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Being an international traveler and business man I frequent several exotic places including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Being divorced and single has proven to have its benefits because I?ve found it rather easy to find women everywhere I go who are always willing and looking for a little companionship.

My favorite place is Hawaii. Away from the lights and the cities it has a hypnotic spell on me. The evening breezes and tiki lamps put me completely at ease. That?s why I have a lease on a place there and call it my home away from home, which is really in Chicago.

As fate would have it, my former sister-in-law and her husband were going to be in Hawaii at the same time I was. We were on good terms, so the two of them suggested we rendezvous for dinner and drinks. I heartily agreed, but asked them to consider being my guests. My place is a small villa with two bedrooms, but is otherwise designed for entertainment, having a large backyard, a covered deck and a great room inside for when the weather is too rainy.

I had a simple barbeque planned. I have a full bar that is shared in the great room and the deck and since the weather was perfect we had our meal on the deck. If you?ve never been to Hawaii you need to understand that it is like paradise, and people dress accordingly, shorts, flowery shirts and flip-flops.

My sister-in-law?s name is Jennifer and her husband?s name is Mark. Jen is forty years old and about five-foot nine, a little over weight at one hundred forty five. But she has a face that could launch a thousand ships and her skin is flawless. Mark is her size too, and proportionally heavy, and slightly overweight at 200-lbs. Both of them were slightly taller than I was, but otherwise we were a reasonably attractive trio.

Both had great tans and had matching Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts. I happened to be in some baggy Bermudas with a shirt sporting a thousand parrots in flight. We laughed and ate and drank for over two hours.

The dancing flames on the tikis, the two bottles of wine and the soft, 80-degree breeze was magical, and it seemed to me that every one of my senses was under a spell. It?s what I love about Hawaii.

Jen leaned forward at one point, revealing a little of her cleavage to me, and with a big grin on her face she asked, ?how do you keep any clothes on here? I?d be naked in a heart beat if this were my place on a night like this.?

Thanks for four glasses of wine I found it easy to reply, ?well, if I were alone that?s exactly what I would do.?

Mark weighed in, ?That?s what we do on nights like this. Jen and I love that sort of thing.?

There was a quiet pause as I pondered what next to say.

Jen looked incredible as she sat there with a drink in her hand, toying the glass close to her lips. She cocked her head slightly to one side, sipped the glass as she stared at me then said, ?I bet you wouldn?t mind if we got naked would you??

?Jen, Mark, if you want to get naked, I encourage it, but I?ve got to warn you, if I get naked, you?re gonna see my cock get hard.?

?Well Jack that might just be what we had in mind.? Jen winked when she said it.

?Jack, stand up for a sec. Why don?t you let Jen slip you out of that birdie shirt and baggie shorts.? As he said that he stood, undid his shirt buttons and slipped out of his shorts in front of me. ?C?mon, stand up. She?s wanted to undress you for years.?

?Really? For years?? I was a little surprised at the implications in his straight forward remark. It meant they both had talked about me in her fantasies.

?Careful Mark. He might not be ready for this.? Jen didn?t take her eyes off me as she spoke.

My cock was already hard and I really wanted to see Jen naked. Mark?s penis was semi-rigid, swollen and poking out.

I slid away from the table and Jen walked over to me, facing me and gave me a long kiss on the mouth. Her hands worked my buttons and the shirt fell to the deck behind me. Still kissing me she undid the fly on my shorts.

Jen hesitated a moment when she realized I didn?t have any briefs on and smiled with her lips still against mine. I could smell the wine on her breath and was hypnotized yet more.

?You?re not wearing any underwear Jack! Naughty boy!?

The shorts slid to my ankles and I stepped out of them in all my glory. As I did so I felt my nakedness as my scrotum swung and my balls swayed and banged on my left inner thigh.

I was fully erect. My cock, medium-lengthed at seven inches, but thicker than Mark?s was standing straight up against my belly. I was hot and breathing hard at being naked in front of a husband and wife ? a first for me.

I gave Mark a glance and saw that he was stroking his cock which was now an unqualified erection. He said, ?Undress her for me.?

I am a gentleman with women, and so I returned her kiss, and groped her breasts initially through her shirt; softly, but with purpose.

I felt her large nipples poking into the cloth of the shirt. She wore no bra. Her head tilted back and she cooed, ?this is so naughty. I?ve wanted this for so long.?

Quickly I pulled at her buttons and had her shirt off. Her nipples were pointy, almost a full half-inch erect and her brownish areola around the nipples was dark, and about half the size of the palm of my hand.

