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Half-sisters Are Better Than One

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This is a true story from my college days. When I was doing post-graduate work I needed to find a part time job to support myself. During undergrad I had worked as a bartender and went back to find a job there. They didn't have any openings but Jim, one of the bartenders from those years was now managing a club and they told me about it. We were good friends while we were tending bar and I decided to look him up. The club was Baby Dolls which was topless. I thought that it might be interesting to work a topless bar but didn't realized how interesting it would be. It was like old times and he took me to the back office to discuss it. He told me that he didn't have any openings at the time but the owners had a regular club that needed a bartender and I could work there until something opened up. Just then there was a knock on the door and he told them to come in. It was an attractive young girl and she was there for an interview to be a dancer. He told me this would only take a minute and started asking her questions. Things like had she worked anywhere before, did she do drugs, if she could work the evening shift etc. When he was finished he very nonchalantly asked her to disrobe. His exact words were, "Let me see them." She didn't hesitate one bit and started taking her clothes off. Now I had been to these types of bars before but never had I been privy to a dancer stripping in broad daylight. It was actually a little embarrassing but it didn't seem to bother her at all. As she was almost done Jim asked her if she had any tattoos. He told me later than a lot of biker women had tattoos and they weren't interested in the hassle with their biker boyfriends. Finally she was undressed with only a thong left on. He had her turn around and her body was lovely. Nice firm breasts and a very athletic ass. I didn't notice any tattoos and I would have hired her on the spot. He told her she could start the next night and she put her clothes back on. She gave me a wink as she left out the door. I asked Jim if he did this routinely and he laughed as he said yes. I asked him what the dancers were like and he told me you just have to get in to it with your eyes wide open. He mainly meant that they weren't very reliable or trustworthy. When we went back out to the club, I noticed this hot little number dancing on the stage. If she was 18, she had just turned it. Her body was almost adolescent with a tight tummy and lean ass but her breast were a nice handful. She had a kick ass tan with short reddish brown hair. This girl could really dance and she was working the crowd of guys next to the stage. I asked Jim her name and he told me it was Angie. He noticed me staring and asked me if I liked her. I swallowed and told him, "Hell yes." He said he would introduce me after she finished. When she got off the stage Jim motioned her over and told her I was a good friend of his and introduced us. She warmed right up to me and after some small talk I asked her out. She agreed and I was looking forward to our date on Friday night.

Friday finally came and I arrive just before dark. To my surprise she was ready to go. The first thing I noticed was the living room was pretty bare. She only had one sofa and coffee table and a dining room table and some chairs in the kitchen. She probably made $300 and up a night at the club and didn't have any furniture to speak of. The next thing she did was to tell me she didn't have any pantyhose without any holes in them and proceeded to walk over in front of a window. The sun was setting and she spread her legs apart. She asked me if I could see anything. She had on a sheer little dress that was only mid thigh long and the light from the sun highlighted her lack of panties. Her cunt lips were there for all to see. I told her that I could make out everything and she pouted and said we needed to stop at the drug store. We left and I went around to open the car door for her and she gave me the weirdest look. Later on I figured out that she wasn't accustomed to guys opening doors and holding chairs for her. This was unbelievable to me. We stop at a pharmacy and she went in and bought some pantyhose. I swear to God she changed them in the front seat on the way to dinner. I tried to peak but I didn't really get that good of a look driving and all. Being on my first date with a titty dancer was quite an experience. All I can say is that they are all a little on the wild side. After dinner she wanted to go dancing. They dance for a living and when they're off, they still want to go dancing. At the club she danced just like she did at Baby Dolls. The only thing missing was a pole. I didn't know what to do and after about 5 songs in a row she acquiesce to sitting back down. I saw someone who turned out to be the manager making a beeline to our table. I thought he was going to ask us to leave for sure so it was a pleasant surprise when he offered to buy us some drinks. I guess a good looking babe dancing like a stripper was good for business. We left when they turned the lights on. I escorted her to her door and told her what a great time I had. She asked me if I wanted to come in and I tried to play it cool. I'm sure she gets hassled by guys for sex all the time with the kind of business she's in. I told her it was late and I thought I should be going home and maybe we could go out again. "You don't want to come in?" she asked with an incredulous look on her face. I later figured out that if you took her out on a date then you were entitled to fuck her. At that age I wasn't going to turn this hot piece of ass down twice so I agreed to come in. She led me straight back to her bedroom. Her bedroom just had a mattress on the floor. She turned on a small stereo and pushed me down on a beanbag chair. She took off her pantyhose and proceeded to give me a lap dance. She straddle me and began to gyrate her hips to the music. I never cared for lap dances at the clubs due to the