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Finally Realizing I was No Longer Bi Curious

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The Wednesday evening winter rush hour drive was smooth with the exception of my butterflies and nervous knots in my stomach. I continued to ask myself if I was ready to go through with the meeting and interview process. As I pulled into the subdivision and parked in the dedicated parking spot, I reminded myself that this was an excellent way to break the ice.

My actual butterflies started the week prior in an e-mail exchange and several phone calls with the moderator of a local group on a well-known adult themed website. My bio noted that I was bi-curious and looking to enjoy both him and her or a group to explore my bi fantasies. Our e-mail exchanges were quite pleasant and started off explaining the rules of the group, the telephone interview, and the personal interview process. We also exchanged some photos, both of the group and myself for the approval process. I was quite pleased with the photos I saw and was extremely relieved that they were interested in me.

The phone interview lasted about twenty minutes and was quite professional and not absurd. More than anything else, it allowed us to chat covering most of the same items already laid out in the e-mails. At the end of the call, we agreed to meet the following Wednesday evening for a tour of the property where the group met and to make sure we were all truly comfortable with each other.

I sat in my car for a few moments to make sure I had gathered my composure and to remind myself that it was just an interview. However, I had still showered and shaved. And to answer the question up front, yes, I am clean-shaven there too. I dressed in slacks and a Polo shirt, even wearing sheer mesh briefs that would show off my throbbing hard cock if I were asked to disrobe as part of the approval process. My black cashmere overcoat provided the warmth needed that cold winter evening.

I finally opened the car door and began the short walk up the sidewalk to the all brick end unit townhouse where the front porch light blazed in the chilled air. I climbed the porch steps to the landing and took a deep breath before pressing the doorbell and waited for someone to respond. The door opened just a few moments later and I had my first opportunity to meet Robert face-to-face. Robert was dressed casually in dark slacks, loafers, and a button down blue business shirt opened at the collar and red power tie hanging loosely. He welcomed me in with a smile, shaking hands and introduced himself as I entered the foyer.

He was at least five years my junior, black hair, warm smile, strong handshake, and immediately put me at ease as he asked if he could take my coat and if I would like a drink. I removed my coat and handed it over as I looked around the beautiful townhome. I asked him what he was drinking and when he told me scotch, I smiled and said I would love to have the same.

Robert was the consummate host and gentlemen. We chit chatted about traffic and directions to the home and what a busy day he had at work as I followed him to the kitchen to pour my drink. I took notice of the photos and pictures on the walls of the living room and hallway. I commented on the marvelous way the house was decorated. He mentioned that he and his wife had purchased the property as a second home for when they were in town. They spent most of their time in Florida. He noted that his wife would be back in town for the group party the following weekend.

We chatted as we sipped our scotch and he asked if I would like a tour of the house. Nodding my approval, he beckoned me to follow him through the main level first, showing a den, the formal dining room, and back to the foyer and formal living room area before heading up stairs. Walking up the stairs to the second floor, he let me walk in front of him. At the top of the stairs, he commented on my nice ass in the slacks and smiled. We looked each other in the eyes and I could see the smile developing and his eyebrows moved and a quizzical way letting me know that the interview was going well.

He pointed toward the master bedroom at the end of the open hallway. I walked ahead to the doorway and paused. It was then that he moved behind me, slightly to my right side and slid a hand softly on my ass and leaned in to smell my cologne. My butterflies were gone, whether it was the scotch or I was just that comfortable with him at that point, I wasn?t sure. I melted when he whispered in my ear, ?Love your cologne and your ass,? as he firmly clasped my ass.

I sighed and let my right hand rub against his thigh as he leaned into me, slightly brushing his hardening cock held hostage in his slacks and underwear, against my palm. ?Very nice master bedroom. Love the four poster king sized bed,? I said as I turned to him.

He responded with a smile and pressed himself against my hand and noted, ?There are three bedrooms up here and the full finished basement with another bedroom, entertainment center, bar, fireplace, and access to the hot tub in the fenced back yard downstairs.?

My cock was throbbing and needed to be rearranged in my own pants and briefs. Yes, there was definitely sexual tension in the air. I moved forward and surveyed the bedroom as he leaned in the doorway now taking another sip of his scotch. I tried to casually adjust my equipment easing the discomfort I was having and he nodded with approval and noted, ?I know. I?m having the same problem.?

