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Foursome Fun

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I'm trying my hand at writing a story.

We have been in the lifestyle for about seven years now. Its not a must do thing but we like to do it as often as we can. We have met our fair share of couples over the years, but could not get any one to stick lol. Seems alot of couples are just looking for a one night deal. We arent looking for new best friends but also dont want to be with a different couple every weekend.

We finally met a couple that we thought would be the long time relationship. Long story short, they ended up splitting up and now we play with just the female. Every couples dream lol. Well many fun nights came and went but one sticks in my mind.

It had been a while since Jim and I had been with Marissa, as we both were broke (as in the girl thing). So I started to plan a little surprise for Jim. I talked to Marissa about it and she was all for it. But Im getting ahead of myself. A couple of weeks ago, I reconnected with a couple that we had been with. Well just so happens that they had split up and he was now living with two lesbians in the city. She had moved out and now was on her own. As we were talking, she displayed an interest in getting together with us for some fun. So I told her that it would be wonderfully wicked and lots of fun. She knew we also played with Marissa and asked if she could join in also. I then told her about my little surprise for Jim. Well she thought it was great and could count her in.

So I planned and lied and tried to not be so excited. I didnt want Jim to find out what I had in store for him. That Saturday night, Jim and I went out for our usual dinner. I had arranged for the girls to come over and prepare while we were out. When we got into the house Jim went to the bedroom to change into comfy clothes. I followed him in and told him that I had a surprise for him. I told him to trust me as he will have much fun. I instructed him to lay down on our bed and I was going to tie him to the bed. Well that didnt go over well lol. But I think he was getting excited so he laughed nervously and said "I suppose you are going to blindfold me also?" To his shock I pulled out a black silk scarf. I promised him that anything that happens tonight, will not be anything that he wouldnt want to happen. He got on the bed and I tied him up real good lol. Before I blindfolded him I straddled his chest and gave him a hot wet kiss.

