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Fire & Ice (How a Sauna Melted Me) Revison: The Full Story

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The truth is I?d never really considered myself a very sexual person and this story is a tale of how that changed for me, and I thought you might enjoy the tale because it was such a radical swing; such a departure from my normal way of being that I thought it might inspire some other shy women. We?ve been married for ten years and we have two kids, but for our tenth anniversary, my husband Ken booked us a week at a ski lodge in Whistler, Canada. The whole trip was a bit of a surprise. We?ve skied every winter, but usually in Utah or Colorado. Ken made all of the reservations, and found us a storybook Bed and Breakfast in a Victorian home that had close access to the slopes. We have sex about once a week, though sometimes it?s true that we missed a week. I thought our passion was typical of a long-term relationship. The few female friends that I had reported similar sex lives so I figured everything was ok. I enjoyed our sex but it wasn?t as if bottle rockets went off every time we did it.

We flew into Vancouver and rented a car for the two-hour drive. The scenery was spectacular, raw granite hillsides seemingly blasted out of the mountain for the two-lane road that alternated between mountain and ocean views. Deep mysterious coves, islands half seen through the low-lying mist that shrouded their pine covered shores. A light snow started to fall as the road climbed higher into the mountains. The SUV slipped a little as we rounded a few corners but Ken didn?t seem perturbed. I looked over at him and he smiled at me, and said, ?Sorry I?ll slow down a little. Didn?t mean to make you nervous.?

I hadn?t been nervous, not really. Ken was good at everything he did, a man in his mid thirties, rangy swimmer?s shoulders, tall and thin. I was the wimp of the family, the non-athlete who found keeping up with him a burden. I hadn?t enjoyed skiing with him and had finally taken up snowboarding, really just so I could seek different instructors and different slopes. He was as good at skiing as they get and attacked slopes with a vicious hard competence that, frankly, scared me.

We arrived at our hotel just before noon. It was out of a storybook, a Victorian house with wide verandas, snow built up in mounds on the corners. Derrick and Selma welcomed us. It seemed that we were the only guests. Our room was a bridal suite on the first floor of the hotel, double mahogany doors opening onto a large bedroom with red pine floors, a king-size bed in the corner, large Jacuzzi tub built into the corner. The room looked out onto the slopes. They met us with warm cocoa and a light sandwich lunch. They were probably pretty close to our age. Selma was tiny, a dark blonde with shoulder length hair, a pretty face with a clear complexion and blue eyes and a neat accent that I thought was Scandinavian but which turned out to be Finnish. She wore glasses, and was very slim but she moved with a grace that told me she was probably an athlete. Derrick was shorter than Ken, but huge shouldered, dark haired, a shy smile on a face that was handsome in a rough-cut sort of way. He looked like a lumberjack. Their little bed and breakfast had only six rooms, but they told us that this week between Christmas and New Year?s was usually quiet before their busy rush. Both of them seemed very friendly and made us feel welcome. Selma was from Finland and had met Derrick while he was touring Europe years ago.

Ken couldn?t wait to get out onto the slopes and wanted all the details. Selma offered to go into town with him to sort out lift passes and said she wouldn?t mind going up the slopes with him for a first run. There would only be time for a couple of runs before the lifts closed at three, but he was gung ho. I said I?d wait and would unpack. When I finished, I went downstairs to the living room and found Derrick reading in a big easy chair. He put his book down, offered to make me a drink, and asked if I?d like to go out for a walk on one of the trails before Selma and Ken returned. I really felt like just relaxing in front of the fire but I thought there would be plenty of time for that later so I agreed. He prepared a drink that he called hot buttered rum, and it certainly gave me a quick tingle.

I went and put on my boarding outfit and hiking boots and met him in the lobby. We walked out the door into a winter wonderland. Before we left, he walked around to the back of the house and built a fire inside a boiler attached to a small wooden building. He explained that the sauna would feel good in the evening especially for Ken?s sore muscles. Next to, it was a large hot tub with a thick cover over it, but I could see wisps of steam escaping, so I figured it must be kept hot.

He led the way to a trail that wound by a stream that was still full of rushing water. Ken explained that the stream wouldn?t freeze until late February. The walk was a good challenge and we chatted as we walked. He and Selma had been married almost as long as they and we had bought this house two years ago when Derrick had decided he wanted to retire from stock-broking. He said he?d made enough money for them to live up here. He had a small construction company that generally did half a dozen projects in the spring and summer and he was an instructor at the local ski/snowboard school. He had a good voice, deep and confident and I enjoyed talking to him. He seemed completely at home in the forest. He stopped to point out birds and trees half a dozen times and he clearly loved the land. I asked him why he had decided to change careers and he told me that he had gotten to the point where his work had gotten repetitive. He wanted something where the challenges were constant and the mountain provided that.

It was probably two hours by the time we got back to the house and my legs were definitely feeling the stretch. My nose was red as a beacon and my fingers and toes were chilled to the bone. We parted in the lobby and I went up to change. While I was standing in the room I thought about the sauna and realized that in fact it was accessed by a door off the landing, so I put on my bathing suit and a warm robe and slippers and went down. The outer door was made of weathered cedar. Inside there was an anteroom with hooks and towels and I took a towel and left my robe. The little window into the sauna itself was fogged and when I went in I could see anything for the first few seconds, but then I saw Derrick was already there, his back turned towards me. A very naked back. His body was definitely thicker than Ken?s and more heavily muscled. He looked even stockier naked. His butt cheeks looked very high and firm. He looked around at me as I entered and said, ?I?m sorry I didn?t think you?d be in here so quick, otherwise I wouldn?t be naked.?

I said, ?It?s all right. It doesn?t bother me.? I don?t know why I said that, because in truth it did bother me. I folded the towel onto the upper bench and sat, conscious of my own bathing suit, a thick one-piece number. Derrick took me at my word and sat on the bench. The light in the sauna was slightly dim so I couldn?t see clearly, but I was conscious of his legs, and what nestled between, but I couldn?t really see anything. Still the thought of him sitting next to me, naked, disturbed me. I noticed the heat, as if for the first time. It penetrated my pores and I could see prickles of sweat forming on my skin. Ken looked at me and said ?Mind if I put on some water??

I shook my head no and watched with interest as he rose to dip a copper ladle into a bucket of water. He had a great ass. He ladled the water onto the hot stones, a flash of steam seared my lungs, and I could feel my body parboil. This time he turned half towards me before he sat down and I sat his thing. It was much fatter than anything I had ever seen before. It wasn?t hard, but it was long enough that it swung a little as he sat down. I could feel sweat accumulating under my swimsuit and I pulled it away to allow it to run down my body.

Derrick said, ?I?ll leave if you want to take it off. I can?t imagine anything more uncomfortable than taking a sauna in a swimsuit. The point is to let all the pores open so toxins can escape.?

He was right. This was unpleasant. Damned if I was going to ask him to leave though.

