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Girls Night Out

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What a day at work! It was a typical day with the added stress of a market deadline pressing down on me. When I got home, Michelle had beaten me there by a few minutes and was standing at the kitchen island looking through the mail when I walked in. She apparently could tell it had been a rough day and gave me a good hug. I could feel the stress go away feeling her body next to mine. After the hug, I went on into the bedroom to get out of my work clothes and put on something more comfortable. Michelle came in a few minutes later holding a letter of some kind in her hand with a slight smile on her face. I asked what she was smirking about. She said she had received an invitation to a sex toy party at a friend's house and thought that the news would make me forget about the day a bit. I laughed and said thinking about her buying a new toy absolutely makes me happy! She said, there is one catch, it's at Julie's. Julie and her husband live a littler over an hour away from us which meant that she would either get home late that night or she would need to stay the night and come back the next morning. I said that it would be fun and an opportunity to hang out with the girls and feel naughty. She agreed and began looking forward to the night out that was two weeks away.

The day came, and Michelle was excited about getting away for the night and I was excited that when she came home, I knew we would have some fun play time. She kissed me bye, and she was off. Over the next hour, we texted back and forth about what she might buy at the party, which led to some pretty dirty talk. I like to pull her into sex talk any time we are apart; it gives me something to think about if I am alone for the night.

Later that night, I received a call from Michelle and she said that they had a really good time at the party. She had learned some new BJ techniques that she couldn't wait to try out. She bought some oils and lotions and two new vibrators; one that was small and looked like a lip stick case that she could carry with her and not worry about someone seeing it and knowing what it was. The second one she said was for me. It was a really big and thick. I love watching her use a big dildo pretending it's another guy fucking her. It has always been an incredibly sexy fantasy to watch her with another guy. She said that they were having a good time and a few girls were hanging around for a while to drink some and she would give me a call in the morning. So we said good night and I soon feel asleep.

The next morning, the phone rang at about nine. It was Michelle in a very sleepy, erotic voice. "Good morning!" We talked for a few minutes and she said she wanted me to go get the boat and come over to Brad and Julie's for the day. I said that sounded like fun. As we finished talking about the plans for the day, it seemed like she wanted to say something but wouldn't spit it out. The conversation began to linger on and I finally said your acting kind of funny what's up? She said I have a story to tell you. Intrigued and excited, I said what about? She said, last night the first part of the party was to help everyone relax. We played a game to help everyone open up a little and to relieve any embarrassment about such a private subject as sex. Then we had a lesson on oral sex; both guy to girl and girl to guy. One of the girls blurted out what about girl to girl? It got a good laugh from all of us. As the night went on, I got more and more excited about all of the toys and the frank talk from everyone. I was standing with Julie looking at everything and I told her if they made a toy that felt as good as someone licking my pussy...I would by it in a minute. I realized how blunt I had just sounded. Julie looked at me with a grin and said someone? Could that someone be a guy or a girl? I decided in a split second that this was my chance to test the water with her. I said I have had and liked both, so it doesn't matter to me. Yea, yea, yea, we are going to have fun later tonight, erupted from Julie. I quickly felt a tingle between my legs and my knees were week. She said follow me, so I followed her into the bathroom. Julie is a good bit shorter than Michelle and very cute, with a little pug nose, big mouth and pouty lips. She has small titties and a great ass. By now in Michelle's story, I was getting hard anticipating what she was about to tell me. When we walked into the bathroom, I closed the door and she said I want to kiss you. We kissed for a few minutes with our tongues exploring each other and she reached down gently rubbed my pussy under my skirt and through my panties...I think she was just checking to see if I was wet. Then she pulled back and said I can't wait to get everybody out of here. I said what about Aubrey, isn't she staying here tonight too? She said yes and you'll love her!

