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The month break went by fast and we were ready to do some more exploring. Dan called and said it has been a while and I said yes we were taking a break. I said here Merrian wants to talk to you. I went out to the patio while they talked knowing what she wanted to talk to him about. We had decided although we had a lot of fun the month before that we really preferred separate room action. We just were more comfortable with that as we both felt freer to be ourselves. We had seen each other having sex with someone else and that was all we needed.

Merrian said that Dan wanted to get together with me again and I agreed if it is ok with you. I said sure go ahead. He asked if I could go over to his place to meet him. I asked are you? She said well that would be different if it is ok with you. I said whatever you want to do. I handed her our recorder and said put this in your purse and we can listen to it when you get home. She said ok that might be fun. I will talk dirty to him for you. I said good idea. I said you really like doing him huh? She said yes he is the only other man I have had except Bob and he moved away unless we are going to change that in the future.

I said oh we will if you want to, do you want to? I said you mean some other men for me. I said and some ladies for me of course. Merrian thought for a minute and said well we had fun up till now. The truth is I like what we have been doing. I think I am a very bad girl underneath, if I am honest. Yes I would like a different man or men to do me as long as you are there or approve of where I might be with them. I said ok I will see what I can find for us both. I do have a number of men friends. I am sure they would be interested. At least you can have some fun until I find someone for me. Merrian flushed and said ok maybe we should get a video camera. I said good idea we have one in the computer in the bedroom. I would love watching you being a bad girl. I will set it up as a surprise. They will be here and I will not tell you first. Merrian laughed and said so you tell them to come over and do me and when I walk in they take me to the bedroom and do me right then. I said yes that is the idea and you will not know what day I set it up, and I will have the video camera running in our computer with the screen off and only you will know. I will be on our other computer watching you. Merrian said wow what an idea.

Merrian left to meet Dan and I got on the phone to some friends of mine. Merrian returned 3 hours later looking the part of a bad girl. I said looks like you had fun. She pulled out the recorder and said here find out for yourself. She turned it on and sat down to listen with me. I heard Merrian say to Dan take my clothes off please. There was the sound of clothes falling to the floor and Dan saying you beautiful. Dan said Jim knows what we are doing and she said oh yes he knows and approves. It turns him thinking of me with another man. I added I like doing this for him.

I heard Merrian say nice cock and the sounds of sucking. I heard her ask am I a good cocksucker and Dan laughed and said well if you put it that way yes you are an excellent cocksucker. Merrian then said I want to fuck now. Dan said oh talking dirty tonight. Merrian said yes sometimes I like to talk dirty and I trust you. You can talk dirty talk to if you would like. Dan said I am going to fuck you good tonight and make you cum followed by the sounds of skin slapping against skin and Merrian moaning oh yes give it to me. The fucking went on and on and Merrian got off at least twice as Dan fucked her hard. Dan groaned and said cum and the room got quiet. Merrian said I love the taste of your cum. That was all there was on the tape. I said you were very bad for him and for me. Merrian said I want you right now and we went to the bedroom.

We went to work and when I got home two of the guys had responded to my calls. One was married and one was single, both in their late twenties. Neither had met or seen Merrian. I told them what was going on and what we were into. I added and I am inviting you in if you want. The single guy Stan said you mean I can do your wife with you in the house and I said yes you can fuck her and she will let you. You will be alone with her for however much time you want. The married guy John said wow I could never tell my wife. I said unless she comes with you and she and I can get to know each other very well. He said she never would do that, but I might. They both agreed and at different times and I gave them a day and time to arrive before Merrian got home.

The only problem was I mistakenly gave them the same day and they both showed up on time. A few minutes later the door opened and Merrian walked in, looked around and knew instantly what going on. She looked at me and laughed and said two at a time. I said my mistake you will have to choose. She said no you will have to choose not my problem, either both or the one you pick. What she really meant was willing to take them both. I said go back to the bedroom and get ready and she smiled and left. I turned to the guys well you heard her. I said either both of you or one of you has to go. John and Stan looked at each other and nodded and said then both of us, we are not interested in leaving. I said ok this will be a first for her. I would suggest you go in separately a little while apart. I went into the living room and left them to decide who was first. I looked up and they were both gone a few minutes later.

