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George and Julie Meet Their New Neighbor

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George and Julie Meet Their New Neighbor

Julie and I were so excited about moving into our new condo. We had been trying to buy a house for so long but the more we saved for a down payment the higher house prices would climb. When the housing market crashed, it turned out to be a blessing for us. I felt like we had stolen this condo, we had looked at one in the same complex a year ago and it was a hundred thousand higher that what we paid for ours.

After settling in our new neighbor came over to introduce herself, her name was Phoebe. She told us her and her husband had lived in their place for quite awhile and were very happy there. I asked Phoebe what had happened to the people who had lived in our new place.

"George, it really is a tragic story. John and I really liked them; it was so nice to have them as neighbors. In fact, you two remind me of them. Then out of the blue one day Joyce told me that Charles had moved out, he told her he wanted a divorce. Poor Joyce couldn't afford the condo on just her salary and what a bad time to try and sell, she lost a lot of money."

Phoebe invited us to dinner for Friday evening and we were happy to accept. Then she left so we could finish unpacking.

"George she sounds so nice, I hope we get along it would be so nice to have a friend living so close."

While I was agreeing aloud with my wife, what I was thinking was 'it sure is nice to have a woman with a body like Phoebe's living so close.'

We both went to bed exhausted, but I wasn't tired I was Horny. I kept thinking about our new neighbor's body. My wife is a pretty young woman slim and athletic, but Phoebe was a woman with full breasts and hips and curves everywhere. Her lips were also full with dark red lipstick that made them look ready to kiss. Whereas my wife was blond with short hair, Phoebe had long dark hair that framed her tanned face and cascaded down her back. I could now understand what men mean when they talk about 'MILFs'. The more I thought like this the more excited I became until I grabbed my wife by the shoulders and turned her to face me. I mounted her like a dog in heat.

"Oh my god George, what has got into you? Ohh, don't stop keep going, yes, harder, harder, oh..."

I came with a shuddering climax and Julie came at the same time. I collapsed on top of her, breathing hard, we were both covered in sweat. Julie and I made love all the time and it was great, but this was fucking; raw and hard, this was new to us.

"George that was so good, I can't remember the last time I came like that. What got you so turned on?"

"I was laying here too tired to go to sleep, and I started to think about our new neighbor with her 'built like a brick shit house' body and it kinda turned me on."

"Oh my god George, you too, I was doing the same thing. She is such a striking woman I couldn't help but think about her body with all those curves. Next to her I look like a boy, I am so jealous and did you notice her hair, she could do a shampoo commercial..."

I couldn't take anymore talk I crawled up and stuck my cock in her mouth. My actions shocked her but I think she was as turned on as I because she began to suck me, as she never had before. It didn't take too long for me to cum again and when I had finished I rolled off her and on my back. As soon as I lay down my wife jumped up, straddled my face, and commanded me to make her cum. Finally both of us satisfied we fell asleep.

In the morning, I let Julie sleep as I showered and got dressed for work. She joined me for breakfast, as we sat drinking coffee Julie said,

"I'm glad it's you going to work today and not me. I am already exhausted, George you wore me out last night."

"I know what you mean; I could go back to bed right now. You may be off today but you know there is still a lot of work to do around here, so don't go taking the whole day off."

I kissed my wife and left for work, as I walked to the garage I saw Phoebe coming up the walk. I could feel myself getting firm as we neared each other.

"Good morning George, how was your first night in your new place?"

"It was fantastic Phoebe, although we didn't get much sleep."

Phoebe chuckled but only said, "Well you have a good day at work. Has your wife left already?"

"No she is off today so she can get our place ready."

"That's nice, do you think she would mind if I offered to help?"

I assured her that Julie would be delighted if only for the company, and then left for work. All the way to work, I kept fantasizing about our new neighbor and it was all I could do not to jack off in the car as I drove to work.

I was hoping for a quick in and out at work, make an appearance give my work a lick and a promise and then duck out early. As luck would have it we had a total melt down, a pissed off customer which made a pissed off boss. Not only did I not get out early, I left late. By now, I was extremely tired, I just wanted to go home, and if not right to bed at least a long nap.

