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Fallout from the Denver Snowstorm

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I told you the story of our getting caught in a Denver Snowstorm and the resulting three-way sex with a guy we?d met at a software convention in Seattle. I left the story at the point where we?d woken up and my husband and Brian, the twenty five year old software developer had both fucked me one more time. I was actually the first one awake. I had to pee and I slowly peeled back the sheet that had covered all three of us in order to crawl out of the bed.

Jack, my husband, was still sound asleep, making that soft snuffling sound, he sometimes does when he?s really out. I scooted down to crawl out and found myself on face level with Brian?s cock. It was a really remarkable cock; not that I?ve seen that many, but this one was a lot different than Jack?s, the only other cock I?d known for the last twelve years. Brian?s was quite a bit thicker, probably not much longer, but it curved up in a real curve, so the head looked crowned as if by some old fashioned helmet. It looked like a cock from some Japanese woodcut. His nuts to were different than Jack?s, bigger by a factor of three. That first time he?d come inside me he?d released a flood of cum that had filled me and then pooled on him and me.

I love my husband tremendously, now even more since he?d seemed eager to see me sexually super-satisfied, even if it meant sharing me with another man. I?d never really thought of myself as multi-orgasmic, but last night had been so erotic, with one of them always hard, fucking me almost continuously for nearly three hours, that I?d lost track of the number of times I?d cum. I?d expected to be sore this morning but the fact was that I?d been so wet and their discharges so copious that there?d been no friction on my sensitive tissues. I meant to slide down, but I found my mouth watering as I looked at the slow movement of Brian?s balls inside his nut sack. His cock was lying sideways, its big head pointed up towards his belly button. I very quietly picked it up by the little ridge of skin on the underside and put the whole soft thing into my mouth, looking up towards his face. One eye opened slowly, he looked down at me grinning, and I felt him shiver with excitement, his stomach muscles tightening. His cock started growing in my mouth and I relaxed my jaw to let it fill the back of my throat. What an extraordinary sensation. I?ve never been able to deep throat anyone, but now it was happening and I was enjoying it so much that I concentrated on keeping myself relaxed as it filled me. I started moving my head up and down and then I reached around one hand to cup his balls. They were heavy in my hand, unexpectedly heavy, the way a gold ring feels heavier in your palm than you?d expect.

I know it?ll seem terrible to say this after my husband had been so generous, but what I really wanted, what I would have had if a genie had appeared at that moment, was to spend a day getting to know this cock. Last night had happened so quickly that some of it was just a blur, but I remembered the feeling of his curved cockhead hitting the g-spot just behind the front of my vagina. I wanted to figure this cock out, get all of its angles right and fix it in my memory. I pulled him out of my mouth with a pop and then held it up. A sliver of light was coming through the curtains and it landed right on its tip. It was entirely pink and the sun almost seemed to shine through the glans a little. It was a very pretty cock. I let it slap on his stomach. I had to pee really badly.

I slid up his belly and whispered, ?I have to pee?. I slid out of the bed and went into the bathroom. I noticed that he was following me. That was strange and I felt like closing the door behind me. I said, ?I?ll be out in a sec.? I figured that was a gentle hint.

Brian said, ?I want you to pee on me.?

I didn?t think I?d heard right. ?What??

?I?ve always wanted it and this has been kind of a fantasy night. You?re the only woman I?ve ever asked. I?ll lay down in the shower and you can stand over me.?

It was a big shower. He lay down and looked at me expectantly. I figured what the hell and stood over him. I put one finger on either side of my lips to direct the spray and let go. The golden stream hit him right on the penis but I pointed it around so it moved up his chest. I had a lot of pee. I wondered what he?d do if I shot it in his face, but when I moved it towards him I started laughing so it jiggled all over the place and then it started dribbling. I gave it a last push and a little spurt landed on his chin. I was laughing so hard now that I folded over a little. I backed out of the shower and closed it, walking back into the room. I heard the water start and I went over to the bed. Jack was still asleep so I gave him the same treatment, and put his soft cock into my mouth. Two cocks before breakfast. He woke up fast and grinned at me.

