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Further adventures with Mary, thast amazing lady

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This story really happened, and includes two somewhat related situations. One day Mary, my lover, came home from work about an hour after I got there. You may not remember from the other story that Mary and I had separate stores in a strip shopping center, but we did, and after a really exciting series of meeting we searched out a nice apartment and moved in together. We were both bi sexual, and had boy friends, and girl friends, that complicated things a bit, but we worked it out and before the year of our meeting was up we had many a super exciting scene.

Now, Mary had a really close girlfriend, a lady, I already knew, because she was a good customer in my store. I sold greeting cards, stationary, and so on, while Mary?s store was mainly in jewelry and gifts. Mary?s friend Jackie, worked, as a bookkeeper, in another store in the line up of shops. Mary and Jackie were good friends for a long time and about the same time Mary and I hooked up Jackie and Mary became lovers, too. Sort of complicated but it worked out well for the three of us.

One problem was Jackie did not want me hanging around watching as they made love. I understood that and made sure I did not mess up their fun. Then, Jackie told Mary that her husband, Johnny, was getting jealous of their love making. He used to get a really terrific blow job from his wife on a regular basis, but when he began to insist that Jackie swallow his load, when she sucked him off, she put an end to that. Mary already knew about one of my favorite hobbies, was searching out a bi-guy (or two) to take turns sucking each other off. The ladies said that I could solve the problem easily, when they wanted to be alone Jackie would make arrangements for me to go to her home and suck her husband off. I liked the idea, until I found out he would not return the favor. She giggled that evening as they told me how things were going to work out. There was no doubt I was very close to being a slave boy for the two ladies, and now they were going to go a little further.

When the two ladies wanted to be alone, both beautiful and sexy ladies, by the way, they would have go to John?s house and do my very best job as male lover. Mary would stop by our place, and tell me that her husband was waiting for me. I, then, went to John?s house and rang the bell. He was a quite tall, very handsome and even fully dressed I could see that he had a really exciting body. My desires bubbled up and I knew I would have a great time as his slut boy. I wanted very much to make him happy, so as he closed the door with me in the living room I dropped to my knees and said the ladies have this all worked out and I?m here to make you happy. He grinned and unzipped his fly and he pulled out an amazing cock, half hard and growing larger by the minute. It was the biggest cock I ever saw close up, like this. Easily 7 or 8 inches long, foreskin, and a shaft that was thicker than I ever saw before, in person.

It took very little time for me to grab his shaft and use my lips to push his foreskin back, revealing his huge lolly pop head. Pre cum was already forming so when I took him into my mouth I could taste his sweet juices in my mouth. My tongue and lips went to work as I held his shaft in my hand, amazed at the size, the hardness and heat of his beauty was a thrill, and then I looked at his balls, two huge nuts in a delicious looking, his bag hanging way down.

I began to suck his hot cock head and he said take your time boy, this is no wham bam thank you ma?am thing, I want a really good blow job and sucking up every drop. He laughed and said I?d much rather give your girl friend a good fucking but my wife will not allow that. Then, he added that I was obviously one of those slut boys who do whatever their wives tell them to do. As he talked and I began to suck him I fully unhooked his pants and they fell to the floor. His cock was sticking out at me like a club like the police carry around. I did my best job and as he got hotter he gasped, you know boy I have a couple of buddies who would like to have you suck them off, too. I can?t wait to tell them.

I wasn?t too thrilled about that, I had a feeling his buddies were guys I already knew and before long everyone in town would know that I was a genuine cock sucker. I had to do what Mary and Jackie said, or I would be out of that new apartment in a hurry. I had to make John happy, or else, just that simple.

It wasn?t long before I had John grunting and gasping and then he shot a hot sticky load in my m outh. It was such a big load and his cock was so deep in my mouth I almost choked. I sure did not hate this situation, but I was almost gagging, as I tried to swallow without losing a good bit of the load down over my chin and all over my shirt and then the carpet.

I did my best, and when he was done shooting cum down my throat he laughed and said clean me up slut, suck my cock clean, then he laughed and said you do good work, a bit disgusting, but it did feel good.

I continued to clean up the mess and swallow it when he said, I have an idea slut. Maybe next time I can give you as ass fucking. He grinned as I got even more scared at the thought of being ripped up by his huge prick fucking my virgin ass hole.

He said, OK boy, get dressed and go tell my wife what you did for me, so that she will be happy and she will not have to suck me off any more.

Once I was dressed and he was still laughing and teasing me I left and drove back to our apartment, the ladies were laughing really hard, and Mary told me that John and called and told them all. Mary said you are in luck darling, lots of men will want to be serviced by you.

They had obviously had a good time while I was gone. Mary was naked except for a very short jacket and Jackie had been naked too, except that as I got there she finished dressing. I did get a good look at her giant firm breasts that Mary told me about, many times. But, other wise, I was too late to see Jackie naked.

As the door closed and we were alone The phone rang and Mary leaned on the kitchen counter grinning at me as she leaned there listening to the caller. The view from behind her was exciting and delicious looking and I got a really naughty idea and in a minute or so I was kneeling behind her and had spread her cheeks wide and began to eat out her ass hole, driving my tongue as deep inside her as I could. As I tongue fucked her she giggled and laughed her big laugh at whatever the caller was telling her.

My tongue, inside her, made her happy and also had her pushing her ass back harder into my face and then she bent over a bit more and I could wiggle my tongue deeper inside her ass hole. Then I heard Mary say, well it?s obvious that he is now my very own slut boy, and besides, he has a really wonderful imagination.

Then she said to her friend on the phone, I think he is now my very own bad boy and I just might lend him out to my very best friends. Then her big laugh again and she added to the caller, yes I have been tld that he swallowed every drop. Then there was a pause and she added, well, he has told me that his favorite of all is to eat my pussy after I have been seriously fucked. Then a pause and she said you?re right to the caller, besides sucking me clean he should do the same for my lovers after they fill me up.

It scared me and made me very exciting to think what was going to happen to me now that she is telling others about what I did. She laughed that laugh again and bent over and kissed me a really hot tongue kiss. Then she laughed again and said to the caller, don?t worry honey I still love to do you so much. I love your idea of me sharing men with him. The two of us can make a lot of people happy.

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