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First Swing for Newbies

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This is our story, we wanted to get involved with swinging and this was our first experience with some very hot talent. Enjoy, because this was one night she and I will never forget and relive again and again.

It was the first experience in the swinging network and we wanted to see how many hits we could get T and me. So, we posted a profile in a swing site and waited a few days. We had included a picture of T dressed sexy as hell and let me tell you she 5?7?/8? inches tall/120lbs/ beautiful eyes, and just awesome to view, sexy as hell. I am a muscular man about 6ft/220lbs/clean cut (both ways)/good size and we are both oral experts.

T and I had discussed every scenario our first time and what we wanted especially to happen and what we would be comfortable with. T wanted to be in a sex room setting with the works, everything imaginable, no holds barred aside from pain, no fun there. Me, I just wanted to watch her get pleasured by her favorite, women, she loves the idea of being surrounded by women and having them lick her all over. That scene was just so hot to think about, I would drill her in the hallway of our condo if I got the urge. I would plant her against the wall and drop and lick her ass, pussy, everything I could get my tongue and then to tease her I would stop. Sometimes that was ok, others, she would jump on my back as I was walking away and tell me your not finished Bull. But I wasn?t skittish about what I wanted, I told her whatever happened I would just roll with as long as it was ok with her. I did have a secret fantasy though of both women and men pleasing her from all angles with me in a chair just watching it all unfold. Her on a swing, bound and helpless to their every whim, while she orgasms to the point of passing out. Wake up to a cock lodged in her pussy, with a female licking her clit, and a tool waiting to be stuffed in her golden mouth.

Well, let?s get back to the site, we received dozens of messages, I think mostly because of T, because predominately they were from women, surprise there, not to me anyway. So, we took some time to peruse through them and found a couple that was just gorgeous about late twenties and they had what we had asked a totally devoted sex room. They were having a get together of about 10 couples and some singles in a couple weeks and wanted to know if we would be interested. T and I agreed we would meet the perspective couple first to judge and get a feel for them, T has got really good vibes and so I trust her judgment more than my own for the most part. So, we set up a time and met Steve and Cindy at a local restaurant for dinner. We arrived early and grabbed a table in the back, it was a dimly lit place and it was getting dark out, so it was kind of private for us to be very open. When they arrived shortly after, wow, is what T said looking at Cindy. She was the same height/hair color/125lbs/34B tits and just a lovely lady. Steve was handsome and didn?t go unnoticed by T either as she removed her eyes for a bit from Cindy to Steve?s physique. He was built like me, but a little shorter, but still a handsome gent. We shook hands, but T and Cindy hugged, this caught me by surprise, not Steve though, he was smiling ear to ear. We found there were a lot of similarities between us and likes, dislikes as so on. Steve was pretty much like me about the idea of really enjoying his wife with other women and they too had that preference. Steve said that the crowd would be very professional people and very attractive and judging from them, it wasn?t a question they had standards as well. We agreed about knowing our partners and their health history and they assured us that all participants were former athletes, scholars, and very upstanding moral people, just with the added sex drive. We were in agreement that this sounded very good and that we would attend the event.

The week waiting for it to happen I pounded T left and right, she couldn?t make a move without me attacking her shower, bed, kitchen, garage, wow, I was so horny and excited. She was kind of nervous and excited about having all these beautiful women in attendance. She gets hit on constantly and approached, but the situation was never right or to her liking. Me, I?m a horny devil and she knows it, she swears if there?s a hole and its wet, my Johnny is there having fun. She gets a good reply with that remark always, kiss my sweet ass T!!