fact they were just a big tease but this one definitely had the possibility of turning out differently. As she hiked her dress up and down seductively I caught glimpses of her smooth shaven pussy. Now this is a true story and I could tell you I have a 9 inch cock but that would be exaggerating a bit. Just deduct 2 inches from any man's cock when he tells you how big he is. I'm only about 7 inches but I do have some girth. Now at that time of my life a gentle breeze could cause me to get a pretty good hard-on and her dancing was making it stand tall causing a big bulge in my trousers. Angie noticed it and unzipped my pants to set it free and make me more comfortable. "I don't get to see my handy work at the club," she quipped. She also unzipped the back of the dress allowing it to fall off one shoulder exposing her right breast. She continued grinding to the beat and my eyes took it all in. I told her what a great dancer she was and she got even sluttier. She ripped off the dress and turned around and squatted with her backside to me and rocked her ass back and forth over my aching cock. She would just barely brush the head of my dick from time to time. She was very good at what she does. When she raised her ass up high I could see her exposed cunt and I noticed her slit was glistening with her dew. After she grew nice and wet she turned back around and put her cunt directly in front of my face. She grabbed my head and told me to eat her. I licked her sweet cunt as she continued to grind her pussy to the beat of the music. Her nectar was intoxicating and she became like a wild animal as she groaned and bucked her pussy against my face. "Eat me, eat me," she moaned over and over again. I sucked on her clit and slipped my tongue inside her cunt. I ate her pussy for a couple of minutes. I could tell she was close as she started shrieking loudly and pulled my mouth hard against her cunt. "Yeesss!" she screamed as her slimy sex poured out of her vagina. Angie held my face tightly as she continued grinding her cunt. She collapsed in my arms when she had finished and I heard some girl pounding against the wall and telling us to keep it down. I was shocked but she told me it was just her roommate and not to worry about it. She reached down and grabbed my cock and told me it was my turn. She got on her knees in front of me and pulled my pants off. In one swift move she engulfed my cock down to the base. She gave me some great head and I could tell she was no novice. I wondered if she had perfected her technique at the "office". She had me all worked up from the lap dance but I couldn't have lasted very long anyway with the expert way she used her mouth. I told her I was going to cum and she never skipped a beat. After I blew my first load she started jacking the base of my dick off with her hand while her mouth suction the top half of my exploding cock. I shot load after load down her throat and she took everything I had to give. When I finally stopped she squeezed the last remnant out of my shaft and swallowed it all. She immediately asked me if I could cum again and I told her I could. She took off my shirt and started licking my nipples. Her tongue swirled around my aureoles and I found it to be quite a pleasant sensation. My cock started to get hard again and we moved to the bed. Angie shoved me down on the mattress and went down on me. Once I was rock hard she climbed up and position her cunt above me. She lowered her pussy down on my erect dick and sighed as I entered her. She didn't stop until she got all of it into her. Her pussy was so wet and warm and tight. She slowly started rocking to and fro without raising her cunt off my cock. She was biting her lower lip as she enjoyed the fullness of my cock. She placed my hands on her tits and I caress and squeezed her hard nipples as she continued rocking and moaning. After several minutes she leaned forward and put her hands on my chest and began to pump her pussy up and down. Her pace soon picked up and she was fucking me hard. Her intensity grew quickly and soon my ass was being shoved down into the mattress. She started screaming again, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Who was fucking who here. I tried as best as I could to slam my cock into her but she was in control of this fuck fest. I heard her roommate yelling that she needed to get some sleep tonight. But neither of us cared at this time. I had never been fucked with the intensity this titty dancer had in her. She was in complete lust and nothing was going to keep her from cumming. I soon felt that feeling rising up at the bottom of my cock and knew I was going to cum soon. The room was filled with grunting and filthy sex talk that no one could misconstrue as anything but two consenting adults fucking each others' brains out. Angie slammed her cunt hard down on me and shrieked, "Fuucckkk!" As her cunt spasmed around my cock it set off a jet stream of cum shooting deep into her womb. She let out a tirade of obscenities that would make a sailor blush. I sprayed all the hot cum I had left into this little slut. We both collapse onto each other. My cock finally stopped twitching and I lay there fulfilled from one of the best fucks I had ever experienced. When we had recovered Angie lifted herself off of me and a large glob of white cum dropped out of her cunt and fell on the sheets. She laid on her back and her thighs were splayed open giving me a birds-eye view of her freshly fucked cunt. She put two fingers into her pussy and then withdrew them and placed the fingers into her mouth, "I love the taste of cum." I think I could have gotten it up again after viewing this slut's slime covered pussy but it was late and I just asked her if I could see her again. She told me anytime and I got dressed and left. As I was walking into the living room I saw her roommate in the kitchen getting something to drink. I thought I recognized her from the club. She must have been a topless dancer too. She just asked if I had enjoyed it and I stammered back a feeble apology and continued out the door.

