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Happy Anniversary, Babe...

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this is one of many stories written by me, it is not copyrighted and you may feel free to share it with anybody you want...


I have been married for several years and every once in a while my wonderful husband has suggested I become a little more "adventuresome". I was never comfortable with some of the things I have read and heard about people doing. This year was different, it was our anniversary and my loving husband booked a mystery vacation, all he would tell me is that it was “somewhere tropical and far from home.” He didn't tell me where we were going and wouldn't let me see what he packed. He was in control of everything, at least for a while.

When the plane touched down he handed me a carry-on bag and told me to change in the first available restroom. I found a bikini top a mid-thigh skirt and a sheer white thong. I was thinking it might not be too bad, after all I was reasonably well covered in a tropical climate. We left in a taxi for our resort and things started moving very quickly. My husband started kissing me and rubbing his warm hands all over my body. I resisted slightly and told him the driver might see us... he whispered in my ear “don’t worry, the windows are tinted” as he lifted my bikini top and began sucking my nipples. He alternated between both breasts, first sucking the left while pinching the right then switching. The fear, adrenaline and stimuli to my nipples soon had me on fire. My husband had me so wet that my juices had soaked through my skimpy thong. My husband asked the driver to pull over because we wanted to collect some shells from the beach.

The driver took us to a quite little park on the edge of the beach. My husband held my door open and grasped my hand while I climbed out of the taxi, and he told the driver to wait while we find some souvenirs. As we walked hand in hand toward the beach, we walked until we found a deserted section with plenty of trees and beach grass. My husband turned to me, looking me in the eyes and as his hand gripped the back of my head he gave me the hottest, wettest and deepest kiss in our entire relationship. As I felt my body buckle he laid me on the soft sand dune and slowly stripped me naked and worked his way down my body, kissing my neck, my breasts, my stomach, my thighs, and all the while I could feel the warm ocean breezes blowing across the wet spots he kissed and I found the cooling sensation intense and as he slid between my legs and began kissing and licking me, I could feel every ounce of my body begin to build with passion. This was an amazing man, my husband was using short hard flicks of his tongue, long slow licks, sucking on me, and when he slid his strong, manicured finger into me I exploded with an orgasm so intense I felt like I had passed out when my body stopped shaking.

As my husband helped me stand up he said “Happy Anniversary, babe, there’s a lot more where that came from.” As he brushed the sand from my body, I slipped my clothing on and the only sounds I could hear were the gentle waves on the shore and the sound of seagulls as he looked deep into my eyes and gave me a kiss so passionate and intense that I never wanted it to end. I could smell his cologne mixed with my wetness and the salt air from the ocean, I was in heaven as we walked back to the taxi. My husband held the taxi door open for me, and with his strong grip helped into the back seat all the while my legs felt like rubber, weak from the body shaking orgasm I experienced only moments ago.

After we were both in the taxi, my husband told the driver which resort we were staying at, and we were on our way to spend the rest of our Anniversary vacation in tropical paradise.

We exit the taxi, and get the key to our hotel room, my husband opens the door to one of the most beautiful hotel suites on earth... truly a tropical paradise. He turns on the shower so I can wash the sand from my body...I step into the shower. .... the temperature is just right, warm but not too hot, and I can feel the fine spray on my shoulders, as my neck muscles relax. I arch my back, and step back a little, letting the water soak my hair, and run down my face and across my breasts. I reach down for the shampoo, and start massaging it into my hair.

I suddenly feel my husbands strong hands on my shoulders, as I step under the spray, to rinse my hair. "thanks, I really needed that", I mumble, and lean back against his chest, as his hands rub along my shoulders and down my arms. I can feel his hardness against my rear end, and I wiggle against it playfully, as his hands roam up my sides, finally encircling me and moving up to my breasts. He playfully tickles the edges and the undersides of them, but eventually his fingers find their way to my nipples, which have gotten hard almost at first touch. My loving husband turns me around and gently tweaks my now nard nipples, as his lips find my neck and he nibbles his way to my earlobe, biting so softly. I look at him, our eyes meeting, and then our lips meet with a passionate kiss. He pushes his tongue inside my mouth, and I gladly take it..... his protective arms encircling me, and I reach down to gently touch his hard, throbbing cock. I take it in my hand, caressing it gently, rubbing the shaft and moving down to caress his balls. I can tell he enjoys my touch as he arches his back, pushing himself against me, I can feel his erection growing in my hand.