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew my plans had been changed. I heard laughter coming from the kitchen and the only laughter I recognized was the laugh my wife made when she was drunk. I walked in the kitchen to find Julie and Phoebe plus a man that had to be Phoebe's husband. As John was introduced to me, I felt a twinge of jealousy. He had to be in his early fifties, with the type of grey hair that made him look like a movie star. He was tall and still muscular, in such a way it made me think that he must have played football when he was young. John made me a drink from my own bar without even asking me what I wanted. He seemed more at ease in my house than I did as we discussed the pros and cons of condo living. Phoebe noticed Julie nodding off, "John, lets' go home and let these poor tired people get some sleep. Julie said they were going like rabbits all last night."

"OK then let's go home and pretend we're rabbits."

With that, they said good night but when Phoebe noticed how unsteady my wife was, she told John to go ahead, and then offered to help take care of Julie. John laughed and warned me about his wife being a mother hen, then headed out the door.

"OK George, help me get Julie to bed."

As soon as we laid Julie on our bed, she was out cold. Phoebe proceeded to take off all of Julie's clothes. I was stunned how this woman we hardly knew would take my wife's clothes off, even her bra and panties. I watched in a trance as Phoebe began rubbing Julie's nipples.

"I just love your wife's, what do they call it, oh yeah landing strip. I have a furry bush, but that's what my husband likes. Julie has such beautiful little titties. Do you see how they stand up? These big old tits of mine flop all over the place if I'm not wearing some kind of super support bra."

Without a thought of the consequences I walked up behind, and put my arms around her holding her breasts in both hands and caressing them.

"I think you have the sexiest pair of tits I have ever seen, and I know the sexiest I have ever held."

As I rubbed her nipples through her blouse, she continued to do the same to my wife.

"Your wife is passed out yet her tiny nipples still get hard. See must be very sensuous."

Phoebe turned around in my arms and put those luscious lips against mine. I turned into an animal; I pulled her sweater up, just releasing my lip lock long enough to pull it over her head. However, no matter what I did I could not get her bra undone. Compared to my wife's little sports bra, this thing looked more like a safety harness. Phoebe chuckled,

"Let me do that for you, sweetie."

As if she knew the magic touch, one hand, two fingers, her bra slid down her arms and on to the floor with her sweater.

Next, she presented those luscious globes to my lips. She held her breast in one hand as my mouth covered her large nipple, with her other hand stroking my hair, she moaned,

"Yes, yes, that feels so right, keep going, yes, yes."

There was no way I could keep going, I had to have this woman, and I had to have her right now. In a move of pure stupidity, I pushed her onto the bed right next to my wife, I didn't care, and I was beyond rational thought. At this point in time, the only thing that mattered was getting between her thighs and impaling her with my cock. Phoebe put her hand up to stop me, I thought no, please, I need, and I have to have this woman. No, she wasn't stopping me, she reached into the pocket of the skirt pulled up around her waist and pulled out a condom. She expertly ripped it open with her teeth and put it on my cock. Phoebe was like no one I had ever fucked, I felt her pussy squeezing my cock, milking it, and the harder I fucked her the more she wanted. I knew there was no way I could last, yet I didn't want to appear like a kid to her. I opened my eyes (I didn't even notice I had closed them) and saw Phoebe rubbing my wife's nipple as I was fucking her. Phoebe's eyes locked on mine with a lusty stare,

"Cum in me George, cum in me right now, I beg you."

That was all it took, I released spasm after spasm of cum, shuddering the whole time.

As I lay on top of her, our bodies glistening with sweat in the little light next to the bed, she looked up at me and grinned.

"Sweetie, you're pretty ballsy, fucking me in the same bed your wife is sleeping in. It's a good thing I'm not a screamer"

My head snapped back into reality and I looked over to my wife. As I jumped, I pulled the condom off my limp dick spilling its contents inside Phoebe. Her hand still caressing Julie's breast, she said,

"If that's the way you treat condoms, we just won't bother using them anymore."

I apologized, telling her I had not worn them since I had been married.

Thank god, Julie was still out cold, she was even snoring. Embarrassed, I whispered, "We should get up."

"Maybe we should get dressed also," Phoebe added. She went into the bathroom taking our used condom to flush and to clean up the mess I left in her while I dressed in some sweats.