I placed the blindfold on him and told him to relax, as I would be right back. I could hear him in there mumbling about being cold so I told him I would make him hot real quick. I went down stairs to find Marissa and Carla giggling and putting on the final touches. Marissa had on white stockings and garters, a white pushup bra and white heels to die for. I came up behind her and pressed my lips to her back, while my hands came up around the front and caressed her gorgeous tits. She has double d's and they are magnificent. Small little nipples, mmmmmmm. She turned around and said" Hmm, Ive missed you, come give me a kiss." So we locked lips and caressed tongues. My nipples just about popped out of my own bra, they were so hard. We broke off our kiss as we heard Jim coughing upstairs. "OMG I almost forgot about him lol" I said. Then I turned and noticed what Carla was wearing. Wow, what a woman. She had on this little red number that barely covered her lush curves. God she was a sexy woman. A little older than Marissa and I but well worth the look. She also had on the stockings and garters, as this was my requirement for the night. I went over to her and sat her down on the edge of the tub. As she sat I straddled her lap and began to ravish her mouth. Oh I could not wait for the night to start. I myself was decked out all in black. Garters and stockings with little pink ribbons. Almost the same shade as my nipples. "Now dont make a noise when we go into the bedroom, Jim will probably know that I have another woman in the room but he wont be expecting a third." I said. They both followed me into the bedroom. Marissa and I began to touch and rub him all over. "Hey Marissa, how are you?" he asked. "There will be no talking from anyone in this room." I told him. "You are the only one who can talk but we will not answer" He seemed to enjoy that and began to moan as Marissa took his cock into her mouth. "Oh fuck ya that feels good, take it all the way like you do."he said. She went up and down his shaft with expertise. Deep throating his cock while we watched. Carla couldnt stand it any longer. She climbed on the bed and straddled Jim's face. As soon as he felt her lower herself he began to moan, creating a humming on her lips. "Oh god," she said. I quickly silenced her with my mouth. And she then giggled and mouthed sorry. It was so hard to keep quiet. Just picture us, three women on one man. What a site. Marissa got up and slowly lowered her pussy just above Jim's cock. I turned around and took hold of his cock and began rubbing it on her clit. Her eyes just about rolled into her head, she was loving it. Jim was trying to shove his cock into the wet hole but I would move it out of the way. Marissa began kissing me. I took her tits into my hands and rubbed her nipples until they were hard. I lowered my mouth and began sucking her nipples. They were tiny but her tits were huge. Great combination. Carla reached around and started pinching my nipples. She was haviing a hard time concentrating as Jim was licking away. He sucks pussy so well. I could feel Carla begin to shake as she began to cum all over his face. "Oh god Im cumming, fuck my cunt" At that point Marissa in one quick move sunk his cock into her pussy. She began to grind back and forth. Jim was groaning and you could tell that he was ready to cum. "Stop, I dont want him to cum yet" I said. "Please take the blindfold off now" he said. I undid the ties and took off the blindfold. "Oh Carla, was that you riding my face? Fuck your juice tastes great" he said. " I cant believe that you pulled this off" He then came over to me and kissed me so passionately that I almost came right there. "I would like you and Marissa to lay down on the bed in a sixty nine position" he said. We had to oblige him of course lol. Marissa got on top of me and lowered her pussy onto my face. She smelled so good and tasted even better. "Oh fuck ya lick my cunt" she yelled. At the same time she was licking up my juices. Jim got behind Marissa by my head and started to masturbate. I love watching a man play with his cock over my face. I was just waiting for that love juice to cum spilling out into my mouth. Carla got out the strap on and went behind Marissa's head and aimed her cock over my pussy. Both at the same time plunged thier cocks into our pussies and we both yelled out at the same time. I couldnt believe the feeling of being pounded while I ate Marissa's pussy. In and out they fucked us at the same pace. With every thrust of Jim's cock I licked his shaft as it went in and out of Marissa's pussy. Tasting her juice on my man was intoxicating. "Oh my god Im gonna cum.Fuck me hard Carla, Ohhhhh fuck yeah, Im cumming" I screamed. I felt Marissa's pussy contracting and getting wetter by the second. "Fuck meeeee Jim, I want you to fuck me and cum with me" Marissa yelled."Oh yeah" Jim said. Carla came over when Jim was done and laid Marissa over on her back. "I want to eat your pussy and eat all that cum out of ya" she said. Jim couldnt believe his eyes. He must be in heaven. His cock was beginning to cum back to life. He went behind Carla and pushed her legs open. "Im going to fuck your pussy hard and I will give Marissa some cum to eat" he said. "Oh please fuck me and then cum in my mouth" she responded. He plunged into her pussy so hard that she began to cum right away. "Ohhhh fuck me" "You like it hard like that dont ya, you dirty little slut" he said. Jim couldnt hold it anylonger. He pulled out his cock and gripped his balls to slow down his cum. Carla sat up and started to suck his cock. She could deepthroat and she had him cumming in no time. Loads of cum shot in her mouth. So much that it started to drip out of her mouth. I came over to her and started to lick her lips and kiss her. " Are you going to share some of that?" I asked. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and I sucked the juice off her tongue. "mmm I like that"I told her. Meanwhile Jim had found a nice warm wet spot to stick his tongue and he had Marissa thrashing about on the bed. I went to my dresser and pulled out my double ended dildo. Carla's eyes lit up immediately. She jumped on the bed and layed down. I layed down beside her and started to kiss her. I immediately let my hands wander to her tits. I started to slowly kiss her neck and make my way down. She held my head and guided it towards her nipples, knowing they were my favourite part on a woman. I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck, soft and then hard almost biting it. She squirmed and shoved her cunt onto my leg and began to stroke my leg with her wet lips. She was feeling up my pussy and was stroking it up and down. Hitting my rose bud on the way down. "You want me to stick my finger in there dont you? You are going to have to ask me to do it" she told me. "Oh god please stick your fingers in my holes." I replied. She slowly started to press on my asshole. I was so wet that it just slipped past the barrier. "Mmmmm" "Does that feel good?" she asked. "Yes but my pussy is lonely and craving some fingers" I replied. "Thats what I llike to hear" she said. We kissed more deeply and felt the rush. "Oh god yeah" I said as she rammed two fingers into my cunt. Fuck it felt good. I could feel my legs start to tingle and my cunt was clenching her fingers. "Im gonna cum soon, fuck yeah it feels so good!" Just then she suddenly stopped and got the double dildo. "Im gonna fuck you hard with this and you are going to return the favour" she told me. She scooted her pussy to my pussy and she rubbed the dildo against my clit. "Mmmmm god that feels good." " I know you like it like that, nice and slow, teasing" she said. She slid it down once more and then pushed it past my lips. "Oh god yeah" I screamed. She put the other end into her pussy and began pumping it. This caused my end to pump my pussy. Fuck what a feeling. Jim and Marissa came over and began licking our cunts as we fucked eachother slowly. "Lick my cunt you bitch" Carla screamed at Marissa. "Oh Im gonna cum soon" I said. "Me to" Carla said. Just then Jim shoved his finger up my ass. "Oh god Im cumming" I said "Fuck me Carla, fuck that dildo!" We were both fucking the dildo so hard we were soon cumming all over it. "Oh god that feels good" Carla said. We started to slow down as our cum was ebbing. Marissa pulled out the dildo and started to suck Carla's clit. "Oh yeah baby you suck my cunt clean" she told her. Jim had moved me back and turned me over. He stuck his cock in my sopping wet pussy. "Fuck you are so wet, it just slides in" he said. "God Im gonna cum again, fuck me hard" I yelled as I was holding on to the head board. He fucked me hard and I came hard. "Fuck Im cumming Marissa, put your fingers in and fuck me hard!" Carla yelled. We all collapsed on the bed as we came down from our high. Hot and sweaty, glistening in the candle light. Limbs and bodies all over eachother. We gently started to rub eachother and try and calm our shaking bodies. "Wow thats all I got to say" Carla said to us. "No kidding, whose idea was this?" Marissa asked. "I thought you would enjoy my idea" I replied. We all looked at Jim and noticed that he was fast asleep. We began to climb off the bed and he opened his eyes and said "Make sure you are back in five for round two!" LOL what a guy.

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