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Gone Shopping

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Jane (my best friend) and I went for a walk to the store to get a few things for dinner. My husband, Peter and Tommy, a friend from out of town also took a walk down the trail near our house. We all decided to meet up later at the house. On our way to the store Jane and I were talking about an old friend, Tony. We had not heard from him in a long time. Jane and I had fantasies about him. Well taking Jane to any store is like taking a kid in to Toys-R-US. We got to the grocery store close by and started to shop when Jane saw these two gorgeous guys. Jane is wearing a white spaghetti strap shirts with a opened button down shirt and tight daisy dukes (shorts), she was looking hot herself. I on other hand was wearing a black spaghetti strap shirt with a purple opened button down shirt and black mid-thigh jean skirt. Well, Jane and I saw the camping chairs way up on the high shelf so we try to reach them but it was just to far out of our reach. Jane says to me loudly enough for them to hear her ?damn it we can?t reach them?. So the two gorgeous guys walk to over to us and asks ? Ladies, do you need some assistance?? We reply ? Yes with these camping chairs, we just can?t seem to reach them, you two gorgeous looking men sure look like you can, so you mind getting us two down please??, with a grin on our faces. They said ? Sure?. As they got two chairs off the shelf , they introduced themselves as Steve and Jon. We introduced ourselves and shook hands with these two gorgeous guys. Steve has sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes with a body any women would like. Jon has light brown hair with blue eyes. We thanked them for their help getting the chairs down and started walking away looking back smiling. We proceeded with our shopping as we think Steve and Jon purposely found us again. As they had came up to us and asked what we were doing later. We said we had to go cook dinner as Peter and Tommy were strolling, Steve said ?that?s ok, here let me give you ladies my number and you can call when you want us. We took the number and said ?Ok, we will be in touch. As we continued with our shopping, we turned down the aisle to get some beer and other drinks we may need or want when we ran into Tony. Jane and I almost had a heart attack. We yelled out ?TONY!? He turned and looked at us and his mouth dropped open as he saw us walking toward him. He was looking pretty hot himself. We started talking and ended up inviting him over for dinner. Tony said he would meet us back at my place to help us with dinner. We said ? Ok give us thirty minutes and we will be home, we have to get a few more things?.