I peeked into the master bath and saw the huge tile and glass shower, complete with bench and room for six and a huge Jacuzzi tub. There was a huge walk in closet only half filled with business attire, both for him and her. Walking back to the doorway, I smiled and continued to peek into the other rooms before heading down stairs. Robert asked me to follow him down stairs to see the finished basement.

Now it was my turn to watch him walk down the two sets of stairs. I also enjoyed the view. At the bottom of the steps, I saw that the gas fireplace was lit, displaying a warm glow to the room, and the television was still on. He must have come down stairs when he came home. He walked to the glass patio doors, pulled open the dr*pes and turned on the outside lights to show off the large covered outdoor hot tub.

?Now that you?ve had the tour, is there anything else you would like to see or know about our group? ? With a slight pause, ?You look like you need to refresh that drink, would you like another??

I smiled and held out my glass as if to relinquish it for him to refill. He pulled the curtains closed, turned off the lights to the back yard and walked over to take my glass. ?I?ll be right back,? He noted. ?Make yourself comfortable down here. I?ll only be a few minutes.?

I watched him walk back up the stairs. I sat down on the sofa and waited for his return. I was surprised to notice that the television was actually showing a porn movie and had the volume on mute. The scene on before me had a woman and two men engaged in a three way oral endeavor where one well hung stud was between the woman?s spread legs on the sofa and the second was getting a blow job from the woman at the other end of the sofa. The woman released the hard cock she was sucking and moved into position on all fours as the other guy rolled on his back and slid under her spread legs to work on her gaping pussy. I searched for the remote and turned up the volume to hear the moaning and slurping sounds of oral sex and pleasure.

It was quite an erotic and extremely hot scene but the scene got even hotter when the second stud crawled between the open legs of the stud eating out the woman and slowly grasped his massive cock and began to lick and tease the massive tool before trying to devour it. I was lost in the scene. When he slid a finger in his ass, I squirmed and my own cock wanted to burst from my pants.

I hadn?t noticed how much time had passed but I looked up to see Robert coming back down the stairs with two glasses of scotch. He had also changed, and more importantly, he had taken a shower and now padded down the stairs in a thick black terrycloth robe. ?I see you found the remote.?

?I did,? I responded and reached for my glass that he presented me.

He smelled fresh of body wash and a gold chain caught my attention falling down his chest and disappearing in his robe. His hair was slicked back, allowing it to dry naturally and after he handed me the drink, sat down next to me with his legs curled up to his side.

He smiled over his glass and commented, ?Sorry, but I really did want to take a shower. It?s been a long day.?

?I understand. I did the same before coming here as well.?

I looked back at the movie to see the woman move to straddle her lover?s mouth while the stud who had been working the massive cock moved to lather some lube onto the massive cock he had been sucking with such determination. When he climbed up onto the sofa and straddled the massive cock, I must have sighed with anticipation of what was about to occur because Robert leaned over and whispered in my ear, ?Oh, this part is so hot, he takes it all.?

It was then that the stud grasped the massive cock, lined himself atop the head and slowly slid down onto the throbbing tool. The close up of the pulsing cock disappearing into that ass was so hot. Robert slowly nibbled on my ear and than began to kiss my neck. I could feel myself melt under his touch. I was relaxed and also highly aroused with my own cock throbbing in my pants and a hot hunk wanting to test my bisexual curiosity. Robert?s hands roam across my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and then pulling it over my head. I slid off my loafers and then turned slightly toward Robert to allow him access to my belt and pants. I felt like I was being made love to by my own stud.

As the actor moaned in pleasure as he was slowly fucking the throbbing cock, Robert moved me slightly to have access to unbuckle my belt. He then unbuttoned my pants and slowly slid the zipper down as he gave me my first male-to-male kiss. The first kiss was soft and lips closed. The second was lips slightly parted and to see if I would respond, and did I. I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth in a hot deep French kiss that could match any I?ve had with any woman I?ve been with up to that moment. Taking a lyric from Katy Perry and modifying it would be an accurate testament of that kiss. I kissed a boy and I liked it.

I now knew I was his as he began to slide my slacks off and I lifted to allow them to slide down my legs without breaking the hot kiss. I remember doing that with women and now it was happening to me. He broke the kiss to slide down and remove my socks leaving me there in my mesh briefs and throbbing cock straining the material. He slid back onto the sofa and moved me back again positioning himself to kiss me deeply again. I heard the moaning from sexual pleasure on the movie and could feel my own tension continue to build. I could feel his hardness press on me as he leaned against me, taking my hands and moving my arms above my head giving him access to me.