After dressing, we went to the kitchen to get some coffee. I tried to apologize for being so forward but Phoebe put a finger to my lips.

"That is just what I wanted, no needed, a young vibrant cock to scratch me just where I itched. Thank you George you were perfect."

I looked at the clock and noticed how late it was.

"What about John won't he wonder what happened to you?"

"Oh, he knows what is happening to me."

"Do you mean he doesn't care?"

"To tell you the truth George, John wants your wife, and he thinks if he lets you have me first, you won't mind when he takes Julie."

I sat in silence mulling this over. Could I let this man fuck my wife, just for the chance to fuck his? It didn't take me long to realize I had just had the best sex of my life and at this time I couldn't think of anything I wouldn't give up just for another time with her. With a snap back into reality, I knew Julie would never go for this. Julie is not a prude, but swinging, no way.

"There is no way Julie would ever consent to having sex with your husband."

Phoebe laughed again (god I love her laugh. How can a laugh be sexy?),

"I'm sorry George, but once John goes after a woman he wants, there is no way she can resist him. I should know he got me. It's late, I should go home..."

I took her into my arms and we hungrily started kissing again. I sank down to my knees and put my head up her skirt. I was so glad she had put her panties into her pocket; this left me access to her furry pussy. I caressed her clit in my lips; I held it firmly in my teeth while biting and sucking it like a little cock until she came. Next, I lowered my face into her pussy sticking my tongue deep inside her. She was so wet, juices running down her vulva and onto my face. She held my head through her skirt and began rubbing her wet slit across my face.

"George, don't stop, don't stop, oh yes, yes, right..."

She climaxed again and collapsed on top of me, I held her by her ass and continued to lick and suck. I wanted all of her juices and when she was able to stand again, I opened her engorged lips like flower petals, then stuck my face right in the middle of her, all the while I kept licking up her flowing juices like it was the nectar of the gods. Finally, Phoebe cried,

"Stop George I can't take anymore I think I am going to faint."

She pulled her skirt off of my head as I still kept licking. At last, I stood my face shinny and wet. She began kissing me, then licking her own wetness off my cheeks. My cock was standing out strait pushing my sweats out like a tent pole. She giggled like a teenager,

"I can't leave with that thing sticking up like that. I am just too sore to fuck again, let me see what I can do."

She knelt in front of me while pulling my sweats down to my ankles. As she swallowed my cock right down to my balls, I held her head and started fucking her mouth, I was concerned she might gag but no, she kept swallowing my cock as I kept moving in and out of her mouth. I looked down and our eyes locked as I saw her luscious red lips wrapped around my cock. That was all it took I came in torrents. She took it all not spilling a drop. Then she stood and kissed me deeply, I could taste my sperm on her tongue but I didn't care. Kissing her was like an aphrodisiac, I could not get enough. At last she pulled away and again said,

"I have to go, I can't take anymore, you have exhausted me."

After Phoebe left I glanced at the clock, I had to get up to go to work in less than an hour. I could not believe it, we had fucked all night. I decided not to go to bed; I would never get up in time to go to work. As soon as I thought about work, I thought about my wife. Oh, my god I forgot about my wife! How could I look her in the eye and she not know what I had done? As long as we had been married we had not strayed, we were loyal to each other. Julie liked to tease me about other girls, asking me if I wanted to get into their panties. It was a large part of our lovemaking, fantasizing about bringing other people into our bed. However, it was never real only fantasy, now not only had I strayed I had used our bed with my wife sleeping right next to us.

I went to our bedroom and was happy to find Julie still sleeping. (Or was it, passed out?) I looked at our bed, what a mess, it was still wet from our mingled sweat and juices, and the aroma was still arousing to me. I felt a tingle in my groin, I told myself to straighten up, I had work to do. I pulled the covers up to try to hide the wet sheets. Next, I jumped in the shower, as much as I hated the thought I had to wash off some of Phoebe's scent. As I washed my cock and balls, I got another erection and couldn't stop myself from jacking off again. I jumped as the shower door opened and Julie got in. She looked terrible and I knew she had a bad hangover. She leaned against the shower and started peeing; it blasted against my legs in a steady stream.