I licked him a little and said, ?Brian?s in the shower.?

?Think he?s jerking off?? he said, laughing.

?I don?t know. He had me pee on him so he?s getting clean.?

Jack sat up. ?Really? That?s so kinky. Where??

?In the shower.?

?Come on; let?s shower.?

We walked in. He was just rinsing his hair and Jack opened the door. ?Mind if we join you??

It was a large shower, with two separate heads, but still we were a little crowded. Jack got some gel in his palm and after wetting me put some lather on my boobs, turning me so Brian could watch. He lifted my boobs towards Brian, who accepted the invitation and I felt four hands lathering me. My breasts have always been sensitive, but Brian seemed to be enjoying them in a new way. I suspected his wife had small breasts because he really got off on lifting one with a hand and then letting it fall into his other hand. Then he did something strange with my nipple, poking it with a finger until it was almost inside out and then rubbing his fingertip so each little bump had a sensation. I spread my legs and was happy when one set of hands worked its way down. I could feel my pussy flooding with moisture and then Brian was on his knees his tongue deep inside. I could feel Jack?s cock on my back and then I felt Brian?s hand snake through my legs to grab his balls.

Brian stood up and Jack turned me around and then lifted me onto his cock my grabbing my buttocks. Jack?s body was much different than Brian?s. He was two inches taller but probably outweighed him by fifty pounds and it was all muscle. I settled on his cock, but then felt Brian sliding up and again felt the sensation of two cocks in my pussy. Jack leaned back against the shower wall and started lifting me up and down slowly. I guess it was the position but it felt even fuller than last night. My clit was rubbing up against Jack?s pubic bone, mashed there by Brian?s thrusts from behind and I think I started Cumming almost immediately, but I shouted, ?Don?t either of you cum in me I want it on my tits.?

I guess the position must have worked for both of them because it was only about five minutes before Brian said, ?I?m really close.?

Jack lifted me up and I turned off the water and sank to my knees. ?Both of you right here.? I was using one hand to play with my clit. I was watching both of them but it was Brian that I wanted to see. He started Cuming first, thick ropes of cum that painted my nipples; maybe ten spurts that completely bathed my left tit. His cum had arched up from that curved dick. Jack was shortly behind him and did a good job of covering the second. I came really strongly just as the last jet shot from Jack?s cock.

?Whew that was good.? I stood up. Brian moved around to the tit that Jack had covered and sucked my nipple into his mouth. My pussy tingled again. I offered the other boob to Jack who did the same, but I thought with less enthusiasm. Brian was clearly the bigger pervert. After they?d finished sucking I turned on the water and rinsed us all off and then chased them out so I could wash my hair.

The airline phoned while I was drying and Jack informed us that we all had seats on a flight leaving in two hours, so we had to hustle it to the airport. Jack and I sat together while Brian went back to coach, but we met again at the baggage carousel in Orlando. Brian had been joined by his wife. She wasn?t really what I expected, though she did have small breasts. She was very tall, taller than he was, and very blonde. She looked to have big shoulders, either a swimmer I thought, or maybe a tennis player. Her hair was cut very short, but she didn?t look mannish, just very Norwegian. She had deep blue eyes and a nice smile. I was a little jealous.

We said our goodbyes and that was that.

About two weeks later Jack told me, he was having lunch with Brian and Brian?s marketing manager. I was a little pissed that I wasn?t invited but Jack probably knew that I was completely overwhelmed with a compilation that wasn?t going right. When I saw Jack over dinner later that night I asked him how his lunch had gone.

?Great. I think they?re going to pick up our product. They want to talk integration. Their marketing guy is their CEO too so he said it was just a matter of crunching the numbers. I told him what we want, he didn?t seem to think it unreasonable.?

