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First Time Swinging Expereince

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Want to share with you all the story of how my wife and I took the leap into the Lifestyle. She and I have been happily married for 18+ years and are more in love today than the day we said "I do!". We both lost our virginity to each other and up till that fateful day had never been with anyone else.

My wife, Lynnette and I about two years ago began discussing bringing anther partner into our sexlife but never found the right time, place or person. It remained a topic that would creep up but quickly subside, leaving me to believe that it was nothing more than "talk" and it seemed like it would never amount to anything more. We'd go out and I would ask her if she saw anyone she found attractive, to which she said, "Yes", but I could never get her to release her inhibitions to have her flirt with the guy and see where it would go from there.

Lynnette is 5ft 6in tall, about 145 with a shapely "athletes" body. She's no size 2, but her curves are very comforting to hold and sensual to see especially he luscious 35c breasts. She and I are in our mid 40's and I must say we're both in pretty decent shape. She does her yoga and Zumba and I've got my workout sessions to. Lynnette keeps herself very nicely groomed below, either being completely bald or maintaining a very tiny strip leading to he magic spot.

This past spring, we took a cruise from California down to Mazatlan and back, a seven day cruise that was just her and I.... our kids stayed with the grandparents and we had visions of having as much sex as we could throughout the cruise. Lynnette even confessed to me that she had bought some real sexy outfits for her to wear on the cruise. I didn't get to see what she bought but eagerly awaited to see what kind of surprises she had in store.

Day one of our cruise and we get on our ship and it was amazing. The two of us were so excited to once again be going on a boat cruise.... This was going to be our fourth cruise. We got our cabin assignment and as we waited for our luggage to arrive in our room, we walked about the ship to get aquatinted with out new temporary home for the next week. We saw several dinning rooms, bars, two nightclubs and lots of places to relax by one of three pools on the boat. We were on the promenade deck near the smokestack of the ship and saw a set of stairs leading to an upper deck with a sign stating "No children allowed. No cameras or Video Taping". We thought, hmmm kind of strange, what was up there. We took the flight of stairs to the highest deck in the ship and when we got there, the sign at the top of the stairs said "Topless Sun-deck - Clothing Optional", now the sign below made sense. Now Lynnette is very conservative when it comes to what she wears on the beaches or at a pool. The thought of hanging out here nude or seeing my wife topless at least was very exciting. As we walked about the ship some more, I asked her what her thoughts were regarding the adults only sun deck.... Her response surprised when she said, that it might be somewhere she'd want to catch some sun.

Within a couple of hours after we boarded, our ship was sailing our of Long Beach Harbor and heading south towards Mexico. The ship was to sail three days straight arriving in Mazatlan on the morning of the third day so we were going to be stuck on the ship for the next two and a half days. The first night we went to dinner and decided to call it an early evening after a long flight to get to Los Angeles. When we turned in for the evening we went to our cabin and we made love that night. It was our typical love making session, great sex but definitely "vanilla" compared to what was to transpire over the remainder of the cruise.

The following morning we woke up, went for our exercise sessions, she to a yoga class and I ran several laps on the ship. We washed up and headed out for breakfast. While at breakfast, Lynnette told me of a few of the fellow passengers she met at yoga and I thought nothing of it. To me it sounded like it was just some ladies and a couple of gentlemen she met and shared small talk before or after the class. Following breakfast she said she wanted to go and lounge out on one of the sun decks to work on her tan. We went back to our cabin to change and headed back out to find a spot to lounge around for a couple of hours. Lynnette was wearing a new bikini under her white spaghetti strap t-shirt and very tight and even shorter shorts that barely covered the base of her ass cheeks.

