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Fantasy night cont..

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After being caught with a guy fucking my ass and me sucking other guy by my wife and the guy's wife that was doing my ass, we all sat down and talked about where we might like to go from there. My wife had then said that she from time to time, gets her strap-on out to fuck me and recently I bought her a more firmer but longer "cock" to be used on me. She also said that I will suck her "cock" so it wasn't that much suprising to see me sucking a real one or that of having a guy in my ass fucking me. She saw that I was enjoying myself as the new toy that she now has isn't as long or thick as John is. She was glad to see that he had a condom on while fucking my ass, but that she didn't really like it when the other guy cum in my mouth. Betty then asked if has gotten anyone other than her husband to cum after sucking their cocks, and was told yes, but that she didn't swallow it all. Betty then asked if I'd ever ate the wife out after sex, and I'd told her no. So after some more discussion, it was agreed that we'd leave the club for a more private location.

We drove to our hotel room as we really hadn't planned on spending the night there, and John and Betty followed us after giving up their room at the club. Before John and Betty got to our room, they stopped and got some snacks and drinks for all to enjoy. After they got into the room and we had ate, we started to get naked again. This time Betty said that wanted to use some toys on both me and my wife. She grabbed her bag and pulled out her harness and a few dildo's. One of which was a double dildo that was over 12" long. She offered the bag to the wife and asked if anything in it looked like something she might want to play with and the wife said that dildo might fit on HER harness. That dildo that she saw was one unlike I'd ever seen, it was about 6" long, but it had a pump bulb on it. Betty told the wife that it was to shoot "cum" with. My wife grinned and said that she wanted to use it later, but she didn't know who would be the lucky person.

Betty on the other hand, knew whom she wanted to use her toy on, and told her husband to suck my cock while she fucked him. She had told me to get onto the bed and he climbed onto me and took my cock into his mouth. His mouth on my cock felt so good and the more that Betty fucked him, the more that he took into his mouth. Now my wife wanted her pussy licked and moved onto me lowering her pussy into my mouth. Betty leaned forward and started to fondle the wife's tits while she ground her pussy into my mouth. Betty said that she was about to cum from fucking her man about the same time as my wife said that she too was cumming. I don't know when I unloaded into John's mouth, but he kept sucking as if I had never cum.

The girls got off us guys and Betty started to take off her harness, when the wife said that she needed fucked and so did I. Well, John quickly said that he'd love to fuck my wife, so that left Betty to fuck me. Betty moved to me and asked if I wanted it doggy style or if I wanted to be on my back. Before I could say anything, my wife told me to get on my back and so she could watch me and I could watch her more. Then Betty came up with another idea. She said that she wanted fucked also, so she said that she'd use the double dong. That way she could fuck me first then keep it in me while she got off. I started to protest but she lubed my ass up and eased the dong into me. Betty told me that she wanted to see how much I could or would take adn kept easing the dong into me. Betty got 4" into me and got on the other end feeding it into her pussy. John at this time was fucking the hell out of the wife. Betty then took the dong and with her pussy clamped tightly around it started to push it deeper into my ass. She then told me that she figured that she had it about 6" into me when she that she wanted to try putting the other end in her ass and my cock in her pussy.

I was in a glaze and didn't care. Betty started to fuck my ass, and my cock was going into her pussy. That was too much for me as I cum all into Betty. My wife and John had finished, so they decided to take the dong in my ass and Betty's ass out. John moved to fuck his wife's ass and my wife started to fuck my ass with the "cum squirting" cock. I got hard instantly after started to fuck me. I started to moan loudly as my ass was once again being fucked hard. Betty told my wife that when she thought that she was ready to "cum", to pump the bulb which would make the head of the "cock" expand and when she released the pressure, it would then shoot out the "cum". My wife didn't miss a stroke as she kept fucking me and pumped the bulb up. I moaned even louder as she released her "cum" into my ass. She lunged a few more times, like I would when I cum in her before pulling out.

We then all laid onto the bed and rested, when John said that after all this, he was wanting me to fuck him, if I thought that I could get it up one more time. Betty said that she thought that she could help me, and started to suck my cock till I got hard again. My wife put the rubber onto me and lubed up my shaft and John's ass. I started to push my way into his ass, when he asked me to stop a minute. While I'm only 6" long, and I thought I was avg in thickness, I guess I was thicker than the toys that had been used on him during the night. Betty told him not to be a baby and got behind me and took John by the waist and forced me into him. The feeling of tightness around my cock, told me that I wouldn't last long. I guess I said that out loud and John told me to fuck me as long as I could. I started slowly at first, but then John reminded me that I wouldn't last long, so really fuck him. With that he rocked back and I felt myself go deeper into him as I thrust into him. I then started to fuck him harder and harder till I couldn't fuck any more and unloaded into the rubber. I pulled out of him and flopped onto the bed. I had cum 4-5 times that night, more than any night ever before.

We all fell asleep on the bed with me holding my wife, my wife holding Betty and Betty holding John. The next morning after getting cleaned up, we exchanged our personal information and agreed to meet again. Oh the fun, we shall have next time.

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