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First time as a single

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For years I had tried to talk my wife into bringing another person to our bed but she always refused. Now I was on my own. I decided that I would try to live out my fantasy but now I would be the third in the bed. I found a swingers site and joined. Surfing the site, I found many couples and singles all looking for the same thing. Hot sex! ?This is going to be easy!? I thought as I started sending out emails. It didn?t take long to realize how wrong I was. It was not as easy as I thought. There was lots of competition out there, especially among the single men. Finally, one day I received an email from a local couple who wanted to talk. After exchanging a few emails I sent them my phone number. I nervously waited to hear from them but my phone never rang. Later that night they sent me an email saying they would call around 7 the next evening. It was signed by Angela, the wife.

The next evening I waited nervously for the phone to ring seven o?clock came and went then seven thirty, then eight o?clock. Feeling a bit discouraged, I finally decided that I would not hear from them so I decided to go out for a beer. As I was putting my jacket on the phone rang. I nervously picked up the phone and said hello. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a sexy sounding woman?s voice, the kind of voice you might hear on NPR. She introduced herself as Angela and apologized for not calling me on time. She explained that she wanted to talk to me with out her husband around; he was supposed to be going out with some friends but had decided not to go. She said that she finally talked him into meeting his buddies.

After our introductions, we made a little small talk. She asked me about my personal life and she shared a little about theirs. She asked me if I had much experience swinging and what I was hoping to find. I explained about my ex and how I had always wanted to try a threesome with her and now that I was on my own I wanted to explore further. I went on to explain that it wasn?t as easy as I thought I would be and that they were the first couple I had heard from. She laughed and told me it was all in how I marketed myself and she?d explain later.

As we talked the conversation turned more and more explicit. ?We?ve been swinging for a few months.? She explained. ?Actually it was my idea to start. I found this website and the thought of it turned me on. At first Sam did not want to do it, but I persisted. We finally met a couple about six months ago. We swapped in the same room. I loved getting fucked in front of my hubby.? She went on ?Since then we have been with several couples. Our sex life has increased ten fold. We have sex with each other more than ever before. I even let one of the husbands shave my pussy and now I keep it that way. I love the feel and look of it. MMMM I?m rubbing it as we talk?.

By this time I had my cock in my hand between her sexy voice and explicit talk I was going crazy and I am sure she knew it. ?Last month Sam told me he?d like to have a threesome with another woman. I had never considered myself bi, although I have wondered what it would be like. At first I said no but the more I thought about it the more it turned me on. I finally agreed with one condition which I?ll explain later. Well, last weekend Sam set up a threesome with a girl we met on line, her name is Sue. At first I was nervous but she and Sam put me at ease. He had Sue and I undress each other. When we were naked Sue started kissing me. I was surprised how different a woman?s touch was. Sue kissed her way down to my pussy while Sam kissed and licked my nipples. In no time they had brought me to a mind shattering orgasm. Sue then crawled up and kissed me on the lips. I could taste my own juices on her lips as we kissed. She then lay next to me with her legs open rubbing herself. I knew what she wanted and I wanted it too. I kissed her first on the lips then worked my way down her body. She moaned as I sucked on her nipples and rubbed her pussy with my fingers. At Sam?s urging I slowly licked my way down her body. As I crawled between her legs, I glanced up and saw that she was sucking my husband?s cock. Finally her pussy was just in front of my face. I started licking the folds of her cunt, tentatively at first. Sue bucked her hips and I could feel her hands on the back of my head pushing me closer to her. I loved the smell and taste of her pussy. It tasted different than mine. I could hear her moans she bucked harder. She squirted as she came all over my face and I hungrily licked up her juices.? At this point I let out a moan and came all over my hand. Angela asked me if I was alright. I laughed and told her what had happened. ?MMMM we haven?t even met and I?ve made you cum, would you like to meet us?? ?I?d love to? I answered.

?So, here is the deal. Remember how I told you that I had given Sam a condition for our threesome?? ?Yes? I answered. I kind of figured where this was going and I to my surprise I started to get hard again. Angela went on ?Well I told him that I?d have sex with a woman if he?d have sex with a man. As you know I completed my end of the bargain. Now it?s his turn. What do you think? Are you willing to?? You know. I promise I?ll make it worth your while.? I hesitated for a minute. Angela continued. ?As I mentioned before, as a single guy you have a lot of competition. If you want to play with couples it helps if you?re ?open? minded. Besides I?ll bet you?ll like it. Why don?t you meet us and we?ll take it from there?? I agreed to meet them at a local bar the following evening.

I could not get our conversation out of my mind during the next 24 hours. Knowing what would be expected of me. Would I be able to go through with this? Was it worth it? All of the taboos haunted me. Even among most swingers it?s acceptable for two women to have sex but not two men. Some how these taboos seemed to make the whole idea even more erotic. I guess its true that there something extremely hot about forbidden sex. After considerable soul searching I decided to at least meet Sam and Angela. I could always back out if I got cold feet. I grew anxious as the time of our meeting neared.

