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Good Girl

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She closed the front door behind her, kicking off her shoes and throwing down her bag 'I'm home' she called out. Glancing at herself in the hall mirror she looked tired, it had been a long day. He came into the hallway from the kitchen with a scarf in his hand. 'Hello darling, I've got a surprise for you, but I need to blindfold you' She obediently placed her hands by her side and allowed him to put on the blindfold. 'I need you to wear this too, so you can't hear anything and spoil the surprise' She felt him place earphones over her head. Boyzone started playing, she liked them. Then she felt something behind her legs, hands eased her back and she sat on the seat that was now behind her. A few minutes passed then one of the earphones was lifted away and she heard 'stand and strip'. She did as she was told, without question. As she peeled off her clothes she felt a small bag hanging around her neck, it was the ipod that was playing in her ears. Once naked she stood still, knowing she had to do exactly as he said or she would be punished. The hand guided her to sit again and pulled her legs wide apart. Familiar cuffs were placed on her wrists and then fastened behind her back. The earphone moved and she heard ‘drink’, there was a glass at her lips, she gulped the liquid down, it burnt her mouth and throat. Jack Daniels, and a lot of it. As she sat there bound, blindfolded and hearing only the music coming through the headset she felt the alcohol warm her body. Her breathing was shallow, she hadn't a clue what would happen next, or when.

He stood back, looking at her, legs spread showing her naked pussy. He had plans for her tonight.

‘Right gentlemen,’ he turned to the four men behind him. We all need to be naked, you can watch but not touch and definitely no noise. You can follow me at a distance as we move around the house. Once I have finished with her I will tell you what you can do to her. She is not allowed to move or speak unless I say so, she knows this. I hope you enjoy the show.

He went over to her and traced his fingers across her breasts, she didn’t move. He ran his fingers down to her pussy and almost touched her clit, she arched ever so slightly towards him. He took the ipod and changed the track. Jazz, she hated jazz, he turned the volume up. She froze. He pulled her up to standing and turned her around; guiding her to the stairs she started to climb the stairs. He held her steady with one hand and slid his other hand across her buttocks, allowing his fingers to slide near her ass whole, it was tight and he thought to himself that he would have to loosen that for her later. He pressed on it, letting her know that it would be worked on later. Once upstairs he untied her wrists, he lifted the headphone from one ear ‘lay down’ he said. She did as she was told. He then took up the ropes that were laid under the bed and tied her wrists firmly, her arms out to the sides like she was on a cross. Then he took a pillow and lifted her lower half and placed it under, he wanted easy access to her pussy. As he neared her he breathed onto her clit and licked it softly, teasing her. She gasped and once again moved towards him, her body begging for more. He reached up and changed the track on the ipod, metal, she really didn’t like that, he also turned up the volume, it must be uncomfortably loud now. He stood back up and took another rope and tied each ankle down, she couldn’t move an inch. He took some steps back, joining the four watching men. ‘Where should I start then guys?’

She cursed herself, she knew punishment would follow if she moved. Her pussy was throbbing, turned on beyond belief. When would he touch her again? I wonder what my surprise is. Maybe a new toy? I wish he’d turn off this music, I hate metal. I won’t move again. It must have been ten minutes since he left her. She felt movement on the bed, he was back. Then hot water on her pussy, a little bit too hot to be comfortable but not hot enough to burn, hot soapy water. She must need a shave, oh dear, he won’t be pleased if he needs to shave me. Hands were massaging her pussy, pushing soapy water into her hole, cleaning every bit of her. A stray finger penetrates her wet cunt only to be removed and quickly inserted into her ass hole. She bites her lip to stop the gasp leaving her mouth. If she makes a noise or moves she’ll be punished. The finger in her ass is probing, in and out. Another hand is playing with her clit she can feel a climax beginning deep inside her. Her breathing is shallow; she needs to concentrate on not cuming, not yet….