I saw Angie several more times in the next month. We weren't really dating, it was more like fuck buddies. I learned her roomy was Erica and the two of them would stop by the bar I was working at from time to time. I started paying attention to Erica at the club whenever I went to see Angie. Angie would tell me to tip Erica when she was dancing on the stage. Not that she needed it, I estimated she made more money than almost all the other girls and Jim confirmed it by tell me she was his top earner. No wonder, this blonde hair blue eyed beauty just oozed sexy. She was several inches taller than Angie with a long pair of legs that never stopped. Her figure was more mature and her breasts were two magnificent natural ivory orbs than no man could resist. She had a slew of regulars and I seldom had a chance to talk to her. One night Angie gave me a blow job in the VIP room and I thought I noticed Erica peeking in on us during the act. It didn't take very long as Angie's talent for sucking cock had me cumming in no time. She didn't spill a drop and once my pants were zipped up you would never know I was one lucky empty bastard. I wondered how many guys Angie had preformed that act on as she was into sex like nobody I had ever met. We kinda stopped seeing each other and after a couple of weeks went by Erica showed up at my bar one night. She seemed depressed and I served her a drink and lent a sympathetic ear. She told me Angie was working and I asked her if there was something bothering her. She told me her boyfriend, I call him that but he seemed more like a sugar daddy, made her have sex with a friend of his the night before. She thought he really cared for her but it seemed he was just into using her for sex. She talked and I listened for the next couple of hours. This restaurant bar closed at 11:00 and since she had taken a taxi she asked me if I could give her a ride home. It seemed that Angie had taken her car to work that night. I agreed and drove her home. She invited me in and we had a beer and that's when things got interesting. She told me what a good listener I was and how she had watched us in the VIP room that night. She took my hand and led me to her bedroom. There was a sharp contrast compared to Angie's. She actually had nice furniture and a king size bed. She told me to get undressed as she did the same. Her body was that of a goddess and she was a true blonde. Her pussy was smooth shaven with a small patch of wispy yellow pubes above her clit. She went to her dresser and put on some bright red lipstick on her lips and also on her aureoles then she placed me on the bed and began to kiss my semi hard cock. The lipstick covering her nipples was a nice sexy touch. She was in no rush as she flicked her tongue around my shaft and even licked my balls from time to time. She knew exactly what she was doing and it was driving me wild. Soon her red lips covered my rock hard cock and she sucked my dick ever so gently. I was fascinated by the sight of her red lips sliding over my spit coated shaft. Her blue eyes never looked away from mine as this gorgeous cock sucker worked her magic. I didn't want to cum right away so I lifted her up and had her sit on my lap. I sucked on her soft luscious breast and nibbled her firm erect red nipples. Although my cock wasn't inside her she worked the outside of her cunt against the shaft of my dick. Everything was perfect until I heard the front door slam. Erica froze and we listened as Angie ripped off a few choice curse words. Erica told me not to make any noise and said she would be right back. I stammered that I wasn't seeing Angie anymore and she just said Angie would be upset if she knew I was there. As she slipped on a robe I asked why and she said Angie was always jealous of her even when they were children. "Children?" I asked. Erica said,"We half- sisters." I was dumbfounded as she left and shut the door. I found out later that it was a secret that they didn't want anyone at the club to know. From what I could barely hear, some asshole at the club had treated her badly and she was so upset that she left work early. Erica was trying to console her and she soon settled down. I thought I heard Erica says let me make it all better. Then there was only silence for a while until I thought I heard the sounds of moaning. Moaning? I cracked the bedroom door slightly and I couldn't believe what I saw. The girls were on the sofa making out. Erica's robe was around her waist and Angie was kissing her neck and suckling her breasts. They were in the midst of forbidden love albeit they were only half-sisters. I thought about it and it made perfect sense. What a deal to be able to make love to someone you trusted while being able to fuck anyone else you wanted too. As`Angie's face was immersed in her sister's bosoms Erica looked in my direction and a big smile came across her face. She immediately raised her passions up a couple of notches and started pulling