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Friday Night Fantasy Delight

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It had been a long difficult week and I was really looking forward to going out Friday night but just as I was getting ready to leave the office my boss told me that he needed me to provide him some info for a meeting he was going to on Monday. I inwardly groaned because it was going to take me a couple of hours to get everything together.

I called my wife Thelma to let her know what was going on but when she answered she seductively asked me, "Can you guess what I am doing to get ready for tonight?" She then let out a soft moan and sigh.

A million thoughts went through my mind but since there were still other folks around I figured that I better keep it clean. "I would really love to know." I told her. "But I wanted to let you know that I would be late."

"Late?" she asked. "How late? Terry and Christy are expecting to meet us at the bar."

"I know. Look, why don't you get them to pick you up and I'll just meet you there. I won't be but a couple of hours."

She agreed and I got back to work trying to finish quickly.

All the while I was working my mind kept wandering to the way my wife sounded on the phone. At 46 all it takes is a look from my hot 43 year old wife to get me hard. Her friendly and flirtatious attitude as well as her sexy body turns heads (both upper and lower) of men.

I finally finished and headed out to meet her and our friends at the bar. When I walked in I immediately noticed a crowd of men standing around my wife. She was wearing a low cut red and black top with her tits looking like they were climbing out trying to be seen. She had on my favorite black skirt that was slit up the side revealing her well toned legs and giving an occasional glimpse at her sheer panties underneath.

It seemed like the party had already begun and I was a late arrival. I stood there and watched for a minute before going over to let her know I had arrived. She was flirting with several of them and even kissed a couple of the better looking ones. I could tell this was going to be a hot sex-filled night.

As I walked over to say hello, I notice that she has her hands on one of the guys crotch. This immediately brought my flag to full attention. She loves to play with a cock and balls and I love when she plays with mine.

We had been talking for years about having a three-way or doing another couple, but had never pursued it before. From the way she was acting, it seemed like she was changing that tonight.

I walked up behind her, tilted her head back and gave her a kiss. She turned and wrapped her arms around me while shoving her tongue down my throat. She pulled me closer as she spread her legs and began rubbing her crotch over my pulsing hard cock. "I have been thinking about you and your dick all day long. I am so horny I could fuck you right here." she whispered in my ear.

"It looks like you were getting ready to start fucking without me." I replied.

She responded by pulling my head down and kissing me hard while rubbing my dick through my pants. Right then Christy and Terry walked up. Terry looked at us laughing and said, "Why don't you two go get a room?"

"Maybe later." I said. As I turned around I noticed Christy's nipples showing. It made me want to untie the strings on the front of her white lacy top and start sucking on them. How I have fantasized about getting it on with her. Every time I have seen her in her bathing suit I just want to bend down between her legs and start munching. I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss hello. Terry told me that one of our favorite bands was going to be playing and that they had reserved us a table up near the stage.

With a sigh of disappointment from the group of guys surrounding my wife, she told them that although she hated to leave them all hard up, it was time for her to go. Once we got to the table Christy asked her if she wasn't afraid that I would get mad at her for groping and kissing those guys. After looking at me to see if it was ok to tell she told Christy that we had been discussing swinging with another man or couple. She said that while we have a great sex life after 16 years we wanted to try something different to spice things up. And making a decision to be bold she told them that we had even talked about having the two of them as our first couple. I held my breath waiting to see their reaction.

Christy said, "Really?" I nodded in agreement and told her that Thelma comes home with her pussy soaking wet and horny as hell after hearing about Terry fucking her for four hours.

Terry laughed and said that they had wondered how we had reacted after Christy had told Thelma about their sex. I told him that Thelma always said that she wanted to see the dick that could stay hard and fuck for four hours. And I said that I would like to see the pussy that could handle that kind of fucking too.

About that time the band cranked up and since we were sitting so close to the stage, conversation was nearly impossible. but dancing was not so within a few minutes we were all on the dance floor. Throughout the night I noticed Terry watching Thelma and Christy looking at me. During the slow dances we took turns dancing with each other's partner and made small talk keeping the atmosphere light and casual.

Although we had not discussed it further during the night, I could tell that everyone had been thinking about what we had talked about earlier. As we left the club we decided we would go get something to eat and headed to the restaurant on the other side of the hotel. As we approached the restaurant we noticed a sign saying that it was closed but that room service was available. Since we had all been drinking and needed time to sober up before driving, we decided to go ahead and get a room with two king size beds.