The day came and she dressed in some VS lingerie she purchased for the evening. It was summer so there was little clothing to wear anyway because of the sweltering heat. It was nearly 7:30 when we arrived, I had just worn what Steve said my b-day suit and something casual, cool, shorts and a nice shirt. My cock was so hard on the way over, T gave me a quick smile and bj to go with it, wow, she was excited as hell, and I could barely keep the car on the road. The drive was about an hour into CT and the house was in the suburbs of Ansonia, very well to do neighborhood at the end of a private road. The house was at least 10,000 sq. ft. of everything nice money could buy. We arrived to Steve and Cindy greeting us, evidently everyone else had a different arrival time, because they were all there Steve said. We came in and Cindy give T a nice soft kiss on the lips to wit T kissed her back nice and soft, no contact was made except for the lips. Steve and I were psyched. He showed us to the downstairs playroom where all the festivities would happen. There before us was an indoor pool and rooms all around it with glass enclosures, so you could see the action from everywhere into every room around the downstairs. The rooms were clad with leather chairs, swings, poles; candles lit the entire place up into a soft evening light. The music was light and soothing for the play that was about to begin. Some people were already playing judging from the moans T and I heard around the place. Cindy grabbed T?s hand to get a drink while I went with Steve to meet some of the guys there just standing by the bar. It was a fully stocked bar with mirrors all over everything. Steve introduced me to Dave, Adam, Ed, Bob and some others, but generally they were all built the same as Steve and I. Steve pointed out that all the men here had been carefully assembled through the years, because of their size, everyone was between 7 and 10 inches equipment wise. I laughed at him, as to how he acquired such the crowd, he said time and patience. Most they had were friends; some were work colleagues, others they met through the site. But carefully assembled nonetheless for the events that he and Cindy like to have. T was getting the grand tour while watching some orgy activity going on and getting very warm all over. Cindy noticed and asked if she would like to get more comfortable and try something. She looked over at me and waved, that was it, and she was in and hooked. Cindy led her to a room with everything she wanted, which by the way was already in use by Tiff, Julie, Denise, and Karen. They were in a circle licking each other out while the boys watched outside the glass not allowed in, it was an all girl?s room, perfect for T. Steve showed me another room and it was filled with three guys having some bi fun with each other. One guy was fucking the other while a cock was stuffed in his mouth, double play, made my cock jump. Steve the party was a little of everything and that I didn?t feel uncomfortable no one would pressure me, but enjoy whatever your desire tonight he said.

Cindy took T and hugged her close, kissing her neck and playing with her ass. T kissed her back grasping Cindy?s breast and taking her nipple into her mouth. Cindy moaned and pressed into her succulent lips, first one then the other. Cindy and T parted and moved to the plush white rug and removed each others clothing. Cindy dove between T?s legs and sucked hungrily at T?s clit; T?s hands were roaming through her locks and grinding her clit to her tongue and lips. Cindy sent T to her first orgasm immediately, T had wanted this for so long and the shear desire becoming fruition was more than she could take. The second orgasm was not far behind as T started moaning loudly and I could hear her from across the pool and watched and Cindy?s tongue worked its magic. Cindy backed off and placed herself up on a throw pillow while T slid between her legs; Cindy rocked back and slid her pussy directly over T?s waiting tongue. Cindy was playing with T?s pussy and clit while getting the licking of a lifetime with T. T parted her lips and fucked Cindy with her tongue, putting her other finger in her ass sent Cindy over the edge and she came all over T?s face and chin, she tasted her sex and licked every drop, not stopping but continually licking Cindy?s clam for all it was worth. T came from all the clit stimulation that Cindy was giving her and being wrapped up in this beautiful woman. Cindy replaced her hand once again with her tongue and now they were intertwined in a 69, just licking and sucking with orgasm after orgasm between the two. They were moaning so loudly they had an audience of men outside the glass jerking their hard cocks watching them go at each other. Neither to let up, until another girl came over and started licking their asses, first one then the other. They paused for a moment and stood up; Cindy grabbed T?s hand and led her to the swing. Two more girls entered the room now. Cindy, Lisa, Karen, Tiff, and T were all in there now. Cindy put T in the swing and blindfolded her with a velvet purple sash. The men watched as Cindy positioned each woman where they should be. Karen and Lisa were between T?s legs licking her swollen lips and clit, Tiff was by T?s left hand getting fingered by T, while Cindy licked T?s lips, tits and neck for a bit and then tilted T?s head back so she could lick her pussy again. It looked uncomfortable, but you would have never known. Karen spanked T?s ass lightly and she responded, moaning in acceptance to the new lust she was encountering. Lisa had grabbed a lifelike 8 inch dildo and was now rubbing it at the entrance to T?s pussy. Tiff had another vibrator and put it into T?s hand to fuck her with and Cindy was just Cumming over and over again while getting licked by T?s tongue. Her face was covered in Juice, but being bound, she was even more excited not to know where it was coming from.

