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Hidden Behind Her Blue Eyes

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I’d never seen her in the lunchroom before, or for that matter, anywhere else on campus. I’m sure I would remember if I had. After all, even in Texas, it’s not everyday one sees a college girl wearing black jeans, a starched white western shirt, and snake-skin western boots. The only thing missing from the look was a wide brimmed cowboy hat.

She was a few people ahead of me in line, so I hadn’t seen her face yet. Still, the way her long black hair dangled across the white of her shirt and three-quarters down her back was striking. Her long legs and her tight round ass reminded me of the words to a Zac Brown song “Chicken Fried”, “ ... a pair of jeans that fit just right...”

“Yes, some of that, please.” I said to the woman behind the counter without looking. I didn’t really care what would eventually end up on my plate. Whatever it was, it wasn’t worth taking my eyes off of the beauty in line in front of me.

After paying for her food, she turned and began walking toward me. I couldn’t have spoken if I wanted. She was drop dead gorgeous. She noticed me staring, but instead of giving me a “dream on” sneer, she smiled right at me. I was lost in that smile and the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen, until being snapped back to reality by another server.

While getting the rest of my lunch and paying for it, I forced myself not to turn around to see where she was sitting. I knew my heart would sink if she had joined a group of gaggling girls, or worse yet, a boyfriend.

When I did take up my tray and turn toward the room, I almost walked right into a table when I spotted her sitting alone. Even after her showing me that fleeting but inviting smile, I knew the chances of her giving me so much as the time of day were slim and none, but I couldn’t help myself. I was drawn to her like a moth to a porch light, completely willing to accept her inevitable rejection and sulk away to eat alone in the corner.

“Ex ... excuse me. Would you like some company?”

When she came back from wherever she had been in her mind, she looked up and showed me another of those heart-stopping smiles. “Please.” She said, gesturing to the seat across the table from her.

“I ... I’m Jake.” I managed to get out when I was seated.

She extended a hand across the table, “Hi, Jake. I’m Tina.”

I hadn’t planned that far ahead, so I didn’t know what to say next. I’m not usually so tongue tied around girls—not that I’d had that much experience, but I’d had a few girlfriends. Finally, I just began picking at my food.

After a few moments of silence, she let out a soft giggle, “So, Jake, what brought you over here? Do you have a thing for cowgirls?”

I could feel a blush flood my neck and face, but I managed to say, “No, but I do have a thing for blue eyes and beautiful smiles.”

“Why, thank you, Darlin. Now, do you know why I let you join me for lunch?”

“Uh, no. I don’t have a clue. I didn’t really exp--”

“Because you were actually looking at my face. Most guys don’t.”

I swear, it wasn’t until she said those words that I noticed what she was talking about. The front of her western shirt had a diamond shaped cut out in the front, and it exposed a healthy amount of bulging cleavage. The view was awe inspiring. When I realized I was staring too long, I looked back up, “Uh, sorry.”

She giggled louder this time. “That’s okay, Jake. I practically invited you to take a look, which I’m sure you hadn’t done already. I like that.”

“No, it was your smile.” I said honestly.

“And my blue eyes. I believe you.”

After that, our conversation was less strained, at least on my side of the table. I’m sure it had never been strained for her. We chatted for the next fifteen minutes, and I learned that she didn’t always dress like that. The western clothes were for a play she was going to be in later.

Finally, after depositing our trays in the bin, I started to ask, “Tina, would you like to--”

She turned and looked right at me, her smile as inviting as it had been all during lunch, “Yes I would, Jake. Why don’t we meet back here tomorrow, same time. You can be thinking about where you want to take me, but I’ll warn you, I don’t like fancy places.”


I’ve never considered myself a slouch. I’ve always tried to pay attention to my grooming and manner of dress, but I must admit to taking a few minutes longer dressing and preparing myself for the next day. And, while I’ve never considered myself handsome, I thought I looked okay. So why did I feel like such an inadequate fuck at the thought of being with her? Hell, I already knew the answer. Tina was way out of my league.

“Well, where are you going to take me, and when?” She asked with that same intoxicating smile when we were seated in the cafeteria.

I shrugged, “I’m tied between McDonald’s and Burger King. You choose.” I waited until after she was finished laughing to add, “But I really like the Lone Star Steakhouse, if that’s not too fancy for you.”

Tina was wearing a clinging light blue t-shirt and tan slacks. Her proud breasts bulging from the top of her dark blue bra was noticeable under her shirt, but not blatantly so. She wore her dark hair down and it framed her face, providing a wonderful contrast to her bright eyes and beautiful smile.

“Oh, The Lone Star? I suppose you’d like me to wear my cowgirl outfit from yesterday, too?”

It was my turn to laugh, “Only if you have the hat to go with it.”

“You’re quick. I like that. I think I might be able to come up with something you’ll approve of.”

Hell, she could show up in clown costume for all I cared, or a ratty old pair of whatever. “So when?”

She raised an eyebrow, “I’m free tonight if you are.”


Can we make it six? I have an early test tomorrow.”

After she gave me her address, we disposed of our trays and parted, but not without Tina giving my arm a gentle squeeze, “I’m really looking forward to tonight, Jake.”


I’m not sure why, but I was expecting her to live in an apartment, perhaps with a roommate or two. But my GPS led me to her address in a nice middle class neighborhood. I rationalized that she’s in college, so she’s probably still living with her parents. When Tina came to the door, she was wearing a white silk blouse with a plunging neckline and beige pleated slacks. She was also wearing a black western hat.

When she saw me taken aback by the hat, she pulled it off and hung it on the coat rack just inside the door. Laughing, she said, “You should have seen the look on your face.” And then she did a slow pirouette, “You like?”

“You look ... incredible.” I answered honestly.

“And so do you. You clean up pretty good. I’m starving. Let’s get out of here.”

I was very glad I hadn’t tried to dress up too much. I was wearing simple white slacks and a solid blue button up shirt—no tie. I’d used enough moose on my medium length blonde hair to keep it brushed back and in place.

At the steakhouse, she ordered a Coors draft. I wasn’t much of a beer drinker. I prefer something harder and was hoping it would settle my nerves, but I opted for a draft beer instead. She stopped the waitress, “Jake, you don’t have to drink beer. If there’s something you like better, please have what you would if I weren’t here.”

I shrugged at the waitress, “Jack and Coke, please.” And then I turned to Tina, “Thank you.”

I was just reaching for my glass of water when she reached over and put her hand on mine, “Jake”

I knew what she was going to say, so I grinned at her, “Sorry, it’s a habit...”

She finished my thought, “And this our first date, and you want to make a good impression, but you’ve already done that, or I wouldn’t be here.”

“Point taken.”

Even before the alcohol began tingling my nerve endings, Tina’s beautiful smile and approachable nature had me relaxed. She was truly easy to talk to and we had a wonderful dinner.

I learned a lot about Tina that night. I was impressed by her beauty for sure, but with her personality and her compassion as well, and especially her intellect. As difficult as it is to do well in college with the time and effort it takes, somehow she found the time to volunteer two nights a week at the local children’s hospital. Her goal was to achieve a degree in business and use her education to start and run a non-profit for handicapped children.

By the time I pulled my white Chevy Silverado into her driveway, I was feeling confident that this wouldn’t be our last date. And when we got to her door, I leaned in and gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek.

She smiled at me and said, “I’m sure we can do better than that.” And she put her arms around my neck and kissed me warmly. It wasn’t a French kiss, but soft and warm and lingering. I don’t think my feet touched the ground on the way back to my truck.


Tina and I went out again twice the following week, always early, both times wonderful, and each time our parting kiss becoming more intimate. She had taken to snuggling up against me when we walked. Her five foot eight inch body fit perfectly against my sturdy six foot frame, making it easy and natural for me to put my arm around her and hold her to me.

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?” She asked me as we were parting after our date on Friday night.

“Nothing important, why?”

“I was thinking we might drive out to the lake. We can catch some rays and have a little picnic.”

“That sounds wonderful. I’d love to.”

She lifted herself and gave me another warm kiss, “You bring the refreshments and I’ll take care of everything else. Is eleven okay?”

“I’ll be here with bells on.”


It was the first time I’d been inside Tina’s home. She took my hand led me to the kitchen. I was distracted, to say the least. She was wearing a small white bikini top and tight pink shorts.

“I have a few things left to put in the basket. If you’ll--” She finally noticed my daze. She turned to face me, stretching her arms out from her sides. “You like?”

“I’ll say—I mean, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean--”

She let out a laugh, “It’s okay, Jake.” And she walked over to me, put her arms around my neck, and gave me a warm kiss. “But you need to snap out of it so we can get going.”

We picked out a sandy spot near the water where the trees weren’t blocking the sun. After spreading out our towels, I doffed my t-shirt, leaving me in just my swimsuit. When she pulled off her shorts, my eyes almost popped out of my head. She was wearing the smallest thong bikini I’d ever seen. It left almost nothing to the imagination. I could clearly see the outline of her labia, and all of her incredible ass. Her heavy, jutting breasts were almost completely exposed as well, and the thin material seemed to be struggling to contain them. Her nipples were taut and shouting their presence through the sheer material. She was practically naked.

While I was gawking, Tina was busy pulling things from the large picnic basket. At one point, while bending over facing away from me, she looked around with a naughty grin, “Enjoying the view?”

“Uh, of course.” I managed.

She just giggled and went back to what she was doing. When I finally managed to pull my eyes off of Tina’s awesome almost nakedness, I popped the top on two Coors Lites and we sat side by side on our towels.

There were a few people milling about, mostly walking down the small strip of sand and enjoying the sun. More than one guy tripped over his own feet when they glanced over and saw Tina. She would just chuckle under her breath and say only loud enough for me to hear, “Another one almost bit the dust.”

I finally had to say something, “You enjoy that don’t you?”

She turned to look right at me, “Yes, Jake, I do. I always have. Isn’t it obvious that I go out of my way to make it happen? The only difference between me and other girls is that I freely admit it. How does that make you feel?”

I shrugged, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it ... and you’ve definitely got it.” “Oh, and what is ‘IT’? What do I have?”

I wasn’t sure what she wanted me to say, but I didn’t feel our relationship had reached a point where I felt comfortable being too blunt. “You are very sexy, and you have an awesome body.”

“So, not just a nice smile and blue eyes?” She asked in what seemed to be a serious tone.

While I was searching my brain for a response, she slapped me on the arm and started laughing, “I’m just fucking with you, Jake. I know exactly what I have ... a very nice ass and a set of bodacious ta tas.”