Fingering her asshole he knew it wouldn’t be long before she came, he teased her clit, then dropped his mouth onto her nipple and sucked hard, her breathing was shallow and fast. Just as she began to climax he pulled out his finger and left the bed. Leaving her panting, her body aching for orgasm. That would teach her to move! He looked over to the naked men, playing with their erect cocks. I bet they would all like to fuck her right now. He went over to the first man and dropped to his knees and sucked his cock, licking all the precum off it. He then pushed him away and signalled the second man to put his cock in his mouth. This cock was fat, this will be a good one to fuck his wife, she liked them thick. The third man came towards him but he got to his feet and signalled for him to suck him instead. Once on his knees in front of him he held his head and pushed his cock deep into his throat, making him gag. He knew it was his first bi experience and wanted him to feel what it was like to have a hard cock inside him. He held onto his perfectly styled hair and pumped his head against him for a few minutes then pulled his hair back and pushed him away from him. The fourth man was ignored, he had no use for him yet.

Turning his attention back to the bed he picked up the razor, kneeling between her legs he carefully spread her pussy lips, exposing her clit. He then competently shaved her pussy, adding more soapy water and fingering her as he went about taking every last hair from her. Rinsing with even hotter water her skin was glowing red but as smooth as a peach. He changed the music on the ipod back to Boyzone then climbed off the bed and sat on a chair across the room, he lit a cigarette and watched the four men staring at her pussy.

Her pussy was hot, she must have moved, must have done something wrong to be punished but at least the music was better, even if it was still loud. She couldn’t concentrate properly, she wasn’t sure how much alcohol he had given her, there must have been three shots in that glass. Her head was getting foggy and she thought she might drift off into a drunken sleep but after some time, she wasn’t sure how long she felt movement on the bed again. A sharp pain in her left nipple was followed by the same sensation in her right, nipping? Biting? She couldn’t make it out. Then hands on her breasts, massaging them. This was nice, pleasurable, she began to relax, maybe they would make love now? The relaxing time was not to last, the hands left her breasts and she felt him around her head, pinning her arms down, she guessed he was straddled over her head, she moved her head to find him. Immediately she felt him pinching both nipples hard, she cried out, the first sound she had made since being blindfolded. The music changed, death metal and the volume was increased so much her eardrums were hurting. Her head was swimming, had he given her something else? She didn’t have time to think about it, her mouth was prised open and his cock was pushed into it, she eagerly took it, sucking, flicking her tongue around it until it was pushed so far into her throat that she gagged. Pain in her nipples told her she wasn’t doing enough and she sucked harder. The cock was removed from her mouth and she felt balls pressed into her face, at the same time she felt a mouth around her clit, sucking her and licking. Fingers explored her wet holes, was there two or three in her? No four, then one up her ass, she stopped trying to work it out giving in to the pleasure of the building climax in her. She wanted to play with her clit but her wrists were tied so tight she couldn’t move her hand to join in. Her body was electric, she could hardly breath under the ballsack pushed into her face, her breathing must have given her away because suddenly he withdrew from her and left her alone on the bed. She gasped, feeling as if she were floating, her body aching to cum.

He stepped off her after fucking her face, she didn’t seem to be relaxed enough so decided to give her something to help her. He poured a large tumbler of Jack Daniels, there must have been four or five shots in it, that will relax her for what was to come. He lifted her head and put the glass to lips, she gulped it down, almost choking on the amount but he knew she could handle it. In a few minutes she could cum, he’d make sure of it. He went over to the bedside cabinet and picked up two vibrators, one very large thick black one, the other more slender. He squirted some ky jelly on both of them, he wanted them to slide in easily. He went to the bed and untied her, lifting the earphone ‘turnover’ he ordered. She obeyed, still listening to the loud, harsh music and blindfolded she was disorientated and stumbled into her new position. He added a couple of more pillows so as she laid down on her front her ass end was up in the air. He tied her down again, this time ensuing she had enough room to go onto her knees if needed.

The men watching were breathing heavily, he looked over to them. ‘don’t dare cum, you’ll never come back again if you do’. They nodded and shook their heads, not sure which was the right answer. Now gentlemen, I’m going to show you how she likes it, then you can have your turn.