Angie's clothes off. Maybe she wanted to put on a good show or maybe my voyeurism was something a titty dancer got off to. I watched as these two sisters licked, probed, and fingered each other in a state of lesbian lust. It was smoking hot and I found myself stoking my granite hard cock while peeking through the crack in the door. Erica shoved Angie down on the sofa and turned around and laid on top to enjoy some 69. The contrast in Angie's dark tan and Erica's creamy white skin made for a delicious lesbian sandwich. I saw each of their faces buried deeply into each others' pussy and they were definitely into eating each other. I hadn't been able to sample Erica's wares and I so wanted to be under her instead of Angie. The moans and groans and all the slurping noises only heighten the sexual atmosphere in that living room. I noticed Angie had placed the soles of her feet on the sofa and was raising her ass off of it as she was beginning to scream loudly. I felt that she was going to be the winner of this climactic race when she drove her ass up hard against her sister's mouth and shrieked, "Aaarrrgghhh!" Her body jerked uncontrollably as she climaxed. Her ass fell back down when she finally finished and just lay there quietly. Erica lifted her cum covered face up from between her sister's legs. She rose up on her forearms and she was still whimpering as she rocked her cunt on Angie's face. "Angie, please I'm so close," she pleaded. But Angie wouldn't or couldn't bring her what she desired. "Angie!" she begged one last time. I saw her get off of her sister and sit down on the end off the sofa and spread her legs wide apart. She spread her vaginal lips apart and looked directly at me and ordered,"Get in here and eat me." I burst through the door and raced across the floor. I noticed Angie had a stunned look on her face just before I dove between Erica's thighs. As I ate her out I heard Angie yell, "You fucking bitch, you've been fucking my boyfriend?" Erica was already whimpering and she answered her as best as she could,"He's not your boyfriend and plus you haven't seen him in weeks." Erica was really wet and I sucked all the sweetness I could as the two continued squabbling back and forth. Things like you always get everything you want and so forth. Her pussy was heaven and the one thing I did heard her say was after she came she was going to suck my cock and then have me fuck her good. Great news for me. The next thing I knew Angie was underneath me sucking my cock as her sister was approaching her own orgasm. Erica wasn't as loud as Angie but her moans were just as sensual. "There, right there, aaaahhh!" she moaned and then grabbed the back of my head and shove her cunt hard against my mouth. She came at last. Her sex covered my face as pussy's lubrication went into overdrive. Angie never stopped sucking and I thought she wanted to take my cum away from her sister. I was damn close too when a revived Erica pulled me up from the floor by the hair on the top of my head. It ripped my cock out of her sister's mouth. "Fuck me," she ordered. I drove it home in one stroke. "Your such a selfish cunt!" Angie yelled. Her pussy was wet and warm. As I was fucking her, she said to Angie, "Come here baby." "It's just not fair," Angie pouted. Angie snuggled next to her and the two of them started making out again. Watching these two hot sisters only caused me to fuck her even faster. Their mouths finally separated and Erica said, "As soon as I cum I'll let you suck him until he cums." What did they think I was, the bionic dick, I didn't think I was going to be able to last that long. Fucking this hot beautiful piece of ass after being so close all night was more than any human male could take and I was about to be proved right. As I pounded her sweet cunt I felt that burning in my lions welling up and I started grunting like a bull in heat. Erica knew what was going to happen as she told me, "Not yet, I'm not quite there." "I can't... hold back.. have to pull out.. now." I groaned. She wouldn't let me and locked her ankles around my ass and pulled me in as I tried to pull out. "Noooo," screamed Angie. "Yes!" yelled Erica. My sperm boiled deep down and burnt a searing hot trail the entire length of my cock as I exploded inside her wet cunt. "Uuugghhh!" I cried. I came for what seemed like forever. Erica just purred as I unloaded into her, "Hhhhmm," She was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. My cock grew super sensitive and I had to pull out as soon as I finished. Her beautiful pussy was such a mess and I gazed on Erica's hammered cunt as gism slowly oozed out. "That was my cum," Angie whined. "Eat me baby, I'm close." Erica responded. Angie brushed me aside and knelt between her sister's thighs and proceeded to eat her just fucked cunt. "Yeah, that's it. Eat our cum out of my pussy." she commanded. Angie devoured our cum cocktail and drove her sister wild at the same time. "That's it, suck