?That?s great. We?ve always wanted to get into retail sales software.?

?The CEO left before dessert so Jack and I could talk. He told his wife about our adventure in Denver.?

?Oh my god. Why? Was she pissed??

?He said he was uncomfortable with having a secret. It didn?t sound as if she was pissed. She wants to have dinner with us.?

?I don?t know. What if she?s pissed deep down inside and wants to make a scene??

?Hmm. Hadn?t thought of that. I guess we can refuse or we could have them to dinner at the house.?

?And let a psyco know where we lived??

Jack was turning the whole thing over in his mind. ?I doubt it would mean anything to the business deal now that he?s brought his boss into it. The boss did invite us to a company cocktail party they?re having at their headquarters tomorrow. That would be a safe place; I mean she?s not going to throw a scene in front of her husband?s boss. Even assuming she wants to throw a scene.?

We had sex that evening and Jack talked about how erotic the whole Denver experience had been. He kept on talking about how he?d enjoyed seeing that big curved cock penetrate me. He wondered what it?d feel like if I were laying on our bed with my pussy at cock height while Brian fucked me. He said he?d like to put his hand on my belly to feel his curved cock inside. I came like crazy.

I didn?t know how to dress for the cocktail party. Part of me wanted to dress to impress Brian, but part of me said it would be safer to be conservative in case his wife psychoed out. I ended up with a double duty outfit. With the jacket on the dress looked tame, but if you took the jacket off the sides were cut so that half the side of my breasts could be seen.

Her name was Dania, and she looked very sexy in her short cocktail dress. It turned out she was Finnish. She must be an athlete of some kind, because her thighs looked as if they could crack walnuts. The front and back of her dress had deep v?s. She didn?t have to worry about her breasts falling out but if she turned a little you could see quite a lot of boob from the side. We spent a lot of time circulating, talking to other people we knew in the industry, but I had a feeling that at some point in the evening I?d find myself alone with her. Sure enough I found myself out in the back garden alone while Jack went to fetch a drink and within a minute she was beside me. She motioned to a bench.

She didn?t waste any time. ?I wasn?t very happy when I found out what had happened.?

I didn?t know what to say, but I figured an all-purpose apology was in order. ?I?m sorry.?

?Oh don?t be sorry. I probably would have done the same thing if I could have gotten away with it. I imagine Brian told you we?d done it ourselves once.?

I nodded.

?It was pretty bad. We were drunk, Brian went first and came in about two minutes the other guy didn?t perform very well, then it was over, and I hadn?t cum.? She paused. ?And afterwards Brian got jealous and had a fight with his friend. It was horrible.? She looked at me. ?It sure sounded as if you had a better time.?

?My husband has had that fantasy for a long time, and he seemed really happy about it so I was comfortable and yes it was a lot of fun. Jack hasn?t been jealous about it.? I looked at her, ?But we won?t do it again.?

?Why not??

?Well now that we know you it wouldn?t be the same. It wasn?t my intention to cause a problem. I?m very happy in my marriage.?

She looked at me, ?And your husband likes to take you with other men??

I said, ?He sure seems to.?

She licked her lips, ?Tell me is it true that both of them fit into you at the same time??

I nodded, ?We did that twice. I was very full.?

?And you?re so little. And you made Brian lick your husband?s cum off your breast and then you insisted on humiliating him by pissing on him??

That was a pretty exaggeration of what had happened, but I wasn?t sure I wanted to turn Brian into a liar, so I just nodded.

?That was the best part for me when he told me you?d done that. I always want to dominate him in that way but with me, he always feels he has to be the dominant one. I?d like to see that.?

Something clicked and I realized that Dania was probably a lot stronger than Brian. He was kind of weedy, whereas she was built like a Norse Queen. I was only five foot one and my boobs were the biggest things about me. Dania stood five eleven in flats. I said, ?Maybe you should dress like a dominatrix. I?ll bet you?d look good in latex and leather.?