First he fingered her cunt before sliding in the large vibe, then he slid the smaller vibe into her ass hole, gently and slowly at first, edging it in, he wanted her to want more. He pushed both in a bit deeper at the same time, then pulled them both out until they were out altogether, then pushed them both back in, and this time almost all the way out, teasing her, in again, out again, then he pushed the big one as far into her cunt as he could and took out the smaller one and pushed his hot cock into her ass, he really needed to cum now, he was hot. He started to fuck her ass gently at first, slowly and deliberately, he reached down and turned on the big vibrator in her cunt. He could feel the vibration on his cock inside her body, she was moaning, he managed to push the vibe into her before giving into his own orgasm, he needed to enjoy it. He felt it building in his balls, he slowly speeded up the strokes into her asshole, grabbing her hips and pulling her to him at the same time as ramming as hard as he could into her. Pump pump pump, he felt himself losing control, pump pump pump, she cried out, she was cumming too, this made him go faster and faster, harder and harder, ‘fuck me’ she cried out, ‘fuck my ass’ he rammed home, jerking the final strokes, totally out of control, spewing his cum deep inside her body. She fell silent again. The only sound was the buzzing of the vibe deep inside her. He leant down and flicked it off, pulling it out of her at the same time withdrawing his spent cock. He flicked the ipod back onto Boyzone and turned it down to a normal level then left her on the bed, ass in the air, tied spread eagled, blindfolded and unable to hear, he had finished with her for now.

Her head was swimming, she didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the orgasm that had the most effect. She was grateful the music had been changed. She couldn’t feel her hands or her feet, she wasn’t even sure if she was awake or dreaming. She needed to pee, hoping he would remember her and not leave her she wriggled on the bed. After a few minutes she felt the ropes being undone. A hand pulled her up off the bed, once she gained her balance she started walking, trusting the hand that was leading her. She felt the toilet behind her but waited for the order, ‘piss’ it came through the earphone. She sat and pissed then cleaned herself with the tissue put in her hand. Soon she would be allowed to remove the blindfold and earphones and take a shower. The hand led her back. She realised he was taking her back to bed. Another glass in front of her lips, she drank, another large Jack Daniels. Was this the surprise? They usually washed and cuddled. Now she was being tied again, pillows under her bottom, like they were only just starting? Her head was fuzzy, maybe she was dreaming, or it was the drink. She shouldn’t have had so much, it was more than normal. The music was changed, now she had slow sexy music playing in her ears, it sounded like a track off a porn movie, with moaning and groaning. Nothing happened for a while, she began to drift off into a world of her own.

He finished his cigarette and turned to the waiting men. You, number one, fondle her left breast, number two, her right, number three, finger her pussy, number four, you can sit on her face, rub your balls in, she loves that. The men immediately took their places, they had waited patiently for this. They all started doing as they were told, hard cocks dripping with precum. ‘Now one and two, put your cocks in her hands, let her wank you. Four, fuck her mouth, three fuck her cunt but none of you cum, not yet. He walked around the bed, watching them use his wife, one in her mouth, one in her cunt and a cock in each hand. He picked up the KY jelly and squeezed some into his hand. He went behind number three and ran his hand across his ass. Lingering around his ass hole he played with it, teasing it open. It was his first bi experience and he wanted to feel what it was like to have his ass used. He smeared the jelly over his hole and expertly inserted his finger in, number three jerked, up til then he had been slowly fucking the wife, now his breathing had changed and he stopped unsure of what to do. The finger started going in and out of his ass, ripples of pain and pleasure coursed through his body, he was going to cum. He withdrew from her quickly, he knew if he came he’d have to leave. number one, come here’ the first man came to the base of the bed, facing number threes ass. ‘fuck him, fuck his ass till he cums while he’s fucking her’ He put more ky jelly on his asshole ‘fuck her’ three started fucking her again, number one guided his cock into the lubricated asshole, it was tight, new, a virgin ass. He was slow, gentle at first, three gasped, ‘I’m gonna fucking cum’ ‘not yet, fuck her hard first’ the gentle strokes became firm, hard and firm, speeding up and becoming urgent. The husband leaned in and squeezed both men’s balls. Number three fucked her hard and fast whilst his ass was being fucked. ‘ I’m gonna cum now,’ he cried out and jerked both forward into her cunt and backward to get more cock in his ass as his cock exploded its load into her. Number one pulled his cock out of the asshole and stood back, awaiting instructions. ‘number three you can fuck off now, you are no good to me’. He left. ‘you, lick her dry’ he said to number one. One dropped his head gratefully between her legs and started licking and sucking. She tasted wonderful. He pulled her lips wide apart so he could use his tongue to tease her clit. She was wriggling as number four was still fucking her mouth. Husband saw this and pinched her nipples at the same time as he put his cock in her free hand. He changed the music back to the heavy metal music and turned up the volume again.