I said, ?No that would be silly.? I hopped to the floor and peeled the suit off. I realized that Derrick was probably the first man in ten years other than Ken to see me naked. It felt delicious. I opened the door, fetched another towel, and wiped my face before I returned. Derrick pretended to look the other way but I could feel his eyes on me. My tits are one of my best features. Full and heavy, they sway a little when I walk. I?ve often felt I was born a few centuries too late, and that my body type was completely out of fashion. I have hips that start at my waist and flare into large and firm buttocks. My waist is small and looks even smaller in comparison to my chest and butt. My nipples are a dark rose color and get very long when they are aroused; I mean long. They?re almost embarrassing in the cold and sometimes I wear band-aids over them if the weather is cold. I jumped back onto the bench and enjoyed the feeling of the sweat coursing down my body.

Derrick said, ?Do you like to be birched??

I told him I had no idea what he meant. He explained that they collected bunches of birch leaves in the fall and used them to purify the skin during a sauna. ?The Finns almost make a religion out of the sauna. You sort of slap the skin with them. Shall I show you??

I thought sure, He directed me to lie on my stomach and then I felt a bunch of dry leaves slap against my shoulders and the smell of summer forests scented the air. He continued down my back until he reached my buttocks and then it seemed as if he increased the weight of his strokes and I could feel my butt begin to redden. Now he was down to my legs and then my feet. He stopped and I said, ?Shall I turn over??

There was a pause. He said, ?In Finland they do both sides, but perhaps here it would not be proper.? I turned on my side, enjoying myself now as I saw his eyes on me. My nipples weren?t quite hard, but they were on their way. His cock I saw was surely a little thicker than it had been a minute ago. I lay on my back and said, ?If it?s good for the skin on the back surely it?s good for the front.?

He started at my feet and I parted my legs a little. He went up each leg separately and then he was slapping lightly at my bush and then my tummy. When he reached my breasts I felt, the slaps increase in tempo slightly. I looked up to see the leaves slap against my nipples and saw them respond by hardening completely. When he finished I sat up and said, ?Your turn.?

His cock was definitely more full and was standing out a little. As he lay down, I saw him adjust himself so it fell between his legs. I started at his shoulders and saw his skin pinken as I slapped the branches down. When I got to his butt, I did as he had done and increased the power of my strokes until his ass was red. Then I moved to his feet, pushed them slightly away from each other, and moved up his legs. I could see his cock lying between his legs and I made sure that my whipping reached it.

I told him it was time to turn over and he said, ?I?d really rather not.?

I was a little miffed. I said, ?You beat my boobs with birch leaves and now you refuse to turn over? Hardly seems fair.?

He said, ?Well your is an innie and mine?s and outie, but just give me a second and I?ll do it.?

I was getting hotter and hotter. The sweat was now rolling down me in sheets. I couldn?t last much longer. ?I?ve been married ten years. I think I?ve seen a few hard-ons.? I was lying though. I hadn?t ever seen one like that. It was only semi-hard, but it was thick and long. It was also odd, I thought, that his balls weren?t nestled in Ken?s familiar burr of hair. His had been shaved, and stood there, shiny and tight. I started on his chest and then moved down and then I moved to his feet. His cock was the last thing I did and perhaps angry at the feelings he had given me I whipped it harder than anything. It responded by getting larger and redder. He raised himself on his elbows and looked at it. ?I think you?ve made it angry.?

I couldn?t help but laugh. Here we were both running with sweat and I had just beaten his cock with wet leaves. I couldn?t take any more heat, opened the door into the lobby area, and scrubbed myself with a towel. Derrick followed me and said. ?We?re supposed to rub each other with handfuls of snow to close the pores.? He pointed to a bucket of snow in the corner and reached for a handful. My skin was so hot that the sensation of ice didn?t register at first, but as the double handfuls of snow were rubbed on my legs, I began to shiver. He didn?t stop, however, I felt handfuls of snow cover my breasts and stomach, and then his hands briefly grazed my mound. My nipples bent under his fingers and popped upright and he grabbed another handful of snow and did it again, just, I was sure, to watch them poke up once more.

I reached into the bucket and did the same to him. The snow quickly chilled my hands but I still took pleasure in the weight of his buttocks as I rubbed snow into them. I covered his chest and then moved to his belly and then his legs, but last of all, I took a double handful of snow and clapped it on his still hard dick and balls, saying, ?That should cool you down.? We both laughed, standing there shivering. It was funny but the situation was so full of sensation that I wasn?t thinking of sex. The snow did cool him down too. I remember feeling a pang of regret as I watched it shrink, but then I was busy with a towel, rubbing warmth back to my still perspiring skin. We wrapped ourselves in towels and ran to the house, saying goodbye as I headed to our room. Whew, what an experience.

My nerves were still stinging from the three sensations and I think my mind was half a continent behind. I knew on one level that I had just had one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Back in our room, I looked at my sex. It was red, swollen, and very wet. Just as I finished dressing, I heard Ken and Selma downstairs. I put on jeans and a shirt and made my way to the living room. There they were rosy faced. Ken was ecstatic. ?Great runs, wonderful snow. You?re going to love it tomorrow sweetheart. Selma is one hell of a skier.?

I said, ?You should go jump in the sauna. I went for a long walk and then went in.?

Selma said, ?That?s where I?m headed. It?ll prevent your muscles from shortening.?

Ken went to change while I went for a seat in the living room. I found that Derrick was stoking the fire and had already prepared me a fresh drink. I heard Ken open the door and wondered whether Selma would be wearing a bathing suit. Derrick came and sat down and looked at me. ?She never wears a bathing suit.?

I took a drink. It was nearly an hour later before I heard them come back in. Derrick and I were talking about the relative merits of boarding compared to skiing. He had switched to full time boarding a year ago. I confessed I had switched because I didn?t like competing with Ken and Derrick had laughed. He offered to give me a lesson the next day. ?I think you?d be fun to board with. I personally think boarders have more fun personalities than skiers.?

Ken came down a few minutes later and Derrick prepared him a drink. We arranged for dinner later and then I excused myself saying I felt like a nap before dinner. I undressed and slipped beneath the sheets and had nearly dozed off before I felt Ken slip into bed beside me. I felt him cradle me and turned in his arms, lifting my face to his lips. I reached around, cupped an ass cheek, and felt little lines, as though he had been lightly beaten. I said, ?Did she beat you with birch leaves??

He pulled back a little, but said, ?Yes?

I lifted on one elbow, ?Me too.?

He looked at me and said, ?Let me see.? He lifted the sheets back and rolled me over. He said, ?Nice.?

I did the same to him and traced my hands over his cheeks and then down his thighs. I lifted his cheek slightly and then touched the back of his balls with one finger. His skin felt very warm. I pushed him over. ?Did she beat you here too?? I traced my finger over his cock and watched it stiffen. Its little hole was slightly red and a drip of pre-cum oozed out the top. He said, ?Yes, there too.?

?Did you have erotic thoughts?? I lifted up his cock and put the head into my mouth and sucked the pre-cum, it was smooth and slightly salty. He lay back and I took it out of my mouth. ?Tell me about your thoughts while I do this.? I put him back in my mouth and took him deep inside, playing on the bottom of his shaft with my tongue. He said, in halting words that he had gotten very turned on and had been embarrassed, especially when she asked him to rub snow into her skin. I had thoughts of holding Derrick?s cheeks in my hand and I felt moisture gush from deep inside. I moved my leg on top and fitted him into my opening and then I slid down. I leaned forward so that my nipples touched his chest and then his face. He took one between his teeth. I said, ?Did you want her to do this?? I slid up and down.