?That would freak him out I think, but oh I?d love that. Would you help me??

?Sure, but what are you after.? She?d leaned forward and twisted a little and in the light, I could see one shallow breast with a very long nipple. I looked over my shoulder and saw that no one could see us and I reached my hand forward and stroked her nipple. It was thicker than I?d thought and very stiff. I squeezed it and she grunted softly.

?I want to have the same kind of experience you did. I want to be taken slowly, I want to be in charge of where they put it, and I want to watch you fuck him and then I want to fuck that huge husband you have.?

?Let me check with my husband and we?ll arrange it.?

?Oh I have already asked him if he?d fuck me. He said if you were there would be OK.?

I had to smile, thinking of Jack?s face when this twenty something goddess asked if he?d fuck her.

She bit her lip, ?But listen this all has to be his idea. Even now I?ll have to pay for having this conversation with you.? She?d been looking over my shoulder and I could tell from the shifting angle of her eyes that someone was walking up to us.

Brian said hello from about ten feet away and Dania immediately stood up. I could see that her knuckles had whitened around her little evening clutch.

?Hello Susie. I didn?t expect to find you two talking together.?

I gave him my best smile. ?Why ever not? We have at least one thing in common after all.?

That seemed to stop him in his tracks. He said, ?Dania, would you mind finding Mrs. Danvers and thanking her for a wonderful party. I?m ready to leave.?

She trotted off. ?Jack tells me you told her everything.?

?Yes. She?d like the four of us to get together.?

?How about you, would you like that??

?Yes, but I?m not sure she wants to have any penetration by your husband. I think she?d just rather watch you and get comfortable with the situation.?

I looked at him and then stood up directly in front of him, close enough so that my fingers could trace their way up his pant leg to his crotch. I used two fingers to find and squeeze him. ?You think she?d like to watch you fuck me or would she rather watch me fuck you.?

He looked a little startled, but then I spotted Jack walking towards us and shouted his name. A few minutes later Jack and I were in our car headed home.

I said, ?I?m not so sure about getting together with Brian and Dania. I think that maybe he?s a control freak with her. He said that she didn?t want to be penetrated by you.?

Jack laughed, ?That?s not what she told me.?

?Me too. She said she wanted to be fucked by my big husband.? I mimicked her Finnish accent. ?I think there might be a little instability there that we shouldn?t get in the middle of.?

I assumed that Jack put Brian off in some subsequent conversation and I didn?t here anything more about it for the next week. The week after though I received a call from Dania, who asked to go to lunch. Our contract with Brian?s company had been finalized the day before and I was working hard on the implementation but Brian hadn?t exactly been responsive, so I figured lunch couldn?t hurt anything. I was a little surprised at her choice though. It was in a gay neighborhood that bordered the city. The restaurant was tiny and exotic and the waitresses all had facial jewellery (I?m not talking earrings).

?My friend owns the restaurant. It?s very popular with lesbians.?

I had this thought that she?d interpreting my nipple squeeze the last time we?d met as female sexual interest, and then I had this realization that she was right. She was sexy. Today she was wearing jeans and a white linen shirt with a wide tobacco colored belt. She wasn?t wearing much makeup. I found myself staring at her ass when she walked to the restroom. The jeans looked like a coat of paint. When she came back she said, ?Brian told me that Jack had phoned and said that it wasn?t a good idea for us to get together. Brian doesn?t know we?re lunching.?

I looked at her. ?Brian told me that you didn?t want any penetration from Jack, and we were worried that maybe the two of you weren?t seeking that same things because that?s not what you told Jack and I.?

I realized that the waitress had been right behind me during this speech and I felt a deep blush creep up my neck. She was smiling as she took my order and after she left Dania leaned forward, ?Don?t worry about the waitress. They?re all very kinky here.?