She lead us to the smokestack and to the staircase leading to the adults only sundeck. When we got up there, there were only a hand full of people there, about three couples and a couple of single females. Most of the females were laying out topless and one of the couples were totally nude. So we grabbed our lounge chairs and began to remove our clothes. I removed my shirt and prepared to layout in my board shorts. Meanwhile, Lynnette took off her t-shirt revealing a very tiny bikini top that was yellow and seemed quite sheer, as such her nipples were sticking right through the material and you could actually see the shape of her areoles under the sheer material. As shocking as that was, what she revealed next just blew me away. She dropped her shorts revealing a matching "micro" g-string bikini bottom that barely covered anything. My cock all of a sudden started to rumble and twitch at this amazing sight before me. "So.... What do you think of my new bikini?", she asked. "Oh my gosh.... If you and I were alone right now, I'd fuck you crazy." I said. She saw the increasing bulge in my shots and said "I can see you're liking this new outfit."

After we had been laying out a while, Lynnette said she'd become a little to hot and wanted to go shower off at the shower head to go cool off. The shower head was not far at all from where we had been laying out so I watched my lovely wife go to cool down under the shower. Holy Crap!!!! Her bikini was now transparent, you could see EVERYTHING! My cock became rock hard enjoying the vision that was now walking back to me. There were yellow transparent triangles that clung to my wife's tits and now anyone and everyone could see how beautiful her breasts were. But that was tame compared to the tiny piece of transparent yellow material that barely covered her pussy. The wet mess material was so tight and sheer you could clearly see every thing below from the smoothness of her pussy, to the slightly protruding vulva lips the barely stuck out of her outer lips.... heck you could even see the shape of the small piercing she has on the hood of her clit. As she walked back towards me I noticed that I was not the only one staring and enjoying this sight. Several of the other men AND women were taking in my wife's incredibly hot bikini.

When she sat back next to me, she commented that she didn't realize that the bikini was going to be that sheer. "You know, this thing isn't covering much at all. I might as well take it off!", she said. I couldn't believe what was coming out of my wife's mouth. She took her top off and asked me if I was going to join her if she took off her bottom. "Um, honey, if I take my shorts off, I've got a raging hard on right now, it's kinda embarrassing.", I replied. "Why would you be embarrassed?", she asked. "The guy over there and there both have hard ons now, they're ok letting it all hangout!". What the hell, my wife was checking these guys out and enjoying the fact that she was casing these other me to get excited.

I had become so focused on what my wife was doing, I hadn't realized that now, most of the people non tat deck we now totally nude. I looked around and I saw what she had already taken notice of, there were three other gentlemen with raging hard ons enjoying the visioning my wife in all of her sexiness. You know that old saying, when in Rome do like the Romans... well I joined those around us and dropped my shorts exposing my 7in bald cock that was now raging hard. Lynnette laid down next to me and she reached over to hold my hand. Her pulse felt like it was going 1000mph. I asked her if she was ok and she replied that she was so scared about what she was doing but she felt very liberating and aroused. She said seeing the reaction of the other men on the deck getting aroused from looking at her made her even hornier.

We had been laying out for about two hours when this couple showed up on the deck and Lynnette and the couple were "Hi, glad you made it." I was so confused about what had just happened. When the couple approached, Lynnette kissed her on the cheek and gave the husband a huge hug. She introduce the couple to me as one of the couples she had met earlier that morning at yoga. Her name was Stephanie and his name was Eric. They were in their mid thirties and both were absolutely hot. She was about 5ft 2in maybe about 110 or so with rather smaller but very perky tits. Eric on the other hand was about 6ft and a little on the heavier side. Both of them once all the pleasantries were exchanged showed no fear and dropped everything. Stephanie was an absolute knockout totally fit with no extra fat on her and a completely bald pussy.

What was really awesome about her was her tan lines. The contrast between the smooth well tanned skin and the similarly smooth whiter skin normally covered by a thong bikini. The tanless triangles that highlighted her breasts caused anyone looking at her to focus on her small but very perky breasts. Then my eyes went south towards the triangle calling attention to her bald pussy. Her hair was long and jet black with these amazing hazel eyes and a smile that could light up a room. As I stated earlier, Eric was on the heavier side and I thought to myself how can a guy like this hook up with a absolute hottie like Stephanie. When he dropped his shorts it was clear how he could have a woman like Stephanie, he must have been nearly 9in limp. Lynnette caught sight of Eric's man tool and her eyes lit up. I caught her staring in awe at Eric's well groomed cock, she was even licking her lips. My wife was getting turned on by this huge piece of man meat. What was happening with my wife, was she somehow turning into a sex craving woman with little horizons.