He broke the kiss and began to nibble down my neck and then to my chest taking the time to slowly suck my sensitive nipples causing my cock to throb even more, which I didn?t think was possible. He moved down slowly across my stomach and then came to the mesh briefs encasing my own throbbing cock. He slowly ran his tongue down my shaft, still covered by the mesh, teasing my cock with each lick. He did this for several minutes, teasing me and causing me to moan louder from the erotic pleasure he was giving me just before moving down to the insides of my legs and slowly nibbling all the way down to my ankles. In no time, he started back up the inside of the other leg. I thought I would explode.

By the time he reached my cock on his upward trek, I was leaking precum. Apparently this was evident to him because he took the time to lick and suck the tip of my cock through the material in a effort to get a taste before he actually devoured my cock. He finally pulled the mesh briefs slowly down, letting my cock pop up from its entrapment of the briefs and leaving me now totally exposed for his and my pleasure. He stood up to survey me lying before him before crawling back between my legs to begin to give me an exquisite blowjob. His oral skills were magnificent. His tongue was magic across my cock, under the head, down the shaft, slowly licking and tonguing my slick shaved balls, and then making circles around my asshole before penetrating with such skill.

When he moved back up to engulf my throbbing cock again, I ran my hands through his hair and down his neck. He was so focused on pleasuring me that he knew when I was about to cum before he squeezed the base of my shaft letting the sensation ebb before bringing me back again to the brink of climax. I had no sense of time. My lover was skilled, that was for sure.

When Robert finally wanted me to cum, he told me to cum in his mouth and let him drink my load. I moaned and shook my head yes, my hips now pumping my cock into his greedy mouth and throat. I felt his hand beneath my ass and a finger slide into my hot hole. He found my P-Spot almost immediately and began massaging it with first one and then two fingers. He pushed me over the edge and I moaned loudly and yelled out several times, ?Oh my!?

I thought I wouldn?t stop cumming as wave after wave of hot semen erupted from depth of my balls up through my cock and shooting into the greedy and wanting mouth of my new lover. I shook, more like convulsed, as I came. I was in total ecstasy.

I felt his fingers slide out of my ass, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness. He then released my cock from his mouth and looked at me with a smile and he asked, ?How do you feel??

?Oh my,? I responded. ?Or better yet, oh wow! That was amazing!?

?Why thank you,? he replied. Then he looked at me and asked, ?Would you like to try your first cock? I know one that would love your attention.?

I smiled back and noted, ?I would love to pleasure you. I hope I do well enough for your pleasure. I want to learn to do everything you did to me and more.?

?Well, yes there is some experience to it but, remember. You know what you like when someone sucks on your cock. Not every woman knows how to make you truly squirm. But you know what you like. Just think of it that way. I?ll coach you along the way.?

I sat up as he stood before me. As I rose to my feet my own cock now hung down, not quite soft and not quite hard and my heart raced. I leaned in to untie his robe letting the tie drop to the floor. I slid my arms around him pulling him close and kissed him as he kissed me. He shared the saltiness of my own cum as our tongues swirled in the erotic French kiss dance. I let my hands drop to his ass and felt a silk thong at his waist with the thin strip of material running down the crack of his ass. I let my right hand wander to the front and felt his cock throbbing in the sheer material, the head peaking over the top of the thong.

I let my left hand slowly slide the robe off his right shoulder and then slowly fall from his left. Now, it was my turn to finally experience a throbbing and massive cock in my mouth and to try to tease him in the same manner that he teased me causing my tremendous orgasm. He was slightly thicker and longer than my seven inches. I inspected his throbbing cock head peaking out from the thong. He already had precum spilling forth waiting for me to taste. I dropped to my knees and let my tongue swirl at the tip of his cock, my first taste of his cum. Oh what a wonderful taste. I could hear moaning on the television again as I maneuvered Robert back onto the couch with my back to the entertainment center.

I let him get comfortable and left his thong on him at first. I wanted to tease him, the thong providing an erotic feeling as my tongue glided up the length of the shaft from the base to the exposed tip. His moans included, ?Oh fuck yes, do it, just like that.? Again, time seemed to disappear as I slowly began to study and make oral love to my lover?s hard monster cock.

When I pulled the thong down exposing his throbbing well-manicured manhood, I went to work on each and every square inch of it. When I finally took the head into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the head and then down the underside as I let his cock fill my mouth. I knew not only was I comfortable with him making love to me, I was extremely comfortable making love to him. I slowly began to fuck his cock with my mouth and tongue, making sure to pay extra attention to that sensitive spot under the head before engulfing him, each time trying to see if I could get him into my throat. He reminded me that it may take time but I was doing quite well. Of course, I kept hoping my gag reflexes would give in for me.

