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We have been in the lifestyle off an on for about 12 yrs now. Having fun and giving fun. We are Blondie is 5?3? 34DD 24 36 hour glass figure, blonde hair down to shoulders, blue eyes an a face that looks like a eighteen year old, she love men an like ladies. Baldly is 6 ft 250 blue eyes, a small tummy, 8 inches and wide. Strictly straight but I believe I am part lesbian. We are nudists and swingers.

We moved to a small town in the country, the company transferred us to another state so he could get the distributors straighten out an doing better business for then an the company.

Having made a lot of friends in Oklahoma, it was not that far of a drive for us from south Texas, but we wanted to make some new friends. We met a few people on line so we decided to throw a meet & greet where we could get to know them, also maybe have some fun too.

We have the perfect place for a party, secluded, and no neighbors for miles, 4 bedroom, 4 baths, family room, big kitchen a nice place. Out side two decks one with a hot tub, the other with a pool.

The party was set up for a Friday night with 4 couples & single bi girl. Bob & Sue, Margie & Ron, James & Kathy, Gene & Doris, the lady was Ginger. They started arriving.

Maggie an Ron where the first, Maggie a brunette was a very well endowed bi lady with a 5?4? slender body to go with them, Ron was your average guy 5? 9?till he stripped an there hung a good 9 inches, Blondie?s mouth watered when she saw him.

Bob & Sue arrived right behind Sue was a blonde very well built and sexy looking. Everyone was chatting with drinks getting to know each other an Gene & Doris came in, they where old fiends of ours.

Doris was a lady who liked very well endowed men and had a talented in the oral skills. Gene was a tall man 6?3? slim; 170 lbs nice looking with a good 10 inches long cock when hard, slim in width. Blondie just loved to ride all of him!!

Next Ginger came with James & Kathy they knew each other, Ginger was Blondie?s first choice when she saw her picture. 5?3? 155 very hour glass figure 36dd 26 36 brown hair baby face an very very bi. Kathy was a nice looking lady average 34C 22 34 very bi. James was a half back for the local college in his younger days.

We all are around the 40 to 50 age bracket. We all got drinks an just chatted to get to know one another. All of us where shaved smooth as baby?s bottom around our favorite area?s.

Finally Blondie announced the hot tub was hot also the pool was great an open to all. It was her way of breaking the ice for people to strip, which was no problem for any of them. It was clothes off real quick for everyone. In all our conversations on line with everyone we all knew everyone like being nude or was a nudists as well as a swinger too, so being nude was not unusual for any of us.

Blondie took everyone on a tour of the place to make sure all knew where things where, she then escorted Ginger to the hot tub along with Kathy & Ron. The rest of us went to the pool which was only 15 to 20 feet away.

We all where in the pool and chatting when I looked over an saw Bob giving Doris a very deep sexy kiss while feeling her body all over. Doris was melting her body right to his. Doris?s husband Gene was chatting with Sue. Sue saw that Bob had got things started she got up on the side of the pool an Gene went right to work on her pussy. She was really enjoying, her head went back and a low moan escaped her lips. She then wrapped her legs around his head an said ?lick me baby?. Bob had moved to Doris nipples and was nibbling making them hard and standing tall. . Doris could not take any more she wrapped her legs around his middle taking his cock into her, Bob was of good size length wise but was wide as a bull, he pushed hard to get in her tight little pussy. Doris got really big eyed said ?Oh my god, it?s so wide it feels so good as she yelled as it almost split her pussy. She pumped him harder sliding down to his balls.

Gene & Sue where out of the pool on the chase lounge. Sue was sucking and had all 10 inches, hard she could only take him part way till she gagged. She licked him up and down his shaft. He then laid her down she guided his cock into her wet pussy. Deep into her she took it all in and was cumming about 3 pumps from Gene. He was slowly sliding it in an out the whole length, making her crazy with lust. He made her cum many times, finally she orgasmed; juices flowed out of her down her ass. Making both of them wet wet wet. He was pounding her by this time she was yelling ?I love it fuck me! fuck me! Harder! Harder! ?Gene moaned filling her pussy full till it came out around his cock. She felt him shoot as least 3 or 4 good loads into her. She orgasmed a second time squirting more juices out of her! They both laid on the lounge exhausted. As this was all going on I was having my cock sucked by Maggie on the side of the pool, while James was pile diving her from behind. Maggie was cumming hard squeezing on his cock making him pump harder an deeper.

I like a blow job like most men but it takes a real good one to make me cum. Maggie was cumming James was holding her hips ramming her hard. So I just watch while they went at it. After Maggie had cum hard, James was about to load her up I went over to the hot tub.

There I found Blondie & Kathy along side of the hot tub on a foam mattress licking from her ass hole to her clit, sucking on her clit driving her wild. Kathy was holding her head down hard between her legs telling Blondie ?oh it feel so good don?t stop don?t stop. Ron was watching stroking his cock waiting for either one of them. Blondie then slid around on Kathy to a 69 position they both licked wet pussy. Ron & I just watched an enjoyed seeing tongues going everywhere on both of them. We where engrossed in them when we heard a loud ?OH My!! James had made Maggie cum hard but that is not why she yelled, she likes to have a cock up her ass. James was very happy to oblige an rammed it hard into her with their cum coating his cock an her pretty little bung hole. She was in heaven from his pumping her hard and deep. Noise from Blondie an Kathy got real intense we watched as they both orgasmed on each other face. Juices flowed all over their face. Blondie saw me she said ?FUCK her good as she crawled on Ron?s 9 inches of wide hot cock. She rode him cumming time after time. Blondie is a real squirter when she orgasms. She had been building up to it with Kathy, Ron was pushing up as she pushed down, they both orgasmed at the same time. Ron filling her with rope after rope of white cum. She was squirting on his cock with hot pussy cum. I got Kathy on all fours pumping her hard & deep. It did not take long for her to orgasm on my cock. I could feel her warm cum surround my cock which is all it to for me to explode into her, filling her full.