The four of us shared the morning with each other talking about life. Eventually we started to talk about sex, Eric and Stephanie shared with us that they were had been swingers for the past 5 years and that their relationship and especially their sex life came alive once they joined the Lifestyle. Over the next couple of hours Lynnette and I asked what seemed a million questions about the Lifestyle. Stephanie and Eric were AWSOME answering all of our questions and said that all of our questions were typical of newbies contemplating joining the Lifestyle. As time neared lunch, we grabbed our belongings and said bye to Eric and Stephanie. We all said that we would look forward to spending more time together during the cruise.

Throughout lunch, our conversation centered about what we had shared with Eric and Stephanie. I asked Lynnette if shed like to get with Eric, she said that the thought of taking a huge cock like that although was exciting also made her weak in the knees with fear of that much cock in her. Lynnette turned the tables on me and asked what I thought of Stephanie, to which I said, if I had a chance to fuck that little firecracker I would. We finished our lunch and headed back to our cabin to ready ourselves for the spa session we had scheduled.

The spa session was worth every penny and had Lynnette and I totally relaxed, we returned to our cabin and had a afternoon quickie before we got ready for dinner. That evening, we decided to have one of our more "formal" dinners where we'd both get dressed up. Lynnette said she had a surprise for me and that she wanted me to go to dinner and she'd meet me in the dining room after she got ready for the night's activities. I got my suit on and headed to the dinning room and get to our table. The dining room was set for total intimacy with almost every table set for two and candles setting a very romantic atmosphere. I had been waiting about twenty mounted for Lynnette to arrive and when she arrived, man did she make an entrance.

She was wearing a short black dress with the hemline at her upper thigh. The dress was fitted in every way and only highlighted her very shapely figure. She was wearing a pair of black stiletto "fuck me" pumps that lifted her ass and enhanced the shape of her very toned calves. When she got to the table, she leaned over gave me a wet juicy kiss and stood tall and spun around to show me everything. The back of the dress scooped very low to the small of her back. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra and there was no sign of any sort of lines in her dress for any form of underwear. My cock went to full erection and my pulse began to race. I was so hot and horny for my wife and enjoyed seeing men, both younger and older enjoying the vision in Lynnette. Throughout dinner all I could do was thinking of how much fun I was going to have fucking my wife that evening.

As dessert came, another couple that Lynette met at yoga stopped by to say hello. This couple was Shawnna a raving redhead and Greg a tall slender gentleman who looked like he belonged on the pages of "GQ". Damn I thought, maybe if should give up running and take up yoga with all these hotties doing yoga. We exchanged pleasantries and they went their way. When dinner finished, we walked about the ship enjoying the beautiful night waiting for one of the nightclubs to open. I relished the looks that Lynnette was receiving from the men, and the women too. The men looked at my wife with lustful eyes and the women after seeing their man's stares at Lynnette got those stares of "bitch - whore". But I didn't care, she was mine, ALL MINE.

About 10 o'clock that evening, we got to the night club that was playing salsa, and other Latin music. I'm the kind of dancer that has two left feet and the only dancing I do is "clinging", you know, the kind you do in intermediate where you wrap your arms around her waist and she's got her arms around your neck. Not a good repertoire of dance skills for an environment like that. After a few feeble attempts to dance with any skill we sat done to have a drink. A few minutes later, Eric and Stephanie showed up and joined up at our table. Eric asked Stephanie to join him on the dance floor and she commented that she had "two left feet! Hey Lynnette, you want to dance with my husband?" Lynnette jumped at the opportunity and Eric took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

Stephanie sat next to me and we watched out respective partners do their thing on the dance floor. Damn Eric was smooth, and Lynnette was definitely enjoying being led across the floor by someone who knew what he was doing. As the Latin music filled the room the my wife and her dance partner began to move more and more sensually. I was getting turned on watching my wife basically having sex with her close on with Eric on the dance floor. Stephanie leaned over and whispered in my ear, they look hot, she's getting hotter with every movement. Was Stephanie checking out my wife..... Where was this evening all going? After several numbers, Eric and Lynnette returned to the table and rejoined Steph and I. Lynnette sat next to me and she had a light sheen of perspiration glistening all over her exposed skin. She leaned to one side, then the other then forward. I was wondering what was she doing. She leaned over at me grabbed my hand with her left hand and with her right hand handed me a very small piece of lace material that was completely wet. "Here's a gift for you honey!", she whispered in my ear then kissed me on my lips. I opened my hand to find a black, lace g-string string panty that she had been wearing. "That's all I had under this dress!", she whispered next.

