June 20, 2018
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First Time Fantasy

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One day, while daydreaming about sex, as I often do, I hit upon an old memory. I had been a young man and was fond of going to the local porno theater. There was only one in town and it was quite popular on weekend nights. I had been watching the porno flick, a gal was taking a guy up her pussy from behind while his buddy sucked her clit from below. I remember not being turned on too much by that particular scene. Especially when the guys cock slipped out of the cunt and landed on his buddies face. His buddy simply gave it a quick lick and reinserted it into the cunt for him. When the guy started to shoot his cum into the pussy, he jerked the cock out and shot the greater part of his load into the womans mouth. It seems that all porno's have to have the "money shot" go into a gals mouth. Nothing wrong with that, I absolutely love seeing cum shot into a hot mouth. But, as memory serves me, this time the gal not only got a mouthful, but it started oozing from her open cunt too. Seems the fellow had started cumming inside her hot, not too tight, open, wet pussy. This scene normally would have gotten my cock so hard it could pound nails, but the kicker was that his buddy was still down there licking her cunt and now was eating his buddies cum!! I remember thinking that was a bit too gay for me and concentrated on the cum rolling from the big hard cock still stuck in the actress' mouth.

Now, all these years later, suddenly I remember that scene. I still remember the red color of the gals hair, both her cunt and head were a nice dark auburn red color, although there wasn't much hair on her pussy. A true redhead, that apparently loved being fucked and sucked by two guys. Remembering the cum shot from that movie, so many years ago, I am now turned on by the sight in my mind of that guy shooting cum into her cunt and his bud lapping it up. He dived into that wet pussy like he was going swimming. He ate her till he had her all clean and then, for the life of me, I can't remember what happened next in the movie. Only that it was not intended to be a gay movie, or even bi for that matter. Strangely, now I am sitting here with a hard cock wondering what it would be like to participate in a double fucking and sucking. Would I actually enjoy licking a hard cock while it was sliding in and out of a wet pussy? Would I let the sucking continue while he shot cum into her? Would I like the taste of her cunt while his cum rolled out of her and into my mouth? Would I be tempted to suck his cock for him along with her? Would I like to be the one shooting hot cum into her cunt while he ate me and her? Well there was only one way to find out. Find a gal and guy that were willing to do it.

Where do you find someone that would like to share fantasies? On the internet of course. I signed into my AOL account and quickly created a new screen name. I had thought about it and decided the name should reflect what I want to experience. My new name online would be "DoubleFun". Of course that name was taken and I settled for "DoubleFun42". I liked that name even better. Because I was not expecting to keep this name for long, just long enough to fulfill my fantasy of joining in some sucking and fucking, I went ahead and broke AOL's rules concerning language and taste on my profile. I created a profile that described me physically "5'8" 170lb 50yo brown hair and eyes, six inch hard cock, looking for a wet time". I also went into some detail on what I wanted to find. "Nice guy seeking a nice couple to explore some sexual fantasies. I really want to join in while you and her fuck and let me eat her pussy and maybe suck his cock a little. I want to find out what it's like to taste another guys cum flowing from her pussy. No pain or humiliation, just some fun sucking and fucking for you both."