He moaned and said, ?No, that?s for you.?

I said, ?Not even a little bit? Did you want her to take you in her mouth?? I clenched myself and felt him stiffen and then he said,? What about you. Did he get hard??

I said, ?Not at first but when I beat him with the leaves he did.?

?Did you want to suck him??

?Not until now. Now talking with you about it makes me want to suck him.?

I could feel him getting tighter and I leaned back and grabbed his balls around the top to stop him from Cumming. He reached up and said, ?I love your tits. Did he love your tits??

?He didn?t say, but he rubbed snow into them twice and watched my nipples pop up.?

?I would have liked to have seen that. I think I?d like to watch you fuck him.?

?Do you want me to watch you fuck her?? I asked.

?I?d like you to fuck her too.?

I leaned forward, allowing the fantasies to play in my mind and felt my orgasm swell and then I was riding him hard and his hands were grabbing my hips as he plunged into me, filling me with his cum. After it was over, I lifted myself off him and watched it drip down to his belly. ?You came a lot, you must have been very excited.? I collapsed onto his chest and he murmured into my ear, ?I love you. I?ve never heard you talk that way before.?

I said, ?It?s just bed talk you know. I?m happy with only you.?

We walked into town for dinner at a small French restaurant. The center of the town was a no vehicle zone and all of the trees had been wrapped in blue twinkle lights. Snow was falling lightly as we left and we walked through the town looking at all of the yellow-lit store windows. We were feeling relaxed and romantic by the time we arrived back at the house. As we passed the deck on the way to our room, I saw Selma slip into the hot tub and saw her wave. I opened the door and she said, ?You should join us. It?ll make you sleep better.?

I looked at Ken and said, ?Want too??

He grinned at me ?Sure.?

We undressed and slipped on our terry cloth robes. We arrived at the tub just as Derrick was joining Selma in the water. I was glad that Ken hadn?t seen his cock. I realized that Ken?s was probably a little longer but Derrick?s was probably twice as big around. I laid my robe on the bench and slipped into the water. We sat and talked about dinner, the town, and their life. There was nothing sexual in the air, and I?ve got to say I was a little disappointed. We stayed for perhaps half an hour before the heat started to get to me. Selma was the first to climb out. The air was cold enough so that her body steamed as she rubbed herself with a towel and I studied her body. She was tiny; I don?t think she was quite five feet tall and everything was in perfect small proportion. She had the compact muscular physique of an athlete. Small boobs with dark nipples, almost no areola, tight little butt cheeks, strong arms and shoulders. When she turned to face me, I saw that she had shaved all of her pubic hair. She wrapped herself in her robe and sat on the bench and I was next out. I could feel everyone?s eyes on me as I scrubbed myself. I felt slightly slutty as I bent over with my back to Derrick, sure that he could see a little bit of my slit. Selma said, ?Ken said you had beautiful boobs. He was right, they?re really pretty.?

?Thanks. Sometimes I think they?re too big. They get in the way.?

I wrapped myself and we watched both of the boys get out. Both of them had slight chubbies but neither was erect. When everyone was wrapped in their robes we helped put the top back on the hot tub and said our goodnights.

Later when we were in bed I said, ?She has a pretty body.?

Ken laughed and said, ?So does he. His cock is about as big around as a coke can. Do you think it would fit??

I lifted the covers to see that the thought obviously aroused him. I said, ?I have a pretty big mouth. I took Ken and slipped him inside. ?See, there?s room here.? I opened my mouth wide around his cock before engulfing him. Before I put him in my pussy I said, ?Do you think he?d fit here?? I leaned back and said, ?See how many fingers you can put inside and tell me how many fingers he?d take.?

I felt him start with two and then he was turning his hand around and adding more. He had four inside now and I could feel myself stretching. He said, ?There, I think that would do it.? He started moving his hand in and out and I felt myself gush moisture and then he started talking about how he?d like to see that thick cock parting my lips, and how he?d like to lick my clit as he watched it slide in and out and then I was Cumming, wrenching waves that seemed as if they wouldn?t stop. When he pulled his hand out I went down on him, tickling his balls, squeezing them the way he liked until he shot down the back of my throat.

We woke up early the next morning and Selma had a raisin roll baked, hot from the oven with strong coffee and juice. We bundled up and headed for the slopes. Derrick said he was going to give me a boarding lesson and Selma announced that there was a new run she wanted to try with Ken. We kissed our goodbyes at the lifts.

I worked hard that morning, harder than I?d ever worked snowboarding, but Derrick was a great teacher. He worked in subtle ways, putting a hand behind my knees, adjusting angles, canting my hips, showing me smoother transitions and then getting me to follow him down, turning to critique my every move. By the end of the morning, I felt I had never boarded better and we had sandwiches and hot red wine at the top of one of the lifts and then he took me onto the more difficult slopes. He was a creature of grace and authority on the slopes, and it rubbed off on me. At every stop he would tell me how well I was doing and he was right; I was boarding with him in a whole new league.

We took our last run at three and headed back to the house. I was bone weary, but it was an accomplished weariness. I felt physically proud of myself, which was a new feeling for me. He had banked the sauna in the morning and stopped to add a few logs and open the draft. He said, ?Sauna in fifteen??

We took our gear off in the lobby and hung the ski jackets in the wet room. We were both wearing silk long johns that left little to the imagination though to tell the truth I was feeling so exhausted that I didn?t really notice much. I shrugged on my robe, aware of the deep chill in my bones. My legs were covered in blue goose bumps, their flesh cold to the touch. I was the first in the sauna and immediately put a ladle of water on the hot stones, relishing the wave of steam that washed through the air. A few seconds later and Derrick was there. He said, ?You did so well today. I could tell how hard you were working. You made great progress.?

He was standing there talking to me, quite unconscious now of his nudity, his fat cock flaccid and small. He noticed my glance and chuckled. ?Cold has quite an effect.? He threw on a ladle of water and steam swirled. We sat there and chatted and I felt the heat begin to revive me. He left the room to fetch the birch bundle. I was already sweating but now I looked forward to the gentle lashing. He was nearly finished the back when I heard voices and the sauna door opened and I felt the chill that Selma and Ken?s bodies brought into the sauna. They seemed happy as clams chattering about their runs. Ken came over and kissed me, asking about my day and then they sat down at the end of the sauna. Derrick added another shot of steam and told me to turn over. I was conscious again of everyone?s eyes as he slowly swished the branches up and down my body. I was afraid he was going to miss my favorite part but then I felt the branches caress my nipples and then felt a harder sting. I heard Selma laugh.

?Der you?ve lost your technique. Give that to me.?

He handed her the branches and she started all over again, but this time I felt my skin sting. When she reached my boobs she continued and I could feel my nipples standing proud. ?There, ? she said. I felt her fingers on my nipple. ?They?re so long. I love them.?

I sat up and looked at Derrick and Ken. Both their cocks were lengthening. I said to Derrick ?Your turn.?

He lay down and I applied the branches with a will and had him rosy in no time. I looked at Selma ?Do you approve of my technique??