She wasn’t sure what was happening, she was so drunk she couldn’t believe what she was feeling, she had a cock in her mouth, one in each hand and one fucking her! She was licking and sucking, wanking and fucking all at the same time. Her jaw was aching from sucking this cock in her mouth, it wasn’t her husbands, who’s was it? She has wriggled in the hope that he would take it out for a short while. As it was she had her nipples pinched and the music changed and it was still in there, she thought someone else had fucked her pussy too but wasn’t sure. She still had a cock in each hand, one in her mouth and a mouth on her cunt. She wriggled some more, willing to take the pain to have a rest for her mouth. It worked this time, although she still got her nipples pinched. The cock was out of her mouth. Her head was lifted and a glass put to her lips. Once again she drank the Jack Daniels, she was past caring how much she was drinking, and convinced she would pass out soon. She was left alone for a few minutes then felt something under her bottom. It felt like a bowl. The earphone was lifted from her ear ‘piss’. She had to piss in the bowl. She was bursting and had no problem obeying. Once she had done this she felt herself drifting again, letting the alcohol overtake her mind.

He watched her piss into the bowl and wiped her dry. He wasn’t into watersports but she was in no fit state to make it to the bathroom this time. She could rest for a few minutes then they could finish off. He had a good finale for the evening planned.

He looked at the remaining three men, they were still hard and number twos fat cock looked ripe, she would love that cock fucking her. Two would go last. ‘This time, number four, you can fuck her, do you want to fuck her cunt or her ass?’

‘Her ass’ he replied quietly, almost embarrassed.

‘Do you like it up the ass?’

‘No’ he replied ‘Then you can’t fuck her ass, you’ve got to know what it feels like to do it properly. You fuck her cunt, good and hard. If you give five minutes of hard fucking you can visit us again’

‘OK’ he replied.

‘Let her suck it first, then come around here and fuck her’

He duly knelt across her face, she seemed half unconscious. He took her face in his hands and opened her mouth, she didn’t respond until he put his cock in, then as if she was on auto pilot she began to suck greedily. He pumped down into her throat, amazed how far he could get. ‘‘Number two, help me untie her ankles, lets get her legs up in the air for this fucking’. They untied her ankles and lifted a leg each, pulling them wide apart exposing her cunt and ass. ‘Number four that’s enough, come and fuck her now’ husband ordered. ‘Five minutes fucking, remember’ four started slowly, playing with her clit, stroking it, coaxing it, she was moaning. ‘number one, shut her up, sit on her face, let her suck, do what you want, just shut her up’ One straddled her face and ground his balls into her face, he pushed his fingers into her mouth and she started to suck on them. He took the wet fingers out then pushed his cock in. All the time watching her being fucked with her legs held high in the air. He took her breasts in his hands and massaged them, they were large and firm. Her nipples were hard and red through being pinched. He pushed down hard into her mouth and she gagged then brought it out and sat on her again. He didn’t want to cum yet, he still had to fuck her. Number four was panting hard, trying not to cum, he had lasted four minutes and was ready to burst. He was watching her gagging on a cock, legs held high, arms tied down, she was blindfolded and could hear nothing of what they were doing. His stroke speeded up, uncontrolled he was cuming, he gripped her legs hard, forcing every bit of his hard cock into her faster and faster he could feel her insides tightening around his cock, she was cuming and so was he. He unloaded his cum into her, sweat falling off his face and landing on her belly. He juddered to a halt and hung his head, he hadn’t made the five minutes he was sure. He withdrew from her and stood back. ‘Five minutes and fifteen seconds, well done, you can come again’. The husband said ‘now fuck off’.

‘Number one, come down here now, your turn to fuck her, ass or cunt?’


‘do you take it up the ass?’


‘good, I might fuck you at the same time, would you like that?’