The way she said kinky did it for me. I stared at her lips. They were very plump. She continued. ?Brian is very controlling. Some days I think there is no hope for our relationship but most of the time I think he just needs a push, a big push.? She leaned forward a little and lowered her voice. ?Tell me. When they were both doing you did they touch each other??

?Well, they were both in me at the same time, so they were rubbing, but there was one moment when I saw Brian put one of Jack?s balls in his mouth. And of course both of them were licking me when the other was inside.?

She sat back, a triumphant smile on her face, ?I knew it. I think that men who like to watch their wives with other men are a little interested, in maybe the same way that most women are interested in other women.?

I said, ?Hmm. I?m not sure that?s entirely true, but I guess it might be so for some men.? I looked at her deep blue eyes.? And of course some women.?

She grinned back, ?You with your little frame and big breasts I find very sexy.?

We spent the rest of the meal talking about anything other than sex and I thought we?d part at the car park, but she linked her arm under mine and said, ?I want you to pick out some things for me.?

She took me to a store that was called ?Lady in Lace?. At the front, it looked like a normal lingerie store, but Dania had obviously been here before. In the back, there were bondage gear; masks and whips and latex outfits. She said, ?You said I?d look good in latex.?

I looked at my watch. I hadn?t planned a long lunch, and Dania saw my glance. ?You don?t have time we could do this some other day.?

?No; let?s pick out some outfits. Tell me what sort of image you want.?

?I want to tie Brian up and I want him to obey me in everything. I want his skinny little ass under my foot.?

I had to laugh at that image, but I said, ?Jack and I were worried that the two of your are working out some problems.?

?Oh we are, but I really need help in this. I need to make it playful so he enjoys it, and maybe so he gets to dominate you.? She smiled shyly. ?He said you really enjoyed his penis.?

I flashed back to the curve that his cock made. I swept over to the shelves and picked out a couple of latex bum huggers, some corsets, a few whips, a paddle, cuffs, leg restraints. I thought about the two phone calls that I?d made to Brian this morning that he hadn?t returned, the slow progress he was making on my requests for source code, and I added a few more items. There were three different outfits for Dania and I waited for her to try them on. While she was putting the first one on, I made sure there were any other disciplinary tools missing.

She stuck her head out of the curtains and said, ?Come see.?

The shiny black plastic on her ass looked like a liquid skin as did the straps that criss-crossed her chest. Her nipples were poking through the metal rings joining the straps together. She had put her heels back on, she?d found a little peaked cap, and she looked stupendous. ?Fabulous. We?ll take that one.?

?Let me show you this other one.? She peeled out of the bottoms and I saw her pussy. No hair at all and lips that didn?t go all the way to cover her clit, which right now was peeking out of its hood. She was all muscle and tendon and tight little stomach and I bent my head down and took her, lips and all, into my mouth. She was salty, sweet, and a little musky. I swirled her around and heard someone coming into the dressing room behind me, and so I stood up straight. I was all flustered and a little dizzy. I?d never done that to a woman before.

The next thing I knew I was in a chair with a very large woman fanning my face. Apparently, I?d fainted. Dania was dressed and had a large bag. I felt better almost immediately, and we parted soon after. She pressed me to agree to dinner the next Friday night, but I said I?d have to make sure it was OK with Jack.

When I got back to work, I sat and thought about my lunch. I kept on replaying the feeling of her pussy in my mouth. Hers had stuck out a little and her clit had been much bigger than mine. It had been firm with arousal. The skin around it had been slippery smooth and soft. It was a lot different than having a cock in your mouth. I heard my secretary shuffling papers at her desk outside my door and I actually started to get up to close the door so I could play with myself quietly when Jack walked in.

?Are you all right? You look flushed.?

?I just got back from lunch with Dania. It?s really hot out today.?

We discussed the project, but I guess he could tell my mind wasn?t on it. ?You?re distracted.?

?They want to get together for dinner.?

?I thought we?d agreed to give that a miss.?

