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Fun at The Falls

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This last summer my wife and I went to a Saturday afternoon party out near Buffalo. I decided to take her to Niagara Falls for the night. I had a plan.

The only room available at the hotel was a honeymoon suite with a Jacuzzi tub and being as we got married in the spring of this year I thought that was perfect.

Let me say I have the greatest wife in the world. In her early 40's she enjoys the benefit of good genes, 5'8" tall with dark hair streaked with tones of honey, and wide set eyes to match, brown with flecks of honey in them too. She is a perfectly proportioned size 12 38c-28-38. Her breasts are amazing and she tells me she learned at an early age what power they wielded. She has the large mouth of a model with white straight teeth and gorgeous lips that she keeps well colored with lipstick usually in some variation of sexy red. She dresses sexy/flashy for me, especially when we are away from home like we were this night. She is also a gourmet cook, has an amazing personality and exudes beauty and charm so that all who are in her presence fall for her, men and women alike. Sexually she is a master at deep throat, the true kind, not the fake kind. She can take me all the way to the back of her throat, then relax, breathe through her nose and then take me all the rest of the way past her gag reflex. It is amazing. She is a little on the submissive side and gets wet and almost orgasms from sucking cock, knowing that she is giving freely of herself to me. She is open for the occasional round of anal as well. While she has a little bit of a conservative side she is a real tigress when properly stimulated. She has also been known to squirt on occasion and I just love that. I am indeed a lucky man, and in our seven years together (married the last three months at the time this happened in the summer of 2006) several others, both men and women, have succumbed to her charms as well.

We had some late afternoon delight that culminated with her turning around and sitting atop me riding me while facing the mirror over the Jacuzzi tub watching my cock slide into her. We climaxed together then she surprised me by turning back around and slipping back up straddling my face saying "yes, eat that cum out of me. You like that don't you". I did indeed as we have talked about this before and even done it once or twice in the last seven years. I ate her to another climax and then we fell contentedly into a deep slumber.

We awoke around 8 and showered and dressed for a night on the town. She wore a black cocktail dress just above the knee, with a draping cowl neck that modestly showed some of that amazing cleavage, no bra and no panties. She did not need stockings as she was still tanned nicely from our honeymoon and it was July. She was smoking hot let me tell you with her large nipples protruding, evidence of the excitement left over from our afternoon tryst.

We went to one regular dance club and all the young guys were hitting on her and the girls were looking at her too, some with the usual daggers reserved for competition they know they can't compare to, and some with looks of lust.

The crowd was just too young for us so we left to go somewhere else. My wife is not the strip club type but tonight was different. I had told her about the club where they have female strippers upstairs and male strippers down stairs, so off we went.

When we got to the strip club we headed down stairs to where the male strippers were putting on their show. I was the only guy in the audience. I made sure to get plenty of singles and gave them to my wife so she could tip the dancers. We sat near the stage but not right up to it and had fun watching all the women, mostly younger, 20 something girls, get dollar dances. Now remember that in Canada the strippers, male and female, can get completely naked, and this club was no exception. There was also a private dance area over to the side with a half wall behind it so the people who were not getting private dances could watch as well.

My wife was a little slow to warm up to the strippers and nearly an hour had gone by without the first dollar dance on her part despite several of the dancers who were not on stage coming over to make their presence known to her. Finally one dancer came on stage and I could tell from her look that she liked what she was looking at. She had ?that look? on her face, and that little smile she gets when she sees something she likes.

On his second song I held a dollar over her head where she couldn?t see it but the dancer did. He said something to her from the stage about getting a dance and she kind of shyly shook her head no. Not being one to take no for an answer he came down to her and took the dollar from my hand. He gently insinuated one of his legs between hers and she instinctively leaned back in her chair for her dance. Her dress rode up on her thighs and the loose and low cut cowl neck of her cocktail dress showed her marvelous cleavage. Her nipples were protruding nicely against the black silky fabric of the dress.

The dancer took the dollar and put it between her breasts, held there wonderfully in that cleavage while he danced his dance for her. When he was done he leaned down to take the dollar with his teeth and while he was there slid his tongue out to lick her right breast. He came perilously close to her nipple and may have even touched it with the tip of his tongue. She was obviously liking the attention. When he stood back up he smiled and said ?I knew you didn?t have anything on under that dress?. Another person had succumbed to her awesome presence and smoldering sensuality.