‘good, lets fuck. Two, we’ll need to get her lets extra high for this, get her ass right up’

The men lifted her legs higher, so her asshole was up in the air, another pillow was placed under her. One took some of the ky jelly and rubbed it into her asshole, it was still soft and open from the earlier fucking. He put his stiff cock against her hole and gently pressed, it popped open eagerly and he slid it in with both men watching intently. He began pumping, slowly, firmly, finding his way into her, he reached down and flicked her clit, puling it and tugging it at the same time pressing hard into her body then he stopped. ‘Finger me, please’ he said. Number two obliged, sliding a finger into his asshole. Then one began to pump her ass, groaning with the pleasure. He tugged her clit hard and pushed his fingers into her cunt all the time being finger fucked by number two. ‘Need more’ he said with husky breath. ‘Allow me’ said the husband. One took hold of her leg so husband could go behind him, he didn’t need any lube, the cock just slid right up his ass. As the husband pushed into his ass he in turn pushed one into the wife’s ass. The thrusts speeded up quickly; one had waited all night for this. The tight ass he was fucking gripped his cock and rippled with pleasure, he was going to spew his hot cum. He thrust and thrust, pleasure coming from front and back. He groaned loudly as his cum spit into her asshole. The hot cock up his own ass did not stop when he did, he bent further over, to take more of it, it felt so good. He was ass fucked for another five minutes before he felt the familiar jerking of a climax, the hot breath, the gasp of pleasure. They both came out of their respective holes. Now only number two was left, with his big fat cock dripping after watching the three of them fuck.

‘You, number two, get her all to yourself, I’m all fucked out’ said husband. ‘Do with her what you will, you’ve seen for yourself, she loves it, can take whatever your going to give her. I’m going to get pissed now’.

He turned off the lights and removed the headphones and blindfold. He untied her arms and removed the pillows from under her bottom. She slowly opened her eyes, getting used to not having the blindfold on and rubbed her wrists where they had been tied. He kissed her slowly, his tongue exploring her mouth, tasting all that she had tasted. ‘Hello Master’ she dared to say.

‘Did you enjoy my surprise? He asked ‘Did you enjoy having a new husband for the evening?’

‘Yes Master’

‘But you didn’t please me did you?’

‘Sorry Master, I tried my best’ She was worried, she wasn’t sure what she had done wrong.

‘All that cock and you only cum twice?’

‘Sorry master, I will do better next time, maybe it was the drink?’

‘Don’t give me excuses! I watered down that whiskey myself’

‘Sorry Master, I await your punishment.’

‘And you’ll get it’ he picked up the rope that he had just removed from her, he slowly tied it around her wrist.

‘Sorry Master, sorry Ma..’ He placed his finger on her lips, she knew she could speak no more. He took the rope and pulled her arm down between her legs. Pushing her legs wide apart he pulled her knee up towards her body and tied the rope around her ankle. He saw she was watching him and placed his fingers gently on her eyes. She knew she would not open them again. Going around to her other side he took that wrist and tied it to her ankle leaving her looking like a frog, with legs wide apart. To ensure she was in a suitable position he took more rope and took it around her knees and back down to the bed, pulling her legs wide. What a pathetic sight. He could see right into her pussy and her ass.

‘You can stay there until I come back, do not move, do not open your eyes, do not speak’

She couldn’t work out how long he had been gone but she must have dozed off because she was alarmed when she felt hot breath on her exposed pussy. Then a tongue and a finger probing her ass hole. Only for a minute then he went again. She wanted more but he was gone. Once again she dozed only to be woken by her head being lifted off the bed. ‘drink, and it’s full strength this time’ she drank and almost choked, whiskey dribbled down her face. ‘bad, bad, now I’ll have to mop you up’ she felt something on her face, it was his cock, catching the spilt whiskey. ‘suck it off, NOW’ he was angry. He pushed his cock deep into her mouth, she sucked and licked. Then he was gone again. The whiskey warmed through her body and she tried to stay awake, he would be back soon. After a short while she felt him straddle her head. His hands on her face pulled her mouth open. ‘don’t suck, just open’ She did as she was told. He pushed his thick cock into her mouth, she gagged. He tilted her head back so she could take more of him. She gagged again. ‘Stop gagging’ he ordered. She tried to obey but gagged more, he carried on going in and out of her mouth, ignoring her. Her pussy was throbbing, she wanted his thick cock inside her pussy. But she had to please her master first. At last he stopped fucking her throat. He sat on her face and pushed his balls into her mouth. ‘Suck them and lick them’ he ordered. Gladly she went to work on them, if only she could masturbate. They were heavy with cum for her as she took them into her mouth and gently sucked one at a time. ‘Enough’ he said, getting off the bed. ‘Keep Still’ he ordered. She knew if she moved she would be punished.

