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First Party

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The night started out very slow, Tessa and I were looking through the sites on the internet and came upon a lingerie party. She told me to start and take a look. It seemed that it was pretty close to where we lived and tomorrow was the date it was to be held at some house pretty nearby. We emailed the address with a picture of ourselves and immediately heard back to come and join. From the details, it was only going to be about 5 couples and that all were around our age from 30 to 50. Mostly professional and classy clean married couples just having some fun with no singles allowed male or female. I proposed that we have a plan to leave should we find ourselves uncomfortable at any moment, it being our first time endeavor into this playful new exploration.

We got dressed in the evening?s attire. She was to wear nothing but lingerie with a long coat to conceal the ride over. I wore some casual clothes as the gentlemen were instructed. I guess to arouse our interests of the playmates to be seen in their glory. Tessa and me had a glass of wine and surely would indulge in more liquid refreshment once at the home of our hosts. The drive was quiet with excitement on the way over. The house was easy to find, very nice set back in a back street with no neighbors within a few blocks. We arrived and were greeted by a very hot looking female Jean wearing a see through white lace lingerie with a good pair of 36D?s attached to that body. Jean kissed Tessa on the cheek and welcomed her and myself to the party. She took Tessa?s coat and commented how hot Tessa?s ass looked in her camouflage outfit. Jean gave a polite pat on her ass which Tessa didn?t seem to mind at all, which told me she was loosening up. We mingled into the other couples that were present this evening and introduced ourselves to everyone. There was Kevin and Amy, Ken and Jill, Adam and Sara, Steve and Wendy, and our hosts Larry and Jean. All of the couples were quite handsome and attractive to the eye. Tessa was definitely impressed with the quality of the women; they all looked to be in great shape with figures that were very hot to look at. We conversed for awhile and enjoyed the company and the great bodies of these women present this evening. I found my eyes wondering and staring at these beautiful ladies and the looks Tessa was getting and giving. Finally and announcement was made by the host to ask if everyone was loosened up, everyone nodded their heads in agreement, that we were ready for what was to happen next.

Jean said that she wanted all the ladies to come with her into a room just for them. This is the story Tessa told me after of the events that took place in that room. She said there were two swings inside all set up and Jean asked for volunteers. Tessa, Amy, and Wendy were newcomers and seemed shy, so Jean chimed up and volunteered Tessa and Wendy to go into the swings first. Tessa was excited and not tentative at all, in fact elated that she would get the first attention of all, or what she thought would be all. Wendy was a bit hesitant, but after some relaxing gestures by Jean and Sara, she assumed her position in the swing. Jean fastened them in and the girls split off into two teams of three. Tessa had the attention of Jean and Amy while Wendy would be pleasured by Jill and Sara. Wendy?s head was laid back, as was Tessa?s. The next thing was the girls were just overcome with a fury of tongues, fingers and toys. Jean put on a strap-on as did Sara for Wendy. They kissed, licked, and sucked every orifice on the girl?s bodies driving the ladies nuts with multiple orgasms to get them all nice and wet to be fucked later. Tessa was probed with a vibrator, a rabbit, similar to the one she has and it made her cum over and over again with the tongues accompaniment. Amy put her pussy on Tessa?s face and came many times as Tessa exulted herself in the pleasure of licking this beautiful clean shaven pussy of Amy?s. Meanwhile, Jean was inserting a nice life like cock into Tessa?s pussy, it was slim, and so the boys could stretch her out later. She moved slowly and gently to let her get used to it. Jean picked up her rhythm and Tessa kept giving Amy plenty to moan about with her tongue. Tessa?s hands were free to play with Amy?s tits while she was fucked by Jean, who was now rapidly thrusting that dildo into frenzy in Tessa?s lovely twat. She was rubbing Tessa?s clit while fucking her. Then she stopped and Amy climbed off of her and they switched groups. Jill and Sara came over and started right back up again, Jill mounted Tessa?s face and Sara fucked her silly because she was already extremely wet with a much engorged clit. This went on for about an hour as the boys waited patiently outside listening to the sounds of all this action going on.

