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I was so glad when Diane was willing to go in with me on an apartment. She's so beautiful and I always liked her. We'd managed to get a two-bedroom near campus and I was looking forward to something better than dorm life.

It started out fine: we worked out how to share expenses and housework. We both were pretty conscientious about it and I liked living there even if Diane sometimes got overdramatic about things.

And I just seemed to let her have her way--I guess I'm the type to just let things be. Then she introduced me to her new boyfriend.

I think Diane is one of those girls who has to have a boyfriend--and she'd broken up with her previous one. George was OK (I suppose she might have started going with a real jerk or something) but I was a bit surprised that she'd latched on to him.

There wasn't anything wrong with him--he just didn't seem like anything special and it seemed to me that Diane could have done much better. I did ask her about it once.

"Oh, there *is* something that he's *very* good at," she said and smiled. "He has a way of getting me to do things," she continued. I realized that I didn't really want to get into *that*

and changed the subject. Later I found myself picturing beautiful Diane and George in bed but I suppressed the thought.

But I did feel a little envy. Obviously, Diane was experiencing life more fully than I was. What things was George getting her to do? I sometimes wondered if I could really *let go* instead of being so straightlaced.

Then one day toward the end of the semester Diane announced that George was moving in! I was caught off guard--It had never occurred to me that she might pull *that*. I didn't want to get into a fight with her about it so I tried to subtly bring up the problems with the idea, but subtlety was lost on Diane. Soon George was moved in and it was the three of us. One thing that was good: we divided the rent three ways.

George was OK--well, he *tried* to do his share of the work and he did contribute his share of the food money, but I still was nervous about the whole thing. Then, just as soon as spring semester started, Diane and George had a big fight. After that she was just moping around the apartment for several days, then she announced that she was quitting school and going home!

"I *just can't take it*!" she said when I tried to talk to her about it.

"Diane, you can't! What am I going to do?"

"You're doing fine."

"How am I going to afford the apartment?" I couldn't make the rent myself.

"You could afford half when we got it."

"But I'll be here by myself! I'll have to find someone."

"No you won't--George isn't leaving."

"Oh Diane, George can't stay." But he *was* staying. I was flabbergasted--here I was going to spend the rest of the school year sharing the apartment with George! He said it would be impossible to find another place at this late time and I knew I'd have a lot of trouble finding another apartment-mate. He told me it wouldn't be any bother and he'd try to do better helping with the dishes and stuff. I felt trapped, but after thinking it over I decided it might work.

There I was, eating supper with George every night. We'd never really talked much before and now it was uncomfortably quiet at the supper table. We both started reading while we ate.

Diane called one night to talk to me while George was there.

She wanted to know if I was getting along all right with George.

I told her everything was OK so far. She wanted to know what he was doing but when I managed to convey that he was right there, she wanted me to make sure he didn't know who I was talking to.

Actually, it was too late for that. Then she told me she didn't mind if *I* took up with him! I told her I'd keep that in mind and I'm not sure I kept the irony out of my voice.

"It was Diane, right?" I was correct in thinking George couldn't fail to figure out who I was talking to.


"How is she?"

"She seemed fine."

"That's good." And he didn't say any more. I don't know what made me do it, but I didn't let it drop.

"Do you miss her?"

"I guess I do sometimes."

"You should start dating." After I said it, I wondered if it sounded like encouragement to ask *me* out. But I couldn't think of anything I could say to correct that notion that wouldn't be rude.

"Yes I should" he said and then sat there looking thoughtful.

I tried to look nonchalant, going back to my reading, but actually I was scared he was going to suggest we go out. Then he went on, seemingly talking to himself: "I think I'll play the field for a while." I mentally breathed a sigh of relief.

The next evening George didn't show up for supper which peeved me because our arrangement was that I made it for both of us. I put his in the fridge and got into studying. Then at eight he shows up--with a girl!

"Who are you?" she said as soon as they walked in. A little rude, but I suppose I *would* be a little shock under the circumstances.

"This is my apartment-mate Caroline," offered George. She was hanging on his arm as if she would fall to the floor if she let go.

