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First Time Fun

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As she pulled into the driveway, she noticed the light on in the basement. George was babysitting tonight. ‘He must be on the computer down there’ she thought. As she opened the door George met her at the basement steps. His face was red, and he seemed nervous.

“Hi George,” she pretended not to notice the nervousness, “how were the kids?”

“Um, fine…they were fine. Was the meeting good?”

“Boring as usual. Thanks for watching the boys for me while Steve is gone. I appreciate it.” She handed him a $20.00 bill. Her curiosity got the best of her.

“You okay?”

“Me?” His face reddened even more “I’m fine…no I’m not fine Mrs. Johnson.”

“You know you can call me Sandy, George. Want to talk?”

“Um---I guess. I...well…._

They went into the kitchen and she got them each a soda and sat at the table.

“I’m going out on a date next week and I’m scared.”

George had just turned 18 the week before. He was good looking, responsible and a hard worker. Still, for some reason he’d never been much of a socialite.”

“George! That’s great. Who is the girl?”

“She’s from over in Rockford. I met her at a picnic last week and we had a lot of fun. Actually, she asked me if I wanted to go to a movie and then over to her house. He mom and dad won’t be home, but it’s okay…I mean I don’t think anything will happen…I guess…”

Sandy put her hand on Georges’ hand. “So, what’s wrong? It sounds exciting to me.”

“Well….I feel funny talking to you about this, but, well I’ve never been on a date and I don’t know a lot about the girl stuff and I’m afraid I’ll make a fool of myself.”

“Ah. I see. You know George, just be yourself. Don’t try to be or do something you aren’t. It will work out okay. Trust me.”

“I guess so, but I just wish I knew about that stuff. Sex, ya know. I feel pretty stupid being 18 and not knowing about it. Well, I better get going. Thanks Mrs. J….Sandy.”

He got up and she gave him a hug and walked him to the door. She stood at the door and watched him drive away. Such a nice guy…and built too. Funny he hasn’t dated, but if he was nervous, that could explain a lot. She went downstairs to see if there was a message from Steve online. As she clicked on her mail icon a pop-up add for a porn site came up.

“That’s odd. I wonder what George was doing?”

On checking the history she noticed that he’d been looking at some sites. All were watched after the kids were in bed, so they weren’t neglected. She’d talk to Steve.


The next night after putting the kids down, Sandy and Steve went out to the deck for a drink. He’d been gone for three days and she missed him terribly. They sat in the swing and made small talk. Then he began to massage her back and they kissed. His hand moved from her shoulder to her breast.

“You wouldn’t believe how I missed these.” He whispered in her ears.

Sandy pressed against him. “I’ve missed your touch. Any excitement down in Prairie Falls?”

“Well, actually, I was a victim of an attempted pick up.”

She pulled back. “What?”

“I went to the bar after on of the meetings and some woman invited me to her room for a drink and, as she put it, “whatever.”

Sandy thought back to the times when they would fantasize about this. She moved closer to him.

“So did you go?”



“A little, but I’ve told you if anything like that happens it will involve you too.”

“I know,” Then she remembered George, “Oh! I almost forgot!” She sat up and told him about George, the discussion, the fear, and the sites. “He is such a nice guy. I wish there was something we could do.”

“Maybe there is….” He said as he gave her breast a squeeze.

She looked up at him, puzzled, and then smiled. “What are you thinking?”

“The kids are going to your folk’s cabin for the night tomorrow, right?”


“Maybe we should have George over to discuss the porn, etc. and see what happens”

“Your serious aren’t you?”

“We’ve always talked about third parties, right?


“And George is a hunk, you’ve said so, right?”

Her heart started to race. “UH huh” She felt her nipples stiffen. “But would you be okay with it?”

“It was my idea. Maybe nothing would come of it. I only ask one thing.”

“What?” Anything goes but he can’t fuck you. You can have him do anything else.”

“Hmm, and the same goes for you”

”What do you mean?”

“If it gets frisky, you can have some of him too. I want you to fuck me though, so he knows what to do.”

“You want to do that then?”

“Like you say, we don’t know what will happen. So let’s see what does.”


Sandy cleaned up the table from supper. George was noticeably nervous, but had calmed a bit over the dinner table. He joined Steve in the living room, and sat in the recliner. Sandy took her place beside Steve on the couch.

“George, Sandy told me about the other night.”

George swallowed hard and his face reddened. “I-I-I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. I’ve never done that before and the kids were in bed and I’ve never seen a naked woman and…”

Sandy reached over and put her hand on George’s arm.

“George, we aren’t angry with you.”

He stopped mid sentence. “You aren’t?”

“No” Sandy and Steve said together. Then Steve continued.

“No George, we aren’t upset at all. We just want to make sure that you have all the right information. Porn sites don’t give the whole picture.

“Yeah, George, they are cold and impersonal. Sex is fun and very personal.”

“I g-guess.”

“George, you’ve never seen a woman’s breast?” Steve asked.

“No, not for real.”

“George, can I show you mine?” Sandy asked.

“Um” George swallowed hard. “I guess.”

From her place on the couch next to George she pulled off her shirt, showing the see through bra she had worn just for tonight.

“Like what you see?” She asked as she ran her fingers around her breasts and bra.