I kneel down and plant a kiss on the tip of his hard throbbing cock and then run my tongue all over the head, I slowly move down his shaft and gently kiss his balls, licking them, running my face over them, and then sucking one at a time every so softly. I can hear my husband moan, and he runs his smooth fingers through my hair and as the water of the shower rains down around me, I run my face over his entire cock and taking the head of his cock into my mouth running my tongue all over it and begin to softly suck him into my mouth. I find the smoothness of his skin to be sensual and powerful at the same time, I can taste the saltiness of it, and I then take the head out of my mouth and run my tongue right under it, circling ... licking, and sucking him into my mouth. My right hand encircles his shaft, and I begin to rhythmically stroke him in time with the action of my mouth. I can feel his excitement grow, as the water runs down my face, and I take more of him into my mouth. I run my tongue all around what is in my mouth before I gently suck him and out, in and out. I move my hand caress his balls and I have as much of my husband in my mouth as I can. I generate as much suction as possible, and start to use my mouth to move on him up and down, and sucking, taking all of him on the deep stroke rhythmically, I stroke, and suck, and stroke and suck, faster and faster, and finally with a powerful moan, I can feel my husband tense up as he reaches an orgasm. I feel his cock pulse in my mouth with each wave of ecstacy, and after his energy is spent, slowly stand and give my wonderful husband the kind of kiss only a wife can give her husband, and as I slide my tongue deep into his mouth, I feel his tongue slide along the side of my tongue, as we stare deep into each other’s eyes, I can tell my husband can feel his cum on my tongue and he gently slides his tongue in and out of my mouth with love and desire and as I pull my mouth from his, I whisper... “Happy Anniversary, baby... there’s plenty more where that came from.”

As my husband leads me from the shower, he gives me a large, fluffy bath towel and began to dry my shoulders and works his way down my back, then putting his arms around me to dry my breasts and stomach. Kneeling down, he towels off my legs and feet, and as I stand there he run his tongue up the inside of my leg, almost to my wet lips. I am trembling a little at the sensation, and even more as his tongue began tracing the inside of my thigh. He moves his fingers up to gently presses open my pussy, massaging and kneading the tender flesh, and sending shock waves through my body with every motion. My legs begin to tremble, and he walks me back towards the bed. When we get to the bed, he softly lays me on my back.

I lay on my back and he eagerly kneels between my legs and lightly licks the inside of my thighs, and as I moan, and spread my legs more widely as he licks ever higher onto my pussy, teasing it gently for a moment before retreating and licking at my other thigh. I reach my hands down to stroke his hair, and gently caress the muscles of his neck as he blows so softly on my clit, I can feel the cool air evaporate his moisture and it is a sensation that brings me ever closer to an orgasm. I feel him take me into his mouth and suck on it gently, the sensation causing me to moan. As he pulls back and releases his suction from me, he begins to use his amazing tongue in a way only he can, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around my clit while working a finger inside of me and penetrate deeply, he moves it in and out in the rhythm of his tongue moving against my clit. I moan at the feelings swelling in my body, and as they intensify – my body shakes with an earth shattering orgasm – writhing on the bed, I can hear myself moan as my husband continues to work on me, kissing me, licking me, stroking me.