I turned on the computer and John was in the room with Merrian. She was wearing a teddy you could see through and John was staring at her boobs. I heard her say so you are married and he said yes my wife does not know I am here. Merrian said come here and he walked over to her sitting on the bed. She looked up to him and reached out and unzipped his pants and slipped her hand inside and said oh a big guy. He recovered and reached down and pulled her top off and said nice. He knew why he was there and made his move on Merrian. She lay back waiting and he removed his clothes and he was a big guy and she said oh yes give me some of that right now. She knew I was watching. She spread her legs open and reached out for him and he moved forward and into her. She gasped oh yes you fill me up.

At that moment Stan walked in and said hi. Merrian was already hot and looked at Stan and said ok two it is I will have to thank Jim later. Stan got undressed and he was up and ready and moved over to the bed. She pulled him to her mouth and went down on him as John gave it to her. Merrian was moaning and so hot. Stan tapped John on the shoulder and he pulled out and Stan went in and went deep and fucked Merrian for a long time. Merrian looked up at Stan fucking her and lost it and gave it up to him. Stan pulled out squirting all over her tummy and John went back in and fucked her hard. She moaned oh yes I am going to cum again and shuttering gave it up to John. John grunted and pushing in deep exploded in her pussy collapsed on top of her moaning oh you are so good. Merrian looked down at the cum on her tummy and the cum running down her leg and said wow what an experience thanks guys. The guys got dressed and left. I turned the computer screen off.

After they were gone Merrian said so is this my future and I said only once in a while and only one at a time. Merrian said oh darn. I kissed her and said you were wild tonight. I said to Merrian you are the only one having fun that is unfair. She said I know. What can we do about it? I smiled you mean what can you do about it right. She smiled and said yes I get it.

A couple of weeks later I came home and this lovely lady was sitting waiting for me. I asked who are you she smiled yours of course. I said how? She laughed and said I am Jill my husband is John. Merrian called me and told me what John had done with her. I said and, well it only seemed fair I do the same thing with you. I said really. Does John know and she smiled and said of course not. So you are going to fuck me. She said oh yes. I said sounds like a good idea to me and took her hand and lead her back to our bedroom.

She sat on edge of the bed her face was flushed. I walked up to her and said are you sure and she nodded. I said stand up and turn around and she did and I ran my hands up and down her back and then down to her butt and rubbed her butt and said nice butt. She gasped at my touch and said that feels nice. I slipped my hand under her skirt and up her leg and slid her panties down and off and rubbed her naked butt then stepped back and she turned around. She said no one has ever done that to me. I said did you like it and she hesitated and said actually I did it was exciting. I said you are an exciting woman. What I would like for you to do is slip your hand up under your skirt and play with yourself looking at me as you do. She said I have never done that before either. I said it could be exciting.

She said you want me to be a bad girl and I said yes that is why you are here right? She said yes that is why I am here. She only hesitated for a moment and her hand lowered to the edge of her skirt and she slid her hand up and I could see her hand moving. He face flushed even more as she played with her pussy. I said good girl now cum for me. She kept eye contact with me. Her hand moved faster and I could hear how wet she was. I said give it to me bad girl and she started to jerk against her hand and gasping said I am going to cum and thrusting against her fingers got off keeping eye contact with me. She moaned oh good as she fell back on the bed shaking. She was hot and ready and I pulled my cock out and moved over to her slid her skirt up and went into her pussy and went deep.

I fucked her hard and she moaned and said oh you are so big you fill me up. She was thrusting back against me I could feel her pussy quivering as I gave it to her. Her eyes opened and I could see the lust there. I unbuttoned her top and she had big boobs and no bra. They jiggled as I fucked her. She went into another world. I turned her over and I said lift you skirt and show me your butt. She lifted her skirt and showed me her butt. I said you have a wonderful butt and kissed it and licked her pussy and umm good. She jerked back against my face.

I asked her do you suck and she nodded a yes and I said then suck me. She turned around and looking up at me sucked my cock. I said you are a good cocksucker. I said now turn back around I want to fuck you some more. I went into her doggie and really gave it to her. She started to grunt and moan and I said cum you bad girl and slapped her butt. She completely lost control and yelling out give it up to me shuttering and gasping and I pulled out and squirted all over her pussy and butt. She collapsed on the bed and got very quiet lying there with her eyes closed her face red and her hair all messed up.