Not long after that Greg and Shawnna showed up too in the nightclub and joins us four. We all got to know each other and we talked and got to know each other more. Greg asked Lynnette to dance and those two took their turn showing their skills. Once again, Lynnette found herself in a groove now with Greg and was again basically getting fucked on the dance floor with yet another man. I was out of my mind at what I was seeing out of my wife. They returned to the table and Lynnette gave Greg a big kiss on his cheek and said thank you. "Wow, where was my kiss?, Eric asked. Lynnette leaned over the table now exposing her beautiful ass and pussy to me as she planted a kiss in Eric's cheek. My eyes must have looked like they had popped out of my eye sockets, "did you enjoy the view" she asked. I just nodded with sheer surprise at what she was doing.

The three ladies soon got up and said they were heading to the ladies room and that they'd all be right back. So we three gentlemen stayed there and continued to talk about all kinds of things... including sex! Not only were Eric and Stepahie swinger, but so were Greg and Shawnna, I was wondering if Lynnette and I would soon be joining "the Lifestyle." After about thirty minutes or so, Lynnette walked back into the nightclub all by her lonesome. Eric and Greg made nothing of where their wives were, but I asked, "Where are the other two women?" "Oh, they weren't feeling well so they went back to their rooms." Greg and Eric must have known something because the moment she said that the two guys gave each other a "nudge". I was completely clueless as to what was going on, but I was getting a seance that Lynnette had con coked something for that evening.

Lynnette danced a couple more times with both Eric and Greg, each time she came back, she was glistening more and more with her perspiration. If she was that wet from dancing, I could only imagine how we her pussy must have been. With each return, the kiss she gave me got wetter, juicier and more sultry. One of her kissed she gave me, she had bent over the table much like she did to me exposing her ass and pussy to both Eric and Greg. The tow men smiled and I saw them adjusting their pants to make room for their growing cocks. Right around midnight, Lynnette asked if the four of us could go for a stroll on the ship to cool off. When we left the nightclub, Lynnette gave me a room key that didn't belong to us. She told me the room was on loan for the night and she wanted me to go to the room and wait for her. She walked away with holding hands with Eric and Greg and the three of them walked off.

I wen to the room and waited for Lynnette to show up. This room was huge, it not only had a king-sized bed, but it also had two chairs a small love seat and a tile round table. I had just finished looking around the room when the door opened with Lynnette and the two guys. She had her arms around both of their waist and she looked like she had been laughing all the while we were apart. "Hi honey, are you ready to party?", she asked. "Sweetheart, what's going on?" "Well honey, us four are going to have some fun tonight!" "And what about Shawnna and Stephanie?" Eric said, "Oh, they're having their own fun those two.... They aren't missing anything believe you me".

Lynnette sat me on one of the chairs and then took Eric and Greg by the hands and led them to the edge of the bed. She sat on the edge and the two guys pulled out their cocks right in front of Lynnette's face. She peered up at the two guys, looked at me and grabbed the tow cocks and began to devour them. Lynnette is very skillful with her mouth and tongue when it came to blowjobs and I knew the two men were in for a treat. My only question was how much off Eric's massive tool was going to fit in her mouth. Lynnette closed her eyes and started with Greg's cock first taking the head of his 7in cock into her mouth. As she worked Greg's cock with her mouth, she stroked Eric's massive cock to full erection. I was getting harder and harder watching my wife service these two men. When Eric's massive cock was fully erect, Lynnette stopped and looked at the sheer size of the beast. She placed a second hand on Eric's massive cock and began striking it with two hands at once as she resumed her fever pitch sucking on Greg.