My lover looks up at me and smiles, and as he crawls up my body to lie on top of me, I wrap my arms around him and just feel his weight on me, I can smell him and feel the texture of body body on top of me. Soon, I can feel him becoming hard again, and I part my legs to let him enter me, he slides in smoothly and we lay motionless for a moment, enjoying the sensation of my pussy filled with his rock hard cock, then he begins kissing me as he slowly starts pumping in and out. My husband starts thrusting himself rhythmically into me, moving his strong hips against mine, and I rise up to meet him on each deep thrust. I put my arms around his back, caressing him and then wrap my legs around his waist, pulling you even more deeply inside of me. His mouth finds mine again, his tongue entering into my mouth in time with your strokes. I can hear him moan, and I can feel him starting to spasm inside of me. The sensation brings me to another orgasm, and we climax together, our bodies shuddering with pleasure. You stay inside of me as we lay together in the afterglow, enjoying the sensations of each others' body, our arms around each other... and I whisper... “Happy Anniversary, indeed, lover, what’s next?”

We both dressed for dinner, and commented that the past year at our jobs had been equally difficult, and we really needed to have some down time. I was feeling frisky and asked my husband to change into something “sexy” befor we headed down to the beachside restaurant. Since we were dinning at the resort, there would be no reason to drive, which gave us both time to enjoy some Asti and privacy.

I know my husband wanted tonight to be perfect and really seemed to be ready in about two minutes, while I needed a little more time. Something men don't understand is the amount of time it takes to prepare for the night... makeup, perfume, hair, brows, nails, and making sure one has the perfect outfit with accessories for the night. Not too bad, thirty minutes later and I was off to the bar to find my husband.

As I walked through the beachside bar towards the tables, I noticed my husband was talking wht another man... right next to my husband was this beautiful man leaning against a table in front of the firepit... an incredibly gorgeous man, wearing a linen shirt, and sexy form fitting blue jeans. This man was talking to my husband, and let me tell you that they looked beautiful with the fireplace radiating behind them. Walking up to them I became very nervous. My husband greeted me with a warm kiss and then introduced me to his new friend.

The waitress came and we placed a round of drinks. Luckily for me there was a chilled bottle of Asti waiting for me. My husband’s friend was charming, funny and intelligent, with a warm smile and the kind of personality that would warm up the gloomiest Wisconsin winter night. I had to take inventory of the moment... a couple glasses of Asti, my wonderful husband and a very hot man sitting at my table! My husband had very nice facial features while our guest looked half French, half Italian and very sexy. Anyone that looked at my husband or our new “friend” could tell that these men where in shape and I felt special being book-ended by these sexy men at our dinner table.

After a few drinks, my husband invited our new found friend to join us for dinner, thankfully, he accepted and we looked over the menu. The restaurant was amazing, a wide selection of dishes ranging from vegetarian to sea food, and all during dinner my husband and our guest focused on me, they were so charming and ever once in a while, I feigned a “slap” at our new friend’s face as he and my husband made an inappropriate sexual comment. As our dinner progressed, and the Asti continued to flow, we all glowed with a combination of the warm ocean air, the conversation, and the unspoken sexual tension... I found myself with thoughts of becoming the center of a lover’s sandwich between these gorgeous men, my husband and our new found friend.

Our inviting new friend picked up the check, saying that it would be his honor. Of course, how could we refuse his offer and in response, my husband generously offered him a nightcap in our hotel room. These men were perfect gentlemen as they led the way back to our room, each one wrapping their strong arms through my arms, I could sense their strength as we walked down the hallway.

After we entered the room, my husband and our friend walked toward the in-room bar and opened another bottle of Asti... neither of them knew I had quietly unzipped my skirt and as I growled “hey guys” I allowed it to fall to the floor and in one quick and brave movement I dropped my bra and panties. I was nude standing in front of these men - one was my husband, and the other a complete stranger... my body was on fire and I wanted to feel overwhelmed, overpowered and satisfied... I was eagerly awaiting some attention from these two gorgeous men... in the back of my mind I was afraid that they might reject me, and at the same time would feel shocked knowing they would both ravish me... the excitement I was feeling was so overwhelming, I must have had that “come fuck me” look, because my husband and our new friend were staring right at me as they started to undress... the bottle of Asti sat on the counter... unopened.