When he left to go back up to the stage for his last dance I excused myself to use the restroom. On my way back he was done with his set and I got his attention and asked him to give my lovely wife a private dance. He was only too happy to oblige. He went over to her and grabbed her by the hand tugging her to her feet. She feigned protest and with just the proper amount of hesitation was easily led to the private dance area off to the side.

The dancer took her all the way to the back of the private dance area and I went behind the wall behind her so I could watch. There was also another girl getting a private dance from another dancer across the way from her. This was going to be good.

He started by having my wife sit on the edge of the chair and then had her lean back. He once again put his leg between hers so she had to part her legs some. Of course this made her dress ride up her thighs and came close to showing to all that looked that she wasn?t wearing panties either.

As he danced for her he was leaning in to her and whispering who knows what in her ear and she was obviously liking it. Her left hand was rubbing his back and her finger nails were lightly scratching his back and side. As she got more and more excited her eyes closed about half way with that smoldering look of raw sexuality that she gets and when the dancer finally dropped his G string, revealing about 7.5-8? of nicely cut and shaved cock her mouth opened involuntarily. As I said before although she is supremely confident, she is a little submissive and really gets off on sucking cock. It was obvious she wanted this one.

As the dance went on her left hand with finger nails still lightly scratching and stimulating the dancer continued to work its way around to his side. Her hand moved to the front and reached for that nicely hardening cock that she so clearly desired. My cock was now at full attention too as I watched her give herself over to her sexual side. The dancer deftly stopped her hand and whispered something in her ear. She nodded her reluctant acceptance at the dancer telling her that she couldn?t touch him but he could touch her.

When the dance was over he looked to me for his payment and I just motioned him to dance another for her. He smiled and agreed. While the music was starting again I got the attention of another hunky dancer who had spoken to us several times earlier and asked him to dance for her too. He joined them and stood next to the other dancer.

They both now each put one leg between hers, forcing her legs farther apart. It was obvious to them now that she wore n panties and that she shaved the lower part of her beautiful pussy, leaving only a landing strip on the top. Although I couldn?t see from behind her I am certain her lips were parted and glistening with her moisture. Her forced exhibitionism played on her submissive nature and served to excite her even more. She was obviously bursting with sensation and oozing raw sexuality. It was one of those moments where all of our attention was focused on her and her pleasure and everything else was almost non-existent. I too was caught up in her universe and her pleasure, mesmerized by the scene playing our before me.

The sensual dance of the two studs went on with both of them now whispering in her ear and taking gentle nibbles in the process. Her hands were rubbing them, careful to not go too far. Her mouth was open and her eyes devouring both of them. We were both imagining what the potential was here were she able to take this further. The two studs, both with their impressive but not too massive cocks, coupled with her obvious excitement and sexuality would serve a formidable force should we explore the possibilities.

When the second dance was finally complete my cock was rock hard, the two dancers cocks were rock hard, my wife?s nipples were rock hard, all our faces were flushed with excitement and we were all panting. Whew was this hot. When the dancers came to me for their money I was only too happy to oblige and included our hotel room key folded into the money I gave to the first dancer. The name of the hotel was on the key and I told him our room number. The club was closing soon and I was hoping they would both join us. My wife asked what I said to the dancers and I told her I just thanked them for dancing for you.

We left the strip club after the dances, stopping briefly upstairs where the female dancers were performing. While they were attractive and had great bodies any other experience at the club that night would prove to be anti-climactic.

As we went outside to get our cab we pondered going to another dance club. Although she wanted to oblige me by going dancing my beautiful wife was fairly transparent in her desire to go back to the hotel room, even though she did not know that I had given the dancers our room key. She just wanted to get back there to relieve her sexual tension, and I was very happy to accommodate her. I love her and would do anything for her, especially this.