I now had my cock out and was stroking it as I watched in amazement what my wife was doing. The two men had my wife's little black dress around her waist exposing g her tits. The two men caressed and fondled her titties as she skillfully worked their cocks with her mouth. Lynnette took a break just long enough to tell me that I was not allowed to make myself cum... she wanted me to cum in her. By now, all three of the men were totally undressed and ready for action. Lynnette looked at the massive tool possessed by Eric and struggled to get that massive piece of meat in her mouth. She managed to get the head in then she pulled it out. She looked at me with "puppy dog eyes" as if to say what have I started. "Honey..... this is your thing, take it as far as you want!" I said. That was all she needed to hear. She reattached Eric's cock with a renewed vigor and intent to take as much of it in he mouth as she could.

Eric seeing her desire to want to take him all in laid her on the bed with her head hanging over the edge. "Take it easy and relax" Eric said as he began to slide his cock into Lynnette's mouth. Little by little more and more of his cock disappeared into my wife's mouth. I was so mesmerized from watching Eric and Lynnette, I didn't see Greg getting between Lynnette's legs with his face. She was getting eaten out as she sucked on Eric's man tool. Lynnette began to squirm at the waste which indicated to me she was getting read to cum. As she neared her first orgasm, Eric slid more of his cock down my wife's throat. I could actually see her throat rise and fall as Eric's cock began to fuck my wife's mouth. Lynnette began to cum as Greg finished her off licking her pussy, he held on to her thighs trying to keep his face in her crotch like a cowboy trying to stay on a bucking bull. With Eric's massive tool in her mouth, her moans of ecstasy were barely audible. Greg repositioned himself again between Lynnette's legs and he inserted his 7in cock.

Again, Lynnette erupted in a second orgasm as Greg started to pound her. She pulled Eric's cock from her mouth and told Greg to fuck her crazy, which he did. Lynnette continued to strike Eric's cock and sucked on the head and licked the base of the shaft. Already her mouth and face showed signs of being worn out from the abuse delivered by Eric's cock. With both hands striking Eric and the incredible amount of saliva on his cock, Lynnette had him ready to blow his load. "Don't cum!", she told Eric. "I want that thing to explode in me." Not long after that, Greg began spewing his load in my wife. It took several thrusts to empty his load in my wife, and the moment his limp cock came out of my wife's pussy, she was spun around to face Eric and readied herself to take the largest cock she'd ever taken.

Eric positioned himself at the entrance to Lynnette's pussy and slowly slid his humongous cock into Lynnette's dripping wet pussy. She looked at me and said, "I want you in me ass soon as Eric is finished!" My wife had coordinated her very own three man gangbang! Eric was soon going at her like a raging bull. "She took it all!" He exclaimed to me, "she's absolutely incredible!" As Eric went at Lynnette, Greg was once again hard, damn, that's the quickest turn around I had ever seen. He placed his pussy drenched cock at the tip of Lynnette's mouth and she gobbled it up. She didn't struggle to take Greg's 7inches and worked his cock with total reckless abandoned. Right at about that point, Eric's thrust became more forcefully and direct, he was getting ready to blow his load now in my wife..... two cream pies in less than an hour and one more to come. I was getting so fucking hot watching my wife master her own gangbang. Eric began to shoot his load in Lynnette and she wrapped her legs around his waist trying to keep him attached to her as long as possible. "Your turn Tony!", Eric yelled. I set myself I front of Lynnette's pussy and marveled at the sight. Her pussy was oozing man juices from her love hole at had just received the pounding of a lifetime.

I got ready to enter what I thought was going to be a cavernous pussy completely stretched out pussy. On initial entry, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before, she was still recovering from Eric's massive cock but oh my gosh, I had never felt her wet like that before. I slid in so easy and before long, the walls of her pussy were now clamoring down around my cock. Eric set himself up near Lynnette's face where she now worked the two cocks with her hands and mouth. Greg was fully hard and Eric was still limp from just spewing his load in my wife, but she worked them just the same, taking turns stoking them and sucking them. After about ten minutes, I was now on the verge of blowing a third load into my wife. Recognizing my increased pace as a sign I was ready to cum. She looked at me ad lovingly smiled, "Give it to me baby.... I want it all!", she cried. Her loving gaze was solely on me as she stroked the other two men. Greg blew his load shooting his cum all over Lynnette's tits. I felt the urge building and readied to add my semen to the mix in my wife's pussy.