As he did to me, I let one finger enter his ass as I worked his cock. Then I added two. He moaned with pleasure but coached me again by adding; ?I love three fingers in me, give me three and fuck my ass while you suck me.? What a coach.

I could feel his balls tighten and I backed off, letting his cock slip from my mouth with a plop. His cock pulsed in front of me as I squeezed base of his cock to try to stop him from cumming. I did get more precum and I was able to thwart his orgasm several times, even keeping my fingers in his ass as he pushed against them burying them deep in his hot box.

When he finally told me he was ready to cum, I tried to apply each trick he did to me in order to make his climax an awesome orgasm. I slid a fourth finger into his ass, opening him up and applying pressure to his prostate. I didn?t think his cock could get any harder but it jumped and throbbed even more. Then he told me he was going to cum. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth like he was pile driving a hot pussy. I was determined to make sure I sucked the juices out of his cock and not letting his eruption go to waste on his stomach or elsewhere.

When he came, it was in waves as I had done, but in such a massive quantity. I struggled to keep up with the load. He erupted into the back of my throat and I greedily continued to suck the seed from his pulsing cock. ?Hey,? he said. ?Remember to save some for me.?

I did. I let his cock plop from my mouth and I moved up to kiss him with unbridled passion. The passion that comes from someone consumed with the heat of sex and erotic acts of two passionate lovers. I truly enjoyed kissing him. He gave back passion and I knew we were not finished for the night.

?Well, let me say that you were pretty remarkable for your first time,? he commented. He lay back against the arm of the sofa and reached for his glass of scotch.

I adjusted myself and found my glass at the end table. ?I could use some ice,? I noted.

Robert got up and grabbed me by the hand and we walked up the stairs like two lovers having an intermission between sexual romps. He grabbed some ice for each of our glasses and poured a slight touch more of scotch over the ice before sipping again. ?Let?s go upstairs, that is if you would like to continue our date this evening,?

I nodded and replied, ?I would love to.?

I followed him back upstairs. He had already prepared the bedroom when he went up to take a shower and change. The bed was pulled down, there were several bottles of lube, plugs, and dildos on the nightstands and a sex blanket throw on the bed. ?I see you had ideas. What would you like to do?? My eyebrows arched as I asked the question.

His cock had already began to harden and mine was also aroused after bringing him to climax downstairs. ?I want to fuck your ass, that is, if you would like to try it. I want to show you more tonight.?

I moved to the bed, took another sip of my scotch, and placed it on the nightstand coaster next to a large bottle of Astroglide lubricant. I climbed up onto the king sized bed and on all fours, my ass up in the air said, ?I want to have you fuck me. What position do you want me in??

?Well, that is a good first position. Turn around and grab the headboard and leave your ass up in the air for me.?

I did as I was asked and maneuvered around exposing my ass for his pleasure, which I quickly found was actually our pleasure. He pulled an orange and white tube from the nightstand drawer and placed liberal amounts of the white cream on his fingertips. I asked him what the cream was and he told me Anal Eaze. It was a desensitizing cream and would help me through my first anal experience. As he massaged the cream around my puckered ass hole and then into my hot box, I could tell that there was a pleasant pressure as he probed my ass instead of a sharp piercing pain I had anticipated. Even down stairs, his fingers were magic in my ass.

After a few moments of easing the cream in and around my virgin ass, he began to apply liberal amounts of the Astroglide to my ass, forcing some into me. He then coated his now fully erect cock and placed his hands on my hips. I knew he was safe but I had always thought my first anal fuck would have been with a condom. At this point, he positioned himself behind me and let the head of his cock press at my lubed asshole.

?When we fuck as a group, we insist everyone uses a condom. But, since we both know we are safe, I think you need to feel the full effects of a good ass fucking.?

?Oh baby, let me feel it,? I begged him.

He grabbed my hips and slowly began to press his massive member against my ass. Now, I had fucked my ass with a dildo and vibrator on many occasions, even wore a butt plug. I had been fucked by a girl friend with a strap-on but I had never had a real cock in me up until this moment. Robert slowly increased the pressure of his cock against my asshole until I finally felt it begin to accept his girth. ?Slowly push back onto my cock and help me in,? he said.