She was breathing hard, but it didn?t seem like the time to kiss her nips, so I worked her shorts and they came down to reveal she wasn?t wearing any panties either. And to my delight, she was very shaven; smooth and with reddish brown skin down there.

Mark stepped up, and the three of us stood there naked. Jen put a hand on the back of each of our heads and pulled us both close to her for a kiss.

My face was actually touching Mark?s, cheek-to-cheek as we entered a three-way kiss, sloppy and very erotic. Jen pulled us closer by using the same technique with her hand on the small of Marks and my back. Now the three of us were touching intimately. Our cocks pressed into opposite hips, and the kissing was outrageously passionate. I was surprised at what was happening, but felt no need to resist.

With my hands down to my sides it felt awkward, so I instinctively put my arms around the both of them. Mark did the same, so now we were all three in a very hot three-way standing hug. Jen was making small animal noises with grunts and groans. Mark was just going, ?Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm.?

Jen was first to speak. ?Take me to the bedroom boys. Let?s make love.?

We broke the embrace and I turned, taking Jen by the hand. I was acutely aware of my erection as it waggled while the two of us walked hand-in-hand. Mark was following and I?m sure it must have been a turn-on for him to see my and Jen?s naked bodies walking, asses swaying as we made our way into the bedroom and I turned on the light.

I assumed Jen was going to take the middle, so I crawled across to the far side of my king-sized bed. It was a strange, no, it was a very erotic sensation to show my ass to both of them. She followed me onto the bed and lay on her back next to me, and I was on my right side. I put my hand on her belly while Mark stood there looking at us.

?We need candles in here,? Jen whispered. ?Got any candles??

?Tons, in the kitchen. I?ll go get them,? I responded in a soft voice into her left ear.

?No, I?ll get them. You and Mark lay here.? She looked up at her husband and said, ?going to get candles. Keep Jack warmed up.?

He smiled at his wife and gave her a gentle swat as she padded out of the room. Her ass had flawless skin and it was surprisingly taut, and it rippled just right. Next he crawled into the bed, and lay on his left side looking at me in the raw light.

?Wow Jack. We?re actually doing this aren?t we?? Mark smiled as he stroked his cock slowly.

?I can?t believe it. Jen is so beautiful. You OK with this Mark??

?Oh yeah. We?ve acted this out in bed a bunch of times. It is so cool to finally see your meat. Nice rod.?

?Mark, I?m a little embarrassed by this, but at the same time it?s a huge turn-on.?

?Lay back and stroke it for me.?

Without thinking I did as he asked, then said, ?I can?t believe this. I can?t believe I?m stroking myself for you!?

?Wanna touch mine?? Mark lay on his back and moved closer to me. ?Touch it.?

I rolled to my right side again and propped my left leg up in the air so that my balls could feel the breeze coming in the window. The curtains were blowing very gently and the ceiling fan was doing lazy circles above the bed.

To be clear, I never had a fantasy about touching another guy?s meat, and I had ruled-out ever having gay sex. I consider it unhealthy even if others consider it very exciting.

But, at the moment, it seemed rather acceptable to experiment with Mark, given it included the likelihood of being able to screw his sexy wife while he cheered me on. I reached out with my left hand and first cupped his balls. It was a strange sensation. The skin of his sack was a bit more thick and leathery than mine, but I took my time to feel his balls and massage them for a moment or so to watch his reaction.

?That?s so excellent.? Mark spread his legs wide so that his left knee was against my hard cock.

I moved up from his sack to his cock. It was hot and meaty, though not quick thick as mine. I grabbed it low at first, and stood it straight up at the ceiling and slowly let it glide through my hand and it flopped back with a smack on his belly. He chuckled.

I did it again and he laughed again.

Next I decided to basically give him a slow, agonizing hand job, not intended to bring him to climax, but based on my own personal experience masturbating, it should get him really crazy for when his wife came back.

After about two minutes of this Mark said, ?no more. I want to save my orgasm for later. Your turn.?

I lay back, and put my hands behind my head, and without a moment of hesitation, spread my legs wide for his ministrations. He began to return my favors and I found it surprisingly intense to see him stroking my cock.

?I never thought I?d be doing this,? I said.

Mark whispered, ?just wait. Jen?s gonna make this all seem tame.?

I quivered and quaked at the mention of her name. Mark said, ?Oh, you like that do you??

?Mark, can I ask you something?? He kept slowly stroking me.

Without waiting for an answer I continued, ?Is it OK if I fuck Jen?? I spasmed in his hand again.

?That?s the plan Jack.?