She smiled, ?You?re not finished yet. Turn over Der.?

He did and showed us a very thick cock. I started at his feet and didn?t pause when I got to his cock and whipped the branches over his balls and now stiff cock.

Selma said, ?That?s a good job. Got all of the circulation going.? She motioned to Ken. ?Your turn now.? She lay face down on the towel and Ken made her skin glow. Derrick and I in the meantime reached our heat saturation point and we went into the lobby to rub snow into each other. This time I took a more lingering pleasure in rubbing his body, and rubbed handfuls of snow between his butt cheeks and into his balls. I took another double handful and cupped it around his cock, but this time it didn?t seem to make a difference. The snow melted and ran off his raging hard-on. I looked up at the sauna door and saw Ken?s face. I winked at him, curled my fingers around Derrick?s cock, and squeezed. Derrick looked over at the window as I did so and saw Ken?s smiling face. ?Sorry I should have asked first.?

Derrick smiled, ?That?s ok. It looked as if Ken didn?t mind.?

I stood and waited for him to rub snow into me. This time my body was looking forward to the cold caress of the snow. He scrubbed handfuls into me and this time when he cupped a handful around my mound, I could feel one finger slide between my lips.

?No we talked about it in bed last night.?

Derrick laughed, ?That?s so funny. We talked about you guys too. Selma is dying to play with your titties. Go look and see what they?re doing.?

I stepped to the window and saw Ken lashing Selma?s tits. I looked more closely and saw that his finger was between her legs. ?He?s fingering her.?

We toweled and I went to our room. Fifteen minutes later, there was a tap at the door. I expected Ken and was surprised to see Selma, dressed in her robe, with a pot of cream in her hand.

?I came to rub this into your muscles. Otherwise, you will have cramps. You must also drink a quart of water. ? She went to the closet and returned with a folding massage table and a towel. She patted the surface and told me to lie down. I heard the rough slide of cloth and moved my head to look at her. She had slipped out of her robe and was standing naked beside the table. She started on my back and I think I went into oblivion for the next few minutes. I hadn?t realized how tight and sore my back was, but she was good and worked my muscles until they were soft. When she reached my butt her fingers dug deeply into the muscles, I felt her pulling my ass cheeks aside, and she worked down to my inner thighs. ?I?m glad that you guys don?t have any hangups about nudity. Some people are very closed minded.?

?Well I wouldn?t exactly call us liberal, but it was a lot of fun being naked in the sauna.?

?You have a really beautiful body. It is very feminine.? She traced her hands down my waist to the inside of my thigh.

?I?ve always felt too big. I think I always wanted to be slim and small like you.?

?Do you know that in India they believe there are three kinds of women, and that they distinguish them by the size of their yonis??

?What?s a yoni?? I asked.

?Their vaginas. Turn over please.? I did so and looked at her. She had moved down to my feet and bent one knee up, rubbing the front of my calf as she spoke, ?They call them deer, mares and elephants, and they believe that men and women should be matched to achieve sexual happiness. We are not nearly so sensible in the West. In the west we seem to worship the idea of small yonis and huge lingams, but the reality is that a mismatch is not good.?

She had moved to my thigh and then put my leg down and worked on the other leg. ?What do you mean?? I asked.

She moved up to the top of the table and I looked into her eyes. ?Well I couldn?t help but noticing Ken?s body and of course yours.? She started massaging my breasts, something that I really love. She would lift each breast and then swirl her palm over my nipple and massage the whole tit. It felt wonderful and she seemed determined to keep on doing it. I relaxed. ?You like that don?t you??

?Oh I love it.?

?Well I, for example, am a deer. I am as you can see small, and my yoni is small too. Derrick on the other hand is as you saw, an elephant. To tell you the truth sex can be very uncomfortable for me. It?s best when I?m very relaxed, or have had a little too much to drink or have smoked a little grass. But even then, for example, my mouth is just too small to get him inside. It?s not that we have an unsatisfying sex life, but I know it?s not ideal, but I love him, love him so much.?

?He is large. I don?t think I?ve ever seen anyone so thick.?

?Of course I never discuss this with Derrick.? She was pulling my nipples now, stretching them as she massaged the body of my breast. I was starting to get turned on, and she was still playing. ?Your nipples are too much. Do you mind?? I wasn?t sure what she was asking, but she had a towel and was rubbing the oil from one nipple and then she slipped it into her mouth and I felt her tongue on it, sucking and rubbing. The site of her little mouth sucking me made me wet, but she came up for air, and laughed, ?Thank you.?

She resumed her massage, leaving my breasts and moving to my stomach. ?I think that Ken is probably either a deer or a hare, probably a deer.? I could feel her hands on my thighs now and then one knee was up and she was stroking my lips. ?Most women with generous yonis have lips that are outies, like yours.? My pussy lips are a little big, I always thought, and they stick out maybe half an inch. I could feel that moisture had slicked my opening and now she was rubbing it into my lips, hovering around my clit. My breath had started to shorten. She continued talking, ?Your lips are so much fun, just like your nipples. They?re so rich and luxurious.? I had never had my pussy talked about like that, and my hands were starting to grab onto the sides of the table. ?I?ll bet you?re an elephant. Shall we see??

At this stage, she could have announced that we were leaving for Mars on the next shuttle and I would have agreed. I felt a finger inside two and then she was rolling her tiny hand around and I could feel her knuckles. I felt her hand inside me and then it was moving in and out. ?You see, I knew. You?re the perfect size for his cock.?

I started Cumming, and she kept on moving and I thought it was over, but then it really started, deeper and more moving than anything I had ever felt. She withdrew her hand and rubbed it over my breast. I looked up to see it shiny and wet, then she moved her head once more to my nipple, and I felt a mini-quake between my legs.

She said, ?I?ve got to tell you I?m really excited about Ken too. I can only imagine what it would be to have him in my mouth. His whole cock, imagine! And then sex, being able to get on my knees without fearing that my stomach was going to rupture.? She paused. ?Do you like anal??

I said, ?Not really.?

She laughed, ?I guess I?ve just been deprived. But surely, Ken has the perfect cock for it? I couldn?t even let Derrick near there.?

She grabbed a towel and rubbed most of the oil off. ?There, I think that will help your muscles a lot. Maybe after we have dinner and before we go into the hot tub I?ll rub Ken and you can do Derrick??

I looked at her and said, ?I haven?t been with anyone else since we married. Of course I don?t know about Ken but I suspect it?s the same for him.?

?We don?t cheat either and if I hadn?t seen you too, mismatched in the same way that we are?? she put her hand on my arm, ?not that it means anything, I don?t want you to think it means anything, I mean it?s just old Indian folklore really.? She paused, ?though I suspect it?s true. Do you ever orgasm with Ken inside you??

I looked at her. She seemed so innocent and trusting. ?No, I don?t. He?s very good with his tongue and fingers though.?

?I?ll bet you?d cum with Derrick inside you. Elephant men go a long time and sometimes it?s just too much for me. I have to pull him out and stroke and lick him.?