Once we were up in the room and placed our food order we all sat down and began discussing the events of the evening. Thelma and Christy said that they had really enjoyed the band and all the dancing. I said that watching them dance had kept me turned on all night. Especially knowing how Thelma fucked after a night of dancing and sex talk.

Thelma stood up and slightly pulled up her skirt and said, "Oh you want some of this do you?" I responded by bending over and burying my face between her legs and rubbing it in her crotch. Thelma looked over at Terry and saw that his dick was getting hard. As he tried to cover it up, Thelma said, "You want some of this too, huh?"

Terry turned slightly red. Christy looked at him, saw his hard on and said, " It looks like you do want some of that. Do you think she could handle you? Or maybe the question should be, 'Can you handle her?' "

Thelma jumped in, "I can handle it. I could handle both of them"

"If you get both of them then what do I get?" asked Christy.

"I won't leave you out." I told her. I have always wanted to eat that pussy of yours.

"And he is excellent at it too." Thelma added.

I winked at Thelma and gave her a nod to go ahead. She went over to Terry and kissed him and grabbed his enlarging dick. She pushed him back onto the bed and starting taking off his pants.

"I want to see this monster that you wife has been telling me about." she said as she pulled his pants down. "Oh My God!" she squealed in delight. His cock was enormous. "Look at this thing." She wrapped her hands around it and began stroking it and playing with his balls. Christy and I watched as my wife began to lick and suck her husbands mushroom head. She was licking it like a lollipop and getting more excited with each lick.

"I bet she is dripping wet." I told Christy. I reached over and lifted up her skirt to see a huge wet spot on her panties. I slid them aside and pushed my finger into her smooth silky hole. I pulled it out, popped it into my mouth and said, "Yep she's wet alright."

I looked at Christy and said, "What about you?"

"Why don't you see for your self?" she responded.

I pushed her down on the other bed and pulled off her thong in one smooth motion. I held them up to my nose and gave a sniff enjoying the musty smell from her nether regions. I could feel the moist fabric in my hand confirming that she too was as wet as my wife. I untied the strings on Christy?s blouse and was rewarded with a view of her magnificent breast. While she was not as well endowed as Thelma her breast were firmer and her nipples hard. I climbed on the bed beside her and began sucking her delicious nipples. She moaned and threw her head back. I reached down and placed my hand on her thigh and began to gently stroke her leg brushing up against the smooth wet lips that I would soon be kissing and licking. She began to squirm and using both of her hands pushed my head down between her legs. Her pussy was beautiful. She was clean except for a small patch of hair leading like a trail down to her clit. I began to kiss her stomach and moved on down to her thighs and finally to the prize itself. She was so wet that she was already oozing that sweet nectar. I breathed in deep and enjoyed the fragrance of a woman ready for sex. As my tongue began it's run up her slit she quivered. I took my fingers and opened her lips giving my tongue full access to her clit. She tasted better that I had imagined and I began licking and swirling my tongue around her little man in the boat causing her to moan and gyrate. As I continued to lick she began to fuck my face. After a few minutes she wrapped her legs around my head and began bucking wildly. She was moaning and scream. She pulled my head deep inside of her pussy and with sudden gush came in my mouth for the first time. I swallowed every drop. I looked up to see the biggest smile on her face as her body collapsed on the bed.

I looked over at Thelma and Terry and saw from her bobbing head that she was still enjoying his dick. I watched as he tensed and with a loud "Ahhhhh" began shooting his load into my wife?s mouth. Normally when she is giving me a blow job she doesn't normally swallow but I encouraged her to do so and watched as she managed to get most of it down. I could not believe what I had just witnessed. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She looked over at me and smiled, saying, "Did you like that?" I could only nod my head yes as I watched the cum that she could not swallow drip down her face. Christ was starting to recover and saw the satisfied look on Terry's face.

"Both of you are very good at oral." she said. "But I still want to see if you can take getting fucked by my husband?s dick."

Thelma said that it wouldn't be a problem and began taking off her clothes. I watched as she got naked in front of another man for the first time in 16 years. Terry seemed very appreciative of her 36D's. She pulled off her skirt and I slid her panties off as he laid there watching. His still hard dick began twitching and I thought he was going blow another load right then and there. I could tell from the way he was looking at Thelma that he liked what he was seeing. I could tell that she was liking it too. She climbed up on the bed and slowly lowered herself down on to his throbbing cock. Just watching her take another man into her love tunnel almost made me cum. I noticed that Christy attention was completely on watching her husband?s dick penetrate my wife.

"It feels so good to be filled so thoroughly." Thelma told Terry. "I love my husband?s dick but he is no where big as you. You fill my pussy up completely." She began to slide up and down on his cock as she squatted over him, moaning every time he was completely inside of her.