Now the naughty talk was starting to have an effect on his hand job. My breathing increased and I kept it up. ?I mean, to cum in her. No condom. Cum in her pussy.? Again I flexed in his hand.

?In her mouth, in her ass, in her pussy; wherever,? he said with a huskiness. I was getting close to an orgasm and I think he could sense it too, because he let my cock flop to my belly and he said, ?slow down big boy. You gotta save that spurting for later.?

I could smell hot candle wax so I knew that Jen was nearly done in the kitchen. In fact, as I thought about her, she entered the room with a tray of about twenty candles. She set the tray on the dresser and moved some of the candles around the room to create a very yellow circle of light. Jen flipped off the bedroom light and we were bathed in candle light. It was excellent.

?Make way for me boys. I hope nobody came while I was gone??

?We wanted to,? Mark exclaimed. Without saying a word the three of us snuggled close together, we men pressing ourselves against the beautiful nude woman in the middle.

?I?ve wanted the two of you together for years,? Jen whispered.

?Me too,? Mark said as he looked across his wife to me. ?I?ve wanted to watch you two make love, and for the three of us to make love.?

?Confession!? I remarked. ?I presume its OK to say that I?ve done Jen a hundred times in my mind.?

?You jacked off with thoughts of me?? Jen nearly squealed with excitement at my fantasy as she turned to kiss me on the mouth.

?Oh yeah. But now, it?s for real,? and I planted a kiss on the underside of her neck. I could feel her pulse pounding away, and her perfume added to my intoxication.

?I can?t wait to feel you on my cock,? I whispered directly into her ear.

I could tell that Mark was doing something. The bed swayed, and Jen whimpered. Taking a glance I could see his hand on her pussy and he was sucking her right nipple.

I moved my left hand down to her left nipple and began to roll my thumb slowly across the very tip of her tit. She gasped. ?I want you in my pussy so bad.: As if understood who she was talking to, she said to Mark, "Oh, baby he?s so sexy.?

Mark answered her in rhythmic tones as he worked her nipple with his mouth, ?You?re . . . gonna . . . love . . . his . . . thick . . . cock!?

?Oooh,? Jen cooed softly as the two of us worked her pussy, her titsand her necks and lips.

I moved my hand down to her pussy and Mark immediately let me work her. I could feel her hot and slippery lips spread wide. Her clitoris was hard like a pencil eraser and her inner labia were erect and ready for penetration.

Moving my lips right to her ear I whispered, ?can I fuck you? I want to fuck your pussy.?

?Oh yes. Fuck me with that thick cock of yours.?

I asked her husband, ?Mark, I want to fuck Jen. My cock needs her pussy now. I want to cum in her.?

?Oh, you?re so sexy with that naughty tongue,? Mark said, ?fuck my wife. Fuck her and cum in her pussy for me. I want to hear you grunt and cum in her.?

I moved with haste and got on my hands and knees over Jen. Her legs were spread wide, and Mark was sucking her right tit and thumbing her left one. ?Perfect,? I thought.

Then I whispered to her just as I played with her pussy with my cock in hand. Mark was watching and it really tripped me out. ?You?re so beautiful Jen and so sexy. And Mark?s cock is so hard for you. I want to fuck you in from of Mark, for Mark's pleasure.?

?Fuck my pussy. Cum in me. Show Mark how hot you are for my sex.?

I entered her in a long slow glide, and went in deep. I could feel her cervix on the top of my cock.

?Oh Mark, he?s so thick. He?s so deep.? Jen seemed to the point of swooning, her mouth was swollen with desire, her lips slightly open and her eyes shut tightly.

Talking about Jen to Mark was an extreme turn on. I felt no boundaries with either of them. ?She?s so hot and wet Mark. My cock is in your wife. I can feel the top of her pussy. She?s so sexy. I want to fuck her all night.?

I was trying not to cum, but my state of arousal was beyond anything I?d ever experienced. Truly, I was enjoying this. Mark?s leg was hitched over hers and mine. I could feel the hairs of his leg tangling with the hairs on my ass. We were becoming entwined as I began to slowly thrust in and out of Jen.

I was having a delightful time, and then felt Mark?s hand on my ass. My thrusting continued and I heard Mark say, ?I want to feel your ass Jack. I want to feel you cum in my wife.?

In a moment of pure lust and physical reaction I spread my legs even wider, inviting his touch. In my mind, without rational thoughts I wanted to invite his finger. I couldn't be wide enough or more ready to feel his finger.

