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Fun with our Friends

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Our First Swing Time Lynn and I recently got married. Our second marriages each. She had never watched an xxx video and was curious. So we went to an adult book store to look. She was intrigued by the pictures on the boxes and I had her pick one and I picked one too. She also became interested in all the different vibrators and I told her to get one if she wanted. We went home with 2 video and 1 multi-speed vibrator. Lynn had never used a vibrator before.

We watched the video and she used the vibrator and got off very hard and squirted for her first time ever. So once a month we would rent a video or two and play. I noticed she always rented videos with girl-girl action and finally asked her about it. Embarrassed a little she said she had become curious about what that might be like. I got excited as bi-sex with women was my favorite fantasy.

I told her I had a bi friend and would she like to get together with her and maybe play with her. Lynn said yes. Her name was Joyce and had one other experience. I called her. She had met Lynn and said oh yes I would like to be with her. So Lynn and I and Joyce and her husband George met a few times over the next couple of months and finally made a plan to swing. The plan included a swap with both Joyce and George. The only limit was no intercourse. There was a lot of emails back and forth and agreement on Blow Jobs all around. So that was the plan.

We all sat in a circle in their living room in our night clothes and did some truth and dare. Dares were about kissing and hands on stuff through clothes to set the mood. All knew what was planned and were all turned on. I had wanted to get close to Joyce for years and was about to get my chance. She was going to give me a blow job. Lynn loves oral and was going to blow George who has a 9 inch cock.

The two ladies wanted to go first and went upstairs hand in hand and George and I waited in the living room talking. He and I had chatted online and so agreed to no intercourse, however he did tell me if Joyce wanted make love with me he was ok with it and he had told her so. I told Lynn and she said it is up to me. He mentioned he had a 6 inch middle finger for Lynn and I said go for it.

Time went by and the ladies returned, both looking turned on flushed and hand in hand. Lynn told me later that when they got up stairs there was a lot of kissing and Joyce took the lead and pulled my top down and kissed, licked and sucked on my boobs. I was so turned on and wet.

She pushed me down on the bed and knelt in front of me and we made eye contact and I could see her intentions and opened my legs. I could see her face was flushed and could see the lust on her face as she pushed my night dress up to my waist and pulled my panties down and off. I knew she was about to lick me like the ladies did in the videos and I was so excited.

Next she reached up and played with my boobs as she slipped a finger inside me moving it in and out. I was completely spread open for her by now. I was so wet and hot. I just wanted to cum for her. She looked up at me and smiled and asked ready? I said oh yes. Still fingering me she lowered her head and licked me. I lost it and shuttered and went into another world. A world, where another woman, was licking my pussy and I loved the feeling of her tongue and her mouth on me.

Joyce licked and sucked me and took my clit in her mouth and banged it with her tongue and I peeked out. I gasped for breath and shuttered. Thrusting against her face and had my cum all over her face and boobs. She rose up, her face all wet from me and we made eye contact and she smiled knowing she had just got me off. Now my turn had come and I was nervous.

I knew she wanted me to do to her what she had just done to me. I also knew I would. She stood up waiting and I moved to her and pulled her top down and her night dress fell to the floor and she was naked in front of me.

I was about to taste my first woman. Joyce has big boobs and I started by kissing her passionately as I was so turned on and moved down to those beautiful soft boobs and buried my head between them, and then licked and sucked her nipples. She gasped and fell back on the bed spreading wide for me.

We made eye contact and she said I have wanted you for a long time, I am so wet. I reached down and felt her wetness and she gasped and said oh yes. I lost all my inhibitions and just wanted to do for her what she had done for me and get her off. I was ready and moved down.

I knelled on the bed in front of her and we made eye contact again and she smiled and gave me an encouraging look waiting for me to lower my head and lick her. I lowered my head and tasted a woman for the first time. I felt her pussy against my face and it quivered against my mouth and she was very wet. I heard her gasp again and she said oh yes good and thrusted upwards against my face.

I let myself go and slipped a finger in her and licked and sucked her clit. She shuttered and her legs came up and over my shoulders. I felt her thighs against my cheeks and she clamped down on my head holding me in place. She grunted and jerked against my face and I felt a flow of juices as she exploded and climaxed for me. My face and boobs were all wet from her. I just kept licking her until I felt her body relax and her legs spread wide. I had done it.