"I'm sorry honey, I just have to go. I feel so bad that I passed out on you last night. Here let me do that for you."

She started to rub my cock leaning in to kiss me with the worst case of morning breath I had ever smelt. She saw me frown,

"Sorry, I haven't brushed my teeth yet, why don't I do it this way."

She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. I kept looking at her, daintily sliding my penis in and out of her mouth, and then she would just lick the tip with a kiss. It felt really good, but I could only think of Phoebe hungrily swallowing my whole cock, and when I thought of that, I came just as Julie was kissing the tip, spraying cum all over her face. She stood up washing her face off in the shower.

"Honey I don't even remember us making love last night but by the look of the bedclothes we must of had a good time."

"At least I had a good time you were just about out cold." I answered truthfully for probably the only time today.

As we got dressed Julie talked nonstop about our new neighbors,

"I'm so happy they live next door, I already love Phoebe. She is like the big sister I never had."

I was thinking, yeah if you have an incestuous relationship with your big sister.

"I'm thinking more like the older girl who lived next door."

"No George, big sister, she has already told me more than any neighbor wood."

"Like what?"

"I'll tell you when you get home tonight; I've got to get ready for work. Don't wear yourself out today George I've got plans for you."

I was already worn out, but I didn't say anything. We kissed goodbye and left for work at the same time.

My day at work was much lighter that the day before, (that was just a day ago?) I even got home early. Julie was already home and had changed into a sexy little shift that showed her long legs and a pair of sandals that showed off her red toenails.

"You sure look sexy in that little dress."

She spun around for me giving me just a glimpse of the black thong she was wearing.

"I glad you like it, did you see my new pedicure? I got it at lunch today. Now hurry up get ready, put on something nice, we are going next door for cocktails. I can't wait I want to get a look at Phoebe's house."

I couldn't wait either but all I wanted was to get a look at Phoebe. I changed into slacks and a silk shirt that Julie got me for my birthday.

"Honey that looks really good on you, I like the loafers, they give you that casual rich look."

As we walked down the path to the neighbor's condo I noticed I was filled with mixed emotions. On the one hand as I thought seeing Phoebe I could feel myself getting firm in anticipation, but on the other hand I was worried about being around her in front of my wife, and her husband. Could I trust myself to control my urges in front Julie, I would have to be careful not to drink too much. Julie put her arm through mine and leaned her head on my shoulder. I thought I heard her sigh then she said,

"Isn't Phoebe sexy? I mean she is just so comfortable with her body but I guess if I had a body like hers I would feel comfortable too."

"Julie do you know she helped get you undressed and into bed the last night? As she saw you naked on our bed she told me she was jealous of your body."

"She saw me naked? George you're lying, there is no way she could be jealous of skinny me."

"Not only that she told me she loved your 'landing strip' and wished John would let her shave hers."

We had to stop our conversation as we were at their front door. As I rang the bell, Julie whispered in my ear,

"Why did you tell me that now, I am so embarrassed how I can face..."

Before she could finish, Phoebe opened the door. She welcomed and let us in then hugged my wife as she kissed her on the lips; she held the kiss for a beat. Next I received the same treatment as she kissed me she slipped her tongue in my mouth, this was going to be a long evening. We walked to the living room to find John sitting at their bar next to a frosted pitcher. He reached behind the bar to a little refrigerator and took out four frosted glasses; he filled them and passed them around.

"I hope you like martinis? That's my specialty and I think I make the best."

Julie said, "I don't know, martinis are so strong, I don't want to end up like last night."

She took a sip then smiled,

"Your right John these are the best, they're so cold."

John told her he would watch Julie to make sure she didn't drink too much, then poured us each another round.

Phoebe offered Julie 'the grand tour' and took her by the arm as they headed for the kitchen.

"John, your place looks so much bigger than ours, and this view of the city is spectacular."

"Thanks, we bought this place more for the view than anything else. Latter we bought the place that adjourned ours, really just for the privacy but after we tore down a few walls it turned out nice."

We talked about business; it turned out the business he owned did business with the company where I worked. We talked about sports, he had played college football, and I watched college football. We ended up having a lot in common, it was just everything he did was better than I did. Don't get me wrong John was a hell of a guy and I could, I would like him, I guess I was jealous.

