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It finally happened. We got together and hit it off. As Judi was licking her pussy You were eating Judi’s pussy and I was sucking your cock getting it ready to go into Judi so I could have a fresh cream pie. Judi is quite good at eating pussy and this caused her to cum huge and drench Judi's face. I then placed my achingly hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and pressed slowly into the very bottom. It was warm and juicy. You slide your hard cock into Judi at the same time. It wouldn't take long to finish at this pace. As you cum Judi does also. Then we follow shortly after that. You have a fresh cream pie as is evidenced in the photos and so do I.

Rhonda is sitting on your cock and Judi is sitting on your face, facing each other. As they kiss each other I am taking photos and movies to enjoy later. When it becomes too painful to watch I place my cock between both of their lips and slide it back and forth. When I cum they let it shoot in your mouth and then take turns licking it off as I eat each one of them from behind. I then suck your cock back hard when I clean Rhonda's juices off. Judi climbs on your big hard cock and begins to ride while I eat her and Rhonda eats me out from behind. I suck on your nuts and lick your crack as Judi humps your cock. As you say you're cumming Rhonda pulls your cock out and Judi and her share the load as you and I watch and take photos and video. I clean you up and you clean me up.

I strip Judi and lay her on my coffee table. I straddle her on the table and I put my cock on her chest and push her big tits together and start fucking them. Rhonda spreads Judi legs and starts licking her pussy. You are standing in front of me so I can lean forward and take your cock in my mouth. As we continue this arrangement you and I begin to cum. We both cum on Judi face and tits and get Rhonda to kiss it off. We can smear the cum around as they kiss.

How about you slowly take my wife’s clothing off. Licking and sucking as you go. I will do the same to your wife. When they are stripped they will take our clothing off licking and sucking as they go. When your cock is nice and hard Rhonda will sit you down on a chair and sit on your cock with her back to you. I will kneel in front of her and lick her clit while your cock slides in and out an inch away. Your wife will be sucking my cock while lying on her side . As I lick Rhonda’s pussy I will be sliding my tongue up and down your cock as it slides around in that pussy. Every now and then I'll pull it out suck it for a while and put it back in. I'll then change places with your wife. She can sit on my face while she licks Rhonda’s clit and sucks your cock. I'll be playing with my cock as I lick your wife’s pussy. When we get ready to cum, well then we will decide where or who get the juice. What say you to that. J&R

As I type this I am Playing with my cock. Judi and Rhonda are going 69 on the edge of the bed. You and I are also going 69 beside them. The girls have their free hands around the base of our cocks very tightly to making out cock swell even more. When we start getting close we get up and you take Rhonda and I'll take Judi. They continue to suck each other while we put our cocks in their pussies. We'll put them on their sides so we can see each other fuck the others wife.

When the time comes to cum I'll let you decide where to put it. J&R

This is written for her

We would meet for dinner. I am to do the cooking. As I prepare the meal we engage in small talk sipping on wine. We do not talk sex, but all three know that is the underlying tension. We converse on variety of topics. During dinner we toast each other and toast to an enjoyable evening with each of us having an idea of how the evening will go. But we do not express it.

After dinner we move to the sofa. We continue to drink wine and talk. You are sitting in the middle. During the conversation, without anyone saying what to do, I start unbuttoning your blouse. Your breasts are exposed held within your bra. Jerry and I then start rubbing your breasts through your bra. I then remove the blouse. I then reach behind you and undo your bra showing us your beautiful breasts. We then start sucking on your breasts. We then start sucking and gently bitting on your nipples. You start to moan with pleasure.

Jerry then reaches down under your skirt and rubs your nectar of sweetness. You are not wearing underwear. He feels how wet you have become. He tells me. I then reach under your skirt. You are smooth and very wet. In insert my finger while Jerry and I continue to lick and suck your nipples. I gently rub inside you. You moan again. I remove my finger and put it in my mouth to taste your sweetness. Jerry removes your skirt allowing he and I do view your beautiful pussy. It is beautiful.

I cannot resist and have to start licking on it. I lick and suck on your clit while Jerry continues to feel and suck on your breasts. Your pussy gets wetter with anticipation of what will soon be coming. While and lick your clit, I insert my finger and you moan again. You feel the pleasure of having two men stimulate you.

While I continue to suck and lick on you, Jerry removes his clothes. His dick has become hard from seeing his wife enjoy so much pleasure. You then take Jerry’s dick in your mouth. He then moans with pleasure as you lick and your tongue make his dick even harder. I stop licking on you to watch you give him so much pleasure. My dick get hard watching the incredible way you suck his dick and play with his balls.

I can stand it no longer. I too quickly remove my clothes. You can now see my dick standing up from the excitement of what I have enjoyed and what I am seeing. You then reach out and grab my dick.. You start stroking it. I have to resist cuming. You then take my dick in your mouth while holding on to Jerry’s dick. For the first time I feel the incredible warmth of your mouth on my dick. I watch you stroke Jerry’s dick while you suck mine. The feeling makes me lightheaded. It is hard not to cum.

Jerry then suggests that we retire to the bedroom. I am more than willing as I think about how good your wet and hot nectar of sweetness will feel around my dick. In the bedroom, Jerry pulls back the spread and we both gently put you on the cool sheets. Jerry now has to taste your juices. I watch him between your legs. I can only see the back of his head but from your cries I know what he is doing and that he is giving you pleasure. I then bring my dick near you mouth and you start sucking on it while Jerry continues to enjoy your sweetness.

Jerry stops. He turns you over. I miss the warmth of your mouth on my dick. He then enters your from behind. I sit in front of you while his dick slowly at first then faster enters you. He tells me how good it is. He is excited. You start saying how good it feels to have him fucking you. You tell me how good his dick feels in your pussy. Your dirty talk excite me even more. I am ready to explode.

Jerry then removes himself from you. Without saying a word I know that it is time for me to know the pleasure of being in you. Jerry watches me enter your pussy. He gets excited watching his wife being fucked by another man. He starts to play with his dick. You tell him not to cum that you want it all from both of us.

I pull out and lie on the bed on my back.. You mount me. Jerry is beside you and you suck on his dick. The sensation of having a dick in your pussy and another in your mouth is too much. You cum. I can feel your pussy tightening around my dick as you cum. I can see you sucking on Jerry’s dick. From his face I know he is excited and about to cum. The visual sensation is too much for me. I cum in your pussy. You can feel the hot cum shooting. inside you. Jerry too gets excited when I cum knowing that is wife has another man cuming in her. He can hold to no longer. He says he is cuming. I watch you get excited with the anticipation of tasting his cum. He cums in your mouth. He slowly pulls out and I can see his cum slowly dripping out of the corner of your mouth. We are all very satisfied. Jerry and I then lie down with you and hold on to you while we think about the pleasure we all shared.

We relax together. We talk very little - for a while. We then talk about how good it was. We start planning our next encounter. I tell you that next time I would bring a friend for you and Jerry to enjoy.

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