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Giving Into The Temptation

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I think about her a lot more now that she is gone. I miss the time that we spent together while our husbands were gone. She made it clear that she wanted me from the beginning. The moments when I slept next to her in bed, afraid to make a move, but knowing that if I did it would be great. I wish now that I could go back...

We were great together; watching movies, going out to eat, doing each other's hair. I knew about her sexual wants and needs, yet could never bring myself to make the first move.

Tonight I was staying over for the last time before she would leave. It was now or never. We were having our last drink before bed; iced cold, bright orange screwdrivers in little glasses. It was so hot tonight that every time we took a sip the dew collected on the glass would run down and fall onto our legs.

I wanted to kiss her so bad when she got close to me. She grabbed her cherry lip balm and, ever so lightly, put it on her juicy lips. She reached over my body to find the remote hidden between the folds of the tan colored couch we were sitting on. My passion took over and I kissed her lightly at first so that I could take in this moment and taste her. Her lips were soft and her tongue was warm. I was growing hungry inside. I wanted her now more than ever.

Our kisses got stronger and more urgent while our hands were wondering over each other's body. She could feel my body quiver with anticipation of her next move. She slowly trailed her hand from the back of my neck to the front of my chest where she stayed for a few seconds to play with my erect nipples. She followed down my stomach lightly gliding her fingers across until she reached the green drawstring of my pajama pants. She squeezed her hand between my pants and underwear until she reached my inner thigh.

We kissed more intensely while we were muffling our moans. My hand was under her shirt grasping her large tits while slowly circling her nipples. I stopped kissing her to lift up her shirt. I wanted to see the red flush of her nipples and feel them in my mouth. I sucked lightly at first, then used more pressured which made her moan even louder. She moved her hand closer and slid it under my moist, pink, mesh panties to feel my neatly shaven pussy. I was so wet that she slid her finger right into me and made me shudder with pleasure. She continued to move her finger in and out in a rhythmic mode feeling me get tighter and tighter. I knew that I would have exploded soon if I did not stop her, I wanted this to last. I grabbed her hand and slowly removed it.

I got up off the couch and kneeled down in front of her between her legs. I lifted up her shirt and grabbed my glass off the coffee table. I took a sip and caught an ice cube in my mouth. I held it between my lips as I ran it along her neck, down her chest, around her belly button, and back up to each nipple. It melted before I reached her second nipple but the coldness was still there. She was gasping for air in between her moans with her head pushed back into the couch. I gradually removed her pink monkey pajama bottoms to expose her black thong. I noticed the wetness gathered in between her legs.

I got up and went into her bedroom, opened the bottom drawer of her dresser, and grabbed the biggest vibrator that she had. I brought it back into the living room with me and her eyes seemed to light up. I got back down on my knees, in between her legs, and slid a finger into her warm, wet pussy. I have never felt the inside of a woman, not even myself. I rocked my finger back and fourth feeling her getting more wet and tighter.

Slowly, I removed my finger and inserted the vibrator. I leaned down and gently licked her big, warm clit. She bucked her body into each thrust I made. I knew she was getting close because my hand was dripping with her juice. It was so warm and sweet. She left out one loud moan and waves of pleasure washes over her. She grabbed the vibrator and removed it from her pulsating pussy and laid it on the table.

She forcefully pushed me down onto the floor and kissed me hard. She tasted her own sweet juice with each lick of my lips. She pulled off my bottoms and tore my underwear- she has wanted this since we first met and wasn't holding back. She teased me with each kiss she placed between my thighs while caressing my breasts.

Inch by inch she slid her long slender finger into my dripping wet pussy while passionately kissing me. She slid her head down while her hair trailed over my stomach until she reached my pleasure point. Her tongue felt warm and spongy against my throbbing clit. She licked at a fast pace while thrusting her finger in and out, feeling me entirely. With each push I bucked into her hand until my pussy got so tight it pushed her out. She continued working on my clit with her tongue licking faster than before.

Within seconds I was screaming her name, bucking my hips, and feeling the sensation of my warm liquid streaming down my ass and thighs. She gave me one last kiss below before lying beside me on the floor. I gave her a sweet kiss with a little tongue parting her lips while I removed the hair from her face in a romantic way. We both looked at each other and knew. It was time for a shower...and maybe round two.

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