"We have separate bedrooms," I said, getting right to the point.

"Oh," said the girl--I never found out her name since neither of them bothered to give it to me. Then she gave a low chuckle as if it were a good joke and they walked into George's bedroom, shutting the door behind them.

Yes I had misgivings all over again. I hadn't imagined *this*.

I sat there studying for a little while, then got nervous for some reason and left, walking over to the library to study. When I came back, everything was the same as when I left it and I went to bed.

Yes I listened, but I didn't hear anything. Fortunately, as I knew from when George and Diane were around, the apartment's walls were reasonably good at blocking sounds.

The next morning I got up and wondered if I'd have to face the two lovebirds. I stared at the door of George's room which was still shut. She was probably gone.

The door opened a little and out came a woman--a different woman! This woman was a lot older--probably her late twenties or thirty or so, and she was wearing a really good suit! I stared at her trying to figure out what was going on.

"Who are you?" she asked when she saw me.

"George and I share the apartment. Separate bedrooms." I still stared. She was very attractive and was a knockout in those clothes: the skirt was very short but obviously the suit cost a couple months' rent.

"Oh," she said and walked out the front door! I stared at the door after she closed it. Then I looked at the door to George's room. I thought about knocking, but decided against it. What would I ask him? Finally I left for class.

When I got back from classes that afternoon, a girl was sitting at the kitchen table with George. Yet another girl.

"This is Carla," said George, "and this is my apartment-mate Caroline." At least this time he introduced me. They were drinking coffee or tea or something.

"We have separate bedrooms." I said. Carla smiled as if I'd made a joke. Then she said she had to leave and kissed George on the lips and left.

I stared at George after Carla left. I thought he might offer some explanation, but he seemed oblivious to the notion that anything unusual was going on.

"Three women?" I asked, when I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Oh, that. I'm just dating around," answered George.

"Didn't the wind knock you over as they whooshed by?" George smiled at my joking but didn't offer any more explanation. He just sat there looking stupid and happy. I went to my room and studied a while there.

I heard voices and got up to investigate.

"Who's she?" came the suspicious question of yet another woman.

"I'm the apartment-mate with my own bedroom," I offered, thinking I ought to record the message and play it back. I hardly got a look at her--I remember that she was very slender and had dark straight hair that reached her waist--and then they were in his room with the door closed. I didn't see him before I went off to study at the library again. I was distracted while I was studying though. I thought about George--what was going on? Who were these women and how was he finding them?

When I got back to the apartment, there was a woman sitting at the kitchen table. Yes, another one. I didn't see George. And the way she was dressed! She was wearing just a tee-shirt and bikini panties! I stared at her. She looked up at me and smiled.

But she *didn't* ask who I was. I stood there in shock.

George's door opened a crack. A woman came out! She was dressed in jeans and a top and she smiled and said "Bye" and walked out the front door! I stood there with my mouth open. I looked at the woman sitting at the table. She just sat there, glancing at me after I'd stared for a minute. I looked at George's door. It was closed. I went to my room.

In the morning I recalled the two women of the previous night and as I got up I wondered what I'd find. No one was in the kitchen but the bathroom door was shut. I heard giggling in it too--female giggles! I waited around and in a minute the door opened and out came two women! They were wearing short nightgowns and they smiled at me and quickly scampered to George's door and slipped in! I got ready, ate and left. Somehow I didn't want to wait and see any more. But as I left, another woman was approaching our door. She was wearing some of the tightest pants I'd ever seen. I walked on more quickly.

That afternoon when I got home, there were *five* women hanging around our living room and kitchenette. They were just sitting around and didn't say *anything*. George's door was closed. One was only wearing jeans and a bra. I headed straight in my room, then worried about having supper out there. I listened at the door a little bit, but felt stupid. I tried to study but it was really a lost cause. I tried to read a novel, then just lay there thinking. What was it with George? What did these women *see* in him? Where did they all come from? How could they act like that?