To my surprise, he had a finger that was all slippery and lubricated and he began to massage my hole with definite pressure. I could tell he intended on penetrating my ass with his finger, and struggled to relax to invite his attention. He was tuned into my effort to let go and give way to his finger, and as soon as he felt the slightest effort to relax he punched his finger deep into my ass.

Right at that moment I knew I was going to cum in his wife and growled-out a series of vulgar thoughts. ?Oh shit I?m cumming in Jen?s pussy. Oh shit, your finger?s up my ass and it feels so good. Oh, wow, oh ugghhhh-uggghhhh-uggggghhhh-uggggggghhhhhh!? And I came in her with extreme pleasure.

Just as I completed pumping Jen, Mark yanked his finger out of my ass without ceremony and he got on his hands and knees and said, ?let me have her now. I want to feel your cum on my cock.?

I slipped out of her, and she yelled, ?hurry, I?m ready Mark. I want to cum. Hurry.?

He slipped inside of her and immediately started to thrash on her wildly. She was fucking back with just as much zeal and said, ?I want both of your cums in me. All mixed up and . . . oh, I?m cumming, oh hurry, I?m . . . oh, my . . . ugggh, ugggghhhhhh, ugggggghhhhhh,? and Jen came just at the same time Mark said, ?here . . . it . . . cummmmssssss!? and he let us know he was creaming the inside of her pussy too.

Mark collapsed on his wife, and she wrapped her legs around him, still slowly fucking him. ?Oh you feel so good,? she whispered. ?I?m still so hot,? she exclaimed.

I was still totally entranced by the idea of sharing her. I tapped Mark and said, ?let me eat your wife. I want to taste her now that we?ve filled her up.?

?Oh shit,? she whimpered. ?That?s so hot.?

Mark pulled out of her, and rolled to her left side. I was now on her right so I crawled between her legs and went down on her pussy.

First, I used both hands and spread her wide. She was very slippery from both of our cum loads. I was thoroughly high from lust and wine, and dove my tongue into her straight away without the slightest reservation.

I could taste the salty semen, knowing it was both mine and Marks, and began to tongue fuck her. My tongue slid in and out of her vagina with barely any friction as it was lubricated with her lovem fluids and Marks and my own semen.

Jen began to fuck against me, but I knew she needed more attention on her clit. I pulled my tongue out of her vagina and began to tickle the end of her clit with my tongue, giving her firm pressure as I quickly flicked up and down on it.

At the same time I moved my thumb to her ass hole and lubed it up with the cum fluids now leaking down to her crack. With only the slightest of introductions I poked it deeply into her ass hole, and I felt her back arch. Quickly she began to thrust against my tongue with her pussy and in a minute or so she orgasmed with a giant squeal.

Before she could come down from that orgasm, Mark simply said, ?my turn.? And as if we were tag-team wrestlers, I rolled off her and he went down on his wife?s pussy with his tongue and in less than a minute she came again with a rousing series of shrieks in pleasure.

Then the afterglow set in. Mark and I embraced his wife with tender touches, no longer intending to arouse, but to be romantic and assuring. She slowly came back to the moment of tenderness as her passions subsided. Jen was a very sexual person. As it turned out, all three of us were.

I rolled onto my back to Jena?s right, and Mark was on her left. My cock was still hard. I let out a large sigh of relief as I too began to cool off from what just happened.

Mark did the same and Jen simply cooed some more. It was a powerful experience.

As I lay there and considered what had happened I realized my body was drifting into sleep. Before I knew it I was in deep sleep.

I got up around three AM to use the toilet, and sauntered back to bed to find Jen and Mark in a full embrace. Jen?s back was to me, but I figured I had some privilege to join them, so I snuggled up to her back side, and before I knew it I was hard again. About ten minutes later I heard Jen ask Mark if he was awake. No answer.

She gently raised her leg in an invitation for me to enter her again, and without words I did so, and began to slowly fuck her from behind.

I heard and felt Jen?s breathing deepen and quicken. It was a turn-on to do this silently, so I kept up my slow thrusts, deep-in, all the way out. In about three minutes, with re-runs of our three-way just a few short hours before, I came into her pussy again.

Mark?s breathing never changed. I asked him weeks later if he knew what I had done and he said with a smile, ?had no idea you fucked her in my sleep.? She on the other hand was clearly aroused by the affair, so I used my fingers to deliver her another climax. Mark never knew.

Next day, the three of us stayed naked. It was Saturday and we had nothing on our schedules, so we played; a lot.

Mark and I jerked each other off at one point in the day when Jen took a shower. It was sort of experimental in its premise, but was incredibly exciting. Mark had suggested we goof off as soon as Jen padded off to the shower.