She folded the table and left and I lay down. My mind was a whirlwind. As I said at the beginning of this, I thought Ken and I had a good sex life. We had a slow solid passion that kindled our love. I wouldn?t trade our relationship for anything. Was it possible to give into these sensual delights without harming the fabric of our relationship? I fell asleep and when I woke, Ken was under the covers with me, his hand cradling one of my breasts. I rubbed my butt against him, felt him respond, and turned in his arms. ?Hey lover.?

He grinned back. ?Hey yourself.?

?Did you have fun today??

?Yeah I did. I?m about ready for dinner too. Selma?s cooking. Can you smell it??

I could now that he mentioned it, a rich burgundy stew smell, overlaid with fresh baking bread. ?Did you have fun in the sauna? I saw you fingering her. Was she tight??

?Tiny. I don?t know how Derrick gets that big thing in there.?

?It is big isn?t it??

I reached down and felt that Ken was hard and moved my fingertips up and down him. ?You know that you?re all I want.?

?Yeah, but I?d still like to see that thing in you.?

I rose on one elbow, and looked into his eyes, ?Do you really?? He nodded. ?You don?t think that would bother you.?

?Would it bother you to see me with Selma??

?A little, but it would be exciting too. Especially if I licked her little pussy while you were inside.?

He shuddered. ?Ummm.?

?She wants to, you know.?

?Really, she said so??

?Yep, let?s go get dinner.?

Dinner was as good as it smelled, and afterwards we went for a walk through the village. Selma took my arm as we followed the boys down the brick paths. A light snow was falling again and it could on the fur of my coat and in Selma?s hair. ?You talked about it didn?t you?? she said.

I grabbed her arm, ?Yes.?

?I could tell. Ken keeps on looking at me funny. Derrick is excited. Why do men get so excited at the thought of watching another man fuck their wives? Derrick has been all over me since I mentioned that you might be interested.?

?Aren?t you worried about how this might affect your relationship??

?It?s better that you live so far away. We?ve never done this before. I guess I think the risk is worthwhile.?

?I think I want to have you and Ken put Derrick?s cock in me, and maybe the three of you could make love to me, so that it seems more like something we all shared.?

?I?m getting wet talking about this. How do we do it??

?Let?s have a hot tub and then we?ll do massage on the boys.?

I kept on seeing images of Derrick?s cock, and of course Derrick?s butt, Derrick?s lips, his smile, his butt and his cock. The walk seemed to take forever and when we got back it only took us a few minutes to get into the hot tub. Selma moved over to Ken and started rubbing his shoulders and I did the same for Derrick. I made sure that he felt my tits rubbing up against him and then I slipped around front and brushed my hand down his leg, grazing his erection. I sat on his thighs, looked into his eyes, and then arched back so that my tits came out of the water. ?So you want to fuck me??

He laughed and said, ?Yes, very much.?

?OK, you can start by sucking my nipples.?

He bent down and did just that. I relaxed into the sensations and looked at Ken doing the same to Selma. It was by common agreement that we got out of the tub and toweled each other dry and then we headed into the living room. Selma disappeared and then reappeared with a king-size thick comforter that she spread in front of the fire and then she laid down towels for each of the boys. We started at their shoulders, but soon I was working Derrick?s cheeks, reaching in and tickling his butt hole, feeling that place between his cock and his balls where you could feel the hard shaft disappear into their bodies. I bade him roll over and took my first good look at his cock, up close. The vein on the back of his cock was as thick as a crayon. I could only imagine the floods of cum those big balls would produce. I leaned down and traced my nipples over his cock, watching it jump as my nipples bent over his glans. I opened my mouth and took the head inside. It filled my mouth, but I suppressed my gag reflex and took him into my throat. I looked up to see Selma smiling. I moved it in and out and then licked down and took each ball in my mouth, and then pulled the skin with my teeth. Selma was doing the same with Ken, but then she broke of and motioned Ken over to us. She kissed Derrick on the mouth and then I felt a small hand on one of my breasts.

?I can?t wait to see him inside you. Let us help.? I swung my leg over and felt fingers on lips and then I felt a soft tongue. Wet cascaded down me and I looked between my legs to see Ken put his hand around Derrick?s cock and lift it towards me and then I felt Selma?s hand on my hip urging me back. I felt a pressure on my lips, I moved back and felt a warm hugeness between my lips, and then he was inside me, moving slowly. I sat down and felt him all the way into my stomach. I moved slowly at first, experimenting with the fit and then Ken was in front of me, balls leaning over Derrick?s face and I took him in my mouth. I stopped moving my body, but Derrick kept it going and then he was gone and I felt terribly empty, but soon he was kneeling behind me and I felt him in me again, deeper this time. I grabbed Ken?s balls and then felt Selma?s fingers on my clit and I had my first orgasm. Selma?s fingers disappeared and she came around to me front and pulled Ken?s dick from my mouth. She lay him on the comforter and hiked up a leg and I saw her little pussy nuzzle his cock and then he was inside her. Soon they were lost in their own rhythm as I was in mine. I had a thought that I wanted to see him cum, but then I realized that I wanted to feel him paint the walls of my pussy, so I started milking it and soon felt him get thicker and stiffen and then I felt it, huge pulses of cum that flooded me. Another orgasm overwhelmed me and I was afraid that I clamped down on him, but he just kept on plunging until my own contractions stopped. I rolled over.

Selma looked as if she was Cumming and I knew by his expression that Ken wasn?t far behind. She leaned back and started moaning and as she moved up, I could see his dick disappearing into her pussy. I leaned forward and put my finger on her clit; it was tiny, a little pearl of pink flesh and when I touched it, she started coming, plunging wildly up and down on his cock. He grabbed her hips, I could see him grimace, and then he was pumping his seed deep inside.

They collapsed in a heap, we all looked at each other and laughed, and Selma and I started speaking at once. I motioned her to go on, ?It was so erotic watching you two.?

?Me too. You two looked hot.? Derrick reached over and cupped a breast, squeezing it. His hands were so big that he could actually hold the whole thing.

I looked down at him and Selma scooted over. She lifted his cock and started licking it clean. I was a little grossed out but then thought I?d do the same to Ken. It felt different to have Ken in my mouth, but good. Selma crawled over to me, said, ?I want more?, and pushed me back. I saw her face between my legs and then she was lapping me, sticking her tongue deep inside, cleaning Derrick from me. I felt her mouth cover my clit and then she was sucking it and I was Cumming again, my nipples hard, poking to the sky. Derrick and Ken shuffled over and each latched onto a nipple, tugging and sucking at it. I thought I was going to explode and then I did, in an orgasm that was so earth-shaking that for a moment I blacked out.

I looked up to see Derrick?s hard dick in my face and I turned my attention to it once more, giving him a serious blowjob. I saw Selma do the same to Ken, but then she was on her back, knees to her chest begging him to fuck her ass. Derrick heard her, immediately his cock started to swell, and soon it was erupting in loads of cum. I swallowed at least five times but then I took it on my tits. He continued pumping until stringy cum was dripping off both nipples.

When Derrick and I recovered, we crawled over to Selma and Ken. Ken was plowing he butt hole and she looked in seventh heaven. Derrick lifted her butt up to give Ken a better angle; her tiny hips looking small in his big hands. I moved up to her face and talked dirty to her, asking her how she liked her as being reamed by my husband. When she became incoherent, I leaned down and covered her lips with my own, feeling her hot tongue twine with mine as she began a huge orgasm. I looked down to see that Derrick had planted his face on her pussy. He must have had a bird?s eye view of her asshole being stretched.