I was taken somewhat aback by her language. I’d never heard her use the F word before. I finally said, “No, it’s more than that. Your whole is greater than the sum of your parts.”

“Hum, I like that. So it’s not just my thirty-six Ds or my volleyball ass?”

When I looked over at her and saw the naughty grin on her face, I caught on to her game. “Having fun?”

“Why, whatever are you talking about?”

I chuckled, “You’re enjoying tormenting me. That’s what I’m talking about. You’re busted.”

She leaned over to me and put her lips right next to my ear, “Oh, does talking about my tits and ass torment you, lover?”

I shot her a glance and grinned, “I need another beer.”

She laughed out loud and said, “I’ll get it.” And then she stepped over to the ice chest and bent from the waist. Again, she looked back toward me with a devilish grin. Before straightening up, she began slowly gyrating her ass.

“You’re sooooo bad.” I scolded her.

When she was sitting beside me again, her tone turned serious, “Jake, if we’re going to be together, you’re going to have to learn to accept that I do enjoy having fun with what God gave me, and I want you to learn to have fun with it too.”

My jaw dropped. I was sure I’d just heard her say “If we’re going to be together”. I couldn’t process it. This gorgeous beauty, this incredibly personable, intelligent, funny, compassionate goddess, had just come right out with “If we’re going to be together”. I finally managed to compose myself enough to ask her, “Are we ... going to be together?”

Tina scooted over and dr*ped her arm on my bare shoulder. She picked up my hand and kissed it, “I hope so, but there’s something we need to talk about first.”

“Oh, what is that?”

“No, Jake, first you have to say it. You haven’t said you want to be with me—for us to be a couple.”

I turned to look her in the eyes, “More than anything in the world, but I never dared to dream about you feeling the same way.”

Her expression softened, “Good, now that we have that settled, we can have the talk.”

“What do we need to talk about?”

“Sex” She said nonchalantly as she was taking another sip of her beer.

When I finally managed to get the beer out of my nose and clean up that which I’d spit all over myself, and once she’d stopped laughing, I managed to ask, “Okay, what do we need to talk about, sexually speaking?”

Tina’s mood seemed to turn serious and inwardly reflecting. “It’s complicated.”

“I don’t understand. I’ve done it a few times. It’s not that complicated.” I said with a chuckle in an attempt to lighten her mood.

“It is for me, Jake.”

“Okay, but you’ll need to explain that.”

“Okay, here goes: I don’t look at sex the same as most people. To me, there is a huge difference between making love and having sex. People must be in love before they can make love. In their case, sex is an extension of their emotional bond ... the love they have for each other. I’ve never been in love, so I’ve never made love. I hope to fall in love one day and experience that, but it hasn’t happened yet.”

“Okay, I’m with you so far.” I offered.

“Sex, on the other hand, is recreational. To me it’s more like a sport. I have a wide variety of sexual appetites.”

“Just let me know what I can do to help.” I said, putting my arm around her and pulling her close. “I’m not sure what all that means, but I’ll do whatever you need me to do, I promise.”

“You’ll find out as time goes on. Just promise that you won’t try to own me, that you won’t smother me, and most of all, that you won’t judge me.”

My brain was whirling. I couldn’t fathom what she was talking about, but I was sure of one thing. I was sure I wanted to be with her more than anything, and I was sure I was willing to learn to adapt to whatever it was that was causing her to feel it necessary to have this talk now. I put my fingers under her chin and lifted it. When her eyes met mine, I said, “I promise.” And then we kissed passionately for the first time.

And then Tina said something that totally blew my mind. When we broke our kiss, she moved her mouth to my ear and purred, “I hope your life is equipped with a seat belt, because you’re in for one hell of a ride.”


When we got back to Tina’s home, and after cleaning out the picnic basket, Tina pulled a large bottle of Jack Daniel’s from the cupboard. She waved it at me with a naughty grin, “I bought you some Coke too. You mix it until I learn the way you like it.”

The bottle was unopened, and while I removed the seal and began mixing myself a drink, she was busy making herself a margarita. Without warning, she reached behind her back and untied her small bikini top. “Whew! I hate having to wear that thing. Do you mind?”

I almost dropped my glass. She turned away immediately and continued fixing her drink like nothing had happened. When she turned back to me, I was still standing there, totally paralyzed. Even though I’d already seen most of her breasts, I was transfixed by the way her dark pink nipples pointed to the ceiling, surrounded by their slightly lighter pink areolas.

To her credit, she didn’t interrupt my revere. She just stood there, her drink in hand, and let me gawk at her naked breasts. It must have been thirty seconds before she cleared her throat and said in a voice that was anything but teasing or mocking, “I need a shower. Do you want to join me?”

“Yes!” I almost shouted.

Tina giggled, “Great. We’d better undress in here so we don’t track sand through the house. I’ll wash your suit later ... or in the morning if you decide to stay the night.”

I knew better than to be shy about removing my swimsuit. I had a full erection, but I was sure she already knew that. It would have been impossible to hide it in a swimsuit. When I was naked, she raised an eyebrow and grinned, “I guess you like my tits after all.”

“Was there ever any doubt?” I asked as I took up my glass.

“Nah” She said as she stepped out of her shorts and bikini bottoms in one move. “I kinda figured you might.”

She tossed our clothes in the laundry room, took up her glass, and led me through the master bedroom and into the bath. After turning on the water in the large walk in shower, and while waiting for it to warm up, she turned to me. “So, you didn’t say. “Do you want to stay the night?”

I stepped up and put a hand on each her shoulders. “Only if you do me one favor.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh, and what is that?”

“Stop asking me questions you already know the answer to.” And then I kissed her passionately. Tina responded by putting her arms around my neck and slithering her body into mine. The feeling of her magnificent breasts against my chest and my rigid cock being pressed between our bodies almost sent me over the edge.

When our kiss ended, she pulled back and said, “It’ll be warmer under the water.” Once we were in the shower, and after sharing another passionate kiss, Tina handed me a bar of soap, and then raised her arms and gripped the shower head pipe with both hands, “Care to do the honors?”

I wasn’t in the mood to scold her for asking me another obvious question, so I just took the soap and began washing her. I started at her neck and took my time working my way up and down each arm before moving to her chest. Her breasts were so firm and felt so wonderful, I was afraid I might blow my load while washing them.

But when I started to move on down her body, she turned around, her hands still gripping the pipe above her. I reached around her and spent another minute washing and kneading her breasts before moving my hands lower. When I got to her crotch, she lowered one of her hands and put it on mine, pressing it to her crotch. She held it tightly there and began moving her hips and moaning softly. She looked over her shoulder and purred, “Yes, right there.”

I rubbed around her clit with my fingers until she pushed my hand lower, forcing my fingers to slide between her flowery folds. She continued to guide my fingers up and down, from her slit to her clit. Her hips never stopped moving, and she continued to moan. It wasn’t long before her head began swaying left and right. “Close” Was the only word she said as her hips began thrusting into our joined hands. Her hand was pressing my fingers to her clit so firmly, I was afraid I’d hurt her, but I trusted her to know.

I was in awe as her moans got louder and more urgent, and her head began flailing side to side more violently, her hips bucking. Finally, her head flew back and she pulled my hand from her convulsing pussy. I stayed where I was and felt her body continue to convulse. I was sure I could feel every tremor.

When she calmed down, she turned around and put her arms around my neck again. After giving me a passionate kiss, she looked into my eyes and cooed in the most sexy voice I’d ever heard, “Next time we’re in here together, you can sit on the ledge and watch me do that to myself. Would you like that?”

“Sure. I’d love that.” I said honestly.

“Have you ever watched a girl get herself off like that?”

“No” I answered honestly again, still enjoying the feeling of her wet breasts on my chest.

“I have. It’s a very erotic thing to watch. But now, before it’s your turn, there are still parts of me you haven’t washed yet. And she turned around again. “Don’t be shy. Make sure you get all the cracks and crevasses.”

I started at her feet and went up each leg, but when I finally lathered up my hand and ran my fingers along the crack of her ass, she wiggled it and giggled. So I got bolder and pressed my fingers deeper until they were running up and down across her anus. Again, she wiggled her ass, but this time, she looked over her shoulder and purred, “Ummmmm that feels really nice.”

After she rinsed, she traded places with me and had me face away from her. When I was in the same position she’d been in, she began washing me. After finishing my upper body, she bent down and washed my legs. She spent a lot of time on my ass, teasing my anus with her fingers. Finally, she moved up and hugged me, reaching around me with both hands. She used one soapy hand on my throbbing cock and the other on my balls.

She started purring in my ear things like, “ummm, I can’t wait to feel your wonderful cock inside my pussy. Would you like that? Would you like to fuck my pussy, Jake? Do you want to shoot your hot cum in my pussy?”

That did it. My knees grew wobbly so I gripped the pipe harder. She must have sensed it, because she began saying in a sexy voice, “That’s it, lover. Shoot your hot cum all over the wall and think of shooting it inside me.”

When I grunted and started cumming, she hugged me tightly and kept stoking my cock. I don’t know how she knew, but as my orgasm began to subside, she loosened her grip a little but kept stroking me until she had milked the last drop of cum from my cock.

Without releasing me, she laid her cheek against my back and hugged me tightly. “I could use a drink, how about you?”

Tina sent me off to the den with a couple of towels, “When you’re naked, always sit on a towel.”

That made sense to me. When I spread out the towels and sat on the sofa, I could see her in the kitchen. My God, she was sexy. I was also impressed that she’d been paying attention when I’d poured my drink, so she knew how I liked it. Of course, we hadn’t drank half of our previous drinks, but they were watered down by the time we got out of the shower, so she poured them out and made fresh ones.

“That was a wonderful shower.” Tina said as she sat beside me on the sofa and snuggled against me. “Is it warm enough in here for you?”

“I’m okay, thanks. This place is very nice. Is it yours?”

“It actually belongs to my brother, but he and his wife got a divorce last year, so he didn’t want to live here anymore—bad for him, great for me. There’s a pool and a hot tub out back. A service takes care of the pool, but I haven’t figured out the chemicals in the hot tub yet, so I haven’t used it. Do you know anything about hot tubs?”

I was surprised she didn’t have a line of guys volunteering to help her with it. “No” I answered honestly, “But I’ll stop by a pool and spa place and get up to speed on it if you want me to give it a try.”

“That would be great. I’ll get you a key to the gate before you leave.”

Wow! I couldn’t believe she was already offering to give me a key—okay, not to the house, but still. I sat our drinks on the coffee table and pulled her to me, kissing her passionately.