He came over to me on my lounger, and set about to give me a fast hand-job. It was fairly unceremonious and he took me from limp to a rather loud and explosive ejaculation.

I fountained all over his hand and forearm because of the way I was sitting and the fact that he was resting his elbow on my belly.

It was incredibly arousing, knowing only vaguely that his wife would probably approve of our interaction. She had even hinted before leaving us two naked guys, ?nothing ventured nothing gained.? She wiggled her eyebrows in a provocative way and turned before we could react.

I was certain I knew what she was suggesting, but Mark asked me, ?does that mean what I think it does??

I responded with a simple, ?I think it does.?

With that he stood, walked to my left side, rested his arm on me as he knelt on a pillow and said, ?I?ve wanted to see if I was good at this for a while.?

Again, I leaned back and relished his attention. Whether it meant more to me that it was Mark or just getting a hand job I?m certain it is more the attention than the attention giver, but nevertheless, having someone purposely and wantonly service my body was an incredible turn-on.

It didn?t last nearly long enough, and as he stroked my shaft with his cock he kept saying, ?shoot that cum for me. C?mon Jack, shoot it in the air. Make it fly for me.?

I suppose that?s exactly what I did as I re-ran the video in my memory, pumping his wife, stroking his cock, feeling his finger in my ass. It didn?t take long at all.

I suppose it is accurate to say that I shot my cum about a foot into the air, based on the fact that it passed his elbow on the first spurt, and landed on his forearm the second release.

Mark didn?t let go of my cock for quite some time. He kept up the stroking after a short reprieve, and kept saying, ?that was awesome. Just like the fountain you shot into my wife.? In fact, he said, ?such a cum job in my wife."

I looked down and saw that he was masturbating as he gave me my own hand job. I said, ?Mark, my turn. Lay down while I tease you a bit.?

?You?d do that for me? So cool. I?ve wondered what it?d be like to get a hand-job. Thought of it a million times in the shower. Way cool.?

I stood as he did. Without a moment of thought, I grabbed his arm and licked my cum off of him and said, ?I want to see you eat your own cum dude. Lick it like I did.?

?Oh yeah! Never thought about it, but that?s way cool.? Mark seemed to be getting into this too.

He laid back on the same lounger that I just got off of, and he said, ?do me man. Make me cum.?

I knelt on the pillow and began to roll his cock back and fort, left to right under my palm. Mark said, ?wow, that?s good. Total lust man.?

This went on for a minute or so, then I thought, ?Hey, why not shock him with a cock-to-cock massage.?

I stood up. He looked at me, and I walked between his feet at the bottom of the lounger and I said, ?spread your legs.?

He did so with a confused look on his face. I knelt between his legs and moved up so that my cock was over his and I said, ?feel my cock.?

Slowly at first I began to rub my cock onto his. After a minute or so, I began to focus on his shaft with my own, rubbing slowly, but with increasing pressure and increasing tempo. It was making me hot again.

He wrapped his legs around my waist and said, ?fuck my cock. Fuck it. Make me cum. I?m close. This is cool.?

I began to thrust against him. It was starting to get me really turned on again as he began to moan, ?I never dreamed we would do this. Cock-to-cock. So hot.?

It didn?t take long, and Mark began to shoot three smooth, long streams up to his belly and chest. He had one long white puddle on his chest and belly as he came, quivering and quaking against my own cock.

?You think Jen will think this is OK?? I asked.

Mark said, ?I?m sure she?s cool with it. We talked about it. You?ve been in our fantasies for years. She was prepared for anything. Me too for that matter, but to tell you the truth, I?m glad you didn?t give me a blow job. I?m not ready for that. Don?t want it up the ass either. Goes against my thoughts.?

?Me too, but this jack-off stuff, hey, I?m pretty OK with that. You??

?Crazy, but yeah. Feels good.?

?What?re you boys up too?? Jen?s voice startled the both of us.

?Well . . .? Mark hesitated with his answer.

?I?ve been watching for ten minutes boys.?

?And?? Mark asked tentatively.

?As long as you save some of that energy for me, I?m all for it.?

I pulled myself from off of Mark. Jen said, ?I like that ass Jack.?

?That?s perilously close to saying Jack ass.? I said as I realized her combination of words was suggestive.

?You?re funny, but when should the three of us fuck again.?

?I need a rest, but how about for lunch, dinner and a midnight snack?? Mark quipped.

?I?m good with that,? I said.

?Just barely enough for me,? Jen said.

We made three-way love six times over the next day and a half in the Hawaiian breeze.

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