Satisfied that the profile would be descriptive enough and would probably be deleted by the AOL word Nazi's at the first opportunity, I started to browse the chat rooms available. One thing about AOL, if you can't find a chat somewhere for what you like, then you are way too hard to please. I found bi guys chats, bi women chats, young girl chats, young guy chats, old folks chats, gay chats by the dozen, even a chat for guys to talk about beating up people. None of these chats caught my eye until I found one about wife sharing. I logged in and said hi to all the folks there. They were mostly quiet and a couple said hi back to me. After a few minutes, I got an Instant Message from a guy in the room. He wanted to say that he liked my profile. I IM'ed him back saying thanks, what did he like most about it? He answered by saying he would love to "suck my cock." Not exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't looking for a gay blowjob. I politely told him no thanks and ended the message. Back in the room, a couple had entered and as I looked at their profile I noticed they said they both liked oral and would like to meet a couple, a gal or a guy for some fun. They were about my age and said they weren't Ken and Barbie. I IM'ed them and they seemed pleasant enough. Then, like the fellow before that, they said they liked my profile. I told them theirs was nice too. Would I send a pic of myself? Sure I said and sent a full frontal nude pic to them that I had taken earlier and loaded into the computer just for this occasion. They readily replied with one of him, he wasn't handsome, but he had this nice big cock sticking straight up. I looked at it for several minutes thinking "is this the first cock I will suck?" Soon they sent another of her, slightly overweight and redheaded! I have a thing for redheads. My cock sticks up just thinking of fucking a redhead. I asked where they were located and they replied they were in a town about fifty miles from me. Too bad, they said, I couldn't cum by for a meeting. I replied that if they would send me the address, I'd be on my way. After a bit more discussion, including what exactly I expected when I met them, and what they would expect from me, I got the address and was on my way. I met them in a parking lot at a local gas station and we talked for a few minutes while we sized each other up. Then we headed off to their house. They lived on the back side of a fairly large lot in the older district of the town where no one would be able to see who they had visiting. The house was an older ranch style with three bedrooms, two full baths, one shared between the two smaller bedrooms. The living room was comfortable, a nice couch with attractive end tables was the centerpiece of the room. The TV was turned on and a movie was slipped in by him before I could even set down. His wife sat next to me and he sat on the other side of her. When the movie started, I immediately noticed it was a bi film. Two guys were talking to a blond gal and soon were fondling her tits and pussy, followed by her pulling out their cocks and sucking them both at once. My host said that his wife loved doing that, would you like to try it? I did indeed and she stripped my pants down and popped my hardening cock into her mouth in a flash. He stood up and dropped his pants, pulled his cock out and pushed it into her mouth with mine. That was a great feeling. A hot mouthed redhead sucking my cock while it rubbed his. I almost shot a load right then, but I held back knowing it would get better and better. Glancing back at the movie, the two guys were now taking turns fucking the blond and she would suck them one at a time. Soon they were sticking a cock up her pussy while the other stood over them and let them both suck his cock. Again my host asked if I liked that sort of thing. I answered that I had never done it. He told his wife to lay back and open her cunt. She opened the pink lips that were shaved, all but the "landing strip" on top of her mound. He bent over to lick it a bit. After a few seconds of licking her pussy, he told me to give it a taste. I did immediately and felt my cock swell harder than it had ever been before. After I had his wife squirming a bit he moved me out of the way and told her to suck me. She put me back in her mouth and I went all the way down her throat. He got on her and rammed his huge hard cock into her sopping cunt in one motion. He started pounding away and then reached up to me and pulled me away from his wife. He grabbed my cock and stuck it in his own mouth while he fucked her harder with each stroke. I was a bit surprised at first, but looking at him sucking my cock was a great turn on. I had never had a guy suck me before. His wife was cooing about how nice he looked with a mouthful of cock. The gal on TV was just sharing a big load of cum with one of her lovers. The smaller of the two cocks had spurted on her face and the other guy was licking her lips and swapping cum with her. That did it! I shot a load into his mouth before I even knew what was happening! He started to swallow, but some ran out and his wife sat up and licked his chin clean. I had never experienced that before and was quite startled to find it so pleasing. Looking at me, he said it was my turn to eat cunt if I wanted. She looked at me like she was begging and I told them to make room. She got on her hands and knees, shoving her ass and pussy up in the air. I slid under her and started eating her cunt, noisily lapping her juices. She was awfully wet. Just as I stuck my tongue up into her dripping cunt to get at some more wetness, my host rammed his cock into her and across my tongue! I was shocked, but kept sticking my tongue as far up her cunt as I could. He started ramming it in and out as I ate her juice, his balls started slapping on my face as he fucked her. I was suddenly shocked to realize that she was so wet because he was leaking loads of precum into her. I had been eating his cock juice along with her cunt juice all along!!! It was a revelation! I actually loved the taste of them both together. I hungrily ate her and let him put more into her. Then it happened, just like the movie so long ago, in that dark theater. His cock slipped out and landed on my face. Not even thinking about it, I licked it a couple of times, gave it a good long suck, and stuck it back into her cunt. I had just become a cocksucker! Not a hard core, gay all the way cocksucker, but a cocksucker just the same. I would never be the same, no longer would I denigrate guys that were sucking cock. Thinking about that while I sucked a pussy full of hard cock, I figured I may as well try it again. I pulled his cock out of her and started sucking it in earnest. He moaned and mumbled he was going to cum. I put his cock back into her as he shot his load. He shot a huge load, it filled her up, leaked out around the edges of his cock, covered them both with white cum. And it went right into my waiting mouth as I licked them both clean. I had done it. I had fulfilled my fantasy of eating a cum and cock filled pussy. Moreover, I loved it. I licked them both for some time until they both rolled over.