The guys were hooting and clapping while playing with their raging hard-ons. One asked who that woman belonged to, and I proudly said, she?s all mine, and one said well not right now she isn?t, laughter erupted. He was right, now she was being treated to an ultimate fantasy without me, but with me watching her being pleased at every conceivable end. Three girls lined up outside the glass to service the men while they watched the action. Tina sucked on my cock, Steve had Jill all over his cock, and Marie was servicing three guys at once. Soon the left out joined myself and Steve to awaiting hands and mouth, licking and sucking all over these hard hung men. We all were so excited, that cum was soon flying into mouths, on tits, faces, and glass.

While T continued to enjoy the attention she was receiving, I was enjoying a mind-blowing blowjob from Tina. After the servicing had finished in front of the window of girls, they were finishing up the activities with T and making their way out to the pool for some friendly conversation and drinks to refresh themselves.

The couples started hooking up little by little while T was revved up and ready for my hard cock after all that feminine attention. She enjoyed the hot tub with me, slowly massaging my cock underneath the water with Karen. T had her tongue in my mouth and we engaged in a deep kiss when Karen moved over to enjoy us both. Karen had come single, along with Tiff and Lisa. The rest were couples. We moved out of the hot tub to a room in the back away from the pool. Karen kissed T and after drying off each other made their way to the bed with me in tow. I positioned myself between T?s legs because she loves the way I eat her pussy, driving her completely into orgasmic mind-blowing clitoral stimulation. Karen mounted T?s face and she was feasting on the delicious pussy Karen had, nicely shaved and pouty pussy lips. T came a couple times before I put my rock hard cock inside and with one smooth stroke heard her take a deep breath as I plunged deep inside. Karen was cumming all over her face over and over, squeezing her nipples and enjoying the expert tongue. Karen climbed off and turned around, so that T could treat her beautiful ass to some tongue action too, I was moving in and out of T nice and slow enjoying every thrust while licking Karen?s erect nipples. T was fingering and licking Karen?s ass when she erupted again all over T?s face sending me over the edge releasing my load into T?s beautiful lips which triggering her own orgasm, covering my cock with her love juice. I went limp inside her, climbed off and licked that pussy again, instantly sending her over the top again with Karen assisting in licking her swollen clit. We returned back to the party and saw that another room was full of three couples getting into some serious circular action. Steve/Cindy, Jay/Tina, Evan/Jill were engrossed in an every other girl/guy lick and suck fest.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Tiff were in another room with Mark, Adam, Ed, and Bob getting it on right across from the pool in the adjoining room. Lisa was being double penetrated with Mark?s cock in her ass and Adam in her pussy; Tiff was sucking Ed, while Bob was licking her ass and pussy from behind. T and I started to watch the circle suck, and Karen went in to join her friends Lisa and Tiff. My cock was staring to twitch again watching all this action and T was massaging my ass and trading kisses and looks with me. I moved behind her as her hands pressed against the glass and entered her from behind while she watched the action in both rooms. It was so erotic to see all this sex going on and fucking T from behind with her eyes locked on the rooms play continuing without a notice to our own fucking. I had my hands on T?s hips fucking her slowly when I heard some loud moaning as Lisa was getting ready to explode with Mark and Adam getting ready to fill her ass and pussy with a hot loud of white pudding mix. The three of them came almost simultaneous and collapsed on top of each other. Not long after Karen had mounted Ed?s face and was cumming, he was swelling and exploding in Tiff?s mouth with some milk and she in turn was coating Bob?s face with some pussy juice. The other room though was the loudest, the circular feast was erupting all the way around, and with cum being swallowed by the females and the girls juicing the boys faces with nectar from all that licking. I kept my easy pace with T and she had her hand around my neck as I banged her from behind pressing her ass to my hard dick. I lowered myself and starting licking her ass and fingering her pussy and this was sending her over the edge and her pressing her ass to my fucking tongue in and out of her anus. Between rubbing her clit and fucking her ass with my tongue, T let go of a nice little squirt, coating my fingers with her cum. It was running down my arm and I continued to see how far she could go and her knee?s buckled and I caught her on the way up to reinsert my cock in her pussy.

