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First swing house experience

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My first swing house experience without doubt was the most exciting life experience Ever. I had read stories and about these houses and was intrigued by the idea of going to A house and having sex with a stranger I had just met. I had gotten laid on a Saturday night before, but this seemed different. The challenge was finding a lady to go with me as all the houses required couples or single women only. So I was on a search for just a lady.

Debbie was her name. She was a red head and an inch taller than me. She is very pretty and slim. We had been dating for some time. She had 5 kids and I had 4. She was terrific in bed and got off very easily.

She loved sex and so did I, and we did a lot of sex.

One day I mentioned the swing house and my interest in going to one. Debbie looked a little surprised when I told her what went on at the houses. Debbie had been with a few men along the way. She to had gotten laid on a Saturday night occasionally. So she knew the ropes and what would happen at the house party if she would decide to attend. I was really hoping she would agree.

One day while we were talking she said “been thinking about the swing house and I think I want to go to one and see what it is like there.” I was truly surprised and excited and told her so. Are you sure I asked? She said yes that it sounded exciting and fun place.

I said ok. I made a call and we were invited.

We drove to the house and when we arrived Debbie said I am so nervous. I said me too. Lets just go in and fun ok. When we entered the house. We were welcomed by a very pretty house hostess and paid our fee and were directed to the living room area.

We really didn’t know what to expect as to the kind of people who attended these kinds of parties. We were pleasantly surprised as the people in the room were all very attractive, our age and some seemed as nervous as we were. We found a place to sit and waited, not knowing exactly what to do. The couple across from us said hi and we started to talk to them.

They were Sam and Julie and like us it was their first house party as well.

Sam was tall and Julie was short and very pretty with long black hair.

So it was the blind leading the blind situation except, we all knew it was about swapping partners. So I plunged a head and asked what do you think about the house. Sam said well it certainly is an exciting place. I asked are you as nervous as we are and they both laughed and said yes. Have you ever done anything like this before I asked? Sam said no but we have talked about it and are here. I said us too. I turned to Debbie and said lets go talk and we excused ourselves and said we would be right back.

When we were alone I asked her well what do you think? Are you ready to have sex with a stranger and she said well he is tall and good looking and seems nice and that is why we are here right? I said yes. So I will make an offer to swap ok? She said ok.

We returned to Sam and Julie who were busy talking and I said well we came her to play with other people and would like to know if you would like to play with us?

Sam said we were just talking about it while you were gone and have decided we came her for the same reason otherwise why be here. We want to but not in front of each other, so it would have to be in separate rooms if that is ok. I turned to Debbie ok? She nodded ok.

Sam got up and Debbie followed him out of the room. I took Julies hand and we went in the opposite direction.

Debbie’s story He led me up some stairs to another level and we went into a low lit room with mattresses on the floor. I said wow this is different and he asked you ok? I said yes. We faced each other and he pulled me close and kissed me. I could feel my heart pounding as I knew we were about to have sex and I was already turned on just thinking about it. I could hardly believe I was actually going to have sex with a guy I had just met a few minutes ago.

I was even more surprised that I wanted too.

We kissed several times and he began to undress me and I let him. He removed my top and than my bra. He turned me around and kissed the back of my neck and reached around me and played with my boobs. I could feel his cock through his pants pressed up against my butt. I was wet. He unbuttoned my skirt and it fell to the floor and than slid my panties down and I stepped out of them.

I turned around and put my arms around him and he kissed me again and put his hands on my bare butt and pulled me close. I reached down and felt his cock through his pants and he was very hard and I was so turned on by now. His hands on my butt felt wonderful, He pressed down on my shoulder and I knew what he wanted. I lowered myself down and loosened his belt and unzipped him and reached in and took his cock out and looked down at it and he was very nice sized. His pants fell to the floor. He turned me around and pressed on my back and I bent over waiting for his cock. He entered me and went all the way in and I climaxed pushing back and grunted with pleasure. With rapid in and out movements he fucked me hard and I came again. He turned me around and we laid down and he entered me again and I opened up to him completely and he was so hard when he entered me. It was a wild ride. I just wanted to fuck him. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in and with rapid movements I could tell he was going to cum and whispered in his ear cum inside of me and he bucked and slammed into me and squirted in me and the feel of his cum sent me over the edge again and I came with him. We laid there panting and satisfied. We got dressed and returned to the living room.

Jim and Julie As I led her away I could tell she was real nervous. I was already hard and ready and I wasn’t going to wait long to fuck her. We found a quiet place and she turned to me and kissed me. Are you ready to do this I asked? Julie said oh yes. Sam and I have been talking about doing this for a long time and I am ready.

