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Heather, Dan, and I

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I work with Heather in the restaurant business. We are both a little older than most of the people we work with. We are both in our early 40s. We are both married but not to each other. Heather and I had been doing some playful flirting for quite a while. That is how I found out that she and her husband like to swing. My wife and have been swingers for years and play alone as well as together. Heather is about 5? 7? tall and skinny with nice round tits. She has long red hair and, I found out later, shaved pussy. Back to the story?

It had been a busy and long week. It was Saturday night and we were both off tomorrow. I had just finished a double shift and told her I needed a drink and asked her if she would like to join me. She responded by saying a drink sounded wonderful. So we headed off to a bar close by and the drinks started flowing. We were sitting at a table and starting to really relax. We were laughing and having a good time when she lifted her foot and put it in my lap. I looked down and saw she had her shoe off. I looked back at her and she responded by rubbing my quickly hardening cock and telling me she was horny. I smiled at her and said I can tell. Pushing her foot harder against me she asked if I was up for some fun. I responded by pushing my dick back against her. That is when she said she wanted two guys tonight and wanted me to come home with her and help her husband fuck her silly. Who was I to say no to a beautiful and horny woman? We paid our tab and headed to her house.

When we walked in Dan, her husband, was sitting on the couch watching a movie. Heather introduced us and went to fix some drinks. Dan and I started some small talk. He was a nice guy. We had some things in common. We both liked sports and the outdoors and had similar interest in music as well. Heather had been gone a while and I was beginning to wonder where things were going when she walked back into the room. She said she had to take a quick shower and freshen up. I turned and looked at her. There she stood holding three drinks and only wearing a see thru robe with some high heels. All I could do was stare. She laughed, handed us our drinks and sat on the couch between us. She explained to Dan that we had stopped off for a couple of drinks after work and that the vodka had made her really horny. She placed her hands on both of our laps and asked Dan if he would mind sharing her with me. He smiled at her and said it sounded like fun. Heather turned to me and kissed me long and deep. Her tongue felt amazing as it darted in and out of my mouth. I quickly had my hands on her tits feeling her nipples stiffen to my touch. She broke our kiss and announced that we were over dressed and demanded we stand up and strip for her. She was rubbing her pussy while Dan and I removed our clothes. Dan and I have similar builds. We are both about 6? and weight about 200 lbs with athletic builds. I have an average 6? cock that is cut and gets really hard. I looked over at Dan who was stroking his big 8? cock. It was hard and thick.

Heather leaned forward and took our cocks in her hands. She pulled me forward taking my cock into her hot mouth. She sucked me hard and let my cock slide down her throat till my balls were resting on her chin. Her throat squeezed the head of my cock while her tongue rubbed my shaft. She was stroking Dan and he told her how hot she looked with a dick in her mouth. I reached down and was pinching her nipples while she kept sucking me. I knew I wasn?t going to last long so I started to pull away. Heather began to suck Dan as I knelt between her legs. She was so wet and smelled sweet. I couldn?t wait to taste her. I slid my tongue up her hot slit and could hear her moan around Dan?s dick. She spread her legs wider as I began to suck her swollen clit and slide two fingers into her. I could hear her slurp his cock as she began to buck her hips against my face. She was getting close. She was moaning louder and began to scream as her as her orgasm started to shake thru her body. I was rewarded with her sweet nectar as she squirted a hot stream of cum into my mouth and all over my face.

Heather took Dan?s cock from her mouth and looked down at me. She was still shaking from her orgasm. She had a very passionate look on her face when she demanded that I fuck her. She said fuck me good and hard.

I scrambled to my feet and pulled her with me. I turned her around and bent her over. I grabbed her hips as she grabbed my dick and guided it towards her dripping pussy. Dan was sitting on the couch in front of her stroking his cock while I entered her from behind. Heather slammed back against me taking my dick all the way into her. She was so hot and wet that I slid in easily. I began to ponder her hard and fast. She grabbed Dan?s dick by the base and sucked him down her throat. It was so hot watching her give a blow job while fucking her hot slit. Her moans began to get louder and I knew she was getting close again. I could feel my balls start to boil and knew I could last much longer. I reamed her with about 5 more hard strokes and felt her tighten around me as she began to shake. This put me over the top I drove into her one last time unloaded into her. We were both shaking as we fell onto the couch.

My dick was covered with our juices and her pussy was dripping with my cum. That is when she really surprised me. She looked over at Dan and told him to clean us up. Before she finished saying the words Dan was on his knees in front of us. He took my softening cock into his mouth sucking me clean. I had never had a guy touch me before. It felt really good and I was starting to get hard again. I was almost disappointed when he stopped sucking me and began licking Heather?s freshly fuck pussy. I could tell by the look on her face and the sounds of her moans that she was enjoying his attention. She pulled him up and kissed him before having him sit on the couch. She stood up and sat back down on his cock. His cock slid easily into her well used slit making a slurping sound. She began to ride his big cock rocking her hips and sliding up and down on him. I moved over by them and began to play with her bouncing tits. She leaned over and started kissing me. It was hard to keep our lips together as she was fucking him. She broke our kiss and leaned back against Dan?s chest. She looked at me with lust and told me to lick her clit with my magical tongue. I knelt down in front of them and started to lick just above her clit being careful not to make contact with Dan. She sensed my nervousness and gently pushed my head lower until I was licking her clit full on. I could tell she was really enjoying having both of us work her cunt. She was moaning and starting to buck her hips wildly. She began to scream and shake covering my face as she squirted thru her orgasm. I was licking hard and fast as she bucked her hips against me. As she bucked Dan?s dick popped out and slapped my face. His dick was hard and wet. She looked at me and yelled oh yes Baby suck his dick. Caught up in the moment I opened my mouth and took him. Being covered in her cum he tasted sweet but I could still taste his salty flavor. It was different than I thought. His skin was soft and smooth yet his dick was hard and firm. I could feel his swollen head sliding to the back of my throat. Heather was rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tit while cheering me on. She told me to suck him good. As I was sucking I could feel his head swell. I heard Dan moan and I knew what was next. As Dan filled my mouth with his stick load Heather told me to save some for her. My mouth was filling fast and I wasn?t sure what to do. I could feel his cum leaking onto my chin. Heather came to my rescue. She pulled me up to her and sucked his cum from my mouth. She licked the rest off my chin and neck.

I sat down next to them on the couch thinking about what just happened and what I had just done. Heather was the first one to break the silence. She said it was really hot and thanked me for a good time. I was getting really nervous about what had happened and was thinking about running when Heather said it looks like I had enjoyed sucking her husband. I looked at her and said it was different and interesting but I wasn?t sure if I enjoyed it. She reached for my dick gave it a good squeeze and asked why are you so hard then. She slid off Dan?s lap onto the floor and began to give me an amazing blowjob. Dan was stroking his dick back to life watch her. I reached over and helped stroke him hard.

We all three spent the rest of the night enjoying each other. I didn?t leave their house till 6:30 the next morning. I had a little explaining to do when I got home but my wife was a good sport and said she hope it was fun. I haven?t told her the parts about Dan and I enjoying sucking each other. Heather, Dan, and I get together every couple weeks now. It is a lot of fun having friends that you feel completely comfortable around.

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