We relaxed together kissed each other and she said time for the guys.

We all stood together in the living room ready to swap. We would do it twice. First George and Lynn upstairs and, then Joyce and I upstairs. Lynn told me later that on their first time together George just wanted to see me naked and so I removed my night wear for him and he just stood there looking at me and said beautiful. He was the third man in my life to see me naked and it turned me having him looking at me with lust in his eyes. He knew I was going to blow him I a little while. I said I want to see you too. He looked a little embarrassed, but pulled his PJ bottoms down and showed me his cock. All I could say was wow and he smiled. We moved together and we did some kissing and he pressed his hard cock against me. I was really turned on. Then I heard time up from down stairs.

After they went upstairs I moved over to Joyce and said I have wanted to get close to you for many years. She said I know and now you have your chance. I asked how did Lynn do, did she go down on you? Joyce said oh yes we both had a great time. I got hard thinking about Lynn licking Joyce. My PJ bottom became a tent and she said is that for me and laughed? I said yes for a long time. She said me too and moved over to me and felt my cock through my PJ bottom and said nice. I reached out and pulled her top down and exposed those nice boobs and got to see them for the first time. I said Love those and she laughed and said you men are all the same. She moved close and pressed against me and I played with her butt and her mine. I whispered to her are we going to make love? She said I am thinking about it. George said I could. Lynn said we could as well. She said time to call time and said time up loud enough them to hear upstairs.

I went outside for a smoke and Lynn joined me. I asked well how is your first swing experience?

She said wild, but I am having fun. I asked how did you and George do? She said we had fun and I like him. Did he show you and she laughed and said yes he is really big. I said I think Joyce and I are going to make love. I have wanted her for years and she is willing and George said it is ok. So you decide how far you want to go with George. I will be ok with whatever you want to do. She said I am not sure, I will have to see how it goes. Then she looked me in the eyes and asked are you sure? I said yes, if you want to do him it will be ok. I will do Joyce if she will let me. There was no time limit this time.

We went back in and started the second swap. Joyce and I went upstairs. I moved over to her and asked yes or no? She looked at me and said I have known for a long time that you have wanted to fuck me and because you gave me Lynn I am going to let you. I said Lynn may let George do her as well.

We moved together and got naked and fucked. The best part was she sucked me for a long time and I was so hard and ready. We fucked in very position, I liked doggie the best and she got off with me. We finished face to face with eye contact. She said cum inside me. She brought her legs up over my shoulders and our faces were close as I fucked as hard as I could. She gasped and grunted and came again and I jerked and shuttered and exploded in her pussy. I collapsed on top of her kissing and we were both panting.

Lynn walked over to George and kissed him long and passionately. She was very nervous as she had decided to fuck him and he would be in for a surprise of his life. He took her night wear off and than his own and they stood together naked. He was very hard and his 9 inches stood straight out. She reached out and took him in her hands and stroked him. He gasped and played with her boob as she jerked back and forth on him. Lynn looked up the stairs at the sounds and could hear the slapping sounds and Joyce moaning as Jim fucked her. She said to George sounds like they are having fun. He said yes, we are too.

He reached down and slipped that 6 inch finger in her pussy and she gasped pulled him close kissing him as she rode his finger. She held onto him tight moaned and climaxed for the first with him as she continued jerking on his cock. She then dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth and sucked him hard. He grunted and said oh I am going to cum and jerked and exploded in her mouth pulling out still squirting all over her face and boobs. He said wow you are good. She looked up at him and said I am a very bad girl. He smiled and said yes, but you do it so well.

They both need some recovery time.

Lynn and George stretched out next to each other resting. Finally she reached over and began to stroke him again. He hardened in her hand and he said you have great hands. He got up and sat in a chair and she joined him sitting on his lap. She continued stroking him and he sucked on her boobs and fingered her at the same time. She looked down at his finger moving in and out of her pussy and said you have nice hands too.

Joyce and I were done and I said can we peek in at what George and Lynn are doing and she said sure I would like that. The stairs were dark and we could see into the living room at what they were doing.

