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House Party Fun Time with Debbie

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Debbie and I talked about our first house party. Debbie said I discovered just how much I like the wild side and how much I want to explore it. I said me to. I had a great time with Donna. I said David wants to watch her with another woman. Debbie laughed and said your fantasy, do all you men have that fantasy? I said probably.

Debbie though for a moment and said lets invite them over for dinner and see what happens. I called David and invited him and Donna over and he said they had met another couple and would we like to come to dinner with them. I said sure sounds like fun.

We arrived at their home and were introduced to Charles and Bobbie a very attractive young couple in there 20’s. David pulled me aside and said this could turn into a swing party and I said great. I’ll let Debbie know. David continued by saying that Bobbie was bi curious and that she was there to meet Donna who was bi curious as well. I said wow that’s for me and we both laughed. I told Debbie and she was willing to stay. She laughed and said sex for desert.

We all sat down to a very nice dinner and when we finished we adjourned to the living room. All new what could happen. David said Donna is bi curious and so is Bobbie and we thought we could talk about them getting together sometime. Debbie shocked me by saying “Hey” don’t leave me out. I’m curious too. I had no idea. I asked what does bi curious mean anyway. Donna said just curious about playing around with another woman but unsure of what or how to do that. Bobbie said she had kissed another woman once and liked how it made her feel as she was turned on by the kiss, which had surprised her at he time. Debbie said I’ve never even kissed another woman and Donna said me either.

I said well I’ve seen a couple of xxx videos with women and they are a real turn on. David said I watched a couple of videos too. I suggested we rent one for the ladies to watch and they thought that was a great idea. David and I left to find one.

We got back an hour with 2 videos that had pictures of women together and men as well.

The three girls sat together on the couch and we put the video on and us guys moved to the background.

The ladies were watching intently as the video began. It was an amateur film and it started with 2 couples swapping their wives and soon were having sex and the girls giggled and ooh and awed at the graphic sex in the video but also getting turned on.

Than the two ladies began kissing each other and feeling each others boobs and than their hands moved to pussies and they were fingering each other and both climaxed on each others fingers while kissing passionately. I was obvious that it wasn’t faked and they had been turned on by what had happened and the scene ended. Donna pushed the stop button and said wow. Debbie said that was wild and Bobbie said I want to do that and laughed nervously. David said well Donna there is your offer. Donna said I guess it was.

Donna looked at Bobbie you really want to try that and Bobbie said yes I think so but am real nervous about it and Donna said me too. Debbie didn’t say anything.

Donna got up and turned most of the lights off so the room was not as bright.

She than moved over to Bobbie and said well lets see what happens and bent down and kissed her more than a friendly kiss and Bobbie responded and stood up and they kissed again longer this time. Donna said that was nice and kissed Bobbie again.

The kissing was beginning to turn them on some and a tentative had moved to Donna’s butt and Bobbie pulled her closer. Donna’s hand moved to her butt and the two girls stood their kissing and playing with each other’s butts. Their breathing had increased and the kissing had become more passionate. They broke apart and both said that was nice and than sat down. I had been watching Debbie and she was breathing hard by the time the girls had sat down and I motioned for her to join them and she moved over and sat with them.

Donna and Bobbie were kissing again and when Debbie joined them they each gave her a kiss. Debbie smiled and said “like that.” Donna turned back to Bobbie and they began kissing again and Bobbie’s hand slide up Donna’s skirt and she was rubbing her leg and Donna smiled and said good. Her hand moved up more and Donna looked startled as she realized what was next and opened her legs as an invitation and Bobbie’s hand disappeared under Donna’s skirt and began to move up and down. Donna looked in Bobbie’s eyes and smiled and said yes and grabbed her hand and rode it to a climax. Debbie was watching and became very turned on and her hand moved to Bobbie’s leg and she was rubbing her.

Bobbie turned to Debbie and kissed her and said feels good and kissed her again. Donna moved her hand to Bobbie’s other leg.

Bobbie smiled and said two is always better then one. Bobbie was real hot by this time and she opened her legs to allow them access. Debbie hesitated but Donna’s hand went for the gold and Bobbie was rotating her hips and pushing against Donna’s hand and kissing her passionately and whispered I am going to cum and jerked and her whole body shook and Debbie continued rubbing her leg until she came down from her high.