Eric's cock tough limp spewed more cum on my wife's cum covered chest. I closed my eyes and launched every bit of my being into her. Thrust after thrust I released my jizz in her dripping went snatch. All three of us as just cum in or on my wife within the last few moments. I pulled my sagging cock from Lynnette's wasted pussy. She reached between her legs with her fingers and inserted two fingers in her pussy dripping with cum. She stirred he fingers in her pussy as if to mix the combination of cum. She pulled her fingers out and licked her fingers clean. I aid next to my amazing sex machine of a wife. Eric and Greg got dressed came over and gave Lynnette a kiss on her cheeks, then they left. It was now about 2am and Lynnette and I collapsed from exhaustion. We laid there for a few minutes then got ready to leave. I got dressed and Lynnette took the dress that had been around her waist for the last several hours and got redressed. I asked her if she wanted her g-string back and she said no. "Aren't you afraid some of that cum will ooze out of you as we go back to our cabin?", I asked. "If it oozes out, I'll just have to clean it up!" My cock started to get hard again with the thought of my freshly fucked wife walking her hallways of our ship with cum oozing from her pussy.

We got into an elevator that had an older couple already in there, I know that the smell of sex permiated from both of us, especially Lynnette. Just as the elevator got to our floor she reached between her legs to clean up a mess that she'd created. She exited the elevator first, and as I exited, I looked at the couple and by the look on their face I knew that they could tell something just happened to my wife. As I told the couple "Good night" I exited and now saw Lynnette walking towards our cabin with her dress pulled up around her waist exposing her beautiful ass. We got to our room, and fucked till the sun came up. Needless to say, we missed breakfast and stayed in till almost noon. "By the way, whose room were we in last night?", I asked. "that room belongs to Greg and Shawnna. They're letting the group of us use their room for play over the next couple of nights.

As we were eating our lunch at one of the poolside eateries, Lynnette confessed to me that she met the two couples at yoga and they went for a quick bite to eat after the class. When Lynnette found out both couples were swingers she made the arrangements for us to play that evening. When the ladies left the nightclub, they had discussed what was to happen over the next couple of nights. "Last night was for my honey.... Tonight was going be my turn. Lynnette informed me that the third night on the cruise I was going to get to fuck all three women. And on the fourth night on, we were all going to swap spouses for the remainder of the cruise. I hit the fucking JACKPOT. Tonight I was going to fuck all three women, I really wanted Stephanie and her tight little body.

All the rest of the day, I walked around with hard on after hard on thinking about what I was going to experience later that night. Once again, following dinner we strolled around the ship taking in all it had to offer. As we did the previous night, we went to the nightclub at about 10pm where the other couples soon met us. This second night of play, Lynnette wore a dress far more conservative than the night before. It was a long flowing gray dress that clinged to every curve of her figure. Once again, it was clear that she wasn't wearing a bra but the outline of a thong panty was clearly visible. On this night the club was playing more of a "pop" and hip hop vibe which I knew i could at least somewhat fake that I had moves. The first to arrive was Eric and Stephaine, Eric came over and planted a huge kiss on Lynnette's cheek and Steph came over and kissed me on my lips. Steph was wearing a gold dress that looked like it was painted on her. Her nipples poke right through her dress showing everyone just how hot and horny she already was. Thirty minutes or so later, Greg and Shawnna arrived and she was wearing a long red fess with a low scoop back that ended right above the crack of her ass and a long slit up the side that went almost to her waist. My cock was ready to bust out of my pants and wanted to dive into each of these beauties.