?She?s really sexy. She bought some dominatrix outfits. She really wants to take charge of Brian.?

?What about the downside.?

I smiled. ?How many times in your life had you had a Viking Queen tell you she wants to fuck you while dressed in latex.?? I paused to let that sink in. ?She looks really hot in latex.?

?Well there is that. I?m OK if you?re OK.?

?I?ll tell her dinner at seven at our house. I?ll cook.?

I called Dania and spent the next two days planning the meal, arranging for the boys to spend the night at my parents. I had Jack make modifications to the wide doorway between the two front parlors. When the front door bell chimed at seven that evening my stomach was fluttering. Dania looked gorgeous. Her short hair was slicked back and she?d gone to a lot of trouble with her make-up, but oddly, I didn?t feel insecure with her appearance because I knew she?d dressed for me. I?d cooked several light courses and we ate at the long pine table, chatting about many things. Brian seemed not quite at ease, but Dania and I kept each other laughing. When dinner was over, I asked Jack to show Brian his study while I got dessert ready.

Dania giggled when I told her my plan. When the men returned at my call Dania was stretched out naked on the pine table on a vinyl tablecloth. I?d covered her breasts with whipped cheesecake, topped by whipped cream drizzled with caramel sauce. I?d carefully poured a shot of grand marnier in her deep belly button. Her pussy I?d layered with a sweet cream base, topped with chocolate sauce. I?d tucked two cherries by their stems into her vagina.

I had tiny straws to sip the grand marnier, but I?d set out only chop sticks for us to eat our dessert. I could tell Brian was a little shocked, but it was obvious he was turned on as well. Dania said, ?What about me, don?t I get any dessert??

I said, ?Don?t worry baby, I?ll feed you.? With that, I used my chopsticks to reach through the cheesecake on her breasts. I found the hard nub of her nipple and pinched it softly, then grabbed a small piece and swirled it in the sauce, putting it carefully in her mouth. That was the signal for the boys and during the next fifteen minutes, they used the chopsticks to pinch and probe every inch of her skin. I?d quickly moved to her pussy, using the sticks to pull both of her lips. Jack seemed fascinated with the size of her clit, got his sticks around both sides, and was wiggling it back and forth. It swelled and we could see it becoming pinker. Finally, I leaned forward and gently bathed it with my tongue. She widened her legs and Brian pulled out one of the cherries. Jack had licked the Grand Marnier from her belly button and both of her nipples had been exposed. I?d only licked for a minute before she was bucking on the table, moaning in orgasm.

At that point, I chased the men out of the room, washed her off and put her in a robe. We went up so she could put her outfit on. I dressed in a corset that put my breasts on a shelf and left half my nipples exposed. On the bottoms, I wore the tiniest g-string I?d been able to find, one that only covered my vaginal mouth.

I swear the boys mouths dropped open when we walked into the room. Dania was wearing four-inch heels and black fishnet thigh highs. Her shiny black latex bottoms cupped each cheek and were held up by leather straps that criss-crossed her chest, leaving her hard nipples exposed. Fingerless black gloves covered her hands, and in one, she held a long riding crop with a soft leather tongue. She was wearing a peaked cap and she was splendid. The outfit had transformed her.

In a very stern voice she said, ?I am the director of ceremonies this evening and as my first order you will strip and stand straight.? She pointed her crop at the men.

Brian seemed about to protest and I thought I?d help him along by undoing his shirt, but the crop sang in the air and I felt a sharp stinging pain on one buttock. Dania grinned, ?They will follow orders as will you. Otherwise, we can all go home. After all I?ve had more satisfaction than any of you.?

The boys were soon naked, standing at attention. Jack?s cock was hard, standing at a forty-five degree angle. Dania?s whip started at his foot and traced its way up his leg. The soft leather tongue caressed his ball sack and then she followed the length of his cock. ?This cock is doing its job. This is a good cock.? She moved over to Brian, whose cock was at a little less than half-mast. She reached flicked the crop at his balls and he winced. She walked behind him and I could see her tracing his buttocks with her whip. He had a nice butt, round, firm and high. ?I think that I want you, Susie, to reward the good cock. Lick his cock and then put him deep in your mouth four times.?

