever I sucked a cock or being fucked in asshole??..I hesitated but I told him yes I sucked cock and it was nice few times I had assfucking?also.. He took my hand on his cock over pant and it was hard I hesitated but he said go ahead and open the zipper, I took out his cock it was some smaller them mind but really hard hot and there was little precum???.it was dark by that time he parked car in a lonely side road he back his seat and now his hard cock was facing the roof he asked me to suck his cock?..I hesitated but he hold my head and lightly guided it to his cock I took his cock in my mouth???.it was some strong smell then I thought this cock fucked Sue?s pussy and asshole many times, so I was excited, I sucked my friends cock many times and there as smell that I did not like but smell from don?s cock, I like that smell, now I was over hesitation and started sucking his cock harder he hold my head and started murmuring and within 4/5 minutes he burst his cum in my mouth, I cleaned my mouth and Don unzip my pant he said I have a really bigger and thicker cock at this age he started sucking my cock, I was in haven it was far more pleasure then my friend did I warned him that I am about to cum but he hold my body and continue sucking my cum I ejaculated my cum in his mouth and he drunk every drop of my cum he continued sucking my cock till it is dried and cleaned.

When we back to home Sue was not there but there was a note that she is

going to market to buy something she may back within two hours, entering house Don lock the door from inside and took me to his bedroom we both removed out cloths and embarrassed each other he started kissing me first I hesitated but later I enjoyed sucking his tongue out cock were touching he asked me if I like ass fucking, I told him I never did this, he said at first it is some painful but if I bear the pain just for one minutes then I can enjoy and it is more pleasure than fucking a girls pussy he applied lots of lubricant on his cock and asked me to be doggie style he started playing with my ass check and said it is wonderful then he started rubbing his cock on my asshole, it was thrilling feeling his cock on my asshole and all of a sudden he pushed his cock inside my asshole, I thought I may die I want to jerk him off but he embarrassed me tightly I was helpless in his grip, tears came out in my eyes he hold me tightly after two minutes I was little relaxed, he started kissing my back and

my cock, he was now playing with my cock and balls, I was more relax now the pain was almost gone and now I was feeling much better, he slowly started stroking his cock in and out it was some painful but I feel pleasure also at the

same time he was playing with my cock, I was little relax and he started speeding he cock and also stroking my cock, yes it was some painful but it was more pleasure, I asked him to give more strong strokes and he started more harder and faster fucking my asshole and also stroking my cock, it was only pleasure with some pain and I was enjoying it, he cum inside my ass and same time I also cum due to his hand strokes, I realize I never cum so hard and never had this pleasure it was wonderful. He started sucking my cock and instantly it was hard again he asked me to fuck his asshole and I did same like he did it to me and it was much pleasure. I took promise that he will not do anything against sue if he don?t like ass fucking he will not, he promise me till he get my cock and asshole he will not.

To be continued.

Send me your feedback. On sls at onlyours

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