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Hot August Nights in Las Vegas (part 3)

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This trip to Las Vegas has been a lot more than We had expected.

We went to a Swingers Club just to check it out and ended up with a very attractive Young Man sharing My Wife Ruth with Me and He was the first strange cock She has had since We were married and also She had Her first DP.

A couple nights later A man that We had met on line met Us at a Casino and He and I shared Ruth that night. I don?t know why but We really like those 3 somes. I like seeing another Man fucking Her and She likes having another Man and having 2 cocks at once.

About a month ago when We were just talking about swinging We asked Our Friends from the East Coast if they would like to meet Us in Las Vegas. They said Yes and the day of there arrival is Tomorrow. They are the ones that started this whole thing when they said they had joined SLS and that got Ruth very curious.

There names are Fred and Kay. Fred and 1 have been Friends many Years and Kay is His 2nd Wife and 10 years Younger than Him and Ruth is also My 2nd Wife and 13 years younger than Me.

Going back in time when I was in My mid 20s and married to My first Wife Jen We had been introduced to pot and liked it a lot, especially the sex We would have after using it. Jen and I both screwed around a little and thought the other did not know but We had never played around with others together. Not that I had not wanted that but it just never happened.

One night when We were out with Fred and Kay the subject about pot came up and they said they had also just tried it. About a Week later They came over to Our House and a Guy at work had given Me a Hawaiian joint. We were sitting on the floor in the living room when I lit it and passed it around.

About 15 minutes later We were laying on the floor, Fred and Kay together and Jen and Me together with our heads at there Feet and there heads at Our feet. Jen was wearing a backless summer type dress that tied around Her neck and always exposed the sides of Her tits and sometimes more. We were making out and I had been playing with Her tits through the dress and She had been rubbing My cock. I got under Her dress and took Her panties off and was playing with her pussy and could see Fred watching. He had a very good view looking right up her legs. Jen tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for Me to look and there was Fred?s hand cupping Her right tit. We both smiled and I undid the tie to her dress. I then picked up Fred?s hand and pulled the dress down and put his hand back on Her bare tit. That about made Fred cream right there. I went back to playing with Her pussy and whispered to Her to Rub Fred?s cock thru his pants. She hesitated a little and then started rubbing his hard dick. It was not long before She had His pants open and was stroking His hard on. I pulled up Jens dress to expose Her pussy and took Fred?s hand from Jens tit and put it on Her pussy. That sure got things going. Fred was finger fucking Jen and Jen went to sucking His cock. All at once Jen sat up and moved up on top of Fred and I thought She was going to start making out with Him but went over and started kissing Kay while She had her hand under Kay?s blouse playing with Her little tits.

I realized the game was on and removed Kay?s pants while Jen was getting Her hot. Kay?s panties had the crotch open so I just went down and started licking that Young pussy. Fred finally pulled Jen away from Kay and they got into a hot 69. I thought I need to fuck Her before everybody comes down and puts an end to this. I laid on top of Her and kissed Her passionately while placing my hard cock at her pussy lips. She was very wet and was lifting Her ass up trying to get my cock in Her. I slowly pushed it in a little at a time and finally got it all in. Every stroke She would gasp as I bottomed out in Her tight little pussy. I am longer and bigger around than Fred and I knew I was getting someplace no one else had. As She was cuming I looked over and Fred and Jen were sitting there watching Us. I figured I was really in trouble but Jen said ?Don?t they look nice together.? Fred and I switched partners many times that night and the Ladies got fucked more that night than they ever had.

We had many more of those play sessions until a couple Years later when they moved back East.

Anyway Jen and I divorced a few Years later and Ruth and I married.

Back to Las Vegas. Ruth had meet Fred and Kay and I had told Her about Our previous relationship.

Whenever they would come to visit Kay and I would sneak off for a few minutes together and get a feel of each other. She was always dripping wet. Nothing else happened.

We picked them up at the LV airport and they were staying with Us in Our RV. That night We just talked and laughed a lot about what was going on and the past. Next day We did some site seeing in the Morning and laid around the pool after that. It was very hot 105 plus. We all had too much to drink and with the heat We were very drunk. We all new what we were here for and the anticipation was getting to Us. We got out of the pool and took showers there. The Ladies decided to shower together and We found out later that they got to know each other very well while showering. Fred and I went back to the RV and took our Viagra because We were hoping We were going to need it.

In an email I had sent Fred I sent a picture of Ruth sucking My cock and told Him She just loves to suck and will keep it up until You cum or tell Her to quit. He thought I was very lucky and maybe a little full of BS.

The Girls finally came in with a lot of giggles and wearing nothing but there towels and shoes.

The towels dropped and our swim trunks were pulled off. To the bed We went.

I had not fucked another Woman since Ruth and I had gotten Married and Ruth had not even kissed another Man since than until We got to LV this trip. Fred had dreamed about fucking Ruth and We both thought that would never happen but it was looking good now.

We all laid in bed and where making out, Fred with Ruth and Kay with Me. Ruth sucked Fred?s cock until He pushed Her a way and put His head between Her legs and was licking up that sweet pussy juice.

Ruth is always shaved smooth so I knew he was enjoying the site and feel of that lovely little pussy.