The anticipation over the next thirty minutes about drove me crazy. I had a few more drinks and was ready when the last person left. We all went to the bedroom and quickly started getting undressed. Aubrey had blond shoulder length hair and was about my height, and was completely shaved. When Julie slid her panties down and off, she held them up to me and said see what you did to me? They were completely drenched from her wetness. We all crawled onto the bed and began rubbing and nibbling on each other. I have never felt anything so erotic! You know how I love to kiss; I pulled Julie's face to me and kissed her for a few minutes while Aubrey was gently licking and sucking my nipples. I think I had my first of many orgasms right then. I finished kissing Julie and Aubrey had moved over and propped herself comfortably on a few pillows with her legs open wide rubbing herself. It has been a long time since I have licked a girl, but knew I wanted to taste her. So I got on my knees in front of her and began licking long slow licks just on the outside of her pussy. The smell of her sex made me want to dive right in, but I held back, took it slow and did the best I could to make her beg me to lick her clit. Every time she would move her hips to get me to hit the right spot, I would pull away slightly. Julie was sitting right beside me watching the action. I returned my focus to Aubrey and went to work on making her cum. It only took a few minutes and when she came, I remembered how you like to taste me when I cum, so I stuck my tongue deep inside her and drank it down. Wow! I was so worked up and needed to cum myself! When I moved away from Aubrey, Julie was quick to come to my aid. She started licking me from bottom to top, and quickly focused on my clit. I was squirming all over the place and then a gush of deep pleasure came over me. We all lay there for a few minutes gathering ourselves. Julie was the only one that had not cum yet, and she asked me to get the new dildo I had bought earlier. She said that Brad is very good and takes care of her but she had never had a cock the size of that dildo. I went and got it and returned to find Aubrey getting her ready. I began to rub the dick up and down her pussy to get it wet, and then begin to push it in. It took a few times in and out to get enough wetness on it for it to slide in. I was moving it in and out slowly and it was amazing to watch her lips stretch with every thrust. She was moaning and obviously loving the fucking she was getting. Aubrey moved up to straddle Julie's face while facing towards me. I could see how wet Aubrey was and Julie's tongue swirling around her clit. I begin to increase my speed on Julie and she in turn picked up the speed on Aubrey. I reached for the smaller vibrator and touched it to Julie which sent her over the edge. Almost at the same time, Aubrey began to cum a second time. When it was over we all fell asleep together.

Aubrey had to leave early this morning, so it gave Julie and I some time to talk. We talked about how much fun we had and how unbelievable it was. I told her that I hoped she didn't mind, but that you and I have an agreement that if either of us ever had the opportunity to have sex with someone, that we would tell each other about it in detail. She said she understood and the reason Brad wasn't here last night is he knew I wanted some time with were a surprising bonus! Brad will be excited that you were involved last night. We have had fantasies about you and John while having sex many times. He will be excited to hear that he is one step closer to maybe getting to fuck you. With that I felt a little twinge because I thought you would love to have a piece of Julie's ass and I have always been attracted to Brad. That's when we put a plan together to go out on the boat today. Are you interested?

What a question! I couldn't get off the phone quick enough now. I grabbed a few things and quickly went and hooked up to the boat and headed to the river. Julie got in touch with Brad and an hour and a half later we were all on the boat. We spent the entire day hanging out having a great time. We had plenty of beer since it was a hot day, and the water felt great. The girls spent a lot of time on the boat lying in the sun on the sundeck in the front of the boat, while Brad and I pretty much stayed in the water. It gave Brad and me an opportunity to talk about what had happened the night before with the girls and admitted that it was an incredible turn-on. Although it was a bit awkward, especially since we work together, we talked about our interest in each other's wives. We realized that neither one of us had ever done this kind of thing but as most guys do, we fantasized about it. We agreed that if things went that way later, we were okay with it.