I had butterflies in my stomach as I entered the bar. Sam and Angela were sitting in the back corner in a booth. Sam is a handsome guy about my height and weight with silver grey hair. Angela was as beautiful as her voice. Her dark brown hair was cut short which gave her a sweet, wholesome look and she appeared much younger than her 45 years. She was wearing a short dress. It was cut low enough for me to know that she did not have a bra on. When she saw me she greeted me with a smile that took away any doubt from my mind. We talked as we had a drink. Sam and I discussed how we were both a little nervous. Angela told us what she wanted. As soon as our first drink was empty she looked at me and asked ?So, what do you think?? I nervously just said ?Yes, but I think I need another drink? Angela laughed and invited me to follow them back to their house. They had plenty to drink. In just a few minutes time I was walking through their door.

Angela told Sam to make us a drink and she invited me to sit next to her on the couch. She immediately moved over and we started kissing and petting. ?Nice cock? she said as she freed my hard on from my pants. She stood in front of me and had me unzip her dress. She let it fall to the floor and she stood in front of me completely naked. Her small firm breasts were capped with dark nipples that stood out erect. Her pussy lips were extremely puffy. She parted her legs slightly and gave it a quick rub and parted her lips just a little. Her inside folds were glistening with wetness and her clit poked out just a little. In no time I had my clothes off and we were embracing on the couch.

?Very sexy!? Sam said as he returned with our drinks. He too was naked. His cock was poking out in front of him. It was a little shorter that mine but very thick. ?What do you think?? she asked me as she reached up and caressed his cock. Sam came closer and Angela took my hand and brought it up to her husband?s cock. ?Go ahead? she coaxed me. ?Feel it?. I tentatively wrapped my fingers around it and stroked it. I was surprised of the feel of it, it felt different from mine. ?MMMM you?re going to like this as much as I am.? Angela had me stand next to Sam. She took our cocks in each hand and started stroking and alternately sucking on us. She pulled our cocks closer together and then ordered us to stroke each other?s cock. ?MMMM that?s nice? she said. ?Now rub them together?. She moaned and rubbed her pussy as we rubbed the heads together. ?Oh fuck that is hot! Let?s go to the bedroom? she ordered. We left our drinks and she led us to the bedroom.

Angela lay on the bed and patted either side of her. Sam and I climbed next to her. She kissed me and then she kissed Sam. As she kissed Sam, I started licking and sucking her nipples. I kissed my way down to her pussy. I couldn?t wait to taste her. Angela maneuvered us into a 69 with her on top. She ground her pussy into my face as she sucked my cock. I could hear her talking to Sam urging him to come closer. I suddenly felt a firmer grip on my pole and a different set of lips. She was urging him on as she ground her self on my face. She dismounted. Sam continued sucking me as she maneuvered his knees over my head. She then took his cock and guided it into my mouth. ?Go ahead suck it? she commanded. I had to open wide to accommodate his girth. It was different than I thought it would be but not unpleasant. As I sucked, Sam started pumping in and out of my mouth as he stroked and sucked my cock. Angela sat there with her legs open rubbing her cunt as she urged us on. ?Oh that?s it, Suck each other! MMMM you?re making me so hot. Ohh Ohh that?s it. I?m cumming from just watching you. Ohhhh Ohhhh. That?s it ? I could feel Sam?s cock grow even bigger. I knew what was coming and I wanted it. By this time we were all moaning. Suddenly his cock started convulsing and my mouth was filled with his hot jism. I tried to swallow it but some leaked out. This put me over the edge and I filled his mouth. Angela moaned as she brought her self to orgasm.

We untangled and Angela kissed Sam. I could see them swapping my cum back and forth. I made my way down between her legs and started licking her sweet pussy. She opened her legs wide for me. I could hear her moaning and I got hard again. Noticing my erection she gently urged me on top of her. We kissed and she reached down and guided me toward her opening ?That was so hot. Are you ready for your reward?? she asked as she rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit. She moaned as I thrust my hips forward and penetrated her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and we kissed as I penetrated her fully. I put my hands under her ass and began to thrust in and out her slowly at first. Angela met my thrust by bucking her hips and tightening her pussy. It felt as if she were milking me. Sam knelt off to our side, stroking himself as he watched. Angela turned her head and motioned him toward us. When he got close enough she took hold of his cock and guided it toward her mouth. I kissed her cheek as she sucked on him. She then guided him into my mouth. I eagerly licked and sucked his bulbous head as she licked his shaft and sucked his balls. She then placed his cock between our lips and we kissed and rubbed tongues around it. I lifted up and she guided him into my mouth. As I sucked she pumped his shaft to the rhythm of my thrusts. I filled her sweet pussy with my semen. This put Angela over the edge and she squirted all over me as she came. Sam pulled out of my mouth Angela kissed me long and hard as my softening member plopped out of her pussy.

As soon as I rolled off of her Sam took my place. ?MMMM can you feel his cum all over your cock?? she asked Sam as he entered her. Her pussy was being stretched wide by his cock and my sperm was leaking as he displaced it with his rigid member. He started fucking her long and slow. I offered them my cock which was coated with our juices. They cleaned me off and I started to get hard yet again as they fucked. After a few minutes Sam added his sperm to mine inside of her pussy.

Afterwards, we were all spent. They had me spend the night and we resumed our play in the morning. The following week they had both Sue and I over. We hit it off and have been together ever since. We still see Sam and Angela along with other singles and couples.

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