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From A Triathlon To A Biathlon Three Way (Part 2)

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You may recall me sharing with you my experience with my trainer, Danielle, and her boyfriend Alex in part 1 of this story. It was definitely one of the most intense threesomes I have ever experienced. We had just finished up with her and Alex sucking the cum from my cock and me swallowing Alex's man juice. We lay back relaxed realizing how good and special this threesome was. That is until Danielle started sucking both of our cocks at the same time and announced that she wanted to see me fuck the shit out of Alex's tight little man pussy. She also wanted to shove her strap up my ass while I was doing him.

Before we get to that let me give a little history about myself and how I got to enjoying BI fun. My first involvement with cock came as a result of trying out the Transsexual or shemale experience. I initially was just fucking very hot and feminine TS's and did not really address the cock issue. I really just enjoyed the fact that they were more than willing to take my BBC up their tight butts and enjoy it. No doubt the cocksucking they provided was just outstanding! Eventually I ended up with a much more aggressive TS who made sure that I learned how to suck some cock; I have no regrets about her having me moving to a 69 position so I could suck on her hard rod. Eventually, after enjoying the cock sucking and took the next leap with another TS and welcomed a hard cock up my ass. I still do not bottom that frequently, but I do enjoy the pleasure and the feel of being penetrated by a shemale cock. Eventually, I ended up in a MFM threesome where the woman really got off on MM play so it really was not a huge step to experience some cock sucking with another guy especially with an encouraging and sexy audience. I only enjoy and have only experienced MM play in a threesome situation with a woman and don't really have the desire a one-on-one play alone. Don't know why but I just don't have that desire.

Anyway, back to Danielle and Alex. Danielle was actually quite insatiable and truly enjoyed sucking our cocks back to hardness. We of course were happy to oblige her since her combination of sucking, licking, ball squeezing and stroking was hard to resist. She knew what she was doing and loved what she was doing. It didn't matter whether you were pulling her head to push your cock deeper into her mouth or stroking it while she is licking your balls, she'd make sure you were being pleasured and made ready for whatever fun she had in mind! When she pushed Alex on his back and grabbed my cock by the base it was pretty evident when she had in mind to begin with. She was going to have Alex take his first BBC. I was more than willing to give it to him particularly with her encouraging it. She said to me, "he is more than loose now after taking much strap on so you don't have to be gentle about it. I want you to pound him hard just like you did me in my ass; don't show him any mercy. "Alex just smiled at me and said it's all yours for the taking buddy; enjoy yourself, because I know I am going to enjoy it." What more could I ask for as Danielle started rubbing lube over my cock and balls and sticking her fingers covered with lube up Alex's ass. She made sure that I could see he was taking four and then five fingers of his ass. "Oh God" I said "I've got to have his ass now!" With no resistance or hesitation on my part I went balls deep up his fuck hole. In spite of the working out earlier with Danielle's strap on and now her fingers Alex's ass tightened right back around my cock like a vice. I told him that he was really gripping me with his tight ass muscles to which he replied", Good, because I want to milk that phatt black cock for all it is worth.

Danielle, after watching this hot example of unadulterated and uncut man lust pulled my face to hers and started deep kissing me with her tongue while stroking Alex's massive hard on. I felt her other hand start playing with my asshole as I long stroked her man deep in his ass. His man pussy was so fucking good and Alex was truly an active bottom who gave as good as he got. At every opportunity, he would thrust his ass up to meet my cock plunging into it. He also rhythmically squeezed and unsqueezed that dick loving hole of his.

Eventually Danielle reached over and started putting on her black strap on. Once she saw the look of excitement in my eyes when she tightened the last strap around her fabulous hips and ass, she asked me "if I was ready for this" as she poured on the lube and stroked it. "Of course, baby" I answered as she moved around behind me and started rubbing it between my butt cheeks. Between the moans, Alex said to me," now you're going to enjoy what I'm enjoying" as he released another groan of pleasure when I once again bottomed out in his ass. Danielle pressed her small tits with those hard as rock nipples against my back and whispered in my ear,"here it comes baby just relax and let me have it all". I slowed and stopped pounding Alex's ass and let her ease her strap on directly up my tight, but lubed ass. Loving every minute as she slowly worked it in. She then said to Alex, "I'm in his sweet tight black ass just like he's in your sweet tight white ass". Here I was sandwiched between a hot sexy bitch with a strap on jammed in my butt while having my dick milked for all it's worth by her boyfriend's tight ass.

I can't describe the feeling in words. It was just a total nasty expression of pleasure and lust. I told Danielle to go for it as I started back working my cock in and out of Alex. "Let me pleasure you" was all she said as she started working her hips back and forth. Next thing you know all three of us were moving in rhythm. We moaned and groaned with pleasure we were giving each other until one after another we started cumming. Danielle screamed as she had multiple orgasms, while Alex shot a load with me holding his cock that almost hit him in his mouth and I just felt my ass cheeks clench around Danielle's strap on as I shot my man seed deep in Alex's ass hole. Danielle gently slid her dildo out of my ass and when I slid my cock out of Alex's ass slid off the condom, licked my cock and dumped my load from the condom onto Alex's nipples. She then began to lick my cum and his cum off his body. "Protein shake, my ass" she said, "this is the only type of protein I need for energy". We all laughed as I settled in to lick her dripping wet pussy and ass.

The End

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