We rested together, and Derrick we enjoyed tall glasses of eggnog rum in front of the fire. Selma had brought us towels to clean ourselves up. It was very strange, lying there, naked with people who had just days ago been strangers but who were now intimate friends. I thought the evening was over, but Selma collected our glasses and announced that she wanted us to try out their swing. She walked over to Ken and said, ?I haven?t finished with you yet.? It was cute to see her facing him, looking up, into his eyes, her little nipples hard buttons against his chest and I realized that I wasn?t jealous.

We followed them to their bedroom. Suspended from a big hook in the ceiling was a contraption that seemed all straps and slings. She explained its purpose and offered to demonstrate, fitting herself into the sling, her heels in straps, her pussy open to the world. Ken pulled on the mechanism that raised and lowered it. It presented her to all of us. I kneeled between her legs and studied her pussy and then licked her slit. The bottom of the sling was cut away so that her ass was exposed as well so I could easily lick from her butthole to her clit. Her lips were tiny and I could feel the boundaries of her hole when I stuck my tongue deep inside. I wondered how Derrick could ever fit and when I stuck one finger inside and felt her tight wet walls I was even more curious. She wanted Ken though and Derrick adjusted the height to match his cock and then wrapped his hand around Ken and rubbed his cock up and down her slit. It was strange to see a man put his hand around my husband?s cock, but erotic too. His hand came away and Derrick pushed the back of the swing so Ken slipped inside Selma, and then he was bouncing against her, making full contact against her clit. I moved and played with her nipples, and watched Derrick stroke himself. I couldn?t wait to change positions with Selma. After about ten minutes of steady stroking, Selma announced her orgasm with loud moans and shortly after we saw Ken?s butt cheeks clench as he unloaded deep inside. I expected her to vacate the chair immediately and was anxious for her to do so as my pussy was now aching to be filled, but now Derrick was standing in front of Selma?s pussy, smearing Ken?s cum around her lips and then his cock eased itself inside. She relaxed utterly and we watched him move slowly and carefully in his wife. His big cock looked pornographically out of place between her small thighs. He only stayed there for a minute, though, and then he backed out and went down on her pussy and licked it until she orgasmed again. He scooped her out of the sling and carried her over to their king size bed. I heard him say, ?Thanks for all of this. Do you want to watch us fuck Sam??

She sat up and said, ?I?d love to.? She led me over to the swing and settled me, adjusting all the straps. There was a bar above my head that I could use to hang onto and then she sank to her knees and I felt her little mouth on me. ?I love this big clit. ? she said, pinching it in her fingers. ?Let us see Ken inside here.?

Ken moved to me and I saw her grab his dick and felt its head rub over my lips and then I felt him inside. Selma leaned down and said, ?Fuck her, Ken, while I suck this clit.? He did too, long strokes that felt so good. Selma was licking me, and licking him at the same time and then she was pulling my clit with her teeth and I came hard.

She said to Ken, ?Come over to the couch where I can suck you while we watch Derrick have his way with your pretty wife. I?ve got something that will get her ready for this.? She went to a bedside table and pulled out a tube of lubricant and smeared it on my ass, using two fingers to reach inside.

Derrick came over and said, ?I want to try to get in your ass, but if it?s too much tell me.?

I was a little nervous as he adjusted the straps to raise me and to shift me further back in the sling, and I felt his fingers inside my butt hole, moving in and out. Then I felt him move close and I saw Ken and Selma looking at my pussy. Selma had Ken?s hard dick in her fingers and was stroking him while I saw his fingers deep in her pussy. I felt something push against me and relaxed, and then he was inside, feeling obscenely big. It stretched, but my god it felt good. He inched in slowly and I started shouting, feeling the perverison of that big cock in my ass. Selma leaned close and said to Ken, ?Lick her pussy while she gets fucked in the ass the way Derrick licked mine.? He was grinning as he leaned down and I felt a finger in my pussy and then his mouth and then he was running his tongue on me and I was cumming again. After a time I felt Derrick?s cock withdraw. Selma was there, cleaning it and then he was inside me. Selma and Ken had retreated to the sofa and she was sitting on his lap. Both were facing me, enjoying the sight of Derrick at work. I closed my eyes and for the first time concentrated on the feeling of his cock in my pussy. Each stroke pulled my lips and the skin around my clit and when he plunged deep inside me I could feel it filling my pussy completely.

I opened my eyes and looked at my husband. Selma had shifted on him, moving her legs to a new position. Obviously, she was determined to enjoy my husband?s cock in every imaginable position and I abandoned myself again to the feeling of fullness Derrick was providing. He reached under me and slipped a finger in my ass and I whispered to him, ?No, this time I want it to be just your cock that makes me cum. I can feeling it happening. He picked up his pace a little and I felt it rise within me like a wave creaming itself on a hard shore and then it was here lifting me and carrying me to a higher place. When I came back to Earth I looked over at Ken and Selma. He had picked up her little body and was holding her in his strong arms, her legs wrapped around his hips as she drove herself onto his cock. They were both covered in sweat as they moaned and screamed together, coming simultaneously.

Bt the end of it, we had fucked for four hours straight, and we all crawled exhausted to our beds. The next morning breakfast was delayed, but we made it to the slopes just before noon. I met Selma at the bottom of one of the lifts and she looked radiant. ?It was wonderful wasn?t it??

I assured her that it had been the most sensual night of my life. She grinned and said she had just had a phone call form one of her dearest friends. ?She and her husband are going to be staying at the house for New Year?s.? As she caught the lift she shouted, ?She?s a dear,? and then I heard her mutter, ?I think he?s another elephant.?

Ken and I stayed in town after the runs closed and had an early dinner at a small fondue restaurant. It was an intimate little place, perfect for us. We sat around the pot of bubbling chees, dipping first pieces of crusty bread and then pieces of fruit. I could smell Ken?s body, and it aroused me in a strange way; I actually remember feelign a little shicked that I could feel aroused after all of last evening?s sex. He smiled at me, ?did you have fun last night??

I laughed, ?Fun seems to be putting it mildly.? I leaned closer to him, ?I didn?t think I could come that many times. I lost track.?

He smiled even more broadly, ?I know it was the same for me. I loved watching you in action.?

?What does that mean for us in the future?? I asked.

?I don?t know. I guess it means that we can have sex with Derrick and Selma without jealousy. I know I wouldn?t want to have an open marriage though. I wouldn?t want to have an affair behind your back.? He paused, ?And I guess I wouldn?t want you to either.?

?I agree completely. It?s fun to play though. Selma certainly enjoyed you.?

He smiled again, ?She did, didn?t she. I?d never thought that being big could be a disadvantage, but I guess she felt a little more relaxed with me.?

?So do you want to do it again? With them?? I leaned forward, put my hand on his leg, and moved it to his crotch, feeling him hard through his pant. ?You don?t have to answer than. I think I can tell. Are you ready for the check??