During that kiss, she pulled one of my hands up to her breast and pressed it there. “ummm, that feels nice. I love the feel of your hands on me.”

I chuckled, “Then I guess I’ll just have to take one for the team.”

“Awwww that is very sweet of you.”

After handing her drink to her again, and taking a sip of mine, I put my hand back on her breast and gently kneaded it. She said, “Ummm, that does feel nice, but will you do me a favor now?”


“Stand up.” When I was standing and facing her, she handed me my drink and then put her fingers under my semi flaccid cock and raised it for inspection. “I like your cock, Jake. He and I are going to become great friends.”

I chuckled, “I’m sure he likes you too.”

Tina leaned forward and put her lips over the head, and then she slid to the floor. She slowly sucked me into her mouth until my growing cock was completely out of sight. With her lips now against my pubic bone, she looked up at me without moving. Our eyes were locked. I could see her nostrils flare when she breathed but she didn’t move.

I could feel my cock growing inside her mouth. I didn’t know how long she would be able to stay embedded. Her eyes grew wider, and she moved her hands to the back of my thighs to assist her in holding her position.

I couldn’t believe what she was doing. I’m in no way large, perhaps an inch or two above average, with what I assume is average girth for my length, but still. I just kept growing inside her mouth. When I felt the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat, her body convulsed as if she were gagging, but still she didn’t withdraw.

The pressure on the head of my cock was starting to get painful. And then something gave, and the pressure was relieved. I felt my cock slide past the barrier and into her throat.

The idea of it was thrilling, and staring down into her eyes, her nostrils flaring, was intoxicating. And then she surprised me yet again. I felt her tongue on my balls. I have no idea how she was managing that, but I found the mere idea of it so erotic and exciting, I was afraid I might cum at any moment.

I didn’t bother telling Tina of my fear because I sensed that she knew it. I suspected that was her goal all along. She was giving me something I’d never had, something special, something very special.

Another two minutes of her throat muscles contracting around my cock and her tongue lapping at my balls was all it took. My thigh muscles tensed. She felt it and gripped them even tighter, firmly holding herself in place. When I began to cum, she winked at me.

She never moved. She held her position until long after my cock had shrunk back to its flaccid size. When she finally let my now soft cock slip from between her lips, I helped her to her feet. She showed me that naughty grin of hers and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

“That was absolutely the most incredible thing I have ever seen—experienced. How did you learn to do that?”

She raised an eyebrow as if questioning whether I really wanted to know. I didn’t look away, but just waited. Finally she said, “I had a long term fuck buddy who liked it more than a standard blowjob, so I learned, and I practiced ... a lot. He wasn’t quite as long as you, but a bit thicker. Anything else you want to know?”

While kissing Tina, I moved my hand to her crotch, but she stopped me. She purred in my ear, “It’s not your fingers I want right now.”

I thought I knew what she wanted, so I urged her to lie down, but she shook her head, “In the bed” she said in almost a whisper. So I stood up and scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the bedroom.

When she was laying on her back on the king size bed with her knees spread, I had to hesitate for a second to take in the view before continuing. I’d only seen a handful of pussies in person, but I’d seen hundreds on the internet. Some are beautiful, but most are not. Tina’s was beautiful. It was totally devoid of hair, and her lips were very small and bright pink.

I knelt on the bed and slid forward until my arms were under her raised thighs. I began kissing the inside of them. They were toned, her flesh stretched tightly over them.

Evidently, Tina was growing impatient, “Jake, enough stalling. Eat me now.”

I was nervous that I wouldn’t be any good at going down on her. After all, I’d only gone down on three girls in my life, and none of them had filled out a report card. None of them had provided any feedback at all other than moans and body reactions. Their reactions did make me think I was doing something right though.

I began by lightly running my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. I stopped before touching her obvious clit. I repeated that several times, and on the third time, I slithered my tongue between her folds and licked up and down the inside of her lips.

After a few minutes, I sucked one of her smallish lips between mine and teased it with my tongue. And then I released it and moved to the other and repeated that. Next, I ran my tongue in circles around and over her clit. “Yes, keep doing that.” Tina instructed.

Her words gave me confidence. I understood then that Tina, unlike any of my previous girlfriends, would actually provide me with feedback and instructions. And sure enough, I didn’t have to wait long for that, “Suck on it now.” And when I did, she moaned, but instructed me, “Easy, go easy at first. I’ll tell you when to do it harder.”

After a while, she continued her verbal encouragement, “Ummm yes, that feels wonderful. Now, use your fingers to spread me open and then lick me there.” When I did, she moaned again, “Yes, baby, just like that. Now just go from there to my clit and back there.”

“Suck on my clit a little harder now. Suck it into your mouth and tease it with your tongue. God yes, that’s perfect. You’re doing sooooo good baby, yes, just like that.” I know my body tensed up when she next said, “Ummmmm yes, now lift me some and lick my ass.”

Wow! I’d never done that before, but I remembered the shower and how she moaned when my fingers had touched her anus. So I did as she instructed. I lifted her hips enough to expose her puckered hole. The instant my tongue touched it, she moaned louder than she had to that point, “Ummmmm, yes baby, that’s it. Lick it good. Ummmmmm, I love that. Now back to my clit. Suck on it a little harder this time, and use your tongue on it harder.”

After only a half minute, her thighs began to quiver and her hips began moving up to meet my mouth. “Harder!” She gasped. “God yes, harder. Suck it, baby. God yes!” Soon, it was all I could do to keep myself in place. Her hips were bucking and thrashing off the bed. “Oh God! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Urrrggggggg” And her body began convulsing and shaking. Her hands were on my head and she pulled my mouth off her.

I was afraid to move until her shaking and convulsing stopped. I’d never been able to get a girl off with my mouth before, and I was quite proud of myself. It was an awesome thing to experience.

Another minute later, she crooked her finger at me. I released her legs and crawled up beside her. She showed me a huge smile and then kissed me passionately. And then she asked me, “Does it bother you ... me telling you what to do?”

“No way. I appreciate it. I’m no expert at that, as I’m sure you could tell.”

She smiled again, “You did great. Have you ever tasted female cum?”

I wasn’t really sure so I said, “I ... I don’t know.”

“Oh, trust me, you haven’t or you would know. I cum quite a bit, so there’s plenty.” And she moved her hand down and inserted a finger into her pussy. When she withdrew it, she offered it to me, so I took her finger into my mouth and licked it. The taste and feel was much different than anything I’d experienced before. “See?”

“Yes.” I responded, “It’s different than...”

“Pussy juice, normal pussy juice. That’s just for lube. Cum is a lot slicker and sweeter, isn’t it?” She asked as she inserted two fingers this time. She licked one clean herself and then offered me the other. “But do you like it?”

“Yes, very much.” I answered honestly. “It’s very slick.”

She put her hand on my cheek, gave me a soft kiss and purred, “I’m glad. I like it too ... a lot.” And with that, she crawled off the bed, “You rest up while I get our drinks.” And she reached down and gave my throbbing cock a quick squeeze before leaving the room.

I was a little surprised when I realized it wasn’t even dark out yet, it was daylight savings time though, so it didn’t get dark until late. I tried to imagine what lay ahead, but I couldn’t. Today had been so different than anything I’d ever experienced with a girl, her openness, her bluntness, the way she just came right out and talked about things, especially sexual things, was foreign to me. I loved it.

When Tina returned with fresh drinks and crawled in bed beside me, she asked me straight out, “Are you in a hurry to fuck me?”

I almost spat Jack and Coke all over both of us. “Of course, why?”

She put her free hand on my cheek again and looked me firmly in the eyes, “If you’re in a real hurry, we can do that, but we have all night. I’d rather play some more before we fuck for the first time.”


“Yeah, you know, more of what we’ve been doing, get each other off again first.”

I’d already cum twice in the last couple of hours, so I was a little worried that I might not be able to get it back up after a third time. “I’m not sure I’ll be any good after that.” I said honestly.

Tina giggled, “Don’t worry about that, lover. You just leave that to me.” “Okay.”

That said, we continued laying there sipping our drinks. She moved one of her hands down and began leisurely teasing at my hard cock, just running her fingers lightly over it.

Before long, Tina sat her glass aside and moved lower on the bed. “On your back, mister.”

When I complied, she pushed my legs apart and moved between them. “Are you comfortable? This is going to take a while. I want to play some before I get serious.”

I pulled two pillows behind me and scooted up on the bed a little so I’d be in a good position to watch what she was doing. She started by holding my stiff cock straight up and licking up and down it. Every now and then she would look up at me and wink.

That lasted a long time, her licking up and down my cock, down to my balls, sucking them into her mouth one at a time and teasing them with her tongue. Her beautiful sexy face transformed into the look of a naughty vamp. The sight was so sexy I had to look away periodically to keep from blowing my load just from that.

Soon, she began slowly stroking my cock with her hand while she licked all around the head. And then she looked at me and purred, “I love your cock. It’s beautiful.”

I chuckled, “It loves you too, especially right now.”

Next, she put her lips around my cock and twirled around the head with her tongue. After a few seconds though, she began lowering her head very slowly until she had all but a couple of inches in her mouth. She didn’t attempt to take it all.

When she had as much of my cock in her mouth as she wanted, she removed her hand and used both hands to support her body. She scooted up a little on the bed and began stroking my cock with her mouth. I reached down and brushed her hair aside so I could see better.

After slowly jacking me off with her mouth for several minutes, she let it flop from her between her lips, “Are you ready?”

“If you are.”

With that, she took me back into her mouth. I could feel the difference immediately. She was no longer lightly moving her mouth up and down my cock. Instead, she was sucking it in, her tongue busy on the underside.

When she increased both her pressure and pace, it didn’t take long before I felt the first stirring of cum building in my balls. A few seconds after that, I grunted and the first shot of my cum hit the back of her throat.

She surprised me by removing her mouth and replacing it with her hand. She jacked me off, letting my cum fly out onto my belly. After a few spurts, she continued jacking me off, but more slowly, intently watching as the remainder of my cum oozed out and ran down onto her hand.

When I was finished, she slowly and sensuously began licking my cock and her hand clean. Next, she began scooping up gobs of cum from my belly and licking it from her fingers.

Watching her do that was so sexy I couldn’t believe it. I’d heard about it, and I’d even seen it on the internet, but it was a thousand times hotter seeing it in person.

Finally, she gathered up the last of it and crawled up on the bed. She held her gooey finger up in front of me, “Next time, this will be in my pussy. I can’t wait to taste your cum mixed with mine.” And then she forced that finger into my mouth.