I complied and a pain came as his massive head finally breached my ass but the Anal Eaze helped a lot. I was lubed and now had my lover?s cock begin to slowly fill my ass as he slowly continued to press deeper into me. Oh how full I felt and the feeling sent tiny shock waives through my body. Not a convulsion, but a feeling of exquisite pleasure. He was very gentle and slow stroking my hips, ass cheeks, and back as he continued deeper.

Again, oh my goodness was all I could think as I felt him impale me. Once in up to his balls, he slowly began to slide back out which triggered another intense feeling of emptiness as his cock withdrew. He backed out slowly to where only the head of his cock as still in me and began to push into me again. After several of these motions, I began to fuck back against his cock. His hands on my hips guided his pace and let me match his fucking motions. Is this the feeling a woman has when your cock is sliding in and out of her hot pussy? All I knew then was ?fuck me lover, give me your cock and fuck my ass. I want you to fuck me!? I was overcome with passion as Robert made love to my ass.

Robert was a long lasting lover. Oh how he fucked my ass with such skill. He was incredible. Again, I lost track of time. I was caught up in all of the erotic passion of two lovers hot for each other?s bodies. Robert leaned forward and impaled himself deep in me and held himself there for a few moments. I could feel his heart racing. ?I want you to straddle my cock, just like you saw in the movie down stairs and fuck my cock.?

I nodded yes to my lover and felt him pull out of me slowly. My ass must have been open a mile wide after having been fucked by Roberts massive cock. I felt so empty. Robert lay on his back holding is massive cock straight up for me to take. I straddled him, just as I had seen in the movie and let my ass slide back down onto his throbbing tool. I began to slowly ride his cock and could feel his cock throbbing as I fucked him. I leaned forward to change the angle, kissed him passionately and whispered to him to ?fuck me lover and fuck me good.?

Robert grabbed my hips as I leaned against the headboard getting better leverage and continued to fuck his rock hard cock. What stamina! He was a machine. I was beginning to tremble again, overcome with the feelings and sensations my body was providing me, and him for that matter.

When Robert came, I almost passed out. I saw stars. The feeling of his hot cum shooting deep in my ass brought about such tremendous sensations in my body. Again, oh my goodness.

We stayed connected, my own cock oozing precum. I thought I had cum but my cock was still hard and pulsing. I felt his cock begin to shrink and I didn?t want it to fall out of me. I wanted to keep him in me. My asshole was wide open as his cock finally withdrew and I rolled over onto my back. While cum was still draining from me and with my cock still hard, Robert grabbed some Astroglide and lubed my cock. ?Now, let?s see if you can give me some of that too.?

He lay back and pulled his legs wide and back giving me full access to his ass. ?Fuck me now,? was all he said at that point.

I maneuvered myself between his legs and lined my cock up to his waiting ass and slowly slid into him. We fucked for what seemed an hour. I knew I would last longer on my second climax with the right person. I fucked his ass just like it was a woman?s pussy trying to give him the same sensations he gave me. When I was about to cum, I pushed deep and buried myself in his ass shooting my load as deep as I could.

Spent, we held the position until my cock slowly eased out of his ass. I was amazed at all we had done and the clock read one in the morning. ?You know, you can stay the night if you like.?

I looked at him and smiled and said, ?I would love to stay the night. And if you want more before we leave in the morning, I am up for it if you are. But first, I need a shower.?

I got up and moved to the bathroom and Robert followed me in. We washed each other?s bodies, soap and hands prodding and soothing. We toweled off and went back into the bedroom. Robert set the alarm and we snuggled, him clasping my semi hard cock in his hand and his head on my chest. I awoke at three, Robert expertly sucking on my cock again. When I realized it, I coaxed his body into a sixty-nine position with me on top and him on his back. Another set of climaxes before the alarm clock went off.

We sat at the breakfast table sipping coffee and made plans to see each other again before the group session. He mentioned he had someone he wanted to share me with and I smiled back saying, ?I look forward to it. Friday night it is.?

Robert was a gentleman and an exquisite lover who showed me that being sensual has no barriers. As I told him after our climaxes from our session of sixty-nine, I now knew I was no longer one of the multitude of bi curious men out there. I was now a full-blown bisexual and loved it.

Robert?s sensitivity and thoughtfulness was also key to our sessions together. I often think of that first encounter and I am immediately hard. Each time I read another story of someone else?s first time, Robert always come to mind, with a smile and a warm feeling. Being double-teamed by Robert and his friend, well, that is another story.

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