The women came back and we took our drinks to the couches in the living room. Phoebe curled up next to John with her legs tucked under her. She was wearing a long dress with a split up the side, as she sat this way she exposed a lot of her gorgeous legs. Her top was very, very low cut; I don't know how she could keep her breasts from breaking free for all of us to see. She looked at Julie but spoke to me, "George you naughty boy," (my heart dropped, what was she going to say?) "You told on me. You told your wife I saw her naked and not only that, you told her I commented on her pubic hair."

I looked at Julie her face was neon red, she said, "He only told me because; I told him I look like a little boy next to you."

John was paying attention to all of this. He got up and sat next to Julie, he put his arm around her. He began stroking her arm.

"My dear, I love your body, you look so healthy, so athletic."

I noticed Julie's nipples sticking out like pencil erasers, I wondered if she was turned on or embarrassed. John asked me to fetch another pitcher of martinis out of the fridge. When I returned John was kissing Julie and she was definitely kissing him back. Phoebe patted the couch next to her, "George, join me over here."

I didn't know what happened while I was out of the room, but I was all for it. I sat next to Phoebe and put my lips to hers. I could kiss her lips all day, we frenched, and her mouth felt so wet. I kept thinking about her swallowing my cock and I was literally squirming in my seat. I wanted to glance over to Julie but was afraid to make eye contact, and then I heard her moan so I had to know. I looked over to her to see her breasts exposed and John ravishing them. She looked so hot I was afraid she might pass out. Seeing this, gave me the green light with Phoebe and I dove into her cleavage. I was almost past the point of no return when John spoke up, "We sure are getting carried away on our first night together. As much as I hate to say it, I think we had better cool it. I don't want anybody waking up tomorrow feeling guilty. Let's call it a night and we can talk when we have dinner Friday."

We walked home in silence, as soon as we got in the front door we couldn't contain our passion long enough to get to the bedroom. Julie literally ripped my shirt off as I pulled my pants down. I pulled up her dress and noticed her panties were gone. She grinned at me, "I gave them to John as a souvenir; he said they turned him on."

"I think you turn him on, and you turn me on too."

I stopped talking and started eating pussy, I had never seen Julie this wet, and her juices were running down her thighs. She grabbed my hair and mashed my face into her clit, as I sucked I kept biting and pulling, trying to pull her little man out of his boat. She started yelling and screaming, "Yes, harder do it harder, oh yes, that's it keep going."

Then she pushed me away and collapsed in a heap. I tenderly started kissing her pussy barley putting my tongue inside her. She started brushing her fingers through my hair and caressing my cheek. "George please don't wait any longer I need your cock, put it in me."

She turned over and got up on all fours, she looked at me over her shoulder. Her eyes were still glazed and god knows what I looked like as I shoved my cock into her like an animal. She kept meeting my stroke pushing back to meet my thrusts. She looked like a sex machine, and when I came, she had a look of disappointment on her face. I tried to leave my cock inside her but it fell out with a plop. My cum dripped on the floor and formed a pool that looked translucent in moonlight shinning through the window.

We got and up went to the bedroom, and just fell on the bed. We spooned, both of us covered in our juices. She held my limp dick in her hand as we drifted off to sleep. We awoke in the morning to a mess. Dried cum all over both of us and the bedspread and I didn't even want to look at the mess in the front room. We took a shower together almost in silence, we both knew we had to talk about our night but neither knew how to start the conversation.

"George I love you, I hope you are not upset with last night."

"Dear I can only say the same thing to you. Can you tell me, are you alright with what happened?"

"I can't believe how excited I became; John is a very sexy man. He is so confident and so good looking and Phoebe makes me wet. Does that make me gay? I saw you kissing Phoebe and I was jealous, because I wanted to be kissing her. You know she told me what you two did the other night. I wish you had told me but it's funny I don't mind the two of you together."

I wasn't sure how I felt about her and John; I didn't want to think about it, preferring to think about Phoebe and me.

We were getting dressed and I looked over at my wife, she was in a dainty bra, and a flimsy pair of panties. I went over to her and put my arms around her, I rubbed her through her panties.

"George stop that, we have to get dressed."

I put my fingers inside her panties and brushed her little landing strip.