Wow! I’d never tasted my own cum before, but she wasn’t giving me any choice. So dutifully, I sucked her finger clean. She was studying me for a reaction, but I did my best not to act repulsed. And actually, it wasn’t that bad.

“You’ve never done that before, have you?” She asked with a naughty grin.

“No”, I answered honestly.

“So, what do you think?”

I shrugged, “It’s not terrible.”

She nodded, “Good, then just because you cum in my pussy doesn’t mean you can’t go down on me after.”

“Okay.” I said without thinking.

After finishing my drink and making a quick trip to the bathroom, I came back into the bedroom to find Tina propped up on the pillows much as I had been. She already had her knees up and apart and was teasing her pussy with her fingers. “Getting a head start?” I asked her with a chuckle.

“I am, so get down there and get busy, mister.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

This time, I lifted her butt and began licking her ass right away. That garnered me an appreciative “Ummmm, nice start.”

After a minute or so, she must have sensed that I was going to abandon her ass and move higher, “What’s your hurry. Stay there awhile, please.” So I did.

Soon, Tina reached down and started rubbing her pussy and clit. Almost immediately, she started moaning, her hips beginning to move. “That’s right, baby. Yes, just keep doing that. God yes!”

I decided to make a bold move. I began trying to work the tip of my tongue into her puckered hole. Even before having any success, I was rewarded with, “Oh fuck yeah! That’s it baby. Do that.”

It took me awhile, but I finally managed to work an inch or so of my tongue inside her ass hole. Immediately, the fingers on her clit sped up. I could hear them rubbing it faster and faster. I tried to force my tongue farther inside her ass, but I didn’t have much success. Still, she was bucking and moving so violently, I was lucky just to maintain contact at all.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! Oh fuck!” She practically screamed. Her hips were bucking, her thighs quivering, and her fingers on her clit were a blur. “Oh fuck!”

It was only another minute before she was pushing me away. She clamped her legs together and rolled onto her side, curling up into a fetal position. Her body was still convulsing, her chest heaving, and she was audibly gasping for air.

“I’ll get us fresh drinks.” I told her, sliding off the bed. Margaritas were surly not my specialty, but I did my best. When I returned to the bedroom, Tina was under the covers. She smiled at me, “Thank you, lover. That was incredible. I haven’t cum like that in a long time.”

I didn’t understand how I’d done that much. She’d done all the heavy lifting. But then again, I rationalized; perhaps it was just the mental thing of having my tongue in her ass that made it special. “Trust me, it was my pleasure.”

I put some pillows behind her and waited for her to scoot up on the bed to hand her the drink. She pulled back the covers on the other side of the bed and urged me to get in.

After we’d each had a couple sips of our drinks, she looked over at me, “If it’s okay with you, I think we should rest for a little while.”

“That sounds wonderful.” I told her.

When we’d set our drinks aside, she kissed me passionately. “Will you roll over here and hug me?”

We tossed some pillows aside. She scooted down on the bed and turned her back to me. I spooned up tightly against her, and dr*ped my arm over her. She immediately pulled my hand up and pressed it to her breast.

And then she looked over her shoulder, “I think we’re off to a great start.”

“Just don’t pinch me and wake me up.” I whispered in her ear.


I’m not sure what time it was when something woke me up. It was dark and the bedside lamp was on. The covers had been pulled down, and Tina had the head of my cock between her lips.

It only took her a couple of minutes to have my cock fully hard. When she was satisfied, she moved up and straddled my legs. She gripped my cock and guided it to her opening. Slowly, she lowered herself, wiggling herself until it began to slip inside her.

I watched inch after inch of my cock disappear inside her. It wasn’t until she was fully impaled on my cock that she looked up at me and said, “Good morning, lover.”

“What time is it?” I asked, not really caring.

“Does it matter?”

I chuckled, “Not really.”

“To answer your question, it’s time for some serious fucking.”

Tina was sitting up, fully embedded on my cock. She began slowly rotating her hips. “Ummmm, you’re cock feels wonderful in my pussy.”

Her pussy felt incredible around my cock. She wasn’t moving up and down at all, just rotating her hips round and round. Her hands were on her breasts. She was cupping them more than kneading them, her fingers resting on her nipples but not moving, not pinching, not pulling.

Watching her, it was almost like I wasn’t even there. She was alone with a cock. It just happened to be my cock. The sight was very erotic, even awe inspiring.

Before long, Tina leaned back, bracing herself on her hands behind her. She never stopped rotating her hips. But then all of a sudden, she also started moving ever so slightly up and down. It looked like she was achieving that without doing more than flexing her muscles and constricting her abs.

“Uggggg” She groaned, and I felt her pussy become slicker. I was sure she’d just cum, but it wasn’t like before. She wasn’t thrashing about or gasping for air, just a simple “Uggggg” and she bathed my cock with her slick cum.

Tina straightened up and then fell forward, catching herself on her hands on either side of me. Her hair was hanging down in my face, so I moved it aside to see her grinning down at me. “Okay”, she purred, “I’m all warmed up now. Are you ready to fuck?”

“Lets”, is all I could think of to say. And then I reached up and began kneading both of her breasts. I raised my head and began kissing them and licking and sucking her hard nipples.

Tina began slowly fucking me. That pace only lasted a few minutes. It was replaced with a much quicker more active pace. She began pulling off and then forcibly ramming herself back down on my cock.

After what seemed like an eternity, she rolled off, “You’re turn. Fuck me like you mean it.”

I moved into position, slid my arms under knees and lifted them. She reached between us and guided my rigid cock inside her. And then I started fucking her with everything I had. Her knees were almost touching her ears, and she let out a grunt every time I drove my cock home, “Ugg, ugg, ugg, ugg.”

“Almost” She gasped, “Don’t ... don’t stop. Almost there. Ugg, ugg, ugg.” When she began cumming, I slowed down, but I didn’t stop. I kept sliding my cock slowly in and out of her hot pussy.

I waited until she smiled up at me to quicken my pace some, slowly accelerating little by little until I was matching my earlier frenzied pace.

A couple of minutes later, she came again, this time emitting one very loud, “Uuugggggggg”. Again, I slowed until she smiled up at me, signaling that she was ready to continue. Each time she came, her pussy would become very slick and I knew it was her cum causing it.

I knew I was getting close to cumming myself, but I was desperate to give her at least one more. I kept slamming into her, over and over until I felt the first sensations of my cum getting ready to erupt. “I’m, almost...”

She screamed up to me, “God yes! Cum in my pussy. Give my pussy your hot cum.” And then seconds later she grunted loudly, “I’m ... I’m almost there. Fuck me baby! Fuck your slut’s pussy.”

That was all it took. My cock erupted, my cum flying from it into her waiting pussy. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders, but I didn’t care. I’m not sure which one of us was grunting the loudest, “Umph, umph, uggggg.”

I finally released her legs and collapsed beside her, both of us panting and gasping for air, our chests heaving, and our bodies exhausted.

I’d heard about sex on that level, but I’d never experienced it. Of course, I’m sure my having already cum three times over the last several hours had as much to do with my stamina as anything else.

She was still on her back. I was on my stomach. Without looking at me she moved her hand and rested it on my butt. “Wow!”

“I second that.” I said through my gasping.


I barely remember getting under the covers and spooning up against Tina and cupping her breast in my hand.

It was daylight when I woke up. I was alone in the bed, so after a quick trip to the bathroom, I went through the house looking for her. She wasn’t there, but the dining room table was set for two.

Finally, I looked out the patio door into the backyard. Tina was there, swimming laps in the medium size pool. She was as naked as she’d been the night before.

After glancing from side to side to insure no one could see over the privacy fence, I walked out and stood beside the pool watching her. It was a couple of minutes before she noticed me. Her face lit up with a huge smile, “Good morning, lover. Come on in. We’ll have some breakfast in a few minutes.”

When we entered the house after a brief swim, Tina gave me a playful slap on the butt, “You grab a quick shower and I’ll finish breakfast.”

“You’re not going to come with me?” I asked hopefully.

She shook her head, “No time. I’m going to feed you and then show you the door. I have to get in some study time before going to the hospital. The kids expect me to be there on Sundays.”

After my shower, I went into the dining room. There was already a towel spread over a chair for me. “I hope you like ham.” She told me as she put a plate in front me. All it had on it was a piece of ham. She soon returned with four small bowls of fruit, peeled green apple wedges, orange wedges, strawberries, and pineapple chunks. “I don’t like to put them together.” She explained, “The flavors all run together.”

When Tina joined me at the table, her plate contained only two egg whites, no meat. “I know you’re not a vegetarian.” I said, pointing to her plate.

She laughed, “Hardly, but I’m sure you don’t want me getting all fat and flabby, do you? Eating a little healthier wouldn’t hurt you either.”

“I live in the dorm, remember.” I said in my own defense.

Out of left field, she asked me, “Do you like mustard?”

I chuckled, “Not on my fruit.”

When she finished laughing, she slapped my arm playfully, “I was going to fix us lunch for tomorrow, if you don’t have any previous engagements.”

“I don’t, and I would love that. The cafeteria is okay, but it gets old after a while.”

“Great, then meet me by the fountain at eleven.”

After we’d finished our breakfast, she went to the dryer and got my swimsuit and t-shirt. It made me wonder just how long she’d been up. When I was dressed, and after giving me a passionate kiss, she opened the door and ushered me out.

As I was backing my truck out of her driveway, I saw Tina. She was standing outside the front door, still totally naked. The entryway was recessed a little, but still. She was smiling and waving.


I was waiting by the campus fountain the following day when Tina showed up. She was carrying a small basket and two large beach towels. We spread the towels out on the grass in the shade of a large tree.

When I looked at the sandwich she handed me, I understood her question about mustard. It’s a way to moisten toast without the calories of mayonnaise. It appeared she was serious about eating healthy. The sandwich was stuffed with thin sliced turkey. I added two slices of tomato and a slice of onion from the small plastic container she extracted from the basket, and munched on a dill pickle wedge.

That week, we enjoyed a similar lunch every day, but I took her out to dinner twice, On Wednesday to Luby’s Cafeteria, a Texas favorite, and on Friday to Red Lobster. When dropping her off at her house on Friday night, I was hoping to be invited inside for a rowdy sexual romp. It wasn’t to be. After giving me two long passionate kisses at her door, she tilted her head back and said, “Whew! I wish I could invite you in, but I have to study.”

I showed her a smile, trying my best to hide my disappointment, “That’s okay. School comes first.”

Tina moved a hand to my cheek, “I have a girlfriend coming over for lunch tomorrow. If you don’t have plans, I’d love you to meet her ... and you can spend the night if you are so inclined.”