By the time we got back to my trailer, Tony was waiting for us. Peter and Tommy was not back yet so I started dinner. Tony had helped with the dishes afterwards. After all the dishes and the food was put away we went over to the "Get Away Trailer". The trailer has three rooms the private room , the bar room, and the dance/ hang out room. Jane put the music on and Tony and I poured us some drinks. Well after three shots of Vodka, Jane was in her teasing mood. Poking Tony and goosing me. Well the next thing I know Jane is kissing me with her thin but luscious lips and grabbing Tony's cock. When Tony realized what was happening he nearly lost it. As fast as it started she stopped and left the room. Jane left Tony and me in the bar room wondering what the hell just happened and what to do next. I do have to admit seeing her rubbing his cock and kissing me was such a turn on. About a minute passed and I told Tony that I was going to look for Jane. Tony said to holla if I need help. I knew where Jane was in the private room with a really big bed and loads of toys. To my surprise Jane was butter-ball naked and I stood in the doorway watching as she masturbated. Finding my own clit I began to rub it too. Jane noticed me in the door way and had asked for another drink. I didn't want to miss her masturbating so I called for Tony to bring us another round of drinks. While Tony was getting the drinks I went to go sit on the bed but Jane took my pants off before I could sit down. Then she handing me my favorite purple 6" toy. When Tony walked in he nearly lost it again to see one and a half naked women in the bedroom playing with toys. He hands us our drinks while staring between us. Jane pats the bed next to her, so Tony awestruck did as he was told. Jane looked at me and I knew she wanted to play, she also knew it was up to Tony. She snuggled up to him taking her hands and rubbing ever so slow up his inner thigh. Tony's pants looked like they were going to bust open. Jane knowing that he was wanting the same thing as Jane and me wanted, we unzipped his pants and revealed a big luscious cock. Knowing I want to suck it Jane began and I joined in. Slowly up and down. Making sure to hit all those sensitive spots on the cock and balls. Well having two beautiful women sucking his cock Tony lost it twice. Hot sweet cum came squirting out like a water fall all over Jane's stomach. Well blowing two loads at once Tony need to get cleaned up a little. By the time Tony came back into the room he was naked and looking sexy as ever. His chest wasn't a six pack but wasn?t flabby, muscular legs and arms, baby he can wrap me up in them any time. So when he came back into the room he dove on Jane's pussy because it was the only one open. Jane loves to eat my pussy. I could hear her moaning and groaning which drove her to eat me faster and soon Jane and I were cumming together. Jane looks up at me with cum dripping off of her chin with a naughty look in her eyes. Reaching for the bin that holds all of the toys and pulls out the strap-on. Handing it to me to help her put it on as she is rubbing my titties. I get on my hands and knees over Tony's face so he can eat me while I am sucking his big throbbing cock. Jane got behind me, she slowly teasing my pussy with the strap-on working me up to a small climax. She lets Tony lick it up and then ever so slowly sticks it in and thrusts her hips getting into a good rhythm with Tony. I felt Tony moaning as he was licking and sucking my clit and I knew he was on the verge of cumming. I also felt my orgasm working up and hearing Jane moaning, I knew she too was on the edge of cumming. Jane lightly spanked my ass as all three of us came together. I swallowed that hot delicious cum as Tony got up with a cum-filled face. Tony was going to go wash his face when Jane started kissing and licking my sweet cum off his face. We took a break to have a drink in the bar room. Jane gets up on the bar decides to lay on her back with legs spread open, I decide to go lick some of that sweet juicy pussy of hers to return the favor. This was to much for Tony and he gets on the bar behind me. He slowly teases my clit with the head of his cock when I push back so he can put it in me. I moan with pleasure as I eat Jane's pussy. We hear someone ask "can we join in?",much to our surprise Peter (my hubby) and Tommy (close friend) had come home from their walk, rubbing their cocks in their pants. I stopped and let Peter and Tommy have a lick at Jane. I would go down with Peter or Tommy and play tongue chase on Jane's clit and pussy. Tommy decided he was gonna go and suck on Peter's cock. I told Tommy to put his cock in front of me so I can suck it while Tony was still fucking my now dripping pussy that Jane was now underneath me licking my clit was all I or Tony could stand and we both came all over Jane's face. I was still sucking Tommy when Jane decided to come and help me and she started to lick his balls, he moaned with pleasure as I felt his cock pulse and his warm cum shoots in my mouth and down my throat. All the while Peter(my wonderful hubby) cheering me on as he knows I can swallow every drop came over to me and kissed me then kneeling down as he said to me "its my turn to have your mouth" while Tony is ready to fuck Jane. He lays down on his back and she climbs on top of him inserting his cock slowly in her pussy. I stop and tell her that he has a nice cock and to fuck it good. Tommy is stroking his cock as I look out the corner of my eye and I see him bring it to Peter to suck. Once Peter has him hard he slowly sticks it in my pussy, inch by inch, it feels so good that I moan with pleasure as I'm sucking Peter's cock that I stop and tell Peter that I want to DP with him and Tommy, shocked as he was he kissed me and we got arranged to make it happen. Tony and Jane are now fucking in doggie style. Tommy laid down and I got on top of him and he put that wonderful cock back in my wet soaking pussy and Peter rubbed some lube and stuck his finger in my ass to help relax me, then he slowly entered my hole until I got used to it and we got a rhythm going. All you could hear were sounds of moaning pleasure. This was to much for Tony and Jane as they both came together. I felt Tommy's cock pulsing as it shot out cum deep in my pussy. Peter was not far behind as he pulled out and finished my Tommy cum-filled pussy. We all collapsed as we were out of breathe. Jane pops up butter-ball naked and asks "Can I have, we have, our drink now?"

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