I smiled at both of them and my husband approached me, kissed me softly on my warm and inviting mouth... his hands were drawn like a “magnet to steel” to my breasts as he started to play with my nipples, they became rock hard. We gazed into each other’s eyes, and I kissed him more passionately than I’ve ever kissed him. He dropped one of his hands from my breasts and started massaging my pussy and our new found friend moved in and closed his mouth over my unattended nipple... I was shocked to feel an unfamiliar touch on my body but allowed him to suck me a bit longer, excited by the new feeling.

My husband was really hot, and I was beyond turned on... I stood in front of him and told him to lay down, as I straddled him with my legs and lowered myself down on his face, letting the soft hair of my pussy rub against his lips allowing him to feel my warmth, I slid over his body, covering his body, letting my nipples pass over his lips for a moment, then wrapping my hot wet pussy around his throbbing hard cock. Our new friend seemed a little lost what to do, so I took his hand and brought him closer, to stand beside me and sucked him into my mouth. My husband looked at me with a look of awe and desire and leaned into my face and as he kissed my neck and started toward my mouth, I raised my hand and placed our friend’s cock in his mouth. My husband had a shocked look on his face and I told him “hey baby, I’ve sucked you and swallowed, how about doing the same for me...” and without losing a beat my wonderful, strong husband took our friend's cock back in his mouth and started to suck him with more enthusiasm than I imagined. I continued to grind his cock into my pussy, and I looked up at our friend, then back at my husband, both were obviously pleased with this activity.

It wasn't long before I could tell our friend was about to cum in my husband’s mouth, I didn’t stop the grinding, and could feel my husband getting closer and closer to an orgasm, and he continue to suck our new friend in his mouth. As our friend placed his strong hands on the back of my husband’s head, he let out a loud moan as he released a full load into my husband's mouth and I felt my husband explode in me. I was shocked and turned on to watch my husband do something he used to force me to do, and I was oddly turned on by watching him eagerly sucking a cock and swallowing the cum as it shot into him, and felt my own mouth water.

After our friend was spent, I grabbed my husband and leaned in to kiss him, wanting to taste the cum still in his mouth, I kissed him long and hard, sucking lightly on his tongue, biting at his lips. All the while I was grinding into his slowly softening cock.

This was almost too much for me... I could feel my orgasm coming on... but both men were spent and it would take fifteen or twenty minutes for either of them to recover... so I rolled off my husband and told both of them that they were light-weights, and I needed a good fuck... as I began masturbating on the floor... in front of my husband and a complete stranger. There were two georgous men in my hotel room, both unable to finish the job and I was left with my hand... as I flicked my clit with my fingers on my right hand, I was playing with my nipples with my left hand, and I could feel my breath quickening, and as my husband could see I was getting closer to coming he sat there watching me in awe, and our new friend dropped to his knees and placed his mouth on me and gave me something my loving husband never did... an amazing pussy eater, he did things that should be in “how to” books. Within moments of his mouth on my pussy, I came harder and louder than I’ve ever came. As our friend was giving me the most intimate pleasure any man could give a woman, I noticed my husband was hard as a rock... my husband was hot watching another man eat me... oh my god... my husband leaned in to kiss me and as I tensed up and pushed my hips into our friends mouth, forcing him to suck and finger me as deep as he could go, the shudder that moved through me was so deep, I forgot where I was for a several minutes.. my head was spinning, my hips buckling, I felt like I exploded.

At that same moment, I felt my husband’s tension build as I stroked his cock in my hand, and as I stroked him, he came all over my chest. I could see the look on his face and noticed our new friend was already licking the cum from my nipples, my husband said “Happy Anniversary, babe... how much more can you cum?”

My husband collapsed on top of me, and I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. Once I caught my own breath, I turned around and looked into his eyes, he smiled at me, still breathing heavy with his sweat on his face, he kissed me and said, "wow baby that was hot!"

I looked up at our new friend and told him that it was nice having a helping hand, and all he said, was "it's been a pleasure to eat, er... meet you".

Our friend left me and my husband on the floor, covered in sweat and cum, he dressed and left the room.

My husband looked into my eyes and asked if there was anything I needed, and I asked him to grab some towels because we needed to hit the outdoor hot tub... towels only...

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