I showed up at Tina’s home at exactly eleven the next day. There was a small blue VW in the driveway that I assumed belonged to her girlfriend. I parked so as not to block it in.

I was taken somewhat aback when Tina answered the door totally naked. Once inside, she immediately threw her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. When we separated, I gestured to her lack of attire and said, “I thought...”

“She’s already here. C’mon, I’ll introduce you.” And she led me into the den.

I got another shock when the young woman stood up from her seat in the stuffed chair. She was cute, also very fit, with shoulder length blonde hair and perky breasts. She was also totally naked.

“Jake, this is Marline.”

The cute blonde bounced right up to me and, ignoring the hand I offered, lifted herself on her toes and gave me a friendly peck on the lips. “It’s great to finally meet you, Jake. Tina has been talking about you non-stop for over a week.”

“Uh ... it’s nice to meet you too.”

On her way back to her chair, Marline giggled and said to Tina, “I don’t think he expected to find us naked.” And then she turned to me, “We stay this way as much as possible.”

Tina laughed and turned back to me, “Don’t worry, lover. You’ll get used to it.” She reached down and unbuckled my belt. “You get more comfortable, and I’ll go make you a stiff drink.”

She was only a few feet away when I stammered, “You...”

Tina laughed and said without turning around, “Yes, silly. I mean you should get naked with us. You don’t have to be shy around Marli.”

Wow! I didn’t know what to think. On the one hand, I felt like I’d just been ambushed, but on the other, I found the situation somewhat erotic. When Marline saw me hesitate, she giggled, “Don’t be shy, Jake. I’m a nudist just like Tina. I’m used to being around naked men. Do you need some help?”

“No.” I said way too quickly, “Uh, no. I can manage.” And I began removing my shirt and than my shorts and underwear. I was relieved to see that Marline wasn’t watching me. In my brain, I was thinking, “Wait, what? Tina is a nudist?”

Tina emerged from the kitchen with my drink just as I was removing my socks. “There, isn’t that better?” She asked as she led me over to the sofa and handed me the drink.

I couldn’t speak, so I just took a big sip of the drink, and then I shuddered mightily. She had indeed made it very strong.

Marline chuckled and said, “She warned you she was going to make it a stiff one.”

God! I wish she wouldn’t use that word. I was already paranoid enough about getting a boner. It must have been obvious I was trying to sit in a way so as best to hide my cock because Marline said, “Jake, Hun, relax. All guys are afraid they’ll get an erection the first time or two. Don’t worry about it. If you do, you do. It’s normal—nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Easy for you to say.” I shot back at her in a half sarcastic tone.

I’m sure Tina could hear the conversation from the kitchen. She came back into the den and walked right toward me. “I see I’m going to have to take control of the situation.”

That said, she reached down and took my free hand, urging me to my feet. I reluctantly got to my feet. When I was standing with my hips turned slightly away from Marline’s direction, Tina forced me to turn around until I was facing her friend straight on. After a few seconds, she said, “There, she’s seen your cock. Now, get over it and relax.” And then she was off to the kitchen again.

When I finally forced myself to look at Marline, she raised an eyebrow and said in an appreciative tone, “Trust me, Hun, you have nothing to be ashamed of in that department.”

I finally managed to sit back down without spilling my drink.

A minute later, Marline excused herself to the bathroom. I tried to will myself not to watch her jiggle right past me, but I couldn’t help myself. She was fit and sexy. Her legs were shapely, and her breasts, which I guessed as C cups, bounced erotically with every step.

When she disappeared into the hallway, I hurried to the kitchen to have a private word with Tina. “You could have warned me.” I scolded her.

She chuckled, “That would have spoiled the fun. I wanted it to be a surprise. I warned you you’d need a seatbelt. Remember that?”

“Uh, well yeah, but...”

“No buts. Just roll with it. Can you do that?”

She had in fact warned me. I couldn’t deny that. And she’d been up front about having, in her words, “A variety of sexual appetites.” Was being a nudist one of those appetites? It obviously was. “Okay. I’ll try.”

Tina turned from her cooking and gave me a warm kiss on the lips. “Good, now go back in there and be sociable.” And she gave me a friendly shove toward the door. I was sitting on the sofa again when Marline emerged from the hallway. She glanced down and saw my glass was almost empty. I was hoping the alcohol would settle my nerves.

She stopped right in front of me. “Wow! You went through that one fast.” She said with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to being nude around others. She held out her hand. Here, I’ll make you another one, a much lighter one. We don’t want you getting drunk before we even have lunch.”

I handed her my empty glass, trying to will my cock to behave. She was just standing there right in front of me in all of her naked glory, and she was sexy ... very sexy.

I watched her walk into the kitchen, again scolding my cock not to respond to the sexy view. It was a useless endeavor. I could feel my cock beginning to swell. I couldn’t hear what the girls were saying in the kitchen, but I did hear both of them laughing.

By the time Marline came back and stood in front of me to hand me the fresh drink, my cock was fully erect. I’m sure she noticed, but she didn’t gawk or comment. When she quickly turned and jiggled back to the stuffed chair, I thought I’d escaped a potentially very embarrassing situation. I was wrong. She had no sooner sat down than she called out to Tina, “Jake needs your attention.”

I thought I’d die right there on the spot. Tina came into the room and walked straight up to me. When she saw my boner, she shook her head. “We can’t have you in that condition all through lunch.” And then she offered me her hand. “Stand up here.”

Oh my God! She actually expected me to stand up with my cock sticking straight up in front of me, and her friend sitting only a few feet away. When I hesitated, she scolded me, “C’mon, lover. Man up.”

When I reluctantly stood up, Marline whistled, “Very nice.”

Tina immediately dropped to her knees and had my cock in her mouth before I could object. I couldn’t believe this was happening ... and right in front of her friend. I was mortified. But just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

A loud buzzer sounded in the kitchen. Tina let my now throbbing cock slip from her mouth, “Damnit! I need to tend to that. Marli, Hun, do you mind?”

I assumed Marline was going to do whatever needed doing in the kitchen, but I was wrong. Before I realized what was happening, Marline was on her knees in front of me. Her mouth was on my cock a fraction of a second later. Tina got to her feet. “I’ll be right back.”

I only had two choices, stand there and let it happen, or push her away and sit back down, which I was sure would draw Tina’s ire. So, I stood there and did my best to enjoy having this sexy new mouth on my cock.

True to her word, Tina returned in less than a minute. She tapped her friend on the shoulder. Marline moved aside and Tina took her place. Marline then stood up and went back to the stuffed chair, but she was blatantly watching Tina devour my rigid cock.

I’m not sure if it was the strange situation, or the alcohol, but Tina worked on my cock far past the time when I would normally have cum, especially the first one of the day—several days, in fact.

The buzzer sounded in the kitchen again, but this time, Marline was in front of me without being asked. Tina told us both, “I’ll be a little longer this time.”

It was over two minutes before Tina returned again. As bad as I’d tried to hold off, I began cumming when Tina was only half way across the room. She realized it and continued to us, but she didn’t stop her friend.

I hadn’t cum in a week, so I had a big load. Marline did her best to swallow it all, but gave up and began jacking me off with her hand, spilling the remainder of my seed on her chest and breasts.

When she finally released my cock and stood up, she apologized to Tina. “I’m sorry, I tried to take it all.”

Tina just chuckled, “That’s okay, Hun.” And she immediately began licking my cum from her friends chest and breasts.

I couldn’t believe I was seeing that. While Tina was still busy cleaning up her friend, Marline looked right at me and showed me a wink and a naughty grin. I waited until Tina was finished to sit down. When I did, I looked up just in time to see the two girls embrace and join in a passionate kiss.

I was afraid I might pass out. I just sat there and watched the two of them kiss for probably two minutes, their hands roaming over each others bodies. When they separated, Tina leaned over and gave me a warm kiss on the lips. And then, as if nothing had happened she said, “Lunch is almost ready.”

When Tina was back in the kitchen, Marline looked at me, “Jake, honey.”


And then, while looking straight at me, she confessed, “We planned that, you know—well, most of it.”

My brain went into overdrive, “You ... planned it?”

She laughed, “Yes, we planned most of it. The buzzer was just a prop. It had nothing to do with lunch.”

I tried to process her words and then asked her, “What part wasn’t planned?”

She raised an eyebrow, “She was supposed to take your cum and spill it all over herself so I could clean it up. That part was just bad timing. Neither of us minded though. It all worked out just fine.”

While I was still letting that soak in, she continued, “She really likes you, you know.”

“I ... I really like her too, but...”

“But what, Honey?”

“What else do you two have planned?”

Marline laughed out loud, “Oh, I’m sure we’ll think of something. I don’t think you’re going to get bored.”

When the three of us were sitting at the dining room table eating a wonderful meal of spaghetti and meat sauce, Tina asked Marline, “Well did you tell him our secret?”

“Some of it. I told him we planned the blowjob and about the buzzer.” Marline told her.

Tina looked over to me, her expression questioning me for a reaction. When I just shrugged, she asked me, “No comment?”

After mulling it over in my mind for a few seconds, I asked her, “Is there anything I can say right now that won’t be stupid and possibly derail my good luck train?”

Both girls burst out laughing. Marline regained her composure first and gave Tina a high five across the table, “Damn, girl. You finally found one with brains.”


After lunch, Marline went on out to the pool. I stayed behind to help Tina with the dishes. Before joining Marline, Tina gave me a warm kiss and the most loving smile I’ve ever seen on her face. “You’re doing just fine, Jake. Just roll with it ... whatever comes.”

“Are there any more surprises I should know about?”

She showed me a naughty grin, “Maybe, but they wouldn’t be surprises if I told you, now would they?”

I raised my eyebrows skeptically, “Okay, you’re in the driver’s seat.”

“WooHoo”, she squealed, “I like that.”

After a leisurely swim, we all agreed that a shower was in order to wash off the chlorine from the pool water.

A few minutes later, I was standing under the shower water. Each of the girls had a bar of soap and a sponge. They spent the next several minutes washing me from head to toe.

While Marline spent a long time washing my cock and balls, Tina spent just as much time on my ass. Both of them took the fact that my cock was fully erect right in stride. Neither of them made any move to give me relief.

When they were finished washing me, Tina instructed me to sit on the ledge on the other end of the shower from the water, and they took turns washing each other. They did wash their own hair though.

That was one of the most erotic, sensual sights I’d ever seen.

Our shower finished, the girls dried me and then each other, and then they instructed me to go fix myself a light drink and wait in the den while they dried their hair.