As we men came back down to earth, we all where exhausted and relaxing. Some got back into the pool for a swim, some got in the hot tub for nice hot water massage. The girls course where ready to go, us men said Whoa we need to reload. Not being one to wait Blondie told all the girls to follow her. The all wound up in our room on our California king bed watching. Blondie went to her closet pulling out her bag of toys. She got her massage oil out; they all started to massage each other. ALL OVER THEIR BODIES! After a few minutes of massaging, they all got between legs of each other creating a daisy chain. There was moaning you could hear all the way outside. They all where hot, enjoying each other. Finally Ron & Gene went in to explore where the moans was cumming from. The rest of us guys knew what was going on. We waited for a good time, but they (Ron & Gene) did not come back. So we came in an saw a sight. Ron was eating one while one rode him, same with Gene but he had one licking his cock while one slid up an down on it an fingered the other on. We all immediately came alive & got hard. I took Maggie, James took Sue, Gene kept Kathy and Ginger, and Ron had Blondie ride him. We all fucked each other wives all afternoon taking turns with everyone & Ginger.

Relaxing with drinks after cleaning up each other, we all had a bite to eat with food Blondie had prepared. We all agreed that this was one of the best meet & greets we had been too. It was still young in the night an all of them had agreed to stay the night with drinking an all. Some of the ladies wanted to freshen up so we assigned bedrooms to all with Ginger staying with James & Kathy. I was sitting by the bar out on the patio. We have a patio that is made for relaxing an sometimes playing. It has a lounge that makes into a ¾ bed. The stars where just staring to come out. Bob and Sue came out to see if I wanted to play. Bob asked me to fuck his wife Sue so he could watch. I lay down on the floor and to my surprise Bob grabbed my dick as Sue lowered herself on me. He said he enjoyed seeing my cock sliding into his wife, and by the way she was bouncing so did she! I shot my wad into Sue after she came and she fell back on the floor. In no time Bob was between her legs cleaning up what I had left. I just lay there watching. When Bob was done he turned around and said ?do you mind if I clean you off?? I was fucking dumbfounded, but before I could answer there he was with my cock in his mouth. He was certainly licking me clean. Bob gave me a blowjob that for the third time brought my dick to attention. As I said earlier it takes a good blow job to make me cum. I was about to blow a wad into Bob?s mouth, he came off me. He looked at me, liked it didn?t you, want more he asked? I smiled; he deep throated me massaging my cock with his throat. I shot a load that would gag any women. He sucked it all down with no problem. Bob came up with a big grin form ear to ear. He said ?I like to suck men off, it?s so much fun?! We went back into the house everyone was paired off in different stages of having erotic sex!

Blondie & Ginger where looking at each other. Their eyes where so sexy looking. They both where in a world of their own, just them together. Blondie gently laid Ginger down on the couch and climbed on top of her. She looked into her eyes seeing the hunger and passion within them. She could feel the heat from her body as she lowered her lips to Gingers and kissed her, gentle at first, then with increasing fire. She slipped her tongue into Ginger mouth, tasting sweetness. Blondie broke away from the kiss; Ginger's body tingled with anticipation. Blondie began using her tongue to make a trail of wetness down Ginger?s hot body. She lingered at her breasts, licking each nipple and sucking on them. Blondie continued down to Ginger has soaked pussy, a shiver shot down her spine settling in the area between her legs. Ginger felt Blondie?s tongue pass over her bare smooth pussy and settle on the furnace between her pussy lips. Blondie gently parted the folds of Ginger?s pussy. It was overflowing with juices and the heat coming from it was almost overpowering. As she began lick Ginger?s pussy juice, Blondie moaned loudly moaned, "Mmmmmm. Just as sweet as I thought?. She tastes as good as she looks!" Ginger felt Blondie's tongue licking up and down on her pussy and darting inside. It was unlike any time anyone had ever eaten her out before. Blondie was gentle and knew just where to lick and how much pressure to use. It was then Ginger realized that Blondie was fucking her with her tongue going deep inside lapping up her sweet cum juices. Ginger felt Blondie's tongue settle on her clitoris. The waves of passion were overwhelming. Blondie's obviously experienced tongue was really doing a number on her. Her pussy was getting close to exploding! She felt the heat building up and knew this would be one mind shattering orgasm.

The sight of Blondie eating Ginger out was so hot Gene & his ten inches could not take it any more. He was already hard, he got up off the couch and knelt behind Blondie, parting her pussy flesh and making room for his hard cock. As he slipped his cock inside Blondie?s tight pussy, he looked at Ginger. She had her eyes closed and her body looked like a pleasure machine. Her breasts were rhythmically rising and falling and sweat was glistening off them. Soft moans continually escaped her lips. She was starting to orgasm, her pussy was dripping wet for small cum jolts. Blondie could feel Gene slip inside her and was instantly cumming on his cock. She loved the feel of his cock slid so deep an then come mostly out an then slide all the way back in. after a few minutes she was tighten up on his cock getting ready to have a mind blowing orgasm. They all three orgasmed together, Gingers pussy was shooting cum into Blondie?s mouth an Blondie was creaming all over Gene cock as he pumped her with shoot after shoot of white creamy cum. They where lastly lying together on the sofa with white wet cum all over each other.

This is some of what went on all night into the wee hours of the morning. If any one had told us that people down in Texas where as erotic, sensuous, an some what nasty& dang right hot, we would have been here years ago. Also if any one says mature couples cannot hang with the young people in the lifestyle, wait till they hear the rest of what happen this erotic night.

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