“Yeah” George said as he swallowed hard again. They are nice.

Sandy reached behind her and undid the bra and let it fall, showing her breasts in all their fullness. She caressed them, lifting them for him to see. Then she leaned back on the couch against Steve.

“Handle them softly George, like Steve does.”

Steve reached around her and began to caress her breasts. “This is what she likes George. Soft, gentle. Look at her nipples, how hard they are.”

Steve reached around and began to suck on her nipples and pull her tits into his mouth. George watched intently. Sandy noticed a bulge in his athletic style shorts. She slid closer to Steve, making room on the couch for George. Want to come closer? You can suck me if you’d like.

George stumbled to the couch. Steve looked up, and handed him one of Sandy’s breasts. “Be gentle.” George hesitated and bent over. Sandy felt his mouth close around her tit. She pulled both heads against her chest, feeling both men’s mouths engulfing her boobs. “hmmmmm, I love this, keep doing it” she said softly.

Sandy pulled her hands from their heads and began to run her hands up the thighs of both men. Steve spread his legs, inviting her advance. George hesitated and pulled away from her. She pulled his head back to her nipple. “It’s okay. I’ll be gentle” she comforted him. She continued up his thigh. When she got to his crotch she felt his hardness. The idea of touching a cock that had never been touched, never sucked excited her. She rubbed the lump in both men’s pants.

“You like this George?’

“Uh huh” was all he could muster.

Sandy reached over and began to pull on George’s shirt. He moved to let her remove it. At 18, his chest hair had not all come in. His chest was soft and smooth. She rubbed it softly. Steve looked up from her tit to watch. She felt him harden and press against her. Then she removed Steve’s shirt and ran her fingers through his chest hair.

Sandy pulled both from her tits.

“George, there is something I want to show you. But you both need to stand up.”

Both Steve and George stood up near Sandy. She reached over and unzipped Steve’s zipper and pulled his shorts to the floor.

“I’ll be gentle George, like this” She slid Steve’s underwear down and began to massage his cock. It was already hard and the first drops of his juice were on the tip of the head. Sandy leaned over and licked it off with her tongue.

“Can I do that to you George?”

“uh huh…sure”

She slipped Georges shorts to his ankles. Steve continued to stroke himself. She reached inside his briefs and pulled out his huge cock. George moved back a bit from the excitement. “You have a great cock George. I’ll be careful George” She said as she slowly massaged his cock. She reached over and kissed it up and down the shaft. She felt Steve’s hand on her breast squeezing it. Sandy began to lick both cocks. She felt the excitement of having them both in her mouth at the same time. So hard. So full.

Gently grasping George’s balls she pulled him closer and asked him to sit beside her. He did so and she knelt to suck him, putting all she could of his cock in her mouth. Steve knelt and sucked her as well. He moved up to kiss her neck and she pulled out Georges cock and let Steve lick it as well. Then she put it all in Steve’s mouth knowing that was always part of his fantasy. Sandy watched as George’s cock disappeared into Steve’s mouth. She felt her own excitement grow as he began to pump the shaft just as she did with his. George started to moan and he stopped. Sandy pulled George onto the couch and sat on his lap. She rubbed her shorts on his thigh, pumping her hips until she couldn’t stop. She came on his lap with Steve’s hands firmly on her breasts.

“Like what you see and feel?”

“Uh huh.” George reached for his cock, but Sandy stopped him.

“Better slow down George. I have more to show you.” She stood up and pulled Steve to her. He came in behind her and began to grab both breasts. While he fondled her, she reached down and undid the drawstring on her shorts. She pulled Steve’s hands in her pants and felt his fingers inside her thongs. She moaned and moved her hips. Then pulled her shorts down. She turned so George could see her ass.

Sandy rubbed her hand down the crack of her ass. “Like this George?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

Sandy turned around and pulled her thongs aside, revealing her bright red pussy. While Steve and George watched she stood before them and fingered herself. Then, she sat between the men and spread her legs.

Suck me Steve. Eat me.

Steve knelt before her and buried his face in her vagina. She felt his hot tongue enter her and eat her juices. She pulled George to herself and he began to suck her. His hard cock lay beside her hip. She began to stroke it. He moved to meet her and she slid down to suck him.

“OH! Steve. Fuck me.” She begged.

George looked as Steve stood and pushed his hard cock into her pussy. The faster he went the more she stroked George’s cock. He no longer was sucking her. His cock was ready to explode as he watched Steve. Then, just before George came Steve stopped.

“Want to eat her George? Come here. Kneel down and lick her softly.”

George complied and Sandy watched his head enjoy her juices. Steve moved to her breasts and sucked her as she ran her hand up and down his cock. Then she moved her hand to her pussy and rubbed it until she came again. Steve joined George at her pussy and they both licked and sucked her.

”Want to ride me Sandy?” Steve asked as he pulled her up from the couch. She sat down on Steve, feeling his rock hard cock enter her wet, hot pussy. George stood near by and she pulled him close. As she rocked back and forth on Steve, she began to suck and pump George. It was time for him to cum. Steve watched her pump him harder. George began to moan. His hips pulsed. Then, she pulled him from her mouth and let him explode on her tits. Semen flowed from her nipples onto Steve’s chest. Steve thrusted hard and she rode him until he exploded inside her.

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