As I watched my wife fucking another man, I felt a pang of jealously. What if she doesn't want me any more after having Terry's monster cock? Almost as if she was reading my mind she turned to me and said, "Honey, I love you." Instantly my jealously went away and I turned my attention to Christy. Watching her watch my wife fuck her husband made her look so sexy. I could still see the juices flowing from her still wet pussy and I wanted to eat it once again. I knelt down and as I put my head between her legs, she spread them for me to have easy access. I gave a quick lick and then finished pulling her clothes off of her. "Damn" I thought. She looks better than I imagined as I stared at her naked body.

She said that it wasn't fair that I still had my clothes on so with her help we quickly stripped them off. She looked a my throbbing and in much need of relief member and said that it looked like I could use some help. I agreed and she began to lick me. After being kept waiting for so long it didn't take long for me to explode in her mouth. After draining every drop out of me she looked up and met my mouth in a kiss. I have always liked taste of kissing my wife after she has sucked my dick but Christy had a surprise for me. She was holding some of my cum in her mouth and fed it to me when she kissed me. This was definitely a night for first. I was so turned on that I drank down every last drop. Normally after cumming as hard as I had my dick gets soft but this experience kept it hard. I now wanted to fuck that pussy that I had eaten so well earlier.

I pushed her back onto the bed and climbed between her legs sliding my still hard cock into her still wet pussy. I couldn't believe it but my dick just seemed to get harder and bigger as I entered this pussy that I had been dreaming about. As I began to fuck her I looked over and notice that Terry and Thelma had changed positions and that he was just pounding her pussy and that she was thoroughly enjoying it. I watched as she came several times and still he kept pounding her. This excited me more causing me to do the same thing to Christy's hot pussy. After several minutes Christy rolled us over and sat on top of me and began to ride me. She was fucking me so good I couldn't believe it. After several moments she squeezed her legs together and I could feel her pussy tighten around my shaft as she came. Feeling the spasm on my cock caused me to blow my second load of the night.

I heard Terry moan and knew that he had come again also. She looked so hot lying there with another mans dick buried deep inside of her.

"You like what you saw?" she said.


"He fucks good."

"I see that."

Christy asked Terry if he liked the way Thelma sucked and fucked him. He said that she was great at both but that he hadn't tasted her yet. Thelma said that she needed a minute but that it did look like his still rock hard dick needed more attention. Christy said that she would help out and began to suck on her husband.

?Mmmm. Your pussy taste good on Terry.? Christy noted.

Terry pulled Christy around to a 69 position and began eating out her and licking my cum from her dripping wet hole. I had never eaten a pussy filled with cum before but as I was watching him lick and suck all of mine out of her pussy Thelma grabbed me and pulled my face down into to hers. I took a tentative lick. Warm, bland and slightly salty. Plus I could taste Thelma?s pussy juice which I had always liked. Thelma started pumping against my mouth. I continued to lick every drop of cum from my wife?s hole. She was going wild with passion and her pussy began to throb and pulse as she exploded in my mouth.

As she collapsed on the bed she smiled and asked me if I liked the taste of another man?s cum. I told her it wasn?t bad. She then suggested that I get it directly from the source. During our discussions she had told me that she had always fantasized watching me suck another man?s dick. Now it seemed like she wanted to live that fantasy out. I agreed on the condition that Terry would be OK with it. We looked at Terry and Christy doing a 69 and got the nod from the two of them.

I moved over and took Christy?s place on Terry?s hard cock. I began by slowly taking his mushroom head into my mouth. It was hot and yet pleasing. I wrapped my tongue around his head and began to suck. For the first time ever I had a dick in my mouth and I liked the way it felt and tasted. I began to go down on his thick shaft taking in as much as I possibly could. Terry moaned indicating his pleasure. As I began to increase my speed in going up and down on his manhood I could feel him shoving it deep into my throat. It was all I could do to keep from gagging but managed to take in most of him in my mouth.

As I was giving my first blowjob I felt hands and lips on my re-risen cock. I looked down and saw both Thelma and Christy taking turns and sharing me. This was the most exciting experience of my life. I felt Terry?s dick expand in my mouth and then release stream after stream of cum into my mouth. I began to swallow and took in as much as my mouth could handle. With that I exploded myself as the two girls shared the fruit of my loins, with the two of them cleaning up both of us. Finally Terry?s dick went down and with all of us exhausted we fell asleep in each other arms and legs dreaming of all of the fun we would have now that our friendship had gone to this new level.

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