Lynn was sitting on his lap as he finger fucked her and as she stroked him. Joyce said wild huh? I said yes. She said I got to watch George with a young girl once several years ago. He fucked her brains out. I said I wonder if Lynn is going to fuck him. Joyce said I would bet yes. It is hard to resist that 9 inch cock and laughed.

Lynn and George continued playing. He was kissing her as he fingered her and she was stoking him fast up and down. He did not know yet that she had decided to fuck him. She did not know I was watching. I was hard again and Joyce slipped her hand in my PJ bottom and was stroking me and said I am going to sit on that.

She raised her night wear up removed her panties, leaned forward and sat on my cock. We were very quiet. She leaned back and whispered we will do this again someday soon. We fucked and watched Lynn and George. Lynn looked down at George and smiled at him and said surprise and rose up and sat on his cock, gasping out loud as she lowered herself down and took all his 9 inches and rode him hard. I heard her say oh yes, good. I was watching. Joyce was grunting softly as we fucked watching them fuck.

George lifted Lynn up and put her on the floor and approached her from behind and she looked over her shoulder as he entered her. She was facing in my direction and I could see the lust on her face as George gave it to her. I whispered to Joyce cum and she moved off me and I got the promised blow job as I exploded in her mouth and down her throat.

I heard Lynn grunt several times as she fucked George back and wiggling her butt side as she climaxed on George he grunted and slammed into her and exploded in her pussy.

Joyce and I went back upstairs quietly.

We allowed them time to clean up and we did the same. Joyce yelled out we are coming down and George said ok.

Lynn and I talked about the experience and agreed it was fun and we would do it again, but not too often.

Three months later Joyce called and asked if we wanted to party again. We said sure. The fourth of July was soon and so we decided to spend the weekend together as it fell on Saturday. We decided we would trade wives for the weekend and Joyce and Lynn would play in front of us men this time.

A couple of weeks later Joyce called again and said she had told her younger sister Donna about us. Donna was like Joyce and had some swing experience, but was divorced now and wanted to join us for the 4th if we were ok with her being there. Lynn said wow, what do you think? I said that Joyce had told me she is Bi as well and George has been lusting after her for years and Joyce was ok with him doing her sister as her and her sister had experimented at home with each other when they were teens. Lynn said I would be expected to be with her? I said up to you. She said well ok it will certainly be something Different.

The 5 of us sat around our living room on the morning of the 4th. No plans just possibilities. George and Lynn would be partners for the weekend and Joyce and I. The agreement was whoever, whatever, when ever as desired. A free floating weekend. Donna would fit in when it happened and was ok with being a 5th wheel. Donna was a couple of years younger than Joyce, but they looked so much alike they could pass for twins. George watched her knowing he was finally going to get her if she was willing. The idea was that Donna would make up threesomes if ok with the other two.

We all went to the patio and pool for the day. Barbeque would be for lunch. Lynn and Joyce got in the pool they sat talking. George was in the living room watching an x-rated video. Donna went in to use the bathroom. George saw it as his chance. When she came out of the bathroom he was waiting and invited her into the bedroom. She agreed. The first fuck of the day. I looked out at the pool and Lynn and Joyce were kissing each other.

I moved back to the bedroom and peeked in. George was undressing Donna. I walked in and asked if I could join them. Donna looked at George and nodded and he said sure jump in so to speak and laughed. Donna watched as we undressed and said oh two cocks, never did that before. George asked her are you and your sister going to get together sometime this week end. She smiled and said we have talked about it. After all we did play around a little as teenagers. I am willing, not sure about Joyce.

I moved over to her and she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth and sucked. George moved in and she sucked us both for a time. George pulled away and went behind her and she raised her butt up in the air and he slipped into her and went deep. She stopped sucking on me and gasped out oh that feels so good. Joyce has told me about you 9 inches. George fucked her hard and fast. She was back sucking on me and was grunting and I could tell when she climaxed. I jerked and exploded in her mouth and she swallowed it all. George grunted several times and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her butt and back. It had been a quickie but really hot. As George and I left the bedroom he said I have wanted to do that for years.

I needed to cook lunch and George got in the pool with Joyce and Lynn to cool off. I heard Joyce ask him where have you been and he said fucking your sister. She laughed and said really. He smiled and said yes finally got her.

To Be continued


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