She opened her eyes and her top was open and her boobs exposed. Her skirt was hiked up above her waist and her butt was covered with my cum. She said I am a mess. I said a sexy mess. You look like you just got fucked. She said I just did. I said there is a bathroom behind you and she picked up her panties and closed the door. A few minutes later she opened the door and all back together looking like when I first met her. She said I am speechless I have never been that way before. I did things I have never done. What surprises me is I had a great time with you. I said you were wonderful. I added it is all between you and me no one else will know what we did none of their business. I said talk to John about the idea of swinging with another couple us. She said I think he wants to and now I do too. I liked being a bad girl with you. I said you can be a bad girl with Merrian to if you want she has been with one other woman and I know wants to do it again. Jill laughed and said never done that either.

Merrian was sitting in the living room when we came out of the bedroom. Jill said hi realizing that Merrian must have been listening to her and me not knowing she had actually been watching and recording everything from the computer. Jill gave me a kiss and Merrian a hug and left. Merrian said she is a lovely lady I would really like a piece of her myself. I said tell her you never know. Merrian said I will.

Jill called a couple of weeks later and said she and John had gone their separate ways when he found out she had been with me and I knew he had been with Merrian. Merrian invited her over to just talk. Jill and she spent a long time on the patio talking, it seemed to help. I told Merrian some men just have a hard time with the idea of their woman giving it up to another man but are ok if they do it; a double standard. She said yes too bad.

Over the next couple of months Jill and Merrian talked a lot and became friends. Jill told her she had stopped missing John and actually was glad he was gone. Merrian asked her if she would like to spend a weekend with us. Jill knew what she meant and said yes I like that idea. Merrian said I will loan you Jim and laughed. Jill laughed and said that is what friends are for I just might take you up on your offer. It has been a long time and I would love some attention. Jill added it is time for me to do some exploring I guess. Jill said Jim told me about you and the other woman you were with what was that like. Merrian said wonderful it was different and softer I really had a great time once I decided I wanted to see what it was like. I want to do it again sometime.

Jill arrived for the weekend stay with a small bag and a smile. We sat around the pool and did some swimming and had food. Later in the afternoon Merrian whispered something to Jill and Jill looked over at me and nodded a yes. Merrian walked over to me and softly said Jill needs some attention. I walked over to Jill and said come with me bad girl and she smiled and said I was hoping you would say that.

When we got into the bedroom she said you and Merrian have been very nice to me and I really appreciate it you have become good friends. I said we both like you a lot. I added you do know Merrian would like to get up close and personal with you. She said I know and I am thinking I just might we will have to see. I said take you suit off I want to see you completely naked for the first time. She blushed and said you certainly like telling me what to do. I said you like being told what to do and she said yes and took her suit off. My suit became a tent and she looked down and said oh is that for me? I said yes I am going to fuck you. She flushed and said I like it when you talk that way to me. You did our first time too. I said I know you like it.

I said I liked watching you get yourself off last time do it again. She said I liked doing it for you too, it made me so hot. I felt like a very bad girl. I said Jill you are a very bad girl. She said well only for you and her hand moved down and she fingered herself and kept eye contact with me. I lowered my suit and sprung free and stroked myself as she fingered fucked herself. I said I want you to suck me as you get yourself off. I moved over to her and she dropped to her knees and looking up and took me in her mouth. I said you are very good. She fingered herself faster and faster and sucked me faster and faster and then she got off moaning. I could feel her mouth quivering around my cock as she came for me.

I pulled away and turned her around and she got on her hands and knees and I fucked her doggie. She looked over her shoulder watching my cock moving in and out of her and I could see the lust on her face. I rode her for a long time. She was so tight and wet. I heard her moan oh yes I am going to cum and she shuttered and cried out and gave it up to me again. I was ready to cum and whispered where do you want it and she said in my mouth and I pulled out and she jerked my cock and when I started to squirt she pulled me into her mouth moaning oh yes as she sucked me. Some had splattered on her face and down on her boobs. She sucked me dry and until I went limp in her mouth. We lay on the bed together afterward and she said I was very bad for you and I said oh no very good for me and she laughed and said well ok. She then said I have been thinking and I have decided I want to be a bad girl for both of you. I said Merrian will like that and show you the way. I told Merrian.

It was getting close to time for bed. I invited Jill to sleep with us if she wanted and she said I would like to do that. The girls put on see through nities and looked terrific. I said you two go ahead I will be in later. Merrian knew what I wanted her to do. Jill did too. I turned the computer on to watch. Merrian and Jill sat on the bed looking at each other. Jill flushed knowing what Merrian was thinking about. Merrian said you know what I want to do to you? Jill said no not entirely I only know you have been with one other woman some time ago. I have no idea what you did to her or her to you. Merrian said would you like me to show you what we did. Jill looked at Merrian and said I am nervous about that part. Merrian laughed and said well then why are you here with me. Jill smiled because I want you to show me. Merrian said I thought so.

