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First Swap

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My wife, Sandra, and I had a Friday night ritual going for years with another couple, Rick and Nina. We would get a baby sitter, we each had an infant child, and then go out to dinner and dancing and then come home, relieve the sitter and play cards all night. We would do this at their place one week and ours the following week.

We had been out for a night on the town and as was the custom, Nina and I took the babysitter home while Rick and Sandra stayed in case the babies woke up. After we dropped her off I drove a couple of blocks and turned into a dead end street with no houses. This too had become a ritual as we usually got each other hot and bothered on the dance floor and tried to find time to relieve one or the others sexual tension after dropping of the sitter. When I stopped the car and turned off the lights Nina was all over me, smothering me with her kisses. I held her in my arms and returned her kisses and slipped my hand up her skirt and pulled her panties aside and slipped two fingers into her wet cunt. She moaned and pushed up against my wet fingers and asked me to eat her cunt. This too had become part of our ritual. She usually came so fast, that we didn't think we would be missed or that Rick and Sandra had any suspicions. So I pushed her back a bit and raised her skirt so I could get her panties off. Once off, I licked my way slowly from her knees to her cunt and started licking and sucking on the clit. She was ready, wet and juicy, and started cumming almost immediately. I moved my tongue around her ass so I could lick her asshole. With my tongue in her asshole, she pushed on the top of my head trying to get your whole cunt and ass into my mouth. I felt the big one cumming and then she started gushing all over my face and the car seat. She screamed and started to fuck my mouth with her wet cunt. Then it was over. She sank back against the door, shuddered a little and then went limp. I continued to lick her cunt until she pushed my face away and then pulled me up to her face and she licked her cum off my nose and lips. She had confided to me that she liked the taste of her cunt juice and was looking forward to the day that she could fulfill a fantasy she had since childhood, sucking and licking a cunt.

When we returned to your house, we parked in the street and after a quick wet kiss, we made our way up the driveway. Stopping to look into the window, I was shocked at what I saw. I motioned for her to take a look and there was Rick standing in the kitchen, with Sandra on her knees sucking his cock. They both still had all of their clothes on with Rick's hard cock sticking out in the open from his unzipped pants. Neither was aware that we were watching. Rick had his eyes closed and Sandra had his rock hard cock in her mouth and she too had her eyes closed. I whispered that this just might be our lucky day. Nina reached down and started to stroke my cock through my jeans as I took her face into my hands and gently kissed her hot wet lips. I said I guess it is time to go in and see what is going on. I rapped on the window and Sandra fell over in shock and Rick fumbled around trying to get his hard cock back in his pants. I opened the door and said "I hope we aren't interrupting anything." Please continue and if you don't mind we would like to join you. I unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out and motioned for Nina to get on her knees. She didn't need any coaxing and down she went and wrapped hot lips around my cock and started sucking like she were starving. I told Sandra to continue what you were doing, so she got back up on her knees and took Rich's cock in her mouth and started sucking him again. Rick and I looked at each others wife sucking on another man's cock. It was the first time we had seen such a sight and by the look on his face I could tell he was enjoying both Sandra's sucking and watching Nina suck on my cock.

I said I think we should take a quick break, have a drink or two and then get into some serious fucking. Rick agreed and with cocks dangling he fixed four drinks and handed each of us one. I made a toast to a great night of fucking and suggested we close the curtains and get naked. Rick closed the dr*pes and each of us stripped until we were naked. Two hot dripping cunts and two hard cocks standing at attention. Sandra came to me and Nina went to Rick and we kissed our wives like we had never kissed them before. All four of us were hot to say the least. I asked Rick if he would like to fuck Sandra and watch me fuck Nina and he said you betcha red ryder. I went and sat on the couch and Rick sat in the chair and I asked the girls to sit on our cocks. Both cunts were so wet, that they slid right down on the hard cocks with no problems. So here I was fucking Nina for the first time and not sure if it was the first time for them or not. I know that I really liked the view of Sandra's asshole puckering up and out as she rode Rick's cock. I reached around and slid a finger into Nina's asshole and drove my cock up into her cunt. She started cumming and leaking all over. I could tell that Sandra was cumming too and I couldn't hold out any longer and pumped Nina's cunt full of my love juices. About the same time, Rick unloaded into Sandra's cunt and I could see the cum leaking out between his cock and her cunt lips.

I held Nina tight and kissed her hot lips and held my shrinking cock in her cunt, not wanting the feeling to go away. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to suck our love juices off my cock so I laid on the floor and she straddled my face and took my wet half hard cock into her mouth and lowered her cum filled cunt to my lips. What a feeling. My cock almost hurt it felt so good. The fluids were pouring out of her cunt and it was all I could do to swallow fast enough to keep from choking. I could feel her about to cum again as I licked and sucked on her juicy cunt and then she came again all over my face. I couldn't cum that soon, but my cock was starting to get hard again. Rick and Sandra were sitting on the floor watching us. Rick was finger fucking Sandra and she was stroking his cock. Rick said its drink time and got up to fix us another round. Nina climbed off of me and I got up. Sandra came over and hugged each of us, gave me a quick kiss and then took Nina in her arms and kissed her with a great deal of passion. Nina and Sandra held each others shoulders and looked into each others eyes. Nina's hard nipples brushing against Sandra's hard nipples.