When we reached the house, though, a surprise was in store for us. Selma?s friends had arrived. Richard was exactly midway in height between Ken and Derrick but was at least ten years older. He had a little silver in his hair. Selma introduced him as a doctor. Crystal was only a little larger than Selma, but had brown hair. I could tell that she had big boobs though, but I suspected they weren?t hers. Her body was small and her boobs seemed a little disproportionate. Richard wanted to know all about us, and seemed a little dismayed when he found out that Ken was a litigator. From past experience I knew that Doctor?s and litigators often took instant dislikes to one another.

Crystal, however, was one of those people who act as social lubricants. She was a Fin, like Selma and was bright and cheerful. She wanted to know how we liked the slopes and when she found out I was a boarder said that she would love to hit the slopes with me. She was sitting next to Selma and she used her hands to gesticulate, often resting her hand on Selma?s leg. I knew it was silly, but I felt a twinge of jealousy, sitting there watching her. We sat and talked for another half hour but it was apparent to me that the easy intimacy of last night was gone, and soon Ken and I made our goodbyes and headed to our room. We had a couple of good DVD?s to watch and of course, there was each other, but I did feel a little disappointment.

We had been in our room for an hour before there was a little knock at our door. Selma eased into the room. I slipped on a robe. leaving Ken under the covers. ?I didn?t expect them to arrive today. I?m sorry they came, I was hoping to play some more this evening.? She untied my robe and lifted my breasts together. ?I felt I didn?t really get a chance to play with your breasts properly.? She lifted one nipple to her mouth and then the other and then rubbed the lengthened nipples across her face. ?Tomorrow is New Year?s Eve, but maybe we can work something out.?

I could feel the wet starting as she pulled away and walked over to the bed. She lifted the covers exposing Ken?s hard member. She lifted it to her lips and put it all the way in. I saw her small hand reach out and nestle his balls. She moved it in and out a dozen times and then pulled it out. ?You have no idea how much I?d like to stay, but it?s not fair to derrick when he?d so much like to be here.?

I said, ?Maybe the two of you could come back later.?

?We?ll try, but they are in the room next door. Crystal is my best friend.? She looked down, ?I wouldn?t want to hurt her feelings.?

I thought that was a strange thing to say, but I smiled and nodded. When she left, I walked over to the bed and looked at Ken. ?That was quite a visit. She left us both aroused.? I reached for him, ?Let?s make our own fun.?

While we made love, we both talked about things that we had enjoyed. For Ken it seemed as if the visual of seeing me had affected him as much as the sensations Selma had provided. I guessed that it was true that men?s sexual cues were very visual. Maybe that explained why he had taken such interest in seeing Derrick?s cock penetrate me. Talking about it aroused us both and I came three times to Ken?s two before we decided to resume watching the movie.

The next morning we all had breakfast together, and Selma, Crystal and I headed for the runs together. We decided that we would only be on the slopes until lunchtime and that we would spend the afternoon shopping. After lunch, Selma took us to a small lingerie store. They had quite a few European product lines that I had never seen before. I?d always found that English and Italian bras fit me better than the American designed lines. When we arrived back at the house Selma suggested that we go for a sauna. I had seen a few glimpses of Crystal?s body in the lingerie store but I was curious to see more. When she came into the sauna, she was wearing one-piece suit that reminded me of the suit that I had worn. For a moment, I was embarrassed until Selma walked around the corner behind her, naked as I was. She clucked when she saw Crystal?s suit and said a few words in Finnish, ?I was telling her that she had forgotten her roots.? She stood behind her and peeled the swimsuit from her shoulders. He boobs were nicer than I had thought they would be, smaller than mine, but they made her shoulders look vulnerable. They were pink tipped and heavy and I could see blue veins faint through her skin.

Crystal said, ?I didn?t know that Sam would be nude. Americans are sometimes so touchy.?

Selma laughed, ?Sam is very touchy. We became lovers yesterday.?

I was a little shocked at this revelation until Selma said; ?Crystal and I have been lovers for two years. We both have similar issues with our husbands. I mean we both love them to death but they?re both just too big for us.? She paused. ?Or perhaps that?s just our excuse.? She reached around and cupped one of Crystal?s breasts and lifted it towards me. I felt drawn to it in a way I couldn?t explain. Her nipple was exactly the same color as the areola, and I took its pink tip in my mouth, kissing and sucking it deep inside. When I removed it the tip had hardened but was still a translucent pink, the same pink as her mouth. She looked at me eyes brown and sleepy and I kissed her lips and felt a little tongue enter my mouth. I felt Selma move around me, felt her hand move on my ass, and then felt her fingers enter me. Soon Crystal joined them and I was pushed back on the bench. Crystal kneeled in front of me and I felt her take each lip separately into her mouth and then felt her mouth close around my clit.

?Isn?t she delicious?? Selma asked. I put my hands back and Selma was now aside me, my breast in her hands. The sauna had made them sweat so they were slippery. She held them up by pinching my nipples and then she wobbled them across her face sucking them alternately, causing little tremors in my pussy. Crystal was now diving into me deeply with her tongue. Selma crawled up onto the top bench, and put her pussy directly into my face. I feasted hungrily on her and then felt my own orgasm swell and I put my hands around her small hips and drove her deep onto my tongue. I had the momentary image of my husband?s dick having been in this exact spot last night. Crystal pulled away, I felt Selma Cumming on my face, and then she was pushing me away, laughing.

?I?m going to die of heat stroke if we don?t leave.? She hopped down and we left. I scrubbed Crystal?s body with snow and then I held her pussy in my palm, my index finger separating her folds. She had an outie like mine and I wanted to feel her in my mouth. I looked at Selma and said, ?It?s not fair. I want to lick Crystal.?

?Umm, so do I. Let?s take her to my room.?

Crystal said, ?Don?t I get a say in this??

?Are you saying that you don?t want two gorgeous women to make you cum?? Selma asked.

?Let?s go.?

We scrubbed ourselves and raced to Selma?s bedroom. I was on fire to taste Crystal; I had no idea why I was so excited. When we arrived, Selma locked the door and we all shed our robes. We were still pink from the heat of the sauna. Crystal lay down on her side and I lifted her leg and looked at her pussy. Her clit was large, but no so large as mine and the skin that formed her lips hooded her clit. Her lips looked like frilled pink anemones. I bent my head down to take one in my mouth and saw Selma?s head close to mine. She watched me lick Crystal?s pussy and saw a bead of moisture drip from her hole. She said, ?Move back I want to share.?

I scooted back and we feasted together. I took the bottom of her hole and her butt. I stuck my tongue as far up her butt as it would go and then moved it into her pussy, feeling Selma?s tongue alongside mine. Within minutes Crystal had her first orgasm, but it wasn?t enough for Selma, who lifted her face from her pussy and crawled up to her mouth, stopping midway to suck her nipples. Soon she was back with me and Crystal had her second orgasm. I continued licking up her juices while Selma disappeared, reappearing with a dildo strapped over her mound.

?Watch what we do to make up for not have reasonable sized cocks to play with.?

Crystal knew her role well and rose to her knees, her butt in the air, but to my surprise it was her ass that Selma filled. Crystal moaned, ?God that feels good. Fuck me girl.? I slid under Crystal and watched Selma sliding in and out. I leaned up, flicked my tongue across her clit, and then watched as she came again.