"I bet John would like these to add to his collection, I can see your pubes right through them."

I turned her around and kissed her hard, then soft.

"The hell with it, let's play hooky today."

She looked up at me and sighed,

"Wouldn't that be nice? Do we dare? If I call in, that damn Angie will call your place to see if you called in too."

"That's OK I'll call in for both of us, I'll tell work that you're so sick I have to stay home and take care of you. Take off those panties; I'm going to start taking care of you right now."

She laughed that laugh that I love so much, "You behave, call work first, then come back and I'll let you nurture me back to health."

I was lying on my back with my wife sitting on my face, ridding me like a pony. The phone rang; she reached over and answered while she rode.

"Hi Phoebe, oh we had a great night, we didn't even make it to the bedroom. How about you, how was your evening? I bet you did you lucky devil. We're playing hooky you want to come join us. I am sure we can think of something to do, I'd let you talk to George but he has his mouth full right now. You're right he does have his mouth full of me."

She shuddered and filled my mouth with more of her juices.

"Excuse me I just had to take a minute to have a little climax. Yes of course, I'm teasing you, but I really did cum a little. Come on over when you get the chance."

She slid off my face and onto my cock, without putting it in, she was just rubbing it in her pussy. She would insert it a little way and as I started to shove, she would pull it out and start rubbing again.

"Honey, I want to watch you fuck Phoebe, oh god that sounds so exciting. Today as soon as she gets here, take her and fuck her right in front of me."

I had no idea if she knew that was just the thing I wanted to do most. Then she said almost nonchalantly,

"Oh and George, I am going to fuck John, just as soon as I can. I hope you are alright with it, but either way I am going to fuck him, I need to fuck him."

As an answer, I came on her pussy, having not even got inside her. The doorbell rang, Julie said, "I dare you to go open the door just like that."

That is just what I did, after peeking to make sure it was Phoebe. I let her in; she looked at me and smiled, "You didn't have to get all dressed up for me."

She followed me into the bedroom; Julie was still lying there with her legs spread wide.

"George, look at this mess you made all over me."

She was right she had cum all over her pussy "Phoebe to the rescue, I'll take care of that for you."

She crawled on the bed and put her face into my wife's pussy, gobbling up cum as she sucked on Julie's cunt lips. By the time she got to her clit, Julie was about ready to go into a catatonic state. She started to hyperventilate, finally finishing in a loud scream.

"Honey not so loud, what will the neighbors think?"

As I was still too soft to do any good, I announced that I would go make coffee. I walked through the front room and noticed the mess still there from last night. I put the coffee on and came back to clean up all our clothes and pick up a couple of chairs we had knocked to the floor. Then I saw the dried puddle of cum on our hardwood floor, last night it looked almost pretty. Today in the sunlight it looked like a crusty lump of dried cum. I went back to the kitchen and got a damp sponge. It didn't help; it was a dried crusty heap and it wouldn't come up. I got the coffee service and a couple of croissants and took them to the bedroom.

"Anybody knows how to get dried semen off a hardwood floor?"

Phoebe laughed, "The only thing I can suggest is a throw rug."

Julie asked Phoebe how many throw rugs she had around her place.

"Honey you don't want to know, I finally learned, no matter what clean it up the same night."

Julie told me to come lie between them and as soon as I did they both started to caress me. Seeing Phoebe lying naked next to my wife had already aroused me.

"Julie says she wants to watch us George, what do you think?"

As an answer I got up and went to the foot of the bed, I started rubbing my cock.

"Well, come on, come, and get it."

Phoebe crawled over and took me in her mouth, I watched as Julie started caressing her derrière. Then she put her hand between Phoebe's legs and began rubbing.

"George she is so wet, she needs fucking. Do it so I can watch."

"Turn around Phoebe, let me take you from behind."

She did as instructed and I slipped in with ease. I held her large ass with both hands and started pounding, in and out, faster and faster. I looked up to see Phoebe face buried in my wife's snatch. I heard my wife moaning, as she was already cumming. I kept pounding into Phoebe; I would not let myself cum until after she did. I could see the sweat shinning on her back; I could feel her juices running down my prick onto my balls. Then just when I thought, I couldn't hold out any longer, Phoebe shuddered and collapsed on top of Julie. Her doing this caused my cock to fall out with a plop just as I was cumming, I spurted all over her ass just like a money shot in a porno.