So there I sat, in the den, on a towel on the sofa, sipping my fresh drink, and my hard cock pointing at the ceiling. Every now and then, I heard faint laughs and giggles coming from the direction of the master bedroom. I couldn’t imagine what they were talking about, but I decided that was probably best.

I was actually working on my second drink when I heard Marline, “Oh Jake, Jakeeee boy, we’re ready for you.”

I made my way to the master bedroom, my cock still waving proudly in front of me. When Marline saw me, she squealed, “Oooooo goodie, he’s still hard.”

I held out my palms in surrender, “What did you expect?”

They had me lie down on the bed on my back. Tina put some pillows behind me, and they took up positions on either side of me. Seconds later, they were both kissing me all over my body.

At some point, Tina said to Marline as if I couldn’t hear, “Marli, there’s something you need to do before we continue.”

Marli seemed to read her mind and she moved up to me. Without warning, she was kissing me and forcing her tongue into my mouth. She kept kissing me for a full minute or longer before backing off and asking Tina, “Do you think that will do the trick?”

I got that somehow. A blowjob is one thing—even fucking, but kissing is somehow more personal. They were both letting me know that nothing was off limits.

Tina just giggled and said, “Get your ass down here.”

I almost lost it when each of them took one of my nipples in their mouth and began sucking and licking them as one would do to a woman’s. Soon though, they both turned their attention to my hard cock. Each of them made sure the others hair wasn’t blocking my view as they held my cock straight up and began licking up and down my shaft from each side, their tongues swirling together every few seconds. After a couple minutes of that, Tina took control. Her hand was around the base of my cock. She lowered her mouth on it and moved up and down a few times. And then she removed her mouth and tilted my cock toward Marline’s waiting mouth. Marline took it into her mouth without hesitation, and she almost painfully slowly began moving it in and out of her mouth.

When Tina took my cock back from her friend and began engulfing it once again, still agonizingly slowly, Marline cooed, “God! I love his cock.” And then she looked up at me, “Jake, I love your beautiful hard cock.”

On and on they went, passing my cock back and forth between them, neither of them taking it for more than half a minute. I wanted to cum. I was desperate to see what they would do with it, but the way they were tilting my cock from side to side, I knew it would be a long time. They didn’t seem to be in any hurry, so I just lay there and watched in awe.

It must have been another fifteen minutes or so before their method changed. I was sure there must have been some signal between them, but I didn’t see it. Tina’s grip tightened on the base of my cock and she began stroking me up and down only an inch or two.

The next time Marline put my cock in her mouth, she sucked harder and a little faster. When it was Tina’s turn, she did the same. Also, each of them began taking longer turns and they didn’t tilt my cock so much.

It didn’t take much of that to have me on the brink. Tina moaned on my cock, sensing I was close to cumming. Marline took the first two hard spurts, and then she withdrew and they kissed with the head of my cock between their lips. My cum began oozing out from between their lips, so both of them stuck their tongues out and began swirling them over the head of my oozing cock.

When I was finished, they cleaned my cock with their tongues and then joined in a passionate kiss. I was taken aback somewhat when it was Marline who crawled up the bed and gave me a passionate kiss. When she backed off, Tina was right there to take her place, kissing me deeply.

When she broke our kiss, and with both of them right there looking into my eyes, Tina asked me, “Well, what do you think? Two mouths are better than one, huh?”

What could I say but “Awesome!”

Tina crawled off the bed and examined my drink. It was watered down, so she told me, “Go make yourself a fresh one ... a light one, and then come back here.”

When I returned with a fresh drink, Tina’s dressing chair was beside the bed with a towel dr*ped over it. “Sit and watch, but what ever you do, don’t say anything.” Tina admonished me.

When I was seated, Tina and Marline lay on the bed and began kissing and running their hands over each others bodies. They did that for a very long time. And then Tina scooted down on the bed and spent several minutes kissing, licking and caressing her friend’s perky breasts.

Even though I’d cum for the second time only minutes earlier, I could feel my cock stirring. Before long, Tina moved lower and moved between Marline’s legs. Marline raised her knees, and Tina slid her hands around her friend’s thighs.

After kissing and licking around and over Marline’s pussy, Tina used her fingers to spread her lips. She began kissing and licking between them, sucking them between her lips and then back to licking up and down between them.

After licking around and over Marline’s clit briefly, she took it between her lips. I could only guess that she was swirling her tongue over it. After only a minute of that, Tina moved lower, raised her friend’s hips and lowered her head. When Marline let out a sensual moan, and because I couldn’t be sure from my vantage point, I had to guess that Tina was licking her anus.

By now, my cock was semi hard, but I was certain they were just getting started. After only a minute, Marline was moaning more regularly. I wondered if Tina was working her tongue into her friend’s ass. I assumed she was. When Tina finally moved back up and again took Marline’s clit between her lips, Marline was noticeably worked up. And after only two minutes, Marline let out a loud “Argggggg”. Tina immediately backed off and began lightly swirling her tongue over Marline’s clit.

While Marline was still riding the final waves of her orgasm, Tina inserted a finger into her friend’s pussy. When she extracted it, she put it in her mouth and sucked it clean. And then she looked at me with a naughty grin. She got another finger full of her friend’s cum and slid off the bed, sliding that same finger between my lips. I sucked it in eagerly and enjoyed the slick sweet taste.

When Marline was ready, she slid off the bed and Tina took her place. Again, they began making out, kissing and running their hands over each other. This time though, Marline began moving lower fairly quickly.

It wasn’t long before Marline was between Tina’s legs, kissing and licking her pussy. Only two minutes in, Tina looked over at me, “Are you hard?”

I sat back and let her see my now throbbing cock. She grinned and then her expression turned serious. “Get behind Marli and fuck her from behind while she eats me.”

I’m sure my eyes shot open while I tried to process her words. When I hesitated, she ordered me, “Do it, Jake. Fuck her. It’s okay. I want you to. Get behind her and fuck her. Do it now.”

While I was moving toward the end of the bed, Tina spread her legs wider and Marline got up on her knees. Her ass was close enough that I could reach it without getting on the bed. I just stepped up and positioned my cock at her opening. She was wet, really wet, so I just began pushing my cock into her.

It didn’t take long before my cock was buried to the hilt in Marline’s pussy. She grunted loudly into Tina’s pussy when I hit bottom.

Tina continued her instructions, “That’s it baby, fuck her hot pussy. Give her that hard cock of yours. Fuck her pussy like you fucked mine last week. Make her beg for mercy.”

I started slowly and then began gradually increasing my tempo until my thighs were slapping her ass. I gripped her hips to hold her in place while I slammed into her. “Oh my God!” Marline moaned into Tina’s pussy. “Holy shit!”

Upon hearing that, Tina prodded me on, “That’s it. Fuck that hot pussy.” And then she began shifting her head from side to side. I’d seen that before so I knew Tina was building toward her own orgasm.

Tina came first, bucking her hips up to meet Marline’s mouth. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! There it is. Oh fuck!” and then she grunted, “Uggggggggg”.

I knew that was it, and so did Marline. Her friend stopped and lifted her head. And then she released Tina’s legs and raised her upper body up on her extended arms. “Fuck me now, Jake. Fuck me hard.”

I began thrusting into Marline as hard as I could and yanking her hips back to meet each thrust. Only a minute later, Marline let out a loud, “Fuuuuuuccccckkkkk”, and I felt her slick cum coat my cock. I slowed to almost a stop but I didn’t stop, slowly moving in and out of her.

Finally, Marline raised one hand in the air and gasped, “Enough.” So I pulled out of her pussy and just stood there watching. Marline crawled up on the bed and she and Tina lay there hugging tightly.

I have to admit to being more than a little proud of myself. I’d made Marline cum hard, and I didn’t even come close to cumming myself. I felt like I could fuck for another hour. Finally, I walked around the bed, sat back down and took up my drink, my hard cock still pointing at the ceiling and bobbing up and down.

After a couple of minutes, Tina released Marline and slid off the bed. “Whew!” I could use a drink. How about you, Hun?”

Marline responded, “Water, as long as I don’t have to get up.”

Tina laughed and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll be your fucking servant.” And she walked out of the bedroom.

After having a few drinks from the bottle of water, Marline said to Tina in a raspy voice, “I want more.”

“Water?” Tina asked with a chuckle, knowing full well, her friend hadn’t finished half of what she had.

“No, not water. Don’t be a bitch. I want more cock.”

Tina looked at me, and seeing that my cock was still hard and waving in the air, she cocked her head toward Marline, “Well, stud, you heard her. What are you waiting for?”

Marline scooted down on the bed and spread her legs, “Right here, baby.” She said, teasing her splayed pussy with her fingers.

This was all just really, really foreign to me, but I obediently crawled onto the bed and positioned myself between Marline’s legs. She reached down and guided my cock into her sopping pussy.

The minute I was fully inside her, Tina sat her drink aside and crawled onto the bed. She began kissing her friend and playing with her nipples. And then she looked at me, and said in a sexy voice, “Fuck her good, baby.” And then she got off the bed, took up her glass and moved to the chair I’d been sitting in.

I’m not sure if it was the amount of fucking I’d already done, or the alcohol, or whatever, but my cock seemed a little numb. I knew there was no danger of me cumming. Armed with that confidence, I pinned Marline’s knees as high as they would go and began giving her everything I had.

Over the next fifteen minutes, Marline whimpered and grunted three or four times, bathing my cock with a fresh batch of slick cum each time. My back was giving out. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep up that pace. Fortunately, Marline grunted one more time and then put her hands on my shoulders and began pushing me away.

When I crawled off the bed, Marline was still laying there gasping and whimpering. I was breathing so hard, I was afraid my heart would jump out of my chest.

Tina got up, but before letting me sit, she gave me a warm kiss, and whispered in my ear, “Wow! That was very hot. You did great ... really, really great.”

Understandably, I was very proud of myself.

Tina only let me rest for three or four minutes. “Lay down on your back.”

I did as she instructed, happy that my back was going to get more rest. A minute later, Tina was easing her pussy down onto my still rigid cock.

Marline, having recovered from the fucking I’d just given her, rolled over and began kissing me passionately. She teased my nipples with her fingernails and pinched them roughly.

Soon, Tina urged her out of the way so she could lean down and begin fucking me in earnest. I reached up with one hand and began kneading one of Tina’s breasts. Marline reached over and did the same to the other one.