The music got pumping and Shawnna grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor. She moved like a Zumba instructor seductively moving across the floor. She would periodically back her beautiful firm ass to my crotch and grind on my fully erect cock. "Ooh, I can tell you're bigger than Greg", she said as she sashayed across the floor. As she would spin, I could see that she indeed was wearing no panties...... Fuck I was getting so horny. Then before I knew it, here was the little firecracker Steph. Now I had these two hotties on either side of me and I was going out of my mind knowing that I was going to get to fuck both of these hotties AND my wife.

After about an hour or so, Lynnette whispered that it was time to go. Greg and Eric came over and gave me a "man hug" congratulating me and telling me to enjoy every last bit, and that they were jealous. Shawnna and Steph lead the way hand in hand with me and Lynnette in tow. We had the elevator all to ourselves and Steph and Shawnna began kissing each other swapping saliva with each other as their tongues tried to probe the others mouth.

As the two girls passionately kissed, Lynnette started to unzip my pants to release my raging hard on. She stroked me a couple of times as I intently watched this incredible live lesbian show. The elevator stopped and Shawnna and Steph exited first. The two girls turned around to see Lynnette trying to stuff my cock back into my pants. "Oh, no, we can't have that.... " Steph said seductively. She grabbed me by my cock and lead me to "the room". Now Lynnette and Shawnna were waking and in hand with Steph leading me to the room by my pulsating cock. "I can't wait to have this ting in me.... I've been wanting to feel you in my mount hand my pussy since I saw you at the adults only deck. Your cock has a very nice shape and I want it!" She said as we walked down the hallway. Thank goodness no one was in the hallway as we walked to the room, that would have been embarrassing. On one hand it was the longest thirty second walk yet the most thrilling.

We entered the room and Lynnette and Shawnna went right at it, kissing and tearing each other's clothes off. It only took a few seconds before the two were naked enjoying g each other's flesh. Meanwhile, Steph and I took up a spot on the same chair I sat in the previous night. Steph mounted me and began to perform a lap dance on me as she removed her gold dress. As I got to see two days prior, Steph was completely bald below with a beautiful full pussy. I placed my hands on Steph's perky little tits as she ground her ass and pussy into my groin. I was almost ready to blow a load right there. My attention then turned to Lynnette and Shawnna, the two were now engaged in a lesbian 69 going at each other. I had no idea my wife had these kinds of desires.

Steph led me to the bed where all four of us were linked I to a beautiful daisy chain. I had Steph sucking on my cock, Shawnna had her pussy in my face while she was devouring Lynnette and Lynnette was diving into Steph's snatch. I wish I had a video camera to tape all of this cause I was loosing my mind in ecstasy. Steph then announced, "I wanna fuck him first!" She mounted my cock and began to ride me "cowgirl" style. Not wanting to be lefout, Shawnna straddled my face and I began to eat her pussy. It was as delicious as I had hoped it would be. If I died at that moment, it would have been alright with me. These two incredible hotties doing an "Eiffel Tower" on me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wife with a dildo fucking herself dizzy. I was on the verge of blowing my first load in Steph when she reached down between my legs and pinched the base of my cock. "You can't cum yet, you haven't serviced the other two.", she said with a almost evil teasing voice. Steph got off my cock and Shawnna took her place. Before she mounted my throbbing cock, she slurped up the juices from Steph all over my cock.

Almost as if these three ladies planned this all out, Lynnette assumed the position on my face as Shawnna fucked me silly, and Steph took over the dildo left behind from Lynnette. Lynnette was so hot and horny from fucking herself with the dildo, it only took a few licks before she exploded with a raging orgasm. As she fell off my face, Steph grabbed her, inserted the dildo and pressed on the pelvic area above her pussy. Between watching my wife getting pushed to new sexual limits and me fucking that incredible redhead, I lost it.... I blew a load that seemed to gush for an hour. As I bucked with my orgasm, I heard Lynnette playfully yell at Shawnna, "You selfish little bitch, you left nothing for me!"