The ladies all sat there fully dressed and all breathing hard. They didn’t say anything for a while, than Donna said I really enjoyed that and Bobbie said me too. Debbie said me too and laughed. She was the only one who hadn’t got off. Donna said well we will just have to do something for you right and Debbie said I am willing.

Donna and Bobbie got on either side of Debbie and Debbie turned first to one than the other and kissed them both. Wow this is wild never thought I would be doing this she said. David said you ladies really have too many clothes on don’t you think? Until than all the play had been under their skirts and out of site. Donna looked at Debbie and asked may I undress you and Debbie said sure I guess it is time to do that. So Donna reached in and unbuttoned Debbie’s top and in the process brushed against one of her boob’s and Debbie said I think I am going to enjoy this, and leaned back and gave the other 2 ladies full access. Donna removed her top and Bobbie unhooked her bra and it fell away revealing her boobs for all to see.

Debbie’s breathing increased and she was obviously turned on. Donna removed Debbie’s skirt and than her panties and Debbie lay there naked and exposed and by now hot. Bobbie’s hand moved to her boobs and was enjoying the feel. Donna placed her hand on Debbie’s leg and Debbie moved her legs apart and Donna’s hand moved up her leg and Debbie took a deep breath in anticipation and than felt Donna’s hand on her pussy and Bobbie’s hands on her boobs and it wasn’t long before she shuttered and said good and climaxed kissing first one than the other ladies. She said wow that was good.

By now us guys were all turned on watching the ladies play. Only Debbie was naked and so the other two ladies undressed each other and soon all three were naked together.

We all just sat there not knowing what was next. Bobbie said this was a wonderful time and I really enjoyed myself. Donna and Debbie both agreed it was fun.

Debbie restarted the video and we all sat and watched as the next scene unfolded. In the scene two different women were now alone and fully dressed and the caption said first bi experience. The 2 ladies started by kissing and than their hands began to roam and than they undressed each other. When naked they lay down and continued kissing and fondling each other followed by boob sucking and than they went to a 69 licking each other’s pussy and climaxing on each other’s faces. The scene ended. The room became very quiet.

Finally Debbie said anyone want to do that. Bobbie said that has been my fantasy and why I came here tonight and what Charles and I have been talking about. Donna said mine too and David and I have been talking about it too. Debbie said not sure about this one. So Debbie moved to the side and left Donna and Bobbie to themselves and joined us guys.

Donna and Bobbie knew what they wanted. They began kissing and playing with each other. It started with boob sucking that went on for a while. Than fingers in pussies and passionate kissing.

Debbie looked at us guys and said you all have far too many clothes on and that isn’t fair and laughed. Debbie was ready to do her fantasy of a gangbang. I could tell this was going to be a wild night. We all undressed and now everyone was naked and us guys were up and at the ready.

By now Bobbie and Donna were kissing and licking moving down each other’s bodies.

Than they were in a 69 totally lost in each other.

Debbie leaned over the top of the couch watching the two ladies down on each other and said “Now guys.” So us three guys took turns fucking Debbie from behind while watching the ladies in the 69. Charles was last to have Debbie and his cock was larger and when He entered Debbie she knew it was a new cock and looked back at Charles while he was fucking her. I will never forget the look of pure lust on Debbie’s face after having three guys fucking her. I have never seen her so hot. She had already cum twice and was ready for her third. She continued to maintain eye contact with Charles and quietly mouthed fuck me and Charles slammed into her and she grunted and grunted and became totally quiet and than shuttered and lost all control of her body. She began to shake and her face was totally red from her passion and grunted one last time. Her cum lasted a long time and she was completely into Charles and was panting as she came very hard. Debbie became very quiet and said I have never came that hard and passed out for a moment.

Meanwhile the two ladies in the 69 were still totally into each other and were now licking and sucking and fingering each other. Donna was the first to cum and Bobbie had to hold her tight as she shuttered and cried out as she came on Bobbie’s face. Bobbie soon followed and shook all over pressing her pussy into Donna’s mouth as she climaxed.

We all sat in a circle and talked about the evening. Donna and Bobbie both agreed they we no longer bi-curious, but were definitely bi. They looked at Debbie and said you should try it sometime and Debbie said I intend to looks like you two had a lot of fun.


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