Later in the day, we decided to go over to a little place on the river and pick up a pizza to-go. We got a little more beer as well, and headed back out onto the water. It was getting dusky-dark and we found a secluded spot off of the main water where we could anchor down and eat our pizza. We all sat up front and ate and drank more beer. The sunset was beautiful, but was now gone. You could hear the faint sounds of frogs, locusts and crickets. It was nice to be so relaxed with friends. Julie spoke up and said she wanted to go skinny dipping. Without waiting for much response from the rest of us, she peeled off her white 2-piece and dove in. It all happened so fast, I hardly even got to look at her body...damn! She cackled out from the water that we all were a bunch of chickens. With that, we each stripped and jumped in. We splashed and played for a while until it was good and dark and knew it was time to get on the boat and dry off. Brad climbed up first, dried off and then sat facing us all on the back of the engine compartment. Michelle went out next and was within a foot of Brad's dick as she climbed up the ladder. I was sure that she got a good look at what he had to offer. Julie and I began to swim towards the boat and got to the ladder at about the same time. I smiled and offered, ladies first. She gave me a smartass look and climbed the ladder. She knew that I was going to be watching her ass. I moved onto the ladder right behind her and watched as she went up. I could see her pussy lips right in front of me and briefly thought about the fun the girls had the night before. We all wrapped in towels to dry off, but no one got dressed. I turned on some soft music and went to Michelle and started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck from behind. She let me continue and I began softly rubbing her titties and kissing her. We moved to the front of the boat and lay down on the sundeck. I slid between her legs and started eating away at her pussy. I looked up to see Brad in the captain's chair and Julie on her knees giving him a blowjob. With the deck lights on inside the boat, I could see that Brad was about my size and Julie was doing a number on his dick. I returned my attention to Michelle and soon had her purring like a kitten. She pulled me up to her and said I need you inside me. I slowly eased my cock into her and began to build momentum. We fucked for a few minutes, but she stopped and said she wanted to get on her hands and knees with me behind her. She positioned so she was facing Brad & Julie who were now going at it themselves. Brad was sitting on the back seat facing us and Julie was straddled on his lap bouncing up and down. We were now all fucking and watching each other. I soon came and needed to relax a few minutes and we all sat around for a little bit. I got up to walk to the back to get another beer, and as I did Michelle asked Brad if he would mind bringing her a beer. When he got to the front of the boat, she grabbed the beer and his hand and said, why don't you stay up here for a while. She looked at me as if to say, stop me now or there's no turning back. I motioned an okay sign and looked at Julie. She was sweating on her face and I could see Brad's cum running out of her. That has always been another part of a fantasy of mine was to fuck someone that was still messy from sex with someone else. I sat down beside her and began kissing her. She had the softest lips! I was rubbing her wet pussy and couldn't wait to put my dick inside her. We stood up and she bent over and held on to the back of the boat while I entered in one full stroke. She gasped and began a loud whimper as I pounded her. Michelle and Brad had begun their fun as well. Brad was between her legs licking like crazy and I could hear Michelle's moans and knew that she was close to cumming. As soon as she hit the peak and subsided, Brad moved up, grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders and drove his dick hard into her. She was now screaming with pleasure, begging him to fuck her harder. I couldn't believe how long he was able continue to pound into her without cumming, but it finally happened. He exploded a big load of cum inside her. I whispered to Julie and asked her if she liked to get fucked in the ass? She pulled away from me a bit so that my dick came out of her and then pulled her ass checks apart with her hands and said to go slow. I put the tip of my cock at her ass and began a steady push. With a little patience from me and relaxation from her, it began to go in. I pulled out a time or two as I pushed back in. Finally the head went all the way in. I stopped for a minute until she began to move again. I pushed in completely and she moaned slightly. I began a slow motion pump and soon was fucking her ass with a steady rhythm. The tightness of her rim soon had me ready to cum and I asked her if she wanted it in her ass. Yes! And I filled her up with every drop I had in me. We sat down and realized we had an audience with Michelle and Brad. We all had a big laugh and talked about how much fun that was. We all jumped back in the water one more time to wash off, and then we headed home. Once we were alone and on the way back home, I asked Michelle if she had enjoyed herself this weekend. Oh my gosh was all she could say. I had no idea that when I left yesterday that I would have had so much wild sex. I told her how much I love her and that she can go to a toy party any time she wants to!

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