I hung around my room til after our usual supper time, then feeling kind of dumb, finally came out. It was my own apartment after all. I opened the door and peeked out. Yes, there were women hanging around. It didn't seem to be the same women, and there were more! Several of them were in their underwear. A women in the kitchen asked if I'd like her to fix me supper! She was wearing a bikini bottom and a tube top. Both black. Her hair was dark and short and pretty and she definitely had the body for the outfit. I looked at her in kind of a daze and she started getting stuff out of the fridge. I noticed that the fridge had food in it that *I* had never put there--and up until that point, George had certainly kept me involved with all the food purchases.

She fixed me a frozen entre while I sat at the kitchen table looking around. There were at least ten or twelve women around in various states of dress. Some were just sitting on the floor. I saw two oriental women in the corner, one leaning against the corner and the other leaning against her. They just sat there, looking kind of listless. They *all* looked listless. The two oriental girls had bikini tops on, but I realized that they weren't wearing *any* bottoms at all.

The woman in the tube top finished my dinner and I sat there eating. A woman came out of George's room, naked. I stared, open-mouthed. There was a black thing around her neck. Then I noticed they *all* were wearing black necklaces of some kind. I looked at the woman in the tube top who was close by and could see that it was a thin little ribbon. I just sat there and ate.

The woman in the tube top said: "You're lucky."


"Living with George. You can... you know... anytime."

I stared at here for a second but didn't answer. Then I finished quickly, got my books and left.

When I came back later, they were still there--at least there were as many: some were definitely different women. One was wearing a black babydoll nightgown that hid just about nothing.

Another was wearing a tee-shirt that didn't hide the bottoms of her rear-cheeks. And they still had the black ribbons. I went to my room and went to bed.

I laid awake a while wondering what to do. They weren't noisy and they hadn't really gotten in my way except for the bathroom a couple of times. And the woman making my supper!

Later, I awoke somewhat. It was still dark. There had been some light-- the door to my room had opened. I was groggy--feeling drugged. Someone got in bed with me. Somehow I was too sleepy to worry about it.

In the morning I awoke and found myself in the arms of a woman!

We'd been spooning, her behind me! I quietly slipped out of bed and looked at her--she was still asleep. She was so beautiful, laying there so peacefully. I didn't know what to do. I got my robe on and headed out-- yes, there were women all over the place.

I actually had to step around them. The bathroom door was shut.

I knocked. A women opened the door and pulled me in. There were four women in there, all nude, doing, well, everything. The one who had pulled me in was at the basin brushing her teeth. She told me to go ahead and get in the shower, but another woman was in there, showering. I waited for her to finish, then just hung up my robe and went in. Others had been coming in and out of the bathroom while I waited.

I finally felt a little privacy in the shower though there were others right on the other side of the curtain. Then a woman slipped through the curtain and joined me! She offered to wash my back. I didn't know what to do--I just finished as quickly as I could and got out. Another woman handed me a towel. I had the feeling she'd dry me if I let her.

I got back to my room. There were *three* women sleeping in my bed! I quickly got dressed and left. A couple of women in the kitchen offered me breakfast, but I left as quickly as I could. I noticed at the front door that there was a large bowl on a table just inside. In it was a pile of black ribbons.

That night it was more of the same. With *more* women if you could believe it. Women were slipping in and out of George's room constantly. All those black ribbons! Two women sitting on the couch were kissing! I let some of them make me supper, then ate quickly and started getting ready to go out again. The place was useless for study.

The phone rang. It was Diane.

"How are things going?" she asked. She sounded a little nervous.

"OK," I said, but I was nervous too. I didn't think she'd believe me.

"How is... George?"

"Oh, I think he's doing fine."

"Is he? Do you think he misses me?" I had this sinking feeling that she was having second thoughts about the breakup.

"I... I don't think I could say..."

"Is he there? No, don't call him to the phone!"


"OK, I'll hang up. I'm sorry I bothered you." Then she was off the line.

I headed out to study in the library and actually succeeded. I guess I was getting a little used to the weirdness. It was more of the same when I got home. There were several women sleeping in my bed.

"Hey!" I said, shaking one who was at the edge.