Hearing that, Steph said, "Oh girls, I'll have him hard in just a moment. You guys come use the double dildo as I get him ready for round two. Steph straddled my face and lowered her head into a 69 with me. YES I finally got to taste the pussy of that little firecracker. Being I had just fucked her moments earlier and then se proceeded to continue the fucking with the dildo, her juices were white and creamy and oh so sweet. I was loving eating her so much I almost lost the fact that my cock was once again in her mouth. She got off of me and told me to watch as Shawnna and Lynnette went at it with the two headed dildo. The two fucked each other silly as I watched. Steph began to suck on my cock again, and as much as I wanted to watch Lynnette and Shawnna, I couldn't get enough of eating out Steph.

Now Lynnette give great head but what Steph was doing to me was out of this world. My head was spinning in erotic bliss as I plunged my tongue in Steph's soaking wet pussy, she let out a moan as I tongue fucked her. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. As her moans increased, I refocused my attention to her pierced clit. I knew how easy having a pierced clit hood made it for Lynnette to cum so I clinched her barbell between my teeth and gave it a little tug. She released my cock from her mouth and shoved her entire crotch into my face as she began to cum. As she bucked, I slid a finger into her wanting slit and finger fucked her as I continued to flick her clit with my tongue. Steph was now gushing like a broken waterline with ejaculate.

I love the taste of pussy but had never tasted female ejaculate. This was a strand new flavor that I was exposed to.... I tried to drink it up as fast as she was flowing but at one point, I felt like I was about to drown in her ejaculate. Steph got off of my face and said to Lynnette, your turn babe. I guess my wife saw the look on both of our faces and told Steph, "You made him hard again, you get to fuck him till he cums!" Damn I love my wife, it's like she read my mind, I wanted to shoot a load into Steph the moment I heard she was a swinger. Steph eagerly straddled my once again pulsating hard on and began to fuck me like an banshee. That stick of dynamite could ride cock like no ones business. We went from doggie style, to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and finally missionary. As I plunged in her dripping wet love hole. I saw Lynnette and Shawnna engaged in another lesbian 69. The image of my wife having a lesbian encounter and me fucking Steph like there was no tomorrow caused me to blow my load deep in Steph. Thrust after thrust I tried to deposit my cum in her so far that it would never come out. I collapsed on Steph and we embraced in a passionate hug and deep wet kiss.

We broke out embrace to watch Lynnette and Shawnna finish each other off in their oral exchange. As the four of us laid on the bed, Steph apologized to Lynnette that she didn't get a chance to fuck me. "Oh honey, he's not done yet! I'm taking him back to the room where I'm going to have him all to myself!" Steph and Shawnna both came to Lynnette and I still undressed and smelling of sex, they both kissed us deeply in our lips, then they grabbed their clothes and put on a bathrobe that were in the bathrooms. The two ladies left us and want their separate ways. A few monuments later, Lynnette and I dot dressed and headed back to our cabin where we fucked till the sun came up.

Two days in a row we slept in because of the sexual escapades from the night before. Lynnette and I ate a late lunch and spent the afternoon recovering from all of the sex we'd had the past two nights. That evening, we met the other two couples at dinner. Shawnna brought out a little gold colored drawstring bag and asked if we were interested in playing a game she called "sexual roulette" the way it worked was in the bag there were the names of the other two couples. We'd draw a name from the bag and that's what we were to swap with that night and then on what was the be the fifth night we'd swap spouses with the other couple. Before I could say a word, Lynnette said "Give me that bag!" We were told that since we were the newbies we got to choose..... Lynnette reached in the bag and pulled out Greg and Shawnna's name which left Eric and Steph for the next to last night. Then I asked, "What about the last night? What's up with that....?" Steph joyfully announced, "the last night we ALL,PLAY TOGETHER,".

The last three nights were simply amazing, getting to spend some one-on-one time with the other ladies as Lynnette got to rekindle her fire with the two men. And on the final night the six person swap session orgy was the cream that topped the cake of that week of blowing down sexual limitations in our marriage. We met the two couples in e terminal and exchanged numbers.... We will be joining Greg and Shawnna on a swingers cruise in the fall of '14, can't wait. Since then, win the open communication and new found openness in our marriage, I'm glad to say that bringing the Lifestyle into our marriage has definitely made our love and marriage stronger....

Till the next time Sean and Lynnette. XOXOXO

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