The couples made their way out to us and observed our fucking while getting them cleaned up for the next mix of sex. I withdrew from T?s pussy and let her catch her breath for a moment, before the wives grabbed her to take a shower and clean up a little bit before coming back for more. Some of the group was exhausted and needed to get home for some private action. Mark, Dave, Adam, Ed, and Bob the single men left as a group with the single ladies Tiff, Karen, and Lisa; no doubt going to get some late-night club action and then continue their party by their lonesome. The couples left were the hosts Cindy/Steve, Jill/Evan, Marie/Jack, Tina/Jay, and T/I. Now the private couples party was about to start, Steve offered the pool shower to myself and the other guys while the gals got cleaned up and obviously more fooling around in the huge shower in their private room I had seen earlier. Evan, Jack, Jay, and I made our way to the pool shower to clean up. Now these guys were all in good shape and I had no idea just how open they were to uninhibited sex, but I would be enlightened in the shower. We started soaping up and cleaning ourselves when Evan started massaging Jack?s ass and legs and making comments about the last time they did this shower scene. Jay and I just watched as the water rinsed their bodies, Evan turned Jack around and lowered himself to the 8 inch cock Jack was sporting. He took it into his mouth; I just stood their sort of mesmerized by this while Jay didn?t seem to bat an eye about the action. Evan grabbed Jacks head and was holding it while he fucked Evan?s mouth slowly, my cock was starting to rise seeing the action and Jay noticed and came behind me and asked if I liked what was happening. He asked if I would care to have him suck my cock, I didn?t have time to answer when he dropped in front of me and grabbed for my member and started stroking, licking the precum from the tip. It sent a sensation of electricity to my nuts and my cocked jumped as his lips closed over the head and he slowly let it slide in and out over the crown making it swell. Evan was getting the full service as Jack deep-throated his cock and cupping his balls in his hands, Jay was sucking my cock feverishly enjoying my length in his own tonsils and reaching around to finger my ass. My hands free, I started to fuck his mouth slowly then faster, speeding up the intensity and loosing all control filling his throat with a load of jizz that seem to spray forever, Evan hearing me let loose his own rope and came with a load moan. Evan and Jay swallowed every drop and let us loose only after we had gone limp in their mouths. Wow!! It was intense to feel the lips of a man sucking my wand and making it cum so hard. I guess as women know how to lick another woman?s pussy, so do guys know how to please another man and his own cock. It was totally new and exciting to that feeling of exploding inside a man?s mouth and the smile on our faces said it all approvingly to both of those excellent cock suckers.