She fairly dragged me upstairs and when we got to the door I had to ask her to use her key as I couldn?t find mine. She let us in and promptly told me that I had to give her a dance like the others she got. So I pulled up one of the chairs in the room and put some music on the room clock radio. I k now, not the same as the club, but hey, you gotta make do with what you?ve got right? I also started the Jacuzzi tub filling with hot water so we could soak and enjoy the jets, as if she wasn?t already excited enough.

I did my best to dance for her, eventually climbing up to stand with a foot on either arm rail, dangling my cock in front of her face. Now she could do what she so desperately wanted in the club and started sucking me, taking me a good portion of the way in but not deep throating me yet. Her hand instinctively went to her pussy and started rubbing gently, adding to her excitement.

After the song on the radio was over I took her hand and helped her out of her dress. The silky fabric fell to the floor in a sensual pool at her feet, leaving her only in her high heels and earrings. Her nether lips were indeed puffy with excitement and glistening with her sweet nectar. I knelt down to help her off with her shoes and took the liberty to gently lick the outside of her lips and swipe at the hardening nub of her clitoris. She was now breathing heavily and her nipples her even harder if that was possible.

The tub was now full and steaming so I led her over to it marveling in the images reflected in the mirrors that surrounded it on three sides. I could see her from all angles and she was magnificent. We lowered our selves into the steaming water and turned the jets on, relaxing and invigorating and stimulating even more at the same time.

After a few minutes in the tub we were just about to get out when there was a light knock at the door. She was thinking the hotel staff perhaps had come up to quite us down as the music was playing and it was late. I told her to stay put and got out to answer the door which was around the corner and out of sight of the tub, grabbing my pants on the way.

There at the door was the first dancer, the one she originally got the dollar dance from, but alas no second dancer. He was kind to knock rather than just barge in, knowing that it would be better received on her part. She called from around the corner asking if they wanted us to turn the music down. I told her that everything was fine and came back to the tub with the dancer right behind me. She looked at him, then at me, then back at him and I wish I had a camera to capture the look on her face. Men would orgasm and women would just shake there heads knowingly at the expression of lust and anticipation on her face.

The dancer introduced himself as Derek and my wife immediately moved over to make room for both of us in the tub, draining some water and refilling again with hot water. Derek and I climbed in and we all talked a little in our nervous anticipation. Derek thought it was great that I enjoyed watching her get the dances without getting jealous. He also complimented her on her beauty and great body. She made some comment about not being a perfect size two and we both assured her that her perfectly proportioned size 12 was amazingly sexy and irresistible, reminding her that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 too.

As we got more comfortable with each other Derek stood up in the tub to give her some more dancing, but she had other ideas. She spun him around and sat him on the side of the tub. She was now going to get to suck that cock she had so desperately wanted in the strip club. She started her expert oral sucking, taking him part way in her mouth then swirling her tongue around the head and part way back down. I had a birds eye view of the action as she and I were both next to each other still half way submerged in the tub. Seeing her perform her oral magic so close to me was amazing. I could see her saliva dripping down his cock and see the lust filled look in her half closed eyes. I could also look up at him and see that he was definitely enjoying her attention, his cock now rising to full its full 8? or so of hardness.

I could hear her starting to breathe through her nose and knew what was coming next. She started to slide her mouth down more and more, taking him deeper with each breath. Finally she got him to the back of her throat and held him there to get acclimated to the fullness in her mouth, her tongue swirling on his cock and her breathing relaxing more and more. I looked up at him watching this spectacle and said ?you?re gong to enjoy this?. After a few moments she took in a breath and then she did it! She relaxed her throat and the head of his cock slid past her gag reflex and all the way down her throat. Here was my beautiful wife with her nose buried against his pelvic bone, his cock all the way down her throat and all three of us were moaning in pleasure.

Her moans of pleasure only served to strum around his cock exciting him more, making him swell even more if that was possible. She reluctantly pulled up off his cock then started another slow descent, humming around his cock. I could see her tongue sticking out past her lips leading the way down his shaft licking the large thick vein that ran all they way up his shaft. Her tongue eventually reached his shaved balls and continued to lick them even with his shaft buried most of the way in her mouth. She then went down on him fully again taking him once again deep into her throat, pausing to milk his throbbing cock with her talented throat muscles, all the while moaning in ecstasy around his cock.