I kneeled in front of Jack and did as instructed. Everyone watched and I saw Brian?s cock start to lengthen and I saw him rub it with one of his hands. ?Whack? the crop put a red mark on his knuckle.

Dania was in front. ?That was very wrong to touch without permission and we will make sure it doesn?t happen again.? She looked at me. ?Get the arm restraints and have Jack help you set them up and then secure this cock.? Brian?s arms were secured to eyebolts in the doorframe. She walked around him touching him constantly with the crop. ?So this cock liked to see another licked. Stand here.? She directed Jack to stand in front and slightly off to the side of the suspended Brian. She sank to her knees and took Jack?s cock in her hand. She held it and moved it around, waving it in front of her mouth.

?Maybe Brian would like to see me suck this hard cock.? In fact, Brian had started hardening, but she stood up without touching her mouth to Jack. ?Or maybe the bad cock should be beaten with the good cock.? She had not let go of Jack?s cock and now she pulled him close to Brian. She whipped Jack?s cock against Brian?s. In seconds, Brian was completely hard, and I saw the delicious curve. She pushed Jack away and held Brian?s cock. ?How shall I reward this cock? Maybe I should have her lick it. Maybe I should have Jack lick it. Maybe this pussy should fuck it. Come here pussy.? Her index finger crooked.

Watching this byplay had made me wet. She stood beside me and ran her fingers over the tops of my breasts. ?Those are very big, but it?s difficult to fully appreciate them.? She stood back and I felt the tongue of the crop lashing firmly against my nipples, they hardened immediately. She moved closer and ran her fingers down the font of the corset to my g-string. ?This feels very wet.? She slipped it aside and I felt her long fingers probing me. ?What a nice pussy.? She took the knobbed end of the crop and pushed it inside. I widened my stance, then she sank to her knees, and I felt her mouth on me. The crop pushed against my g-spot and her tongue stroked my clit. In minutes I was orgasming. The need to stay standing caused me to put my hand on her head. When I?d finished she stood and looked towards Brian. ?I guess she didn?t need any cock right now.? She walked over to him and rubbed the knob of the crop on his lips. ?It?s a good tasting pussy isn?t it??

She sank to her knees and quickly put him in her mouth. When she pulled him out, he was glistening with her saliva. ?I could make this cock cum right now and then take it home. Is that what you want?? She looked up at him. He shook his head. She moved back to me and spread my lips. ?Do you want this pussy??

He nodded. She pushed me over to Brian and whispered to me, ?Stroke him slowly.? She walked over to Jack and wrapped her hand around him. ?And would you fuck that pussy better if this cock were in it?? He nodded. She pointed to her own pussy. ?Would you fuck my pussy better if this cock were in it??

He moaned and she said, ?Say it or we go home right now.?


She turned away from Brian and folded at the waist so he could see her vinyl clad ass. She was very flexible and she looked back at Brian through her legs. ?Oh look a little modesty panel.? She pulled and the crotch of the latex disappeared. The latex was so tight that her pussy popped out, compressed by the suit. In her heels, she was nearly as tall as Jack. She stood up, backed towards Jack and bent over again. I saw her hands grab Jack?s cock through her legs and then she bent it down and stroked her lips. One push and he was inside her. She stood a little straighter. ?Umm it fits good Brian.? She was moving back and forth. ?I don?t know if there?s room for your big cock in here.? She pulled away and stood up, turning to Jack.

?Lay down on your back.? He did and she looked at me. ?Squat over that cock.? I felt him enter me and she pushed me back. ?Is this what you saw before Brian? Is it calling to you??