But after four or five minutes, Marline began pulling on Tina’s nipple and pinching it so hard, Tina’s face contorted and she groaned out, “Argggggg, that’s too, arggggg.” That didn’t dissuade, Marline. If anything, she pulled on Tina’s nipple even harder, stretching it out to a degree I knew had to be very painful.

“Oh my God!” Tina gasped, but Marline didn’t let up. Seconds later, Tina was thrashing on me so violently, I was afraid she’d fall off. Her body was flailing in all directions. “Fuck! Fuck! Oh, that’s ... fuck!”

And then Tina straightened up, and grunted loudly, “Fuck, argggggggg”. It wasn’t until then that Marline released her nipple.

My cock was still buried inside Tina’s pussy when her expression returned to normal. Her body hadn’t. It was still quivering, her cum running down my cock and onto my balls. Finally, she looked over at Marline, “C’mear, you sadistic fucking bitch.”

Marline moved up to her, chuckling. And when she was in reach, Tina grabbed a hand full of her hair and yanked her in for a passionate kiss.

I was blown away.

After several minutes of no action, my boner finally began to fade. We had a quick sandwich for dinner, and while we were eating, Tina asked me straight out, and right in front of Marline, “Jake, you didn’t cum the last time. Marli and I have had enough fun for one day, but if you need to cum before we go to sleep, we won’t mind helping you with that.”

“Nah, I’m okay.” I said honestly.

Marline chirped in, “Are you sure, Honey? We don’t mind, really.”

“No, honestly, I’m fine. I’ve had more fun today than I’ve had in my life. It’s been an incredible time. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

Tina put her hand on my arm, “If you change your mind, don’t be shy about letting us know. Okay?”

“I will, but I’m fine.”

“Okay, but I’ll ask you again in the morning.”

I just nodded. I thought it was very sweet of both of them to ask.

Not unlike the previous week, I woke up in bed alone. This time though, there were two naked beauties in the pool. I joined them for a few minutes, and then the three of us enjoyed a crowed but otherwise normal shower.

After a light breakfast, it was time for Marline and I to leave Tina to her studies. Tina excused herself to the bathroom while Marline and I went to the front door to get dressed.

“Do you want your goodbye kiss before or after we get dressed?” Marline asked me. I pretended to ponder her question, and then answered with a chuckle, “Before. I’m not an idiot.” And with that, she moved in and gave me a full body hug that culminated in a very passionate kiss.

When we separated, Tina was standing a few feet away smiling. I felt a twinge of guilt. That was the first time Marline and I had done anything together without Tina being right there encouraging it.

My fears were alleviated when Tina walked up and kissed Marline in the same manner I just had. When Marline and I were both dressed, Marline left, telling Tina “Call me, babe.”

Tina held me back, and when Marline was gone, and I was dressed, she kissed me passionately for a long while. “I’m really, really proud of you, Jake.”

“For what, hanging in there last night until you were both satisfied?”

Tina laughed out loud, “Well yes, that too, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I meant because you just rolled with things without freaking out.”

“Oh that?” I deadpanned, “I had fun.”

“I’m glad” she said, “I had fun too. And if you just keep rolling with the flow, I can guarantee you there is a lot more fun in our future.”

“I like that sound of that.” I told her honestly.

Tina gave me one more passionate kiss and then shooed me out the door. “I’ll see you at lunch tomorrow.”


It wasn’t until lunch on Wednesday that Tina laid a bombshell on me. She didn’t just come right out with it though. We were having our lunch in the shade of our favorite large tree, when she asked me, “How do you think it made me feel to watch you fucking Marli?”

I didn’t know how to answer that, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, I responded, “Well, I don’t think it made you feel jealous. Otherwise you wouldn’t have insisted I do it.”

“You’re right, of course. So, what if the shoe was on the other foot? How would that make you feel?”

“I’m not sure.” I answered honestly. “Why?”

“Marli is coming over again Saturday. Would you like to join us?”

I didn’t have to think about my answer, “Of course, but I don’t under--”

“She’s bringing her boyfriend.”

Wow! I almost gagged on the bite of sandwich I’d just taken. I realized the implication immediately. “So you want to ... you know?”

She became more blunt, “Yes, Jake. I will fuck him. In fact, I have several times, just like you fucked Marli. The three of us get together sometimes.”

I could feel her stare. She was scrutinizing me for a reaction. My brain was whirling and my body stiffened. I was afraid I might throw up. “I ... I don’t know what to say to that.”

“I would like for you to be there with me, but if you’d rather not ... it’s just recreational sex, Jake. It’s not emotional. I’m totally committed to you emotionally. It’s just sex, no different than you fucking Marli—just physical fun.”

“And if I choose not to see it?” I asked her.

“I’ll be very disappointed. I warned you that being with me would be a wild ride. I’m bringing it up now because I want you to have time to think about it. You don’t have to give me an answer right now. I want you to be sure.”

“Thank you. I do need some time to sort through my feelings.”

“I know” she said, “I’m very familiar with the double standard.”


Wow! I couldn’t concentrate during my afternoon classes, and I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept going over and over it in my mind. I kept imagining being there, watching another guy fuck my girlfriend. How would that make me feel?

Number one, I knew I would be jealous as hell. There was no doubt in my mind about that. But I made every attempt to look at the situation from all sides. When I looked at it rationally, I kept coming back to one thing; I didn’t have feelings for Marline. I thought she was very nice and very sexy, but I didn’t have any emotional feelings for her—still, I had fucked her, and I had enjoyed it.

Number two; having sex with someone—Marline—that kind of purely recreational sex didn’t hurt me. It didn’t hurt Marline. It didn’t change my feelings for Tina, and it apparently didn’t change Tina’s feelings for me. That was a true revelation.

Number three; Tina had come right out and told me she’d fucked Marline’s boyfriend before, and yet she still cared about me. She still wanted to be with me ... for us to be a couple.

Number four; Tina was going to fuck him if I was there or not. She’d made that blatantly clear. How would I feel sitting in my dorm room and knowing she was at her home fucking Marline’s boyfriend?

And lastly, number five; If I wasn’t strong enough or open-minded enough to work through my hang-ups—my jealously, and go along with it, Tina would probably start shopping for someone more open-minded than me who could adapt to her chosen lifestyle.

At lunch the next day, I didn’t wait for her to ask, “I’m all in.” I told her. “It won’t be easy at first, but I’ll get over it.”

“You’re sure?” She questioned me.


Tina crawled over to me and gave me a warm kiss. “You won’t be sorry. I promise. We’re going to have more fun than you can ever imagine. This is just a hurdle we need to get over before we can be free to explore an exciting life together.

It wasn’t until we were gathering up our picnic things and walking them to her car that Tina asked me, “Do you know what, other than money, is the death of most relationships—marriages even?”

“Boredom, jealousy, and cheating.” I answered after thinking about it for only a few seconds.

“Bingo!” She said. “And the great part is; we’re not going to have to worry about any of those things. We’re going to be above ... way above those things.”


When I showed up at Tina’s home at eleven on Saturday, the VW was already in the driveway, but there was another small car there too, a silver Honda that I didn’t recognize. I naturally assumed it belonged to Marline’s boyfriend. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. It didn’t surprise me when Tina came to the door totally naked.

After greeting me with a passionate kiss, and then waiting for me to undress, Tina said, “I have two presents for you.”

“Oh?” I asked.

She reached for my hand and turned it palm up in front of me. And then she placed a key in my hand. “That fits all three doors. I’ll give you the code to the alarm before you leave.”

I was blown away. I could feel my eyes growing puffy with emotion. I didn’t know what to say other than, “Thank you.”

“Are you ready for your second present?”

“Sure” I responded, not having a clue what it might be.

“Close your eyes and promise you won’t peek until I tell you to open them.”

“Okay” I chuckled.

And then I heard her call out, “Marli, will you bring Jake’s present out here?”

A few seconds passed, and then Tina said, “Okay, open your eyes.”

When I was able to focus, there was a cute petite brunette standing naked a few feet in front of me. She had a red ribbon dr*ped over her shoulder and across her body between her pert breasts. There was a large red bow in the front.

“Jake, this is Vicky. She’s yours for today and tonight to do with as you please—just a little gift from me to make sure you don’t get bored. She gives a mean blowjob, and she loves to fuck. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can ignore me and Marli. We expect to get a fair amount of your attention too.”

“Wh ... what?” I asked, my brain struggling to comprehend what I was being told ... what it all meant.

“Hi Jake.” Vicky said with a wide smile. And then she closed the distance between us and put her arms around my neck. “I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m sure we’re going to get along famously.” And with that, she kissed me on the lips. “I would appreciate it if you’d take this damn ribbon off me now though. It’s scratching the hell out of me.”

“Go ahead” Tina told me. “Unwrap your present.”

With Vicky on one side of me and Tina on the other, they escorted me into the den. A guy was sitting on the sofa by himself. He got to his feet and Tina said, “Jake, this is Rick.”

Rick stepped forward and extended his hand. He was ruggedly handsome, a bit shorter than me, very fit, and he had tattoos covering most of both arms. I shook his hand, “Glad to meet you, Rick.”

“You too. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All lies” I said with a forced chuckle. After all, I was finally standing there face to face with the guy who was going to fuck my girlfriend—who already had who knows how many times.

Tina knew it was an awkward moment, so she piped in, “Why don’t you two sit out under the umbrella and get to know each other while we girls have a quick swim before lunch?” And then she turned to Vicky and said, “Hun, go make Jake a drink and then join us in the pool.” Turning back to me, she added, “Don’t worry, she knows how you like your drink.”

Tina and Marline escorted the two of us outside. The chairs under the umbrella were already covered with towels. Once we were seated, the girls dove into the water.

The minute the girls were out of earshot, Rick said to me, “It’s awkward as shit, isn’t it?”

“Uh, yeah, you might say that.”

He chuckled, “Don’t worry, Jake. You’ll get used to it soon enough. It took me a while too. It’s like a dream you never want to wake up from. With these girls, you just have to check your jealousy at the door and enjoy yourself.”

“Easier said than done.” I said honestly.

He acknowledged my statement with a nod. “Hell, I was the same way, but I got over it quickly. Marli and I have been together for six months, and we’re totally committed to each other. The sex is just sex. It has nothing to do with how we feel about each other. If anything, it makes us closer. Just remember that Tina thinks the world of you, or you wouldn’t be here. You’re the first guy she’s latched onto since I’ve known her. And Marli speaks very highly of you as well. I trust their judgment, and so should you.”

Vicky came out and sat my drink on the round table. After giving me a warm kiss on the cheek, she headed off to join the other girls in the pool.