Then she retracted her mouth all the way off his cock, licked her way down the shaft and took each of his balls in her mouth swirling her tongue around them while each was in her mouth. She soon stopped this and then plunged back down on his cock, holding it at the base of her throat before taking it all in again. She then proceeded to plunge voraciously up and down on his cock taking it deep with each stroke, hitting rock bottom and then rising up only to do it again and again about a dozen times. I knew what he was experiencing and do not know how he ever stopped from coming. I couldn?t have.

To his credit he stopped her before he came and she just looked at the two of us and said ?let?s get in the bed?. We all got out and dried off quickly and fell into the king size bed. I laid her back on the bed and we both proceeded to kiss and lick our way up her legs, past her pussy to her spectacular breasts, each taking a nipple in our mouths and nibbling and swirling our tongues around and around. We broke off this and worked our way up to her neck and ears, kissing and licking there and lightly biting her ear lobes. Her moans of lust were becoming more and more insistent.

We licked our way back down each in tune with each other on just how to give her the most pleasure. After stopping briefly again at her breasts we continued down her stomach until we reached her delicious pussy. I gave way to him after a few licks and he proceeded to lick slowly from bottom to top with his tongue flat against her lips, then flicking her clitoris briefly with his tongue just the way she likes it. She was in carnal heaven now and I moved up to let her suck on me, adding to all of our pleasure.

Her hips were rising up off the bed and she was taking me deep into her throat with each thrust of those luscious hips, and she was whimpering and mewling with pleasure. She released me from her mouth and sat up pushing Derek over onto his back. She climbed up facing him and impaled herself on his cock in two quick thrusts, a guttural moan escaping from those full soft lips. She was biting his shoulder and thrusting herself forcefully down onto his cock impaling herself fully with each thrust. I was content to kneel behind her wrapping my hands around her and pinch her nipples and kiss her back and neck, reveling in her pleasure with her, stroking my cock and occasionally insinuating it against her backside.

As her persistent thrusts drove us all in a pleasurable crescendo towards our inevitable orgasmic conclusion I could see a change in her face. Her eyes opened and she said ?I?ve got to see this? and stopped her thrusting only to spin around, careful to not let Derek?s cock slip from her warm pussy, and then she was facing the mirrors just like we had done earlier in the afternoon, so she could watch his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, her lips spreading around its base with each downward thrust.

After a minute or two I laid her back on top of Derek so her back was resting on his muscular chest. I started at her breasts and licked and kissed my way down her stomach until my head was between her legs with Derek?s cock thrusting into her only a few inches from my nose. What an incredible sight this was as her pussy lips were actually quivering and I could see Derek?s cock throbbing and pulsing with pleasure. I just couldn?t help myself and reached my tongue out to lick at her clitoris while she thrust down on his cock doubling her pleasure.

She started moaning even louder and her pussy started clenching Derek even tighter forcing more moans of pleasure from him as well. Then I moved my head back and down and started licking and sucking Derek?s balls, unsure of what his reaction would be. He was lost in pleasure and probably had no hope of stopping me even if he wanted too. His groan and hiss of breath emboldened me so I licked all the way up his shaft until I got to my wife?s clitoris again flicking it insistently. I repeated this several times, increasing the pleasure for all of us.

They both started really moaning and groaning and she started really grinding on Derek?s cock, milking him for all she was worth. Derek?s cock started pulsing even more and with a loud groan he started coming. His balls were obviously full from a night of excitement both at the strip club and here and he erupted with a massive load. Derek?s cum leaked out of her pussy and cascaded down around his cock and down his shaft. Lost in the lust of the events, I just couldn?t help myself so I licked all the way up his shaft, capturing as much of his come as I could. I used my tongue to hold his cum and then swirled it around her lips and clitoris until with a final downward thrust my wife cried out in extreme pleasure and came all over his cock and my face, her juices pulsing out of her to mix with his and create the most delicious juicy concoction I have ever tasted. My own cock pulsed and squirted all over the bed in response to this.

We all lay spent for a few minutes and my lovely wife drifted into a deep sleep, completely sated. Derek recovered and left like a gentleman should, shaking my hand and letting me know he was more than willing to get together on our next trip to Niagara Falls.

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