Well, the action wasn?t any less outside that room either. It seems there were some anxious men outside and a couple thought to have their own fun while they waited. All of the guys were surprising all the same height as me. Each about 6 feet or close to it either way. Kevin and Adam were looking at each other and decided to have some fun of their own while they waited for the girls. They stripped their clothes and started jacking each other, and then they got into a 69 and were blowing some hard cock. The rest of us just watched and enjoyed the action. I was approached by Larry the host who looked at my hard cock and said may I suck your nice cock. He knelt down after I offered no resistance and just started sucking like no tomorrow. Ken was now the only person not getting some action. I guess since I was being blown and everyone else was having fun, I urged him to come to me. I took his cock in my mouth and just went with it; he had an average cock that was very clean shaven as we all were. I sucked on him while I was getting one of the best blow jobs of my life from Larry. He had me coming inside of 5 minutes; I dumped a huge load into his mouth; Ken observed me unload and did the same not long after. It was erotic to take his cum down my throat, but was nice to taste and get started with this party. All the guy?s had released except Larry, but Ken was quick to please after I cleaned his cock up. Larry lay back on the couch as Ken went to his knees to slurp on his 9 inch cock. It looked so wet going in and out of Ken?s mouth. He seemed to get consumed with getting that hot load into his throat. It didn?t take long before he was enjoying that load in his throat and licking Larry clean. We all laughed and said now all we need is the ladies to come back. After a round of drinks, we heard the door open and some giggling as the ladies returned. The center of the room was cleared, Larry and Jean positioned some pillows and chairs around the room for everyone?s pleasure. A basket full of hot towels was placed nearby for people to use to clean up occasionally. Larry and Jean now requested everyone get with a partner other than their spouses and get some action going. Larry chose Tessa right away and Jean grabbed my hand immediately too. It seemed the hosts were quite taken with us and we started playing right next to each other. Tessa looked at me and winked, it was going to happen, the fun we had always fantasized about right now taking place. I would get to watch Tessa take a strange cock while I fucked right next to her. We were both kissing each other?s new partners and not seeing much until both Larry and I got between the ladies legs. The other couples were going at it too, and soon all were moaning with immense sexual pleasure filling the room with that hot smell of sex. Larry was making Tessa moan loudly with his tongue, she loves to be licked. I tasted some very sweet pussy too in Jean; she was succulent to the palate. I made her cum instantly when I touched and sucked her clit. She grabbed my head and shoved her pussy deep against my fingers as I fucked her with two digits and licked that clit hard. Tessa blew some hot juice all over Larry?s face, much to his delight, licking all her hot juice up while continuing to service my Tessa?s pussy. We stood in front of the ladies and watched as they began to stroke our meat. I was so hard and so was Larry?s 9 inch cock. I watched as Tessa slurped all over his dick, it made me extremely hard as Jean expertly sucked my pole down to the base of my balls. I could feel Jeans tongue lick my balls as she deep throated my cock, the sensation was unreal. Tessa was licking and tasting Larry?s balls and covering his member with saliva; she was truly getting very into the action we had thought we could enjoy. After all, it was just sex and a turn on to see each other having fun.

Larry and I saved our loads for the ladies pussies. After some hot watching of cocksucking skills by our wives, they laid back and put their legs on our shoulders as we entered their soaking wet twats. I watched as Larry fucked Tessa good and hard as I did the same to his bride. They both screamed in ecstasy as they came all over our cocks for a good 10 minutes of hard fucking. All the guys were ramming it home with the other ladies as well, giving them plenty of good hard cock to enjoy. It seemed the room would explode all at once as guy after guy let loose his stream of cum into another man?s wife. The action was hot for another five minutes as the guys came down from their release. The ladies cleaned our cocks and sucked us back to life. Tessa smiled hard and gave me a huge passionate kiss; I could taste Larry?s cum on her lips. It was such a delight to see really enjoying the vast new pleasure we had discussed, but never lived out.

Jean now escorted Tessa back to the room with all of the guys in tow. They would be the first in the swings. The other ladies just played while waiting their turns to what would happen next. Tessa and Jean were placed in the swings and immediately filled with cock from all angles. I watched as Tessa took Ken in her mouth, a nice 7 inch thick cock and Kevin filled her pussy with his 8 inch meat pole. Tessa had Steve in her hand and took turns on them both as they kissed and licked her nipples as she sucked their cocks. Jean received the same pleasure from Larry, myself, and Adam. We exchanged after a few minutes and I got to put my hard cock inside of my wife as she sucked on Larry and Adam. Adam was also packing some big meat for her to taste. I fucked Tessa good and hard and made her squirt all over my cock and balls from the dual action she was receiving. It was so hot to fuck her while she sucked those cocks and witness another similar scene taking place right next to me. I was so hard, it was like I had or had participated in a made for XXX video of sorts. After making the ladies cum multiple times; a new pair was brought in, Tessa left with Jean for some lady action and I fucked a couple and got sucked by the other two pairs of women.

After all that action, gang bang, and ladies only, I was ready to blow again, but held out. I saw Tessa as we finished up the last pair of ladies, coming into the room to see her licking Jean?s pussy and really enjoying it. The spouses hugged their wives and deeply kissed them. Then all paired off again, for multiple guy/girl and girl/girl steamy sex. The sex was hot all night. I watched as Tessa would suck every guy there and really give them a special treat of cumming all over her body or sucking that cum down her throat. Her pussy was filled with cum over and over again. I came more than I ever have, even after watching hot porn. My dick was sore from all the hot bodies I had fucked. The guys even sucked each other off to let the girls watch at one point to cheers and applause as guys licked and swallowed the cum of each other. At one point, I picked Tessa up over to a chair so I could taste all the cum inside her sweet pussy. I even turned her over and fucked that tight little ass and came inside of her, then kneeling down and licking her ass afterward to clean her up. I picked her up in the air and ate her pussy hard, much to the delight of our guests as we enjoyed our private session. Jean and Sara said that was a hot position and proceeded to get their husbands to do the same to them. I fucked her good again, with Tessa on my lap, drilling her well used pussy for what seemed like an hour of good hard fucking. I couldn?t get enough of her, having witnessed all she had done and enjoyed. It was exciting and thrilling to be able to keep hard watching all she had been able to let herself do in the name of just sexual exploration. We hugged and kissed each other forever before finally cleaning up with the provided warm towels.

We dressed and bid ado to our new friends and promised to enjoy this group again. They were well-mannered, clean, and polite people that just enjoyed every form of sex imaginable. As we left, turning to thank our hosts, it was our pleasure to be invited and they assured us they would send an invite by email to their next party. Wow, was all we could say as we walked arm in arm out the driveway to our vehicle. That was so hot and our feelings were for each other as we discussed the sheer excitement of the evening. We showed when we arrived home and fucked until the early morning hour. The next day we couldn?t stay out of each others arms, and enjoyed more of the same lovemaking well into the afternoon before finally getting up to eat and then eat each other again. We were both sore and exhausted by the time we went to bed that night.

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