We all agreed that it was a great experience and would love to do it again. He knelt down in front of her and started eating her pussy with a drop or two of his own cum still leaking out. He declared that eating her out after fucking made him hard again. I saw that it did, his cock was growing as I watched. I decided to help it out a bit and started sucking him while he ate her. His cock grew bigger than before. She was begging for cock so I moved him under her, and shoved my now hard cock up into her with all my might. He was still eating her pussy and started licking my cock as it slid in and out. Not long after that, she got a mouthful of his cum. She had been sucking his cock while I fucked her and he ate us both. Seeing her mouth spill his semen out as she pumped his cock up and down, made me cum. With a loud moan, I shot a load into her cunt, feeling his tongue lap it up spurred me to shoot more and more until I was dry. He continued to eat her and I as my cock softened. She finally sat up, kissed me with her wet cum covered lips and stuck some of his cum into my mouth. That surprised me but pleased me, as his cum tasted very good. I thanked her and kissed her deeply.

After a bit to drink and eat, we again found ourselves in a passionate embrace. She expressed a desire to see us suck each others cock. He told her we would but she would have to do something special for us. She agreed and we started eating cock. She moaned a few times as we sucked each other and we saw her fingers disappear into her sopping box. My host asked if I could cum again if I came now and I told him that I could. I had never cum so many times before, three times so far and felt I could do it again and again. He sucked me off and swallowed my hot cum, then it was his turn, he pumped my mouth and filled me full of cum. I ate it all. His wife bent over to share it with me and share mine with him. After a few minutes, she announced that she needed some cock as bad as we did. He grinned at me and told me to fuck her doggy style. Hearing that , she bent over in position, but he slid under her and stuck his hardening cock up her pussy from below. I had a wonderful view of it all. Seeing his cock stuck into her made me get hard, and I couldn't resist eating it from above. I licked her asshole and his cock for a few minutes. He told me that if I was going to fuck her, to stick it in with him. I was again surprised, I had never been this far into sharing pussy and cock before. But my lust had control and I gave his cock one last lick and moved over her. Pushing hard against her pussy lips and his cock, mine slid in quite easily. We started stroking and got into a rythym of fucking. Stroking harder each time, feeling his hard cock on mine, thinking of how they had both tasted when I ate that same pussy and cock earlier, it didn't take long to feel a cum starting. As I shot off into her cunt, feeling my cum rubbing into his cock, I felt him shudder and moan as his cock pumped an impossible amount of cum into her with my own. It was literally overflowing out onto the bed. She was moaning that she was going to cum and she shook with multiple shudders, we all soon collapsed into a heap. Purring from her, sighs from both of us, feeling his cock rubbing mine inside his wifes pussy filled with our mutual cum was perfect. Soon we realized how late it was getting. She stood up, rubbed her hand on her wet cunt and announced that no one was leaving until her cunt was clean. We took the hint and took turns eating our cum from her sopping cunt. Occasionally she would finger herself and taste it too. Seeing the time, I told them I had to absolutely go home. They offered to let me stay the night, and even suck me off in the morning, but I indeed had to leave. As I bid them farewell, they were back eating each other out. She was on top, letting her dripping cunt flow onto his face as she sucked his again hard cock.

Later on that week, I visited them again. This time they had a friend. But that's another story for another time.

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