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First Swinging Experience Part 1

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When my husband and I first started swinging, we met a few couples that we had no connection with at all. We had started to wonder if maybe swinging wasn’t for us, or maybe we just didn’t have the right mindset yet for what we were doing. But then we met Doug and Shawnae.

I had emailed her from a website intent on finding another woman to play with. I was fairly sure I would enjoy being with a woman, and certain I wanted John to experience having two women…something he’d had the opportunity to do with his ex-wife but hadn’t taken the opportunity. Shawnae was a beauty, tall, blonde hair, great ass and tits. I hadn’t ever been with a woman before, but I definitely felt lust just seeing her pictures and knew I could share my husband with her.

She got back to us later and said that she was in a relationship with a guy, and that they’d both like to meet us. We set a date at a local place for drinks. Leading up to the meeting, we’d exchanged phone numbers, and several naughty texts between the 4 of us ensued. John and I had countless conversations about them both, and many sexy evenings making love and fantasizing about this great couple. Combined with the nerves we were both feeling, it was exhilarating!

On the night we met, I dressed sexy, a short skirt, revealing blouse over my perky natural tits, and spent extra time on my hair. There was something about this couple that created a “this is only the beginning” atmosphere, and I primped like I was going on a first date. Which I guess I was!! We sat at the restaurant, having gotten there early, and our nerves took over. We each had a glass of wine and giggled and fidgeted like a couple of teenagers. I had to use the bathroom, and as I walked away John said “Oh you know they will show up right as you leave the table”, which they did. I returned from the bathroom to find a tall lean handsome man and drop dead gorgeous blonde standing at the table. I extended my hand in greeting, and while Doug shook my hand, Shawnae pulled me in for a deep hug while she whispered “you are so hot girl” in my ear. “this was only the beginning” I thought again.

That night, we shared drinks and laughter, and at one point we found ourselves at a local very active bar. John was getting drinks, and Doug leaned over to me and said “Do you mind if I kiss you?” I did not mind at all, and he kissed me deeply and passionately. At this point, I knew the 4 of us were going to do more than share drinks. Shawnae and John returned to the table, where she asked my husband to dance. He held her closer than I expected, and I confirmed that seeing my dear man with another woman was definitely a turn-on. I couldn’t wait to see them naked together. Doug ran his hand up my thigh while we watched them dance, which turned on every sexual fiber in my body. My pussy surged, becoming increasingly wet and swollen. I decided we needed to be alone, the 4 of us.

Shawnae read my mind, and after finishing our drinks she suggested Doug’s house. Once there, she took control. She sat me next to the fireplace, where she began to kiss me and run her hands over me. The two men sat in chairs, simply watching. She asked me how many women I’d been with, and when I told her she was the first, she seemed to go in to overdrive. She stood me up, and pulled my clothes off of me, partially desperate but still very sensual. I was out of my mind with sexual energy, soaking wet between my legs, and my nipples were rock hard. I was so overloaded with the situation, a woman committing foreplay with me while my beloved husband and her boyfriend watched, I could only allow sensation. My capacity for actual thought had left me 20 minutes ago. I remotely recall the command from my head saying “take her clothes off too dummy”, and I complied. Once we were both naked, she pulled me close so our breasts were pushed together, and kissed me passionately, using her tongue liberally. Now, John is a great kisser, don’t get me wrong, but kissing her was such a different experience, I practically fell in love on the spot. I kissed her back enthusiastically, pulling her closer, and while we kissed, she dropped one hand between my legs, rubbing my clit as we kissed and moaned. I responded by moving a hand to her breast, playing with her nipple. She said “oh, pinch it, harder please”. Once again, I dumbly complied, incapable of controlling either my pleasure or my desire to please her. I was on remote control.

Both men remained silent as this spectacle continued. She moved to suck my tits, so I took the opportunity to rub my very first clit. She was so enthusiastic about this. She thrust her hips forward on my hand, moaning and sighing on my erect nipples as I pressed my finger on her. I wanted to find out what another woman’s pussy felt like…so I slid 2 fingers in her and she immediately began fucking them while she sucked one of my tits while pinching the other one. I was vaguely aware of pleasure from her playing with my tits, but my pleasure became intense when she slipped 2 fingers in my pussy and began fucking me with them, stroking in and out, curling them to my g-spot, and at the same time groaning in time to my fucking her with my fingers. In fact, I was so carried away I didn’t even realize I was having an orgasm until I was half way through it. I moaned and bucked against her hand and mouth, grabbing her hair, and my legs became weak. When I was done expressing my pleasure and reduced to panting I pushed my head against hers, and whispered “God girl that was amazing”. She pulled away from me and gave me her heart-melting smile, and said “I haven’t even started with you yet. She laid me down on pillows that had magically made their way to the floor. I assume the men had been busy throwing pillows down there, but had almost forgotten they were there.

