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Hott 3some

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This is a story of a meeting a friend online for some hot talk and how it turned into a fun time of sexy chat and masturbation for us all.

We had been talking some about our likes and dislikes in the sex department,when we hit on the subject of a MFM threesome. I had always had that fanastay and was looking forward to finding out what my new found female friend thought about the idea. It all started easy enought with us talking about our ages and what we looked like, then we began to dicuss about the thought of a threesome. As I said I have always had this fanastay and after another friend and I had some text sex about I have really gotten into. We talked about how we could meet in a bar have a drink or two, dance some and then go from there. When we met the lady was a very lovely, tall and built 50ish doll. We hit it off great and her husband was as excited about this as I was. I ask Linda to dance and as we swayed to a very slow song she pulled me in close and kissed my neck, I knew this was going to be one hot night. We had a couple of drinks and took turns dancing with Linda. She and her husband were talking on the dance floor and finally came back and ask if I would like to come to their motel room not far away. I almost ran out of the bar with them close behind me. I followed them a short distance to a very nice hotel and we park, as we were walking in Linda got between us and we all walked arm in arm to their room. I had always wanted to watch another couple so as we got into a nice room with a huge king sized bed I just backed off a little to see what would happen. Linda came over to me, hugged me close and said come lets see what we can make happen. I ran my hands over her back and down over a lovely ass and squeezed each cheek, this lady was hot and wanting to play. Jim her husband came over and joined our hug. I backed out a little and they began some hot kissing I could see tounges going in and out of each others mouths and hands running wild, I watched as Jim began to unbutton Linda blue shirt and a take it off, as I said this was a 50ish couple and I am 50 so we were all fitting together quite well. Linda had Jims shirt off and his jeans unfastened and was rubbing his cock by this time I was really wanting to see Lindas great ass, Jim undid her jeans and she worked to pull them off. She had a on a red thong and that ass was even better than i had expected. she motioned for me to join in and came up behind her, got on my knees and begin to kiss and caress her ass. Linda then turned to me and started to take my clothes off as Jim finished getting undressed, Now I have lived a rathered shelter life and have not seen many other men naked much less be holding and kissing their wife while looking at them. Linda release her bra and let it fall off to reveal a big but beautiful set of tits my mouth went strait for a nipple which was about an inch long and wonderful. Jim came up behind Linda as I sucked first one nipple then the other, He hooked his fingers in the thong and off it came showing me a clean shaved great looking pussy. I slowly kissed my way from boob to boob then began my work over her belly to the honey pot, As i was getting close I looked up to see Jim had replaced my mouth on her nipples and was licking and sucking like no tomorrow. As I moved between her legs she parted them to allow me easy acess to the sweetes juicies pussy I have ever tasted. I ram my tounge along her lips and slowly rubbed my finger over her clit, she moaned as lick from top to bottom. I looked up to see Linda slowly strokeing Jims rather larger cock, mine was about the same lenght but his was much bigger around, Just after I felt her shudder in a small climax she pulled me up and over to the bed, I was still fully clothed, I kicked off my boots almost jumped out of my jeans and shirt as we all lay on the bed. Now I have never had any gay thougths but as we lay there I could not help but to look over at Jim, we each went back to work on Linda who was laid back and enjoying every minute of this. We both worked our way down to the wonderful pussy and took turns licking and fingering it, As Jim began to move up on top of his beautiful wife I watched as his dick slowly rubbed up and down her slit. As he entered her she gasp and moaned I am sure she had come several times from all the sweet juice I had tasted while we licked on her. I moved up to her head and she pulled me close and begins to lick my cock first very lightly then she sucks me in all the way I am loving this and thinking I will come any minute when she moans and builds up to almost a scream as Jim is pumping it her. I tell Jim I want to trade places and he rolls off, I flip Linda over not knowing what I am in store for as i get behind her in the doggie position Jim moves up under her and begins to lick her clit which drives her wild. I push into a wet hot and wonderful feeling cunt, as i begin to move back and forth I can sometimes feel Jim licking me as I come out, I think what the hell and just go with it after a few mimutes of this I feel him reach up and start to caress my balls which almost causes me to blow a load right there. I am so enjoying his wife i just dont care what he does now, about that time I pull almost all the way out of her pussy and he grabs my dick and stokes my a couple of times and you know it feels great. I go back inside her and I can tell she is close and Jim is licking me every stoke now and I am about to lose my load. Linda begins to say she is coming and I am also, we get very close to coming at the same time but i cant hold out I shoot as far into her as i can as Jim hold my balls and licks her to a great climax, Just as I pull out Jim takes my cock and licks it all the way to the end and I am think damn that feels great He stops me and takes just the head in his mouth to get the juices off. Jim says it is his turn now and moves up for Linda to take him in her mouth I move up close to her head to watch she pulls him out of her mouth and looks at me saying I would love to see you suck him, By this time i will do anything she says just for a chance to fuck her again so for the first time I touch another cock and you know it felt good really good as a matter of fact Linda says come on I will help you as we move up together to take a taste I pull the hard cock over and move my tounge around the head and then cover it with my mouth, the soft kinda spoungy head feels good in my lips and i move my head down a little more taking more of my first cock Linda is telling me to go slow and move back and forth. I follow her instructions and Jim says I am damn good at it. He pulls out and moves behind Linda, I lay down on the bed as she moves up to sit on my face, he pushes her over and I can see his dick start to go inside as he is pulling out for his next stroke i lick him from balls to almost the head we keep this up until linda has come at least 3 or 4 times and Jim is about to unload into her one more time after he does I return the favor and lick all of our jucies off of him...... More of this story to cum stay tuned

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