Afterwards, we all lay in a tangled heap. Selma stroked my face and said, ?Can I tell her??

I knew exactly what she was talking about and I nodded my head. ?I had Ken up my ass last night, Crystal. He?s probably a deer and he fucks like a stallion. I had him so many ways. Look at Sam?s pussy.? I obligingly lifted my leg and felt her hand curl and slide inside me. ?She?s an elephant. You should have seen her fuck Derrick. She could even deep throat him.? She looked at me. ?Crystal and I have never shared our husbands because they both stretch us so. It just didn?t seem worth it, so we just play together.?

We felt the door slam downstairs and we made our way to our respective rooms to dress for New Year?s dinner. I decided that it was time to remind Ken of what a sexy woman he had married so I selected the most daring dress I owned, one that plunged both front and back, one that could be worn only without either a bra or underwear. I knocked on Selma?s door to show her and was delighted to see that she was dressing sexily as well. She had picked out a short skirt of ruffled silk with a gold lame shirt that left no doubt that she wasn?t wearing a bra. Crystal joined us for a joint make-up session and I think hers was the most daring of all. She had picked out a short of almost sheer pink silk, and the rosy tips of her breasts could be seen clearly.

Ken had come to dress just as I was leaving for makeup and he whistled appreciatively. When we came to the lounge together all three of the men were wearing tuxedos. I think that ken wore his better than every one else. He looked imperially slim and impossibly dashing. All three of the men seemed dumbfounded at our sexy dress, but I caught them nodding to each other and I wondered if they had been telling boy?s tales on the slopes. When we arrived at the restaurant Selma insisted that we sit in European fashion, and I was seated next to Richard. He seemed in fine spirits and was obviously more relaxed than he had been last night. He often leaned across to Ken and shared some story, so I gathered they had established some ground for mutual respect. It even seemed as if they liked each other. When the dinner was over Richard asked me to dance and we all headed for the dance floor. Slow romantic music was being played and I put my hand around Richard?s back, feeling his considerable muscle. He moved gracefully, but halfway through the song he backed up a little. I asked why and he leaned forward and said, ?I?m about to embarrass myself. I?m sorry I looked down and saw your nipple and well??

I pulled him close and was immediately intrigued. His cock was longer than Ken?s and felt thicker than Derrick?s. I said, ?I?ll take it as a compliment.? I moved my hand between us. ?A big compliment.?

He laughed, ?I?m afraid it is big. Sometimes I?m afraid I hurt Crystal. She?s so small. Just like Selma.?

The dance finished and I noticed that Ken had been dancing with Selma and that he was red faced. Selma called for the check and said we should hurry, as she wanted to celebrate the New Year at home. When we arrived Ken stoked the fire, but Selma said, ?Let?s go to the hot tub.? She grinned at me and started taking off her clothes. Crystal followed suit and I slipped the two clasps that kept my dress up and stepped out of it. The three of us stood together, in our high heels. Ken was the first to start undressing but the other two followed suit, and soon the six of us were outside, cold first but then relaxing in heat of the tub. Selma had confided to us during a bathroom break that she intended to have an orgy that night and that she also intended to drink a little more than usual so she would be very relaxed in case she had to accommodate Derrick and Richard both. She giggled, ?Crystal and I hope you?ll take the edge off both of them, so we can enjoy your husband.?

Selma was the first to make a move and slipped into Ken?s lap, while I made a beeline for Richard. I wanted to see that cock up close and personal. Soon I had coaxed him to sit on the side of the hot tub. His cock was not quite as thick as Derrick?s but was at least ten inches long. Soon we had all three men sitting on the edge of the tub, steam rising off their bodies as we sucked each of them. I saw that Crystal was having a problem fitting derrick in her mouth, so I tried my patented ball scratching technique and was rewarded with Richard spurting in my mouth. I swallowed the full couple of jets but then I took the rest on my tits, which seemed to make him spurt harder. When he was done, I moved over to Derrick. Crystal winked at me as she shared his cock and I sunk down on it all the way. I deep throated him for a minute, but then I climbed out of the tub and impaled myself on his cock. He only lasted a minute before I felt his cum flood me. I looked over to see Selma riding Ken, while Crystal had her pussy on his face and was deep in a kiss with Selma. I had sunk back into the hot tub and Richard and Ken were busy playing with my tits. I had a big hardening cock in each hand.

We heard Ken moaning and saw his hips buck. I said, ?Let?s go lay in front of the fire.? I lead both my men out of the tub holding their dicks. We dried just as Ken and the two girls slipped back into the tub and I said, ?We?ll be in front of the fire. If you give us a couple of minutes I guarantee you?ll see something unusual.?

The moment we got inside Derrick brought out the big comforter and laid it in front of the fire. I said, ?Get the lubricant, Derrick. I want to try something a little daring.? In seconds, he had it there and I instructed Richard to lie on his back. My pussy was dripping with the thought of what I was about to try. I mounted him and eased down on his thick cock. Luckily, I still had Derrick?s cum deep inside, and it lubricated my walls. I settled and leaned forward, and put my tits in Richard?s face. He immediately went to work on my nipples. I put my butt in the air and said, ?derrick lube me up thoroughly and fuck me in the ass.? I held still on Richard?s cock while Derrick put his cockhead up to my hole and I relaxed as he slipped it slowly inside. It hurt for a second but I felt more full than I ever had. I could feel these two gigantic cocks rubbing each other through my thin membranes. The men soon found a slow rhythm and I relaxed further, but within seconds, I felt the first of my orgasms. I heard the door close and then the three were there and Crystal said, ?Look she has both of them in her. That?s amazing.? Crystal kneeled down beside me and I felt her small hand reach between my legs and pluck at my clit. Our motion continued and I felt myself start to vibrate with an almost continuous stream of orgasms. Crystal got on her hands and knees, I saw Ken kneel behind her, and then her eyes went wide. I knew exactly where he had put his cock. She moaned and leaned down to her husband. ?He?s fucking my ass Richard, he?s fucking my ass.?

This was too much for Richard and I could feel his big cock pulsing as he shot load after load in my and then derrick was doing the same. After they finished they both pulled out slowly and carefully. Selma was there with washcloths. She lay me down and said, ?Oh you poor thing, look how they?ve filled you. It?s everywhere.? She cleaned up but then I felt her little tongue penetrating both my holes. I lifted her around, we worked on each other?s pussies, and then I saw an enormous cock come from behind. I lifted her pussy up and watched Richard stretch her lips. He stopped short of penetrating her fully. She moved off me concentrating on his cock and then I felt Ken lay on me and felt him penetrate me once more.

It was three in the morning before we had drained the men to the point where they couldn?t accomplish another erection. I was proud that Ken was the last to be rendered incapable. The three of us made him blow a last time. His cum was barely sufficient to paint my nipples, but it was enough for Selma and Crystal to clean off with their tongues.

When we woke next day Richard and Crystal were gone. It was time that afternoon for us to pack. We both slept on the long plane ride home. Since then, we?ve had a few other adventures, but so far, nothing has equaled our introduction to this world, but we live in hope and all four of our sex friends have promised a visit next month.

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