I unbuttoned her top and removed it than her bra and what a nice view and I could tell she liked me looking at her naked boobs. I slid her shirt and she stepped out of it. I got on my knees and slid her panties down and off and than put my head between her thighs and licked her pussy. She shuttered and gasped as I was licking and sucking her. She pressed against my face and I felt her cum.

I stood up and undressed and my cock sprung free and she went to her knees and took me in her mouth a sucked on me. I knew I couldn’t handle that for long. I pulled a way and turned her around and she got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder as I entered her from behind. We fucked. She was hot and ready and was grunting as I banged into her. I turned her around and we were face to face and her legs were on my shoulders and I could feel my cum starting to build. She could tell and began riding my cock as fast as she could and said oh yes fuck me and I squirted in her and she pulled me close kissing me and climaxed with me. It hadn’t taken long. She said that was really good, I said yes.

We returned to the living room to wait.

Soon Debbie and Sam returned and both the ladies had that just been fucked look. We said our good bye and off they went to new adventures I am sure.

I looked at Debbie and said well? She said had a great time and I said me too. I said what now? It was still early in the evening. Lets look around and see what is happening.

We went into the group where several couples were having sex in front of everyone who wanted to watch. Debbie and I just stood there watching people fucking, than found a corner and sat down and leaned against the wall. Debbie in front of me. I put my arms around her and she leaned back against me and I asked her, Having fun? She said it is a wild place, I feel like a very “bad girl”. It is certainly a place to act out your fantasy’s for sure. Two more couples entered the group room all in towels as they had been in the outside hot tub. The two ladies faced each other and dropped their towels and began kissing each other. The guys were just watching. It was clear they were about to do each other. Soon they were on the floor kissing and feeling each other and than the fingering began and they were twisting and turning and it was clear they were hot for each other.

I was getting hard watching and reached under Debbie’s skirt and slipped a finger in her pussy and she was very wet. Like what you are watching? She said yes never seen two women together before. We continued watching and the two women moved to a 69 and were down on each other licking and fingering. Debbie leaned back against me and I felt her have a quiet climax and she shuttered and I could feel her pussy contract against my fingers. I asked want do that? She responded not sure. I has been a fantasy at times, but never thought I would ever actually do it. I said well this is the place were fantasy’s come true. The two ladies were both heads in and both climaxed on each other’s faces.

The two guys each grabbed a woman and had them on their backs fucking.

We went back to the living room. Debbie said I am so hot after watching all of that, I said me too. Lets find another couple ok? She said ok.

I said shall we try to find a couple with a lady curious about being with another lady as your are right? Debbie hesitated for a minute and said “ yes I am curious, but is that ok with you? I said very ok.

As we discovered many women at the party were curious about having sex with another woman as it was their husband’s fantasy. There were several couples in the living room and some talking to each other some sitting by themselves. I asked one of the hostess’s is there any way to know what couples are interested in doing. She said there is a bi room upstairs where couples go to find what they are looking for. I told Debbie and we went upstairs and on one of the doors was a sign saying Bi Room.

So the house had rooms for everything. We entered the low lit room and could see one other couple sitting talking. They stood up when we entered. They looked like they were in there 20’s Debbie and I are in our 30’s. The girl had long blond hair and very nice boobs. The guy was a little taller than me. Debbie whispered to me I am so nervous.

We walked over to them and introduced ourselves and we all sat down. They were Don and Sara from Concord and were at the house for the first time like us. They had been married for 3 years. I asked having fun? Don said yes it is quite a place. I agreed.

The two ladies were looking at each other with interest. I said we were just in the group watching a couple of women together. Debbie is curious about what that is like.

Don said that they were as well and Sara is also curious. I asked done anything yet? Don said they had been with another couple earlier and had had a good time with them, but the other lady wasn’t ready for any thing else, so we came up here looking. Sara said yes we are having fun and how about you. Debbie said we had swapped with another couple and it had been wild and fun as well. We all knew what we were there for and it was now up to the ladies.

Deb said truthfully I am really nervous about this, as I have never done it before, it has only been a fantasy. Sara said me either although I did kiss a girlfriend once and really liked it. Don said why don’t you give Debbie a kiss. Sara leaned forward and offered a kiss to Deb. Debbie hesitated for a moment and than accepted the offered kiss. It was more than a peck. Deb said that was nice. I said well why don’t you offer Sara a kiss and Debbie leaned forward and offered a return kiss and her and Sara had a real kiss. Debbie’s breathing obviously increased. Us two guys moved to the side a little and left the two girls to themselves. Sara moved over to Deb and they hugged each other and kissed again and than again and again. Deb asked want to? And Sara nodded yes and so it began. They kissed passionately and Sara reached out and felt one of Deb’s Boobs and so it went. Soon they were undressing each other and sat there naked in front of each other with more and more kisses. Sara moved one of her hands to Deb’s pussy and began rubbing her and Deb followed her lead and did the same. They laid down next to each other and both began to finger each other. First one than two fingers. They were finger fucking each other kissing and rubbing their bodies together. I undressed and Don followed my lead and I Whispered to Don want to do Deb and he nodded yes.