He opened the bedside draw, where she kept her rampant rabbit dildo. He also picked up the large black vibrator that was used earlier. She would pay for being a bad girl. He bent between her tied legs and licked her pussy, then lifted her ass so he could lick that too. With the help of a little ky he slid his finger up her ass then pulled it out again to replace it with two fingers, after a minute of finger fucking her ass he slid three then four fingers in and played with her clit at the same time. He could tell by her breathing that she was almost ready for cumming. He finger fucked her fast and hard then withdrew his fingers and plunged the huge black vibe in and set it buzzing. She gasped. He left it in there and went up to her face, her eyes still shut. ‘do not move and do not cum, if you cum I will never use you again’.

He watched her with the vibe sticking out of her ass, her breathing shallow and fast. The rampant rabbit in his hand, he set it buzzing and rubbed it on his balls, nice. He went over to her and pushed his cock into her pussy and held it there, she gasped loudly. ‘not yet my whore’ he withdrew and pushed the rampant rabbit deep into her, making sure the buzzing ears were playing on her clit, then set the rabbit going, round and round on her clit. She would struggle to stop a climax now. He pushed the black vibe further into her ass, then out, then in again, the rabbit still fucking her cunt and massaging her clit. Her breathing faster she was about to cum. ‘you aren’t cumming are you?’ he asked, although she wasn’t allowed to answer. To make sure he squeezed her ample breasts and rolled her nipples in his fingers. ‘you can’t cum until I fill every hole’ With that he climbed on her face again. ‘Open your mouth, I’m going to fuck your face, then you can cum’

Her head was spinning, the full strength whiskey had had the desired effect. Her body was one huge erogenous zone, wherever he touched almost made her climax. The vibe in her ass and the rabbit were sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. She wanted to cum, she ached to cum. She couldn’t ask her master or plead with her eyes, it was not allowed. She was at his mercy. Her breasts were heaving, she couldn’t catch her breath, she was cumming she couldn’t stop it… then he pushed his cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. He went deep and fucked fast, she surrendered to the orgasm that was tearing its way through her body, jerking and moaning, even with her mouth full. She juddered with pleasure as he pinched her nipples at the exact time the orgasm exploded inside her. Her hips pumped against the vibes, getting every last ounce of pleasure from them. Every muscle in her body went into spasm as the climax subsided; she was totally absorbed in the orgasm. Forgetting where she was she allowed her body to relax. Then, realising her Master would not be pleased she awaited his instruction.

He withdrew from her mouth, hard and hot. He wasn’t finished with her yet. He climbed off her and went to the base of the bed, the rabbit still massaging her clit. He pulled it out and dropped his head to lick out her pussy juices. They tasted good. He could feel the black vibe still buzzin in her ass hole, still keeping her turned on. He was ready now, ready to fuck her cunt. He untied her wrists from her ankles but kept her legs apart, licking the last of her juices before sliding his cock into her cunt. She felt good, he reached up and grabbed her tits, he hadn’t given them a lot of attention tonight. He slowly started pumping into her whilst squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers. ‘open’ he said, she opened her eyes. ‘fuck’ he said, she began to move her hips into his thrusting. ‘cum’ he said, and started fucking her hard, still with the black vibe in her ass, she watched him fucking her, waves of pleasure deep inside, they fucked for a long time, getting deeper and harder all the time, ‘fuck my ass’ she said, he removed the black vibe and slid into her ass, fingering her cunt. He gave a low growl, one that he could not control as he pushed harder into her ass, he didn’t want to cum yet. He took his cock out of her ass and back into her cunt, he did a few strokes and then plunged it back into her ass, he did this time after time, he knew he could do this for ages without cuming but she would cum and cum. Into her cunt, into her ass, she was watching him as he was doing it. ‘play’ he said, she started playing with her clit. All the time holding eye contact with him. He could stop her at any time. She was cumming, he could feel the muscles inside her cunt tightening involuntary. He watched her eyes, they started to glaze over, she was definitely cumming. He stopped everything and stepped away from her. ‘close’ he said, she closed her eyes immediately. ‘Master’ she cried, ‘I’m cumming, please don’t stop’ she begged. Her body arched as the climax wrecked her body, she was unable to stop it. ‘Master, forgive me, please’ she gasped as her hips pumped as if he were still fucking her’. He watched. After a few minutes she grew still, she had to keep still. She knew he would punish her.

