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From a Girl Who Loves A Guy Who Likes Guys

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I met my boyfriend Peter about 4 years ago at an alternative rock concert. Peter had gotten tickets to the concert and given some of the tickets to my cousin and her husband and I was invited to go with them. I immediately found Peter attractive and after the concert, he invited me to go partying with him. After a night of loud music, the inhalation of pot at the concert and partying, Peter and I wound up at his apartment.

I enjoy sex and consider myself open minded. I had anal sex before I met Peter, but it was not one of my favorite sexual practices. It was something I usually allowed a guy to perform if I liked him and with whom I had a long-term relationship. I had never had someone stick their tongue up my asshole nor had I ever imagined wearing a strap on dildo. That first night with Peter, however, pushed the envelope of my sexual experiences.

We performed acts on each other that I was accustomed to such as oral sex, 69, etc. However, Peter rolled me over and began rimming my asshole with his tongue. After we fucked the first time, he pulled out just before he came and ejaculated on my stomach. He then licked his sperm off my stomach and then kissed me very deeply putting his come in my mouth. He also pulled out of his dresser a strap on dildo and wanted me to use it on him. I complied with his request and performed anal sex on him while he masturbated.

Probably any other guy that wanted me to do the things that we did our first night together, I would have told go to hell and would have left. However, I was so physically attracted to Peter that I let him indulge in his some what deviant sexual practices.

Peter and I started seeing each other almost every day after work and made love. Within a few weeks of having met him, I moved into his apartment. As time went on, our love making got a little kinkier and kinkier. Peter would want me to use the strap on on him while he wore my hose, bra and one of my dresses. Often times we would video our love making sessions and then watch our movie on the TV.

After we had been living with each other for about 2 months, Peter one day said that he needed to be honest with me. He wanted to tell me something about him that I did not know, however, he was scared that it might cause me not to love him any more and leave. I told him what ever was in his past or whatever he may have done that we could work it out.

Peter then told me that he was bi sexual and that he was having a relationship with another bi sexual guy. I did not quite know how to handle this new revelation. I was deeply in love with him and would not deny him any thing to keep him happy. However, I did not know how to handle having a bi sexual boy friend.

He told me that he loved me and did not want to loose me. He wanted to make love to me and his male partner and he wanted me to be with him when he was with his partner.

I was very apprehensive about this arrangement, but Peter persisted and I did not want to loose Peter.

We met Peter's friend at a darkly lit piano bar. Peter introduced Ryan to me. Peter and Ryan were about the same size and build. Looking at the two of them, you would never guess that they were both bi. Any woman would die to be with either one of them much less make love with both of them at the same time. We had a few stiff drinks and talked. The drinks relaxed me and then Ryan asked us to join him at his apartment.

While Peter and I followed Ryan in our car, I asked Peter if we were really going to do this. Peter said that he would not do any thing that I did not want to do. If at any point I wanted to stop, let him know. He gave me a code phrase to use if at any point I became uncomfortable. The code phrase was "red light". At any point I wanted to stop or became uncomfortable all I had to do was say "red light" and it would be over. We would get dressed and leave.

When we got to Ryan's place, Peter and I sat on his sofa while Ryan put on some music and served us a drink. After a few sips of his drink, Peter leaned towards me and gave me a kiss. I returned his kiss by drawing his tongue into my mouth. The drinks had relaxed me but I was still a little nervous. Peter began kissing my neck and the next thing I know, Ryan leaned over and began kissing me as well. I returned his kiss by drawing his tongue into my mouth. Soon I had both Peter and Ryan kissing me on the lips and neck and both began fondling my breasts. Ryan then asked if we would like to take this to his bedroom. Ryan led and Peter and I followed holding hands.

We all three took our clothes off in front of each other. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was uncertain whether or not I could go through with this. Peter lay at one side of the bed and Ryan the other. They indicated that they wanted me to lay between them. I crawled in between them on the bed and lay on my back. Peter and Ryan began kissing me and then Peter and Ryan began kissing. We all three began alternating kissing each other. Peter then started moving down to my neck and my breasts while Ryan concentrated on my mouth and shoulders. Soon Peter was going down on me while Ryan was concentrating on my nipples and mouth. I soon lost all apprehension and wanted them both to make love to me at the same time.

Both Peter and Ryan made love to me that night. During the first part of our love making, they both concentrated on me. Peter went on me while Ryan kissed me and while I gave Ryan head. Then Peter concentrated on my breasts and lips and I gave Peter head while Ryan went down on me. Peter then pulled me on top of him and I started riding Peter cow girl style while Ryan began rubbing his cock in Peter's face and soon Peter was sucking on Ryan's cock while I rode Peter. After a while, Peter instructed me to get on all fours so that he could take me doggy style while I gave Ryan head. After Peter came, he laid back and watched as Ryan fucked me missionary style. Just as Ryan was about to come, he pulled out and began ejaculating on my stomach. Peter leaned forward and licked Ryan's sperm off of my stomach. He then kissed me and placed some of the sperm in my mouth and then he gave Ryan a kiss and shared the remainder of the sperm with him.

We three layed in bed for a good while. I then excused myself to freshen up in the bathroom. I no longer had any compunction about dating a bi sexual and his lover. When I came back from the bathroom, Ryan was laying on the bed on his stomach and Peter had mounted him from behind. I crawled in bed with the two of them and played with myself as I watched my man have anal sex with his man. We three made love nonstop for another two or more hours. We did things that just a few weeks earlier I would have never imagined participating in. Peter fucked me doggy style while I sixty-nined Ryan. Ryan fucked Peter doggy style while Peter and I did a reverse 69.

The next morning, Peter and I left Ryan's apartment. We went to a restaurant and had breakfast and talked about our threesome, Ryan and the future course of our relationship. Peter wanted both of us. I was physically attracted to Ryan but I was physically and emotionally in love with Peter. I told Peter that we could continue our three-way relationship if it made him happy.

We were lovers with Ryan for about a year until he took a job in another city. We stay in contact with him and we have our three way trists whenever we are in his city or when he comes to visit us. After Ryan left, Peter and I began trying the swinging scene. We have had MFM threesomes, FMF threesomes and couple of foursomes. Since Peter and I have been together, I have had a couple of bi sexual experiences myself, but I think I am a confirmed hetero. Peter however is as bi as they get and I am loving every minute of it.

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