Rick said break it up girls. The night is young and there is plenty of time for you two to play. They both sat down and took sips from their drinks. The combination of the drinks earlier, the sex and some more drinks had loosened Sandra up more than I had ever seen. When she kissed Nina and Nina kissed her back, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Sandra asked me if I was mad at her for what she was doing with Rick when we arrived. I told her no, that actually I was glad it was out in the open and that now the four of us could share each other. I asked how long this thing with Rick was going on she said shortly after you and Nina started taking so long to take the baby sitter home. Touche.

My cock was starting to rise in anticipation of events to cum. I stood up with my cock half hard and Nina took it in her hands and it grew as she stroked it. Rick asked if I had any suggestions for round two and I said that maybe we should let the girls finish what they started. Nina said why don't we get more comfortable in the bedroom. Great idea. Nothing like a king sized bed for four people. Rick took Sandra by the hand and headed for the bedroom with Nina and I right behind them. Sandra sat on the edge of the bed and motioned Nina over to her. She grasped her waist and started licking her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Nina's eyes closed and she was enjoying the moment. Nina slowly pushed Sandra back on the bed, leaned over her and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips. Her tongue then played its way down to Sandra's tits and Nina sucked on first one and then the other nipple. Sandra was in ecstasy. Next Nina's tongue made its way down her belly, pausing at her belly button and then heading straight for the cunt. The first time her tongue hit Sandra's clit she came. Rick knelt on the bed next her face and when she opened her eyes, his cock was hard and dripping. She took him in her mouth and started sucking slowly on him. Nina's cunt and asshole were wide open and the view from behind was awesome. I knelt behind her taking in the view and then I slowly traced by tongue over her asshole to her cunt and back. She started moaning and pushing her cunt and asshole into my face. I licked until I sensed she were ready to cum and backed off. When she settled down I starting licking again. Then I could feel her starting to cum and this time I just sucked even harder on her clit and she started gushing into my mouth. Nina and Sandra were cumming together. My cock was hard and I decided to fuck Nina right there and then and drove my cock into her wet juicy cunt and started driving it in and out of her cunt. She stopped eating Sandra's cunt and moved her head over a little bit to allow Rick to stick his hot cock into her cunt. Now Nina was inches from Rick's cock pumping in and out of Sandra's cunt. It didn't take long and all four of us were cumming again and both women soon had their cunts full of white, juicy, cum juices. I slowly withdrew my cock from Nina's cunt and whispered in her ear to get in a 69 position with Sandra. Nina crawled up to her face and straddled her lowering her wet cum filled cunt onto her face. Then she dove into Sandra's cunt and started lapping up their combined juices, drinking them in like she were dying of thirst. Sandra was getting a mouthful of my cum and Nina's cum juices and she sucked them up like a pro. Almost immediately they both came again and Nina squirted into her mouth and almost drowned her.

They were both exhausted and just lay there one on top of the other.

It was early in the morning by now & we were all exhausted but I knew there was something left unfulfilled.....Nina whispered in Rick's ear asking him if he was ready to fulfill what she knew was both our real fantasies and he said absolutely, we've had a great night but that would be a great end to a wonderful night. I bent over & kissed Nina as she & Sandra stared at us wondering what we were thinking, Nina told Rick to lay on the bed & she whispered in Sandra's ear what was next, she smiled in anticipation & said wow, I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Sandra took Rick's balls & cock in her hands as Nina took mine in hers & they just stood there smiling as they stroked & caressed, gently, teasing, just teasing, taking a quick lick every so often, it took a little while before we began to harden up because we'd made love so much during the night but with the girls love & tenderness we were almost ready. I looked at Rick and winked and Sandra and Nina sat down on the bed next to Rick and I and just began to fondle each others breasts. Rick said come on Ken let's give the girls a show. Do you mean what I think you mean, I said to Rick. He said yes, I want to suck your cock and I want you to suck mine. I said I've always had that fantasy but had never lived it out. Well tonight's the night Rick said as we both lay down next to each other. I took Rick's cock into my mouth, slowly, tenderly as he did the same and Sandra & Nina smiled. They moved closer in order to see the pleasure building in both of our faces, they ran their fingers up & down our backs and starting fingering our assholes as we sucked on each others cocks, arousing us even more. Rick pulled his lips around my cock as his tongue ran across the head and I moaned with pleasure. I wasn't sure if it was the pleasure of him sucking on my cock or me finally living out my fantasy as I took him deeper into my mouth & squeezed my lips around his cock. We were both moaning by now & Sandra & Nina were also getting wetter by the minute. I moaned once again & pulled back telling Rick I had tasted his juices & he nodded in agreement, should we finish each other or should we join the girls? Rick sat up & pulled Sandra into his arms & kissed her as Nina reached for me & whispered thank you into my ear before she kissed me pushing me back on the bed as I fingered her already wet cunt. As she began to moan & drip I pushed my curved cock deep inside of her & finished what Rick had started filling her with love juices. As we all laid in each others arms I thought it was the perfect ending of a perfect night.

This first swap was definitely one to remember and remember it we did, each and every Friday night after that. But I will save the details for the next episode.

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