We repeated this scene with variations three more times that day. Finally, Phoebe said,

"I'm not as young as you kids, I am worn out. I am going home to take a shower and a nap before John gets home."

Julie and I fell asleep in each other's arms. After waking, we made love once again, this time as lovers, with caresses while stroking each other's bodies. We kissed tenderly as I slowly pumped in and out. I truly loved my wife and I know she loves me and I think we both wanted to show each other how much our love meant. It was a memorable moment in a once quite life that just recently became chaotic. When we finished we showered together, this is something I enjoy almost as much sex. It is so erotic in the water, soaping each other up and just rubbing our wet naked bodies together. As I washed Julie's back, I said,

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Phoebe and me the other night." Julie started to talk but I put my finger to her lips. "I felt so guilty afterwards, I have never been unfaithful to you, but I couldn't stop myself. I watched her undress you right in front of me, and then she calmly stroked your nipples while telling me how sexy you were. I just went out of control I couldn't stop myself, I didn't want to stop myself, and I had to have her. Then after when I saw you, sleeping so innocent looking I felt so guilty, I was afraid I couldn't look you in the eye."

She turned around in my arms and started to stroke my dick,

"George, I hope I can describe my feelings correctly, Phoebe is the most exotic woman I have ever met. The first time we met, I found myself having erotic fantasizes about her. You know I have never been with a woman, not even in college. No I love a nice dick like yours, so I can squeeze it like this. So George I am not upset with you, I do wish you had been honest with me but I certainly understand. I can't wait to fuck her husband; I hope I can do it right in front of you. Phoebe tells me he is incredible and I know I will find out for myself."

While Julie talked about her desire to have John, I watched her eye glaze over with lust. She kept pulling on me harder and harder and then, I erupted on her belly with a moan. She smiled up at me then proceeded to rub my sperm into her skin.

The rest of our evening was quiet and uneventful; we went to bed early and had a good night's sleep. We both arose well rested for the first time since we had moved. We got dressed had a good breakfast and we left for work at the same time. At about two o'clock, I received an urgent phone call,

"George, this is Phoebe, it's about Julie, you have to come home right now, hurry George! Just come to my house, the door is open, hurry George."

Then she hung up. I ran out of my office shouting 'emergency' to my boss as I ran by his office. I don't even remember the wild ride home, driving as fast as I dared. What had happened to Julie and why in Phoebe's house? I jumped out of my car and ran to Phoebe's; I didn't knock but just rushed through her front door. I screamed Julie's name as I ran from the empty front room toward the back of the house. I heard Phoebe say,

"She's in here George."

I found them all in their bedroom; the first sight I encountered was John's naked backside. In the eerie way our minds work I remember thinking 'how can John have a suntan butt? Who has a suntan butt?' Phoebe said,

"I'm sorry for putting you into such a panic George but we wanted you here. Julie said you wouldn't leave work early unless it was an emergency, so I made it sound like an emergency."

As my anger started to raise I finally took in the scene in Phoebe's bedroom; John was standing at the foot of the bed with his cock balls deep inside my wife who was on all fours. He was relentlessly fucking my wife, slowly in and out, in and out. He didn't change pace when I came into the room or when his wife was talking to me, he was on a mission and there was no deterring him. I could see why Julie hadn't said anything to me; her mouth was full of Phoebe's pussy. Her mouth was on Phoebe's clit and her nose was nestled in Phoebe's furry bush. I could hear her whimper slightly and I knew she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Then there was Phoebe, she looked like a goddess on a throne as she leaned back on the headboard. She was in a regal pose; her long hair was over her shoulders framing her large breasts. She was tweaking her own nipple with one hand while the other was gently caressing Julies face and hair. Phoebe's lips, those luscious lips, were slightly open as she was breathing hard. She let out a soft moan and I could tell she was in the throes of a climax right in front of me.

As I took this all in my anger was lost in my arousal, my dick was straining against my slacks. I reached down and kissed Phoebe, I wanted to taste those lips again. She took her hand off her breast and held my head as she frenched me deeply. I could taste my wife on her lips and it was very erotic. She broke the kiss as another orgasmic shudder went through her. John spoke,

"I'm glad you made it George, don't you think you're over dressed. Come get comfortable and join the party." Then to Julie, "Julie, aren't you glad your husband is here?"