Kay?s pussy had about ΒΌ? long hair on it and I compare it to a scrub brush. I did not enjoy it as I had years before when She had longer pussy hair. She pulled Me up to Her face and said She wanted to suck Me. She put Her lips around the head of my cock and moved back and forth very fast. Just the head of Me was in Her mouth and I was wondering when She was going to go deeper. She stopped for a moment and asked if it felt good. I lied and said Yes. She never did take more than the head of My cock.

On the other side of the bed Fred was laying on top of Ruth kissing Her etc. He put His cock against Her little pussy and asked Her if She was all right with this. She said Yes and He slid right in that wet cunt.

I really enjoy seeing Her fuck another Guy. I was enjoying the show more than the blow job I was getting. Fred fucked Her like that for a while and then turned Her over and She got on Her knees so He could have Her doggie style, that is Her favorite position and She gets very loud then. I was wishing I could be part of that.

I stopped Kay and got on top of Her. I just had a semi hard on but thought I could get things going with that. She was very wet and I pushed in a little bit just got the head in and that?s as far as it would go.

I tried and tried but I could not get in. I rolled over and stuck My finger in and it felt Like She had almost closed up. They had said they had swung with another Couple about 6 weeks ago. Fred said the guy was really hung and Kay got a good fucking out of it. I asked Kay how much of that other Guy?s cock was She able to take? She said just the head. She was going thru menopause and something was going on.

I had lost what little interest I had and started watching Ruth as She laid Fred down on His back to give Him a rest. She was still on Her knees and moved Her head over his Cock and inhaled Him. That got My cock going again and She had her pussy pointed at Me. It was very wet and still open a little bit from the strange cock that had been fucking Her. I played with it and Her tits until I could not resist any longer and I got up behind Her and shoved My now hard cock in Her pussy and was fucking Her while She sucked Fred?s dick. He was getting the blow job of a lifetime. She was purring and sucking and taking Him all the way in. I finally exploded in Her and laid back as she kept up Her cock sucking. He said I want Your pussy on my mouth. She said no because I had just cum in Her. He said He did not care so She straddled His face as He licked Her pussy clean. I thought that was a little weird but to each His own. Ruth moved Her pussy over His dick and slid it all in in one quick motion. I laid there watching His hard cock going in and out of Her and I was wondering what all that cum and pussy juice would taste like. Ruth was lying on Him and moving back and forth. I moved up and licked Her cunt a little and was also licking Fred?s cock a little bit. I was thinking that I am getting weird now. About that time His cock slid out and the tip of it was against My lips. I wanted to see what it tasted like and this thing had been at the bottom of it so I sucked His cock all the way in My mouth and kept deep throating Him with every stroke. I heard Fred say Mitch is sucking My dick. I stopped shortly after that and went up to kiss Ruth. Fred went down to My cock and started sucking Me. He did better than His Wife. He got up and went to the living room. Ruth and I kissed a few more times and then She slid over to Kay and they started making out. I got up and let them have some privacy for whatever they wanted to do.

Fred and I sat in the Living Room having a couple of beers and talking. After while He went back to check on the Ladies and came back and said Ruth was going down on Kay?s pussy. I went back to have a look and sure enough She was down there eating Kay?s pussy and fucking Her with a small dildo and I could tell that Kay was cumming by the way She was moaning and squirming.

A while later the Ladies came out and joined Us. We took some pictures of them kneeling between Fred and I holding both of Our cocks and alternating sucking Us. Pictures came out HOT. After that I took Ruth by Her hand and lead Her over to where Fred was sitting and She immediately went down on Her knees and started sucking His cock again. I got a chair and moved it next to Fred so She could switch from 1 cock to the other. After She got Me hard again I moved behind Her while She was blowing Fred. I lifted Her ass up and stuck my hard dick in Her and fucked Her while She sucked My best Friends cock. It wasn?t long and Fred wanted to switch places so We did and I watched Her sucking Me as Fred fucked Her. I was thinking 2 weeks ago She had not even kissed another Guy for over 20 years and now She was acting like a full blown Slut. I sort of wondered what have We created but liked it too .Then I sat back and enjoyed it.

Ruth finally got worn out and got up and went to the Kitchen sink for a drink of water. Fred followed Her there and started making out with Her there while He finger fucked her. I could see His tounge going in and out of Her Mouth and His finger in and out of Her shaved cunt. Suddenly He bent Her over the sink and shoved His cock in Her again. He had not cum yet so I figured this was going to be the time. After about 10 minutes He finally let out a ?I?m Cumming? and let loose a big load into Ruth. I could see the cum start leaking out between His cock and Her pussy lips and running down the inside of Her legs. He pulled out and went down on His knees and licked up His Own cum and Her jucies. Sort of surprised Us but August in Las Vegas has been full of surprises.

The rest of the week was pretty much reruns of this and good times. We actually did get into the Casino?s a few times too. Kay said She had fun with Ruth even though Fred and I did not fuck Her.

I found out later that they had not fucked each other for at least a Year. She said She was going to start using a bigger dildo to get ready for next Time.

We headed for home a few day?s after they left and wondered what was next?

Since then We have met and had lots of good times with other couples but We both seem to Like the sex with a single Male. She likes the 2 cocks and I can take the time to sit back and watch or join in.

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