Merrian said I can tell you exactly what I am going to do if you like. Jill said ok I would like that. Merrian asked are you going to back out if I tell you. Jill said no I will do whatever you want me to. Merrian leaned in and kissed Jill. Jill said that felt nice. Merrian said I want to kiss you all over. I want to play with your butt and put my fingers in you pussy and make you cum. I want you to do that to me. But mostly I want to lick and suck your pussy and get you all wet. I want you to lick and suck mine and get me off. I want your face to be all wet from me. Then Jim will join us and fuck us both. That is what I want to do. Jill was spellbound and her mouth slightly open. Her eyes were wide open and she was breathing hard when Merrian finished. Jill said I am so turned on. Merrian reached out and felt her boobs and kissed her again.

Merrian made her move on Jill and slipped her nighty off and ran her hands all over her body. She turned her over and played with her butt. Jill moaned and said that feels good. Merrian said move your legs apart so I can get to you. Jill spread a little exposing her pussy to Merrian. Merrian whispered to her I like you pussy it looks wet, Jill said oh yes. Merrian asked may I finger you and Jill said yes. Merrian slipped 2 fingers in her pussy. Jill jerked back against her hand. Merrian said get on your knees and Jill was on her hands and knees. Merrian said may I lick you Jill said in a hushed voice yes. Merrian spread her butt cheeks apart and licked her pussy as she fingered her. Merrian said I want you to cum for me now all over my face like you did for Jim. Jill started to jerk and Merrian reach up and slapped her butt hard saying give it up to me bad girl and Jill lost it completely. She yelled I am going to cum and grunting got off getting Merrian all wet. Merrian rose up from her pussy and said good girl. Jill collapsed on the bed panting. A few minutes past and she turned around and faced Merrian with a different look in her eyes. Jill said that was perfect. I have never felt the way I feel right now. I love you Merrian. Merrian said I love you to Jill. Merrian said break time for now then you can do me. Jill said I really want that.

Merrian said I will be right back and went into the living room to find Jim. He was sitting by the computer. Merrian I want to talk and they went out to the patio. She said I would like to make her a sister wife and ask her to live with us, what do you think. We could be a permanent threesome. Jim said well I really like her too and if you want you try it I am willing. It will be different. Merrian said I will ask her. Give me a little time with her before you come in.

Merrian went back into the bedroom. Jill was lying on the bed naked and Merrian joined her on the bed and Jill kissed her, she was already for Merrian and kissed her several times and said I am so hot for you. Merrian I am ready for you and lay back and said whenever you are ready. Jill kissed her passionately and moved down and sucked her boobs and Merrian in a husky voice said I love that. Jill moved lower and Merrian spread her legs and said I want you to lick me. Jill had never done that but had become willing and slowly inched her way down and reached her pussy. Jill had never done that but had become willing and slowly inched forward and Merrian said here let me help you and pulled her head in and Jill had her first taste. Jill moaned and with a muffled voice said oh good. Merrian whispered use your fingers. Jill slipped two fingers in her pussy and Merrian moaned oh yes fuck me. Once started Jill got the idea and worked Merrian over, licking, sucking her clit and fingering her.

Jill was on her knees in front of Merrian with her butt in the air when she felt a big cock slip into her pussy going deep. Jill gave a muffled moan as Jim gave it to her. Jill had her head buried and Merrian was holding her face in place fucking her mouth as Jim fucked her pussy. Jill rose up for a second her face all wet looking up at Merrian and then lowered her head again. Merrian started to lose it and looking down at this lovely lady sucking her pussy gave it up to her and quivering all over came on her face grunting. Jill moaned louder and said oh Jim I am going to cum and shuttered and got off. Jim fucked her hard through her cum and pulled out making eye contact with Merrian squirted all over her butt and back. Merrian watched Jim squirting and moaned oh yes Jim good, good. They all collapsed together on the bed. It got very quiet. Merrian kissed Jill and said you were wonderful are you ok? Jill said oh yes I liked it. It was very strange at first but I really liked doing you. I will do better next time.

Merrian took Jill out to the patio in the dark both still naked. She told her about being a sister wife and asked her if she would like to live with her and Jim. Jill said oh yes with no hesitation. Merrian said great we will have to celebrate. I want to eat you up and sitting on the patio naked Merrian pushed her legs apart and said I am going to eat you up and went down on her. Jill smiled and said ok I am next.

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