Her head was lifted ‘drink’, she drank then he left her alone, he came back thirty minutes later with a cup of warm water, but she didn’t know this.

She wasn’t sure why he had stopped. He had said she could cum earlier. She laid quietly, enjoying the freedom of not being tied up, relaxing as the whiskey numbed her. She heard him come back in the room. He lifted her bottom and put something under it. ‘piss’ he said. She did as she was told, he was really annoyed with her she could tell by his voice.

‘You came without me’

‘Sorry Master, very very sorry, you were making me cum’

‘You are blaming me now?’ he sounded angry ‘Sorry Master, no not at all sir. It was totally my fault, sorry Master’ she grovelled; she had had a lot of punishment tonight.

‘I have to punish you for doing that’

‘Yes Master, whatever you think sir’

She felt him tie the rope around her wrists once more, this time her arms were taken over her head and tied to the corners of the bed above her. Then her ankles were tied wide apart once more. The blindfold was put on along with the headphones. Her head was lifted and the familiar smell of Jack Daniels under her nose told her to drink. She drank, then the music started, death metal, very loud.

After some time the earphone was moved, she heard him growl into her ear ‘I’m going to pour your piss on you’. He had never done that before, she must have been really bad. Nothing happened for some time, the whiskey had its effect and her head was once again woozy. She was almost asleep when pain in her nipples forewarned her that something was going to happen, and it did. She felt the splatter of warm liquid all over, on her tits, her belly, and her pussy, then even on her face. She closed her mouth to stop it going in, her mind racing as to why he would do this. She couldn’t move out of the way, she had to lay there and wait for him to stop. The piss stopped, she felt dirty but horny. Her master must love her to do that to her. The music was changed back to the porn music and the volume lowered. She was left alone again, the urine drying on her skin. When would he return?

He finished pouring the warm water over her, he was tempted to piss on her for real but the idea that she thinks he’s pissed is just as horny. He lit a cigarette and watched it drying on her skin. Playing with his fat cock, it was almost time to finish her off; it had been a long night. He went to the bathroom and came back with a bowl of warm soapy water and warm towel. He stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray and began to wash her. Cleaning her of everything the evening had brought. Gently soaping her breasts then rinsing and drying with the warm towel. Moving downwards cleaning every nook and cranny in her pussy, soothingly massaging warm soapy water into her ass. Once she was clean he surveyed her clean body, tied to the four corners of the bed, she couldn’t see him, she couldn’t hear him but she knew what was coming. He climbed in between her legs and licked her pussy, then eased his cock into her cunt. This time they could both cum, he started slowly, screwing her to the bed. He couldn’t get any further into her, he carried on slowly pumping, working up to a steady fucking. Then he felt the orgasm starting in his balls, deep inside. He carried on pumping, her breath was coming in gasps, he knew how to grind into her and make her cum. If he moved in a certain way he would catch her clit every time. He kept it steady, making it last, teasing her, pumping a little faster each time. The speed suddenly increased, he couldn’t wait much longer. He grabbed her hips and forced himself into her harder and faster, his fingers digging into her love handles. She cried out ‘ fuck me harder’ and he obliged, their breathing erratic and laboured. She was pulling on the ropes, trying to lift her legs, leaving deep red marks on her ankles. He reached across and pulled them loose, immediately her legs were up around his back. Thrusting deeper into her cunt carnal lust took over and they were both in their own world as orgasms gripped their bodies. ‘Uuaarghh’ he cried out, an animal sound from deep within his body as he spewed his spunk into her cunt. He carried on fucking her, feeling his ball sack emptying into her cunt. Her body arched into his. ‘Fuck’ she cried ‘Fuck’ as she climaxed ‘Bastard, fill my cunt’ He jerked as the last of his cum eked out of his cock. He was spent. He leaned up and untied her hands then he laid his full weight on top of her.

Her body ached from the orgasm; his heaviness on her was comforting. She felt protected. He would lay there for some time, he always did. She laid and waited for him and quietly whispered ‘Thank you Master’.

The End

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