that precious cum out of my cunt," she chided. I had a great view of Angie's backside rocking back and forth as she ate her sister out and my cock started growing hard again. I didn't realize how much Angie loved swallowing cum but from the way she was purring you could tell she was enjoying it. Erica had been close to cumming from the fucking I had given her and she was getting closer due to her sister's educated mouth. Her hands gripped the sofa hard as she screamed, "Eat me, eat my pussy good, Aaarrgghh!" She came hard for the second time tonight. Angie drank from her fountain until it was dry. When she had finished Angie turned around to face me with a wild look in her eyes. She was still so aroused and went down on my nearly erect cock. Angie had just cleaned out her sister's cum filled cunt but she only wanted more. Her mouth felt great and I was hard in under a minute. She finally took her sweet mouth off my cock and rose up and then kissed me deeply. I tasted my own cum mingled with Erica's sex. She whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her sister until she was close and then pull out and fuck her up the ass. I could handle that. Erica had nearly recovered and Angie laid back down on the sofa and asked her sister to eat her. Erica got on all fours in front of her and I positioned myself directly behind her and started fucking her doggie style. This happens to be my favorite position to fuck. I like the fact that you are in complete control. The bitch on the end of your dick can't do anything but take it and you can pound her cunt as hard and as deep as you want. I love the sight of her whole body lurching forward as you bang her backside. Shoving her mouth into another girl's cunt was just a bonus. As I held on to her hips I could see how the evenings activities had seeped down the crack of her ass to coat her asshole with sex slime. Butt fucking this little selfish slut was going to be a breeze. Both of them were groaning and moaning and they were well on their way to orgasm. Angie asked her sister, "Can you cum again baby?" "Uh, huh," Erica replied. "Let me know when you're close because I want to cum in your mouth at the same time," Angie stated as she winked at me. I took my own sweet time, I knew it would take me a little longer to cum this time but I definitely wanted to fuck her tight little ass. Erica started pushing her ass back against me. Damn this little nympho was going to cum again. "Fuck me faster," she muttered as her mouth was still working her sister's cunt. "Yes, I'm going to cum too." Angie chipped in. Angie got off first. "Aaahhhh," she groaned. Erica was pushing back against me harder as she was almost there and when Angie finished cumming she yelled,"Fuck the bitch's ass!" I pulled my cock out of her cunt and Erica growled like a wounded bear. Angie held her arms as I positioned my cock at her tightest hole. I was so excited I drove it in with little thought about her comfort. "Aaarrrghhh!" she cried out. I just continued pushing and drove almost all 7 inches in with my first stroke. I slowly started fucking her. She groaned with every stroke but soon her tight ass hole adjusted to my pounding and she only whimpered softly. Angie let go of her hands and crawled back to me and spread her sister's ass even wider. "Fuck her ass good and hard," she told me. We both watched as my cock plunged in and out of her creamy white ass. I was driving my dick deep into her butt and I heard her beg softly, "Please, please." Her sister must have understood what she was asking and released her ass cheeks and reached her hand underneath and I felt her fingers enter her cunt and she started finger fucking her. Erica's moans soon followed. I was getting close and I whispered to Angie, "Hurry up." She increased her pace and depth and I could really feel her fingers pressing against the thin membrane that separated her cunt and ass. I was slamming her ass pretty hard by this time and Erica was moaning loudly also. This slut was going to cum with my thick cock reaming out her ass. She came again and her involuntary jerking set me off. I grunted once and slammed my cock balls deep and emptied all the semen I had left, "Uuugghh!" Her anal contractions as she came only made my cock pump more hot cum into her plump white butt. I withdrew a little and slammed her hard again as I pour more cum into her ass. I gave her an first class ass enema and then I was finished and totally exhausted. I collapsed on top of her and we laid there for a long time. When I finally pulled my cock out of her ass, Angie immediately rolled her over and kissed her. "Do you forgive me?" she asked. "Of course," was Erica's reply. The girl's held each other in a loving embrace. Everything was right in the universe and the three of us did hook up one more time and it was just as hot as the first night. Except I fucked both of them in the ass that time.

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