He moaned and I saw a bead of pre-cum slide to the floor. ?I think I?m going to cum.? She walked over and grabbed his balls, squeezing her fingers. ?Don?t you dare.??

A few seconds later she said, ?OK.? She put her mouth on him and moved in an out. When he started to moan again she repeated her ball squeeze and he relaxed. Meanwhile I was supported myself on my hands, leaning back against Jack?s chest. After she?d made him wait five times she left Brian and walked over to me, putting her pussy in my face. ?Lick it.? I could tell she was close, but then she walked back to Brian and unhooked his arms. She led him towards us and said, ?I?m going to put you inside her and I want a big load in her pussy.?

I watched Brian get on his knees and then I lifted up a little to fit him in front of Jack. His cock felt wonderful, I was filled to bursting, and then he started moving. That wonderful curved cock started stroking my g-spot and I started that continuous orgasm that I hadn?t thought possible. I was aware that Dania had moved behind me and I felt the straps on my corset being released. I realized she was sitting on Jack?s face and that her fingers were pinching my nipples. I became aware that Jack was cumming. I knew that Dania had had an orgasm, but then she was lifting me up and both cocks popped out of my pussy. She told me to put a hand over my pussy and then she directed Brain to lay on his back. When he was positioned, she made me sit straight down on his face.

?You can?t cum until you clean up Jack?s mess.? His tongue was incredibly long inside me and I felt him scooping. I clenched my muscles and felt all of Jack?s cum slide into his mouth. I came again. Dania moved me backwards and said, ?Sit on his cock and ride him till he cums. He?s been a good boy.?

It was all the invitation I needed. I rode him like a bronco. Sweat started pouring off me, running between my breasts. I began to think he couldn?t cum but then he stated groaning deep in his throat and I reached behind and felt his huge nuts contracting. I could feel the thick streams of cum pulsing up the back of his shaft and I sat down hard.

I was exhausted and I collapsed on Brian?s chest. I was surprised when I felt his lips on mine. He was covering them in the sweetest little kisses. Our tongues touched and I felt a final shudder start in my womb and make its way to my pussy.

I slipped to the side in Brian?s arms and watched She was sliding out of her latex. Jack was watching her butt as it popped out of the shiny fabric. She turned and saw him and said. ?If you can get hard in the next thirty seconds you can start fucking my pussy, and then, if Susie will be so kind as to put on some of that natural lubrication, you can fuck this little ass. I am hoping that if Brian recovers he can fill the other hole.?

Brian chuckled weakly and said, ?I don?t know?, but Dania positioned herself so we could see Jack?s cock sliding into her pussy and my lips helped him along. Dania set the pace and fucked Jack with long slow strokes for ten minutes before she dismounted and backed herself up to get a dollop of Brian?s jizz rubbed into her asshole. I fingered her pink hole until it started relaxing and then watched as Jack eased in. This was obviously her favorite sexual act, though it wasn?t mine, because she started orgasming almost immediately. Brian got hard and slipped underneath, inserting his cock into her pussy. She shouted ?Oh I can feel them both, almost touching each other through me. Oh Oh Oh.? Her entire body was shaking and I couldn?t resist adding to her pleasure by leaning under her and sucking her nipples. At one point she insisted that Brian pull out and move his face to her pussy and then she insisted that he lick Jack?s balls. Only then did she allow him back inside. I think they pounded her for another half hour before they both unloaded. Afterwards we collapsed and I brought water for us all.

I thought for sure we were finished, but Dania insisted that we 69 each other to clean out all of the remaining cum. She made both of the boys join in and then told them to stroke each other. She then lined them up together and alternated blowing them and then she did something I?d never even thought of. She had me blow them while she got in behind and tongued their asses. She used her fingers too and that was interesting, because it only took a minute before both of them were coming all over my tits. She insisted that they share the job of cleaning it off with their tongues.

We were completely exhausted by the time we said goodnight and closed the door. We?d been fucking for over four hours. We slept well.

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