The girls came down giggling and naked, evidently very pleased with their cleansing shower that lasted a good 45 minutes before they returned. We were lounging in the hot tub again with drinks when they returned and joined us along side our partners. The questions ensued if they got really clean up there and the responses told us they thoroughly made sure each person?s body was very clean inside and out. T gave me a good squeeze and a deep kiss, no doubt thankful that we had agreed to take part in this little escapade of sex and exploration. After a bit, Tina/Jay and Marie/Jack decided to retire for the evening leaving Cindy/Steve, Jill/Evan, and T/I to enjoy the rest of the evening which was now entering its 4th hour. We said our cordial good-byes to the group leaving and relaxing again the tub just conversing about our first experience and getting some feedback from the two remaining couples. Cindy commented on how well we seem to enjoy ourselves and invited us back whenever we would have the opportunity to do so again, but that the evening was not quite complete yet. We exited the tub and dried off and went to room again to enjoy some last of the evening pleasure between the three remaining couples. The girls laid down on the pillows legs spread ready to be licked, Cindy suggested different tongues this time and coached Evan to T?s pussy, Steve to Jill?s slit and myself to her nicely shaven cunt. It was licking time and we wasted no time in beginning the next phase of our swing party, enjoying the ladies pussies. I looked over at T next to me and she was head thrown back enjoying Evan?s tongue on her clit, I was sucking hard on Cindy?s clit while she moaned in obvious approval at my tongue. T leaned over and kissed Cindy moaning and enjoying every bit of the action. Jill was grabbing Steve?s head grinding her pussy into his face screaming as he fucked her with his tongue and fingering her ass. In no time at all the girls were screaming, moaning, and quaking from the orgasms being given to them by these expert cunt lickers. We moved up and inserted our cocks into them and started fucking the girls with our large cocks and moving at different paces. Evan was moving like a piston into T, she likes the fast pace clitoral stimulation, Cindy like the slow pace and deep penetration I gave her and Jill was getting a bit of everything from Steve. The guys seem to be timing everything with each other, because we all started to fuck wildly and getting the urge to blow our loads in succession to give each other a show. Steve pulled out of Jill and blew all over her tits and stomach, Evan got a treat as T dropped as he pulled out and was sucked beyond his dreams by T?s lips and mouth as she drained every ounce of sperm from his cock, Cindy followed T and sucked the juice from my tool and wouldn?t let go until I went limp in her mouth either. T pulled up and shared a long kiss with Cindy to taste each other?s reward, Jill was savoring the cum sprayed on her stomach and lapping up what she could manage off her stomach and tits.

I was laying on the pillow when T came over and gave me a long kiss, mmmmmm it was sweet and I could taste Evan on her lips and face. Just then I could feel someone licking my staff again to erection, thinking it was Cindy or Jill, I was amazed to find Evan savoring my tool while Jill was strapping on a cock to put into her husbands ass. She licked her lips and put some lube on her tool and measured up Evan?s ass for fucking. T mounted my face, excited by the action grinding on my face with her clit. Cindy was getting her tits sucked by T, while Steve positioned himself to suck Evan while Jill fucked her husband?s ass. Wow, what another sex scene from a porno, here I was licking T?s pussy, having my cock sucked by Evan, Steve licking his tool, Cindy getting her tits sucked my T, and Jill fucking Evan?s ass. I was licking and sucking T?s clit and my cock was being serviced by the tongue skills of Evan on my cock. I couldn?t take much more as I quivered and released a hot load of cum down his throat while T sprayed my face with cum herself. Jill fucked Evan stimulating her own clit and cumming, not long after to Steve?s waiting mouth receiving a mouth full of Evan?s hot cum. Cindy feeling left out decided it was her turn to get some major attention and wanted all three guys at once. She took Evan?s limp cock in her mouth, while T and Jill got Steve and me hard again with their mouths. We were all hard again within minutes of each other and positioned ourselves around Cindy. Steve took Cindy?s sweet ass and inserted while I put my rock hard dick into her pussy. Jill and T went to work on each other in a 69, enjoying the sweet cum of the men that had been inside of them. Cindy was sucking furiously on Evan while Steve and me pounded in rhythm his wife?s ass and pussy. We could hear T and Jill coming to orgasms over and over next to us, once again I couldn?t believe the action going on and that we were a part of it all this lovely evening our first swing experience. Evan came hard in Cindy?s mouth spilling out her mouth the load he let go, Steve and me were not far behind releasing another load blowing volcanic eruption into his wife?s ass and pussy. Cum streaming out her orifices and all spots from the filling she had just received from three guys at once. The girls had collapsed on one another and were engaged in some kissing with each while winding down.

We cleaned ourselves up and thanked our guests for a wonderful experience and left. T was worn out and slept on my shoulder the whole way home until we opened the door and kissed me and went up to shower. I showered downstairs and was in bed before she was done. When she came into the bed it was clear that she had not completely relaxed and while my eyes were just about shut, I felt those familiar lips wrap around my cleaned cock. She was hungry for more and needless to say who was I to say no, we made love before falling to sleep with me still inside of her reminiscing about the evening we had just enjoyed together.

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