The two ladies were both very hot for each other by this time and their fingers were buried into each others pussies and pushing faster and faster and Deb was the first to cum and shuttered and grabbed Sara and came hard rotating her hips against Sara’s hand. Sara had her cum next and cried out I am cumming and Deb fingered her harder and she came and the two girls laid there kissing and slow fingering until their breathing returned to normal. I motioned to Don and we moved over to the ladies with hard cocks and Don took Deb and was in her immediately and they were fucking. I went down on Sara licking and sucking on her clit and than entered her and the fuck began. The girls were laying next to each other reaching over playing with each other’s boobs and kissing while being fucked. I said cumming and Deb looked over to me and said give it to me and I pulled out and moved over to Deb and squirted in her mouth and she sucked me and Could taste Sara’ pussy juice on my cock. I collapsed on the floor. Don was pounding Deb and was ready to cum and Sara moved over and he pulled out and she took it all and a taste of Deb’s pussy as well. Deb said well I am not curious any more and Sara said me either and we all laughed.

Later Deb told me she wanted to do that again but the next time she would go down. I said, I can’t wait. I said what now and Deb said I need a rest and I agreed. So we found a corner and cuddled up and she said thanks for bringing me here and I said thanks for bringing me here.

After resting for a while I said lets try the hot tub and Deb sounds like fun. So we went outside to the hot tube. I had told Deb before we decided to go to the house that it was possible we could run into people we knew. So sitting there in the tub was a couple we knew in Sacramento. I thought oh oh. They were George and Joyce members of a dance group that Deb and I belonged to as well. I didn’t quite what to do and just said hi and laughed. Deb was a little shocked I think. We got in the tub and sat next to them and I think they were as surprised as we were.

I said surprised to see you and we all laughed. George said us too. A little different than dancing huh? They looked confused as to what to say. I said it is ok we all know what we are here for and it is our secret right? They visibly relaxed.

It turned out they came to the house 3 or 4 times a year and had been swingers for several years. I said our first time.

George asked having fun? I said yes we have traded with two other couples and it has been wild. Joyce said we like to come here as I am bi and it is a good place to find other bi women. I looked a Deb and she said well I just had my first bi experience ever with a young girl and had a lot of fun. Suddenly Joyce became much more interested in Deb.

Joyce said bluntly ready for another. Deb looked at Joyce and asked with you right?

Joyce said right. We haven’t done anything yet and I am ready for something.

Deb turned to me and said well what do you think. I said whatever you want it is your fantasy. Deb turned back to Joyce and said 2 in one night and laughed. So it was decided and we all left the tub.

We got to the room and George said lets go have a drink and let the ladies play alone.

I hesitated and asked Deb ok and she said ok and visibly became more relaxed knowing I wouldn’t be watching. So us guys left. George told me that Joyce liked a one on one sometimes specially with a beginner.

Debbie’s story After you guys left she moved over to me and began kissing me and said I am so hot for you. I’ve watched you dancing and was turned on watching you. Never imagined we would be doing this someday. I am going to teach you all you need to know.

She undressed me than herself and we laid down on the floor and she began kissing me all over and moved down to my pussy and began licking me and I climaxed the second her mouth was on me. I was so hot. My whole body felt on fire. I was panting. I lost all control and she had me completely. I was totally open to her and she was totally in to me. Her mouth on me, her tongue probing inside, her fingers rubbing my clit. I wanted her and said I want you and she moved around so I could go down on her. We were locked in an embrace of licking, sucking, and probing with tongues and fingers. I felt her body jerk and push against my mouth and tongue and she moaned and shook and I felt her cum in my mouth. I cried out and climaxed again and we just continued in our locked position, legs wrapped, faces all wet from each other, rocking back and forth, buried into each other’s pussies. I have never felt that hot in my life. I felt totally consumed by her.

We laid there locked in our embrace for some time lightly licking each other and slowly Our breathing slowed and after a time we parted and moved head to head and were kissing each other again. I looked into her eyes and said thank you. She said now you know why I am Bi. I said now you know I am now Bi as well. We got dressed and went to find the men.

My first swing house experience was over, but I knew it wouldn’t be my last.

Debbie and I talked about our experiences on the way home. Debbie said her experience with Joyce had been incredible. All I want to do is do it again. I said well I will see what I can do, but that is another story,

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