She woke and looked at me with a groggy expression. "Oh, sorry!" she said and pulled herself up and lay down in the corner on the floor! The other women were still there, curled this way and that. I stared at them, mulling over waking them all up. The woman who had left had left enough room for me to lie down without touching any of the rest and that's what I did.

In the morning when I woke up, and arm was sprawled over me and one woman was lying pressed against my body. I sat up and looked around. There were more women sleeping on the floor. I got my robe and slipped out. It was pretty much a repeat of the previous morning. When I left for class, two more women were coming in the door.

After my first class, who should I run into coming out but Diane!

"I got up early and drove!" she said, sounding excited.

"It's great to see you!" I said, hugging her and doing my best to smile but wondering if it really was that great.

"How's George?" she said with bated breath. She looked so innocent, looking at me waiting for my answer. She was so beautiful.

"Uh, he's fine I think."

"He's there at the apartment now, isn't he? Let's go back!"

I didn't usually go back after my first class. And I didn't want to take her to the apartment. But she'd be going sooner or later. I forced myself to see it as my duty. "OK."

She didn't talk as we walked over and I didn't either. I didn't know what to say. Finally as we entered the complex grounds she said: "Has he been seeing other women?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Oh god. Just one?"

"No." She didn't say anything after that. I just took her to the apartment.

Yes, the apartment was filled with women when we got there. The ones sitting on the floor had to move to let anyone walk by. Two slipped out of George's room and two more slipped in while we just stood there.

"Caroline, what *is* this," came Diane's weak voice.

"I don't really know," I answered.

"Is this George... ?" I don't know what she was going to ask me, because she never did finish. Then she said: "I've got to talk to him!" She walked over to the door, various women leaning this way and that to let her by, and slipped into his door. I made my way over to the kitchen area and a woman stood up to let me sit on one of our chairs. I sat there wondering what was going to happen.

As I sat there, a woman came in the front door. She took a ribbon and tied it around her neck and then started taking off her clothes. I remember her because she was *so* tall and slender and she had short blond hair. She could definitely be a fashion model!

For some reason I just watched her undress until she was naked.

Her body was so slender and her legs were so long. She found her way over to George's door and slipped in.

I hadn't heard anything from George's room and Diane hadn't come out. I sat there waiting for something to happen. The curiosity got the better of me and I made my way over to his door. I thought about knocking, but it seemed silly with so many people just opening it a crack and walking in. I opened it and slipped inside.

It was dark--shades kept out all the daylight, but there was the light of a couple of lamps. George was kneeling there and that blond woman was on her knees in front of him! He was doing her from behind! And Diane! She was kneeling in front of the blonde, completely nude herself and had the blonde's face pushed against her own crotch! Diane's body was so sexy. Her hands were gripping the blonde's hair! The blonde was blindfolded and her wrists were tied behind her. There were other women laying around here and there on the floor. Most were blindfolded and had their wrists tied behind their backs. A couple of them just sat leaning against the wall looking listless like the women in the living room. Diane turned her head and looked at me. She pulled the blonde's head away from her crotch and turned the blonde's head towards me. I saw the blonde's tongue for a second. Diane gave me a little smile and nod. She wanted me to come over! She was offering the blonde to me!

I slipped out of the room and shut the door, quickly and quietly. I stood there, my back to the door. It was so crazy.

That blonde was so beautiful. *Diane* was so beautiful. Diane *hadn't* been wearing a ribbon. She had wanted me to kneel next to her and...

I thought about going in there and taking up Diane's offer. I thought what it would be like to kneel there next to beautiful Diane...pulling that blonde's face to me. Forcing her. I got a grip on myself and made my way back to the front door. The blonde's clothes were lying there on the floor. I noticed one of the black ribbons that had fallen on the floor and picked it up.

I wondered how that blonde could just go in there and let George do her like that. The ribbon wasn't plain--seeing it up close, you could see that it had a lacy texture. She had been just kneeling there, blindfolded and helpless with George pushing into her as Diane forced her to lick. I thought about the way they did that to her. I tied the ribbon around my neck.

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