As I laid down, I noticed the men had removed their clothing, and were semi hard. I thought that was odd, but this was Doug and Shawnae’s first couple experience too, and later we talked and the men noted they were so nervous and excited by what was happening that they couldn’t really get fully hard. No matter, the girls had each other and that was good. Very very good.

Shawnae immediately moved to place her head between my legs. She cooed something to Doug which I missed, and began licking my clit. I had only discovered my capacity for multiple orgasms a couple of years earlier, but this woman seemed to spur me on. I could immediately feel another orgasm start to move through me. Doug reappeared with a glass dildo and some lube. She took the dildo but said “Oh she is so wet we don’t need the lube”, and inserted the dildo into my soaked, swollen pussy. It curved up to reach my g-spot, which she expertly massaged with the dildo while she went back to work on my clit with her tongue. I thought to myself “this is unbelievable”, but then the pleasure set in and I forgot, once again, where we were, that we’d only met these people a few hours ago, and that my husband was watching me being pleased by someone else and loving every minute.

She continued to work on me, and even through the intense pleasure she was giving me, I felt her hand move down under me, and she caressed my ass, finally moving a finger to my asshole. She quickly pulled out the dildo, stroked a finger in to gather some of my wetness, then replaced the dildo and slid the newly moistened finger into my ass. She pulled her face off my clit long enough to say “I could use some help with her tits boys”, and immediately I had two naked men next to me, one on each breast. John’s touch was familiar, he knew exactly what I liked on my nipples. Doug’s touch was more tentative at first, and I could see him glancing up and John to determine what he was doing and match it. I suddenly felt very open in the situation, and I gently pulled Doug’s head down, murmuring “yeah, a little harder, you can nibble and pinch” and as he complied I complimented him…”Oh, yes, yeah, I like that, that’s good”. It never occurred to me my pleasure from these two people would bother my husband, which was good, because he was enjoying every minute.

Being the center of attention didn’t suck, and I soon felt the fire of an incredibly intense orgasm start to creep into my pussy. Shawnae was stroking the dido back and forth with intense passion and pushing her finger ever deeper in my ass. Her tongue was applying increasing pressure on my clit, and with my nipples well sucked, I began bucking my hips hard against all the activity. I could hear moaning from every corner of the room, and just then I began screaming as I came very hard. Juice poured out of my pussy as I pushed up against the tongue on me, and I could hear her say “oh, yeah baby, you just soaked this pillow, yes girl, that’s so good” The men both paused to look down and watch this beautiful blonde woman sloppily lick all the wetness from my pussy. The men pulled away as she crawled up my body, laying her perfect beauty on top of me, panting from her effort. I pulled her down on me, letting our breasts once again press together as I kissed her deeply, partially to taste myself on her lips, and partially to thank her for one of the most intense experiences I’d ever had. I suddenly realized she’d done all the work, and I hadn’t returned the favor. I excused myself to the bathroom for a moment to regroup. I was realizing that we’d been at it for more than an hour, and I was barely able to remember the events, just the pleasure.

When I returned, I was surprised to find Shawnae on her back on the floor, with my husband down between her legs!! He was licking and stroking her, she was moaning and arching her back. Doug was in the kitchen pouring more wine. I stood behind the couch watching my beloved man pleasure this lovely woman, and once again, unbelievably, my pussy surged with desire. I was just starting to think “How many orgasms does one woman need?” when Doug arrived standing next to me. I glanced down to see a pretty good hard-on, and was thinking I should drop down and suck on it when he beat me to it. He lowered himself to his knees and pushed one of my legs up on the couch, and began licking my clit. The difference between a man and a woman was immediately clear, and I decided then and there that while one wasn’t better than the other, I was definitely going to play with a woman again! Doug pushed his fingers into my pussy, and curled them perfectly to my g-spot while he licked. I tangled my fingers in his hair and pushed my hips forward, once again enjoying intense pleasure. I heard an orgasm burst from Shawnae, and looked over at them. John was licking and sucking her clit, and she was bucking up hard against his face while she moaned and screamed her sex prayers (Oh God Oh Jesus Yes Yes Yes) to everybody in the room. I heard Doug moan and he looked up at me and said “Isn’t she hot when she cums?” I think I nodded but couldn’t say much more, because he was getting me off. I threw my head back and groaned as I came yet again. I could feel him moaning into my clit as I did so and heard my husband say “oh yea baby”. That could have been to me or to Shawnae or maybe just to the couch, it didn’t matter. His voice cutting through my screams of pleasure was fantastic, and gave my orgasm a renewed burst.

I was spent and walked over to my husband, who was gently kissing Shawnae. He rose from her, pulled me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Shawnae got up and said “you can join us if you want”, and took Doug by the hand, leading him upstairs. Several minutes later, John and I were still in the living room and Shawnae’s moans of pleasure were filtering downstairs. We did not join them that night….but there were plenty more lustful times with them to’come’.

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