She took her face out of Phoebe just long enough to say,

"John, please don't stop, I'm so close, so close, and keep going..."

"That's my husband, the energizer bunny," said Phoebe.

It didn't take me long to get my clothes off, but I felt like the fifth wheel to this erotic union. I think Phoebe could tell what I was thinking; she waved her finger at me, and then patted the bed next to her.

"George, why don't you watch for a while, we'll get to you next."

It was a show that I thoroughly enjoyed, like my own live porno where all the actors were friends and wives. I couldn't believe my wife, she had not come for air yet or John he still was holding Julie's ass and rhythmically going in and out of my wife's pussy. Every so often, I would hear her moan, as she would climax again. Finally, I could see the end of this scene was near, John started to stroke faster, then faster. Julie pulled her face out of Phoebe's pussy in anticipation of John's climax. She started to scream as John dumped his seed into her. Yet my private show was still not over. Julie turned around to clean John's enormous cock; even soft and spent it was much larger than my hard on. Next Phoebe turned around then lay on her back under Julie and proceeded to suck her husband's cum out of my wife's pussy. At least this left an open orifice for me; I climbed on the bed and stuck my face into Phoebe's sopping wet pussy.

It was quite an afternoon, and I definitely had my turn as they promised. Latter as we lounged around naked, drinking wine from John's extensive wine cellar, Phoebe jumped up.

"Oh my god today is Friday; you are supposed to be here for dinner. I have to get going, I've got work to do."

Julie and I tried to stop her, we told her we could have dinner another night, but Phoebe wouldn't hear of it. Then Julie asked if she could help, and again Phoebe said no. So in the end we went home to freshen up and change, Phoebe told us to be back by eight.

We jumped in the shower together, as we lathered each other up Julie kept talking about her afternoon,

"George, can we keep this up? I have never been fucked so much in my life. Did you see the size of John's cock? After I saw it, I was afraid to let him put it in me. Phoebe said that she would help; first, she got me so turned on with her tongue then she took her husband's cock and rubbed it in my pussy. They both were so patient with me and before long I was begging them both to put it in me."

I told her I could taste her on Phoebe's lips when we kissed and agreed on the size of John.

"I just knew it, his condo is bigger than mine, his job is bigger than mine, and even his wife's tits are bigger than my wife's, so I knew his cock would be bigger than mine."

"I love your cute little cock," my wife teased as she began to lather my cock.

"And I love your cute little tittys," I teased back.

Dinner was formal, starting with a pitcher of John's special martinis, through several courses and ending with brandy served with some kind of frilly soufflé or tort. We ate and talked but my mind was on Phoebe's body not her cooking. Julie was astonished with all the effort put into Phoebe's dinner. Phoebe said cooking was the second love of her life, the first being her husband's cock. Julie, John, and Phoebe laughed at this, but a stab of jealousy when through my heart. Of course, she should love her husband's cock but what about me, where did I fit in with her love.

We spent our whole summer much as we spent our first weekend. The entire summer was a blur, we fucked each other, we fucked our neighbors, and we fucked our neighbors and each other at the same time. We seldom went out and when we did, it was usually with Phoebe and John. When we did go out without them, they were in our thoughts while we were out. It seemed we were trying to prove you could wear out your sexual equipment, but we were wrong you can't (although you can make them really sore).

My wife got a new job and we had to leave. While very sad we had to say our goodbyes to John and Phoebe. We sold the condo and left.


Richard and Silvia were so excited about moving into their new condo. They had been trying to buy a house for so long but the more they saved for a down payment the higher house prices would climb. When this unit came on the market at such a reasonable price, they felt like they had stolen it. The first night they met their new neighbor a very statuesque woman named Phoebe, while Silvia was hoping she could be friends with this beautiful woman, Richard was wondering what her huge tits would look like naked. Silvia asked Phoebe what had happened to the previous owners.

"Silvia, it really is a tragic story. John and I really liked them; it was so nice to have them as neighbors. In fact, you two remind me of them..."

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