Rick chuckled, “I’m a little jealous of you, Jake. Vicky is a lot of fun, and when she teams up with either of the other two, or both, it’s hot as fuck. One hint; don’t be shy with her. She’s very submissive and loves being controlled. She also likes it rough, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not sure I’d be any good at that.” I confessed.

“So, just tell her that. She’ll help you. The other girls will help you too. Just relax and enjoy yourself. There aren’t any rules, and zero expectations. Just have fun.”

“Okay, thanks. I appreciate the heads up.”

The drink Vicky had made me was very weak. I drained it quickly, but I needed more to settle my nerves. “I’m going inside for another drink.” I told Rick, “Do you want one?”

“You’ll hurt Vicky’s feelings if you go get your own. Just walk over to the pool and tell her you’re ready for another one. Tell her, don’t ask.”

If that was the part I was supposed to play, I was determined to do things right for Tina’s sake. I took a deep breath and walked over to the pool, “Vicky, I’m ready for another drink.”

“Yes, Sir.” Vicky called back to me, and she immediately began crawling out of the pool. When she’d dried herself a bit, she hurried over and took up my glass. “Make this one a little stronger.” I instructed her in a firm but kind voice.

“Yes, Sir.” She said, and then disappeared into the house.

“Perfect.” Rick said to me. “I know it’s awkward at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Just remember that she really gets off on it. You’re doing her a favor. Knowing that makes it easier. Oh, and don’t tell her thank you.”

Rick seemed to be a really nice guy, and I appreciated his advice. I could see what the girls saw in him. He wasn’t talking down to me or treating me like the naïve newbie I was. Instead, he was genuinely trying to help me.

When Vicky returned with my drink, she said, “I hope this one is more to your liking, Sir.”

I tasted the drink and then nodded to her. “Much better.” I had to catch myself to keep from saying “Thank you.”

“Anything else, Sir?”

“Go join the other girls.”

“Yes, Sir.” And she went back to the pool and dove in.

The girls finally got out of the pool and dried off. Tina told me and Rick, “We’re going to take a quick shower and then fix lunch.”

Vicky came up on the other side of me, “Is there anything I can get you before I join them in the shower, Sir?”

“No, I’m good. You go on.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Rick and I stayed outside and got to know each other better. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. I remember thinking at one point, “If it has to be someone, I’m glad it’s him.”

Before long, Vicky appeared, her hair still wet, “Sir, and Rick, lunch is ready. Leave your drink, Sir. I’ll bring it.”

When Rick and I were seated in the dining room, the girls brought out our food. Vicky was charged with serving both Rick and I, but after our plates were in front of us, Vicky stood beside me even after the other girls were seated and eating. I looked up at her, “Sit down and eat, Vicky.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I was growing tired of the whole submissive thing. I looked at Rick, “She has to do whatever I tell her, right?”

“Absolutely. Without question or hesitation.” He responded.

Tina added, “If she doesn’t, she must be punished.”

“Great”, then I looked at Vicky, “From now on, stop fussing over me. If I want something, I’ll tell you. Do you understand?”

Tina and Marline both laughed, and Marline said, “I wondered how long that was going to take.”

“Yes, Sir.” Vicky answered.

And then, just to add a little humor into the situation, I said, “You can keep calling me Sir though. I like that. It wouldn’t hurt for that to rub off on the other girls.”

There was a collective groan and all eyes turned to Tina. She shot me warning look, “Don’t press your luck, mister.”

“Yes, Ma’am” I responded, and everyone burst out laughing.


After lunch, Rick and I were sitting on the sofa while the girls cleaned up the dishes. When finished, they joined us in the den and immediately pulled us both to our feet. They had us stand side by side, with only a couple of feet between our shoulders. Obviously, this was all planned in advance.

Vicky got on her knees in front of me, and Marline did the same in front of Rick. Tina knelt between them and said, “Okay, girls, it’s time for dessert.” And with that, Vicky began licking and sucking my flaccid cock. Marline did the same to Rick, while Tina just took turns watching each of them.

When Rick and I were both fully hard, Tina leaned in and began helping Vicky lick and suck me. But after a couple of minutes, she turned and started helping Marline lick and suck Rick’s hard cock. I must admit it didn’t bother me as much as I’d feared. Of course it helped my ego that Rick’s cock was substantially smaller than mine, six inches tops.

After another couple of minutes, Tina turned again and began helping Vicky on my cock. She had probably gone back and forth between us a half dozen times when Marline asked her, “Can I trade places with you?”

Without answering, Tina moved around her and Marline began helping Vicky lick and suck me. I tried not to watch Tina, who was now alone taking all of Rick’s shorter cock into her mouth, but I couldn’t help myself. Of course, it’s a little difficult to get too jealous with two sexy girls sharing your cock.

Just as Tina had done, Marline moved from my cock to Rick’s and then back to mine. It wasn’t long though, before Marline told Vicky to move aside, and she took over sole responsibility for sucking my cock.

I was right on the edge of cumming when Rick grunted and began shooting his cum down my girlfriend’s throat. I was too close to cumming to care, and no more than thirty seconds later, my own cock exploded into Marline’s mouth. When I was drained, Tina and Marline met in the middle and kissed passionately. They were sharing our cum. Did it really matter who took who’s originally?

Rick and I collapsed onto the sofa, and he put up his hand for a high five. When I slapped his hand, he said, “How lucky are we? We have three champion cock suckers all to ourselves.”

The girls broke their kiss and laughed. Marline looked up at Rick and asked, “And just who are you calling a cock sucker?”

“You, why?”

“Just checking.” She responded, and we all laughed.


Rick and I headed to the pool. “Vicky, bring me and Rick fresh drinks, but we want them in the pool, so put them in plastic glasses.”

“Yes, Sir.”

When we were alone in the pool, Rick asked me, “That wasn’t so terrible, was it?” “Nah” I answered honestly. “I think that was a good icebreaker.”

He chuckled, “I’m sure you don’t think they started that way by accident.” “No, I’m not that naïve. I figured they had it all choreographed.”

“Oh, trust me, they did. But just so you know, they don’t let me in on their plans. Whatever happens will be as much a surprise to me as it is to you.”

“That’s good to know. Thanks.”

Vicky brought our drinks and then walked over and sat under the umbrella. She was at the ready in case we needed anything else.

“She’s pretty hot.” I told Rick.

He chuckled, “You have no idea ... yet, but you’ll find out before the night is over.”

“Oh, can you give me a hint.”

“I would, but it’ll be a lot more fun for you to find out for yourself.”

It wasn’t long before the girls called us inside. Marline told us, “You two grab a shower.” And then she giggled, “If you need a chaperone to make sure you don’t go gay on each other, take Vicky. I just got my hair dry.”

“Very funny.” Rick shot back, giving her a hard slap on her ass. And then he turned to Vicky, “C’mon, girl.”

Rick got under the water first to get himself wet all over, and then we switched places. I began shampooing my hair while Vicky washed the rest of me. After I rinsed, I stepped out and Vicky followed to dry me.

I called in to Rick, “do you need Vicky in there?”

“No, go ahead. She’s yours today. I’ve got this.”

I left Vicky to dry herself and went to look for the other girls. I found them sitting in the den having a drink. When Vicky came in, Marline, who was sitting in the stuffed chair, pulled her knees up and said, “Jake, please tell Vicky that my pussy needs some attention.”

Vicky was half way to her before I could get a word out. She immediately dropped to her knees and began eating Marline’s pussy. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I walked over and sat on the sofa beside Tina. She immediately snuggled up to me and we kissed passionately.

Between kisses, she asked me, “Are you okay?”


She raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

“Yes, really.” I assured her.

“Good. I knew you could handle it. But we’re just getting started, you know.”

“Yeah, I know.”

She showed me a warm smile, “Good. I knew you’d be okay.”

When Marline saw Rick emerge from the hallway, she announced, “Time to head to the bedroom.”

When we got there, Marline stacked two pillows at the foot of the bed, and then she lay down on her back with her head on the pillows. Tina turned loose of my hand and got on her knees with her pussy hovering over Marline’s face. Her knees were barely on the bed.

Tina pulled a pillow onto Marline’s abs, and then lowered her pussy onto Marline’s mouth. She put her head on the pillow in front of her and stuck her ass in the air. Without looking around, Tina said, “Jake, please tell Vicky my ass needs attention.”

I barely got out “Vicky” before she was behind Tina. She spread Tina’s cheeks and immediately began tonguing her asshole. I pulled up a chair and sat in a position to get the best view. Marline was lapping at Tina’s pussy and clit while Vicky hungrily tongued her ass.

“Ummmmm,” Tina moaned. “Oh yeah”. Vicky, fuck my ass now.”

Vicky immediately began working her tongue into my girlfriend’s asshole. Soon, she had her whole tongue in Tina’s ass. “Hell, yeah!” Tina moaned again. And then she asked, “Are you taking notes, Jake?”

“Absolutely!” I answered with a chuckle.

It must have been fifteen minutes before Tina’s body began to quiver and convulse. She moaned louder, “Oh fuck yeah!” And then “Ugggggggg”, and I knew she was cumming.

When she recovered a little, Tina instructed Vicky, “Get Rick ready for me.”

A pang of jealousy hit me, but I fought it back. If I was reading the situation correctly, I was going to be sitting right there, two feet from my girlfriend’s pussy, and I was about to watch Rick fuck her.

No more than thirty seconds later, Vicky announced, “He’s ready.”

Tina responded immediately, “Rick, fuck me now. I need to be fucked good.”

Rick stepped into place, and after inserting two fingers into Tina’s pussy to make sure she was wet, he poised the head of his cock at her opening. Without delay, he pressed forward and buried his cock in her to the hilt.

Tina responded with a gasp, and then said in a sexy voice, “That’s it. Fuck my pussy, baby. Fuck me hard.”

A few seconds later, Rick was slamming his cock into my girlfriend’s pussy. I was shocked when I realized that my own cock was standing up proudly. What does that say about me? I thought.

After only five minutes or so, Tina’s head began flailing from side to side and I could hear her gasping for air. And then, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m ... Oh fuck! Arggggggggg.” Almost simultaneously, Rick grabbed Tina’s hips tightly and pulled her back, thrusting into her with a loud grunt. I knew he was cumming in her pussy.

I’d almost forgotten about Marline until Rick pulled out and I could see his cum running out of Tina’s pussy and down onto Marline’s forehead. Rick turned to Vicky and pointed to his shriveling cock. She instantly hit her knees and began cleaning him up.

When she was finished, he pointed toward Tina’s pussy. Vicky understood. She moved over and began lapping Rick’s

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