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From Curious to Bisexual - FMF - Bisexual

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Rob and I were out one night at a local nightspot we often go to meet friends, dance and have a few laughs. When we arrived we both noticed a very pretty lady sitting at the bar. I found I couldn?t take my eyes off her. She was about 5?5, with short, very stylish blond hair. She looked to be in her late 30?s with a beautiful lean body. I?m about 5?2, blond and still slim even though I?m a little older than I wish I were. I?ve always felt attracted to some women, especially those that seem confident, in control and yet very feminine. But my conservative upbringing hardly allowed me to think sexually about women.

Rob went up to the bar to get us drinks and I saw him chatting with her. He just can?t resist flirting with a pretty lady. He came back to the table with our drinks and a few minutes later she came over and asked if she could join us. Her name was Lonna. Her perfume was intoxicating and her bright blue eyes were penetrating. When she sat down her short skirt rode-up high enough to show the top of her thigh-highs. Her legs were just perfect and she crossed them to my side of the table so I had the best view of them. I felt a jolt of sexual energy that drew me to her in a very unfamiliar way.

I was dressed to kill that night. My little black dress was short, quite low cut and showed off lots of cleavage and the swell of my breasts. I felt very sexy being out with my handsome husband. The three of us chatted for a while and I found myself flirting with her. There was this way she looked at me when she spoke and laughed that started my mind racing with sexual thoughts that I tried to put aside.

I stood up and said I had to go to the bathroom and she asked if she could join me. It was a large room with mirrors all along one wall that ran from the floor to the ceiling. We were alone. I came out of my stall and started to fix my hair in the mirrors when she came up behind me and started helping me. Her fingers brushed the nape of neck and around my ears. Her touch was very knowing and my nipples started to tingle and get hard. I knew she could see them because I wasn?t wearing a bra. She told me I had beautiful breasts and when I nervously turned around to thank her, she kissed me on the lips. It was just a small little peck at first. Then she looked me squarely in the eyes and kissed me a second time. This kiss was wet and much more passionate and it seemed to suck the air out of me. Her tongue probed my mouth and I started kissing her back. I had never done this before. My pussy was getting wet and my clit started to throb. I reach out hesitantly to touch her left breast and felt her nipple grow hard under my hand. She wasn?t wearing a bra either. She started stroking my breasts and my very sensitive nipples came to life under her gentle yet unrelenting coaxing.

I couldn?t believe this was happening. My heart was racing at the thought that someone might come in and catch us in our sexy tryst. Then I felt her fingers slip under my short dress and touch my pussy. I was so wet. She smiled and called me a naughty little girl for not wearing panties under such a short dress. I know I blushed. She continued to stroke my over-heated pussy and asked if it felt good. I could only gasp. My breathing became very ragged and I knew that I was going to come when her fingers found my clit standing at attention. I didn?t care at that moment if anyone came in and saw us. She was in complete control of me and I loved it.

I held on to her breasts and started pulling on her nipples wanting to give her some of the pleasure I was feeling. Then she started hissing between our kisses, ?come for me Dolly, cum on my fingers.? That did it for me. My clit flashed and a powerful orgasm spread quickly into my belly and up to my breasts and nipples. I squirted my juices uncontrollably all over her fingers. When I started to come down, she pulled them from my pussy and placed them to my mouth and told me to lick them and taste my own cum. Then she put them into her mouth and licked them clean while her commanding blue eyes looked squarely into mine. A woman had just given me one of the best orgasms of my life and I wanted more of the forbidden fruit. I knew my sexual thinking was being challenged but I was open to exploring more with her.

I started to pull myself together and put on fresh lipstick when the door opened and two women walked in. Lonna and I knowing looked at each other and quickly returned to the table. Rob had ordered another round of drinks and I took a long sip of my wine hoping to regain some composer. It was at that point that Lonna took charge again. She leaned over the table and told Rob, very matter-of-factly, that she and I had decided to make his fantasy of having sex with two beautiful women at the same time come true. She looked him straight in the eyes and asked him if he was up to it. With a sexy confident smile he nodded yes.

We quickly finished our drinks and headed for our car. Lonna was staying at a very nice hotel not far away and we headed there. She and I were in the back seat and Rob drove. Almost instantly she turned to me and we started kissing again. The heat and passion of her kiss over powered me and once again I was completely under her control.

We arrived at the hotel and went straight to the elevator. Lonna noticed the large bulge in Rob?s pants and began stoking it before we reached her floor. When we entered her room she pushed Rob up against the mirrored closet door and kissed him with the same kind of passion she had shown me. Even that made me hot and I know it did him. All three of us headed to the bedroom of her suite, loosing our clothes along the way. Her body was even more perfect than I thought. Her breasts were round and toped with up-turned nipples that stood proud and hard. I could also see that her pussy was completely shaved. She told me to get on the bed and play with my pussy and watch. Then she moved over to Rob and went down on his swollen cock. As she worked on him, my fingers went crazy on my pussy and clit. I was so hot that anything she asked of me I was prepared to do.

She stopped just short of making Rob cum then turned her attention back to me. She moved onto the bed and lowered her mouth to my right breast. Licked and sucking it and then moved to the other one. My nipples got so hard they hurt. She then moved up and fed her breasts to me one at a time. Her nipples got even harder and she encouraging me to suck her tits telling me how wonderful it felt. Then after another one of her hot passionate kisses, she moved down my body licking and sucking my stomach on her way to my pussy. I spread my legs in complete surrender to her. When her tongue and lips first touched my pussy, I couldn?t believe how good it felt and how different she was from a man. I was in another world. A minute later she jumped a little and I opened my eyes to see Rob pushing his beautiful cock into her pussy from behind. I held her head firmly to my pussy and howled in sexual delight. In seconds my clit flashed and I started coming wildly filling her mouth with my juices. I had never cum like that in my life. Too soon she raised her head from my pussy and started shouting that she was coming as Rob?s cock moved in and out of her in that steady firm rhythm that always makes me see stars. When she put her head down again and took my clit between her lips and teeth and sucked I had another convulsing orgasm. She and Rob both came soon after, filling the room with the sounds of erotic sex.

I was exhausted but determined to taste this woman?s pussy and make her cum. She lay down on the bed on her back and spread her legs invitingly and said, ?Dolly, eat my pussy and make me cum.? Without hesitation I put my mouth to her molten center. Her clit stood out like a tiny cock and I sucked it and licked her pussy. Her hips did a slow dance as I lapped and drank from my first pussy. She reached for her breasts and started squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. She started talking sexy dirty and calling me her nasty little lesbian and urging me on. Her words set me on fire. Lonna was firmly in charge and I loved it. Grabbing my head and holding it firmly against her pussy she told Rob to fuck me. He came up behind me and easily pushed his hard cock into my pussy, and started sliding it in and out of me with slow but firm strokes. Soon Lonna was crying out, ?Oh god I?m coming?. Her pussy convulsed and she began filling my mouth with her sweet juice. I drank and drank until I thought I would drown. Then Rob started coming in me and that was all I could take. I came with such force that I nearly passed out.

The three of us played most of the night. Our last round found Lonna and me in a sexy sixty-nine and Rob watching from a nearby chair. I came four or five more times and she did too. God what a lover she was.

Later I learned that she was an old girl friend of Rob?s and they had set it all up when she was in town on business. She now lives in California and has a great job in a law firm. I?m certain we will all get together again.

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