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Hothouse Surprise (story of two women)

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Hothouse Surprise By: Lori W.

It was twelve noon and hot, I could feel the sweat running like a stream down the middle of my back. I was enjoying myself working at our Green Thumb Garden center. It was a dream job, I am an avid gardener and I was in heaven surrounded by plants. I had fun giving advice and receiving advice from the customers.

Today is inventory and we are closed to the public. I was in the greenhouse (also known around here as the Hothouse) counting the hosta and the inpatients. I was leaning near the fan just to take a break because it was sweltering. I needed a break.

Jeanette came in holding an ice cold bottle of water, the sweat already dripping from it on to the ground. She told me I looked like I needed a break. She always looked stunning; she worked in the office, so she never looked like a walking ball of perspiration.

She came out often to talk to me, I considered her a good friend. We would talk about our families, work, and other things. She has red hair, almost burgundy, and it is cut in a flippy sort of way. Her eyes are iridescent green, cute freckles and curves that she knew how to enhance with the way she dresses. I couldn?t help but stare at her legs when she wore shorts or a skirt to work, neither could the men here.

I?m not shabby either, if I must say so. My legs aren?t as long but they are shapely, my eyes are blue and my light brown hair just shines bright because of my tan. The only thing is I usually have my hair in a ponytail and no make up. I can?t wear fancy things here because I get so dirty. I usually wear my cut off jeans and a halter top, trying to keep cool.

I always wished that my breasts were as perky as Jeanette?s, mine are a large D and she is a perky B cup at the most. I have to be careful because I sometimes wear tops that reveal quite a bit of my cleavage, though I never get a complaint about it with the guys, usually the opposite. It?s fun to have them flirt with me, makes me feel pretty.

I am sure that I look awful today though, dirt on my knees, hair all over the place because my hair band broke. My gloves are coated with dirt, mulch, and fertilizer from stacking the pallets earlier this morning. I was trying to control my hair, the dirt was clinging to my face from the sweat, and I felt like a wild animal. I?m sure I looked the part.

I was trying to clean myself off but it only got worse, she came over and giggled, telling me I was a mess and she had brought me a scrunchy from the office for my hair. I told her ?Thanks? and I would fix it as soon as I could get in to clean up. She shushed me and told me to sit down on one of the makeshift benches in the hothouse. We both sat straddling the bench, her behind me combing my hair. I just sat there enjoying her fingers going thru my hair; I didn?t even flinch when she would rake out a tangle. She was actually giving me Goosebumps all over; my nipples were getting rock hard. She would rub my neck really lightly with her fingers just enough to keep me tingling all over.

She started braiding my hair and she told me it should keep all the dirt out of it; I started laughing because there wasn?t much of my body today, that didn?t have dirt all over it. We chatted for a while and she finished fixing my hair and she started rubbing my back lightly. It felt good but weird all at the same time; I never had a woman rub my back before. Then she did something that startled the hell out of me, it excited me at the same time. She leaned over and licked my neck, tracing all the way down to the nape and she put her arms around me and started rubbing my breasts.

I sighed out Jeanette?s name, I never have been with a woman and I was scared but she was making me feel incredible. She started telling me how much she loved my salty taste and how she had been watching and wanting me. She told me to relax and enjoy her manipulations. I was stunned and my stomach had butterflies, full of anticipation. I just stared at her and nodded. I was without words at the moment.

She sat in front of me and opened the front of my tank shirt and unhooked the front of my bra, she made a comment that it was nice that I still wore sexy stuff under my clothes even though I work outside. I smiled, my eyes on her hands, waiting for what she was going to do. She leaned over and kissed me lightly on my lips, biting the lower lip. She cupped my face in her hands and started frenching me. I hoped that no one walked by to see our lude scene; a part of me didn?t care at all.

She leaned back smiling and slid her hands down to my breasts, she would glide one hand over my nipple and then she would bend down to lick me there. She would do this over and over, to each breast, until I moaned, my pussy getting hot. I knew I was wet as can be.

She was humming and moaning while she licked and nipped my breasts. She told me to stand up and she slid her hands down my sides and unzipped the front of my shorts. She Slid them down my legs slowly, and then she slid my panties down and flung them to the side.

She told me not to move and keep my legs open. She licked her finger and opened my pussy lips and started rubbing my clit. She was so gentle and in no time had me bucking her hand. I closed my eyes and moaned and she got down on her knee and opened me up even further and started lapping my box like a dog to water. She pressed her tongue on my clit and put two fingers inside me, starting off slow and going faster and harder?.my mind was blurring. I had to hold on to the shelving and I was moving with her ?.faster, faster, bucking my hips her tongue making me feel like heaven. She was hitting my spot and she knew it and she had a rhythm that was on the mark going... going? Ohhhhhhh?.I?m Cumming?.the hardest orgasm I have ever felt?.so smooth I almost fell down. She grinned at me, I?m sure I had a look of pure ecstasy on my face. She licked me again and I had to tell her to stop, I was extremely sensitive. She laughed and called me a virgin.

She looked at me and told me that even with all my exertions my hair looked great. The braid was tight and in place. We both laughed and looked at the clock and couldn?t believe that it was lunch time, my husband Travis was about to be here to take me out and I was as nude as a newborn child.

Jeanette handed me my shorts, while I was hooking my bra and I was finishing the last button on my shirt when Travis, my husband and Manager, came wondering in. He asked me if I was ready for lunch and I looked at Jeanette; she smiled and whispered in my ear that next time it was her turn. I smiled and she winked at me as she walked into the office. Travis looked at me and I blushed, I think he knew something had happened here, if he hadn?t been watching the whole time. I happened to see a large bulge in his pants and a twinkle in his eyes. ?So do you want to go to lunch with me?? I knew that he had more than lunch in mind. I graciously accepted, and that?s a whole other story.

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