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Enjoying Seconds

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It had been a long week for my wife at work. She had worked late every night. I could tell by her voice on the phone that she was frustrated. It was Friday night and she needed to unwind. I told her I would take care of feeding the kids and she needed to stop and have a few drinks on the way home. It would help her relax. She said she would think about it and let me know. At 5:00 she called me and said the kids were all mine. She refused to work late and was stopping by the bar for a few cocktails.

Let me explain my wife and I a little. We have been in the lifestyle for 8 years and have a completely open marriage. We love to swing together but we also play alone. We have enjoyed FMF and MFM threesomes as well as couples and partners alone. She is 40 years old and looks 30. She is 5? 6? tall, about 130 lbs., long brown hair with 36? C breast and an ass to die for. She turns heads everywhere she goes.

Back to the story. She didn?t get home till about 11:00. The kids and I were all asleep. I woke when she came in. I asked her if she was feeling better. She said she was feeling much better and asked me if I wanted to feel. I rolled over to watch her finish getting undressed. She walked to my side if the bed and said have a feel. I reached for her ass and pulled her closer. I slid my hand between her legs to find her pussy was all gooey. WOW! I said you do feel good. She looked down at me with a wicked grin and said the guy she met at the bar thought she felt good too. That was when I realized she was gooey from her pussy being full of cum. I asked if she enjoyed herself. She smiled and said do you want some sloppy seconds? I knew she was still really horny and want some more and I was getting hot too. I pulled the sheet back and told her to come and get it. She didn?t waste any time. She climbed in bed and started sucking my quickly hardening cock.

My dick was standing at full attention when she looked up at me with another wicked grin. I knew something was up. She threw her leg over me and straddled my face. I want you to eat my freshly fuck pussy she ordered. I was shocked and didn?t know what to do. I knew she was full of another guy?s cum. She grabbed my cock and pulled hard as she lowered her pussy to my face. Lick me clean she screamed. I was trapped. My cock was in pain and her pussy was quickly approaching my face. As she rubbed her dripping slit on my face I stuck out my tongue. The taste surprised me. She tasted sweet. I began to enjoy her and before long I was licking her like never before. She was riding my face hard and was about to cum when I felt my dick slide into her hungry mouth. After a few more minutes she screamed and came all over my face. I eagerly licked her clean. She was sucking my dick like a woman that couldn?t get enough. My balls were starting to ache and I knew I couldn?t hold out much longer. I told her I was going to cum. She sucked me deeper in to her throat. That was all I could take. I shot wad after wad into her hot mouth.

She rolled off of me and cuddled up next to me. She kissed me deeply and as she did she filled my mouth with my cum. I almost choked as she forced it into my throat. She pulled away and smiled at me. She put her hand to my mouth and said swallow. I looked at her still shocked from what was happening and swallowed. She said that was good and that there was more to come later. We cuddled up and drifted off to sleep.

We woke up the next morning about 8:00 and got dressed for the gym. The activities from the night before were not brought up. I didn?t say anything. Did it really happen or was I just dreaming. Our workout was the same as usual. We got home and she headed for the shower as I ate a little breakfast. I walked into the bathroom as she was getting out of the shower and drying off. She looked at me and asked if I had enjoyed dessert last night. I looked at her and knew it wasn?t a dream. I said it was interesting but yes I enjoyed it. Good she said we are going out tonight for some adult time and to relax.

About 7:00 she said she was going to go get ready for the evening and disappeared into the bed room. I told the kids we were going out for a while and gave them their bed times. When I entered the bedroom my wife was dressed to kill. She was wearing spandex pants and a low cut top. I asked where we were going. She gave me a big smile and said you will see. I dressed and we headed off for the evening. As we drove off she told me she had found a bar last night and wanted to go back.

As we entered the bar I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really nice place with a big bar, a nice sized dance floor and great mood lighting. The place was about half full and everyone there looked well dressed. We ordered a drink and headed off towards a booth to get comfortable.

As we were sitting down a guy came up to our table. My wife gave him a hug and introduced him to me as Jim. Jim was a handsome guy in his thirties and in great shape. I was a little shocked when she asked him to sit down. He said he was with some friends and just wanted to stop by and say hi. As he was leaving he said he might come back later if the offer still stands. He walked away and I asked my wife how she knew him. She said he was a friend she met last night. I choked on my drink when she looked at me and said you tasted his cum last night.

The drinks began to flow and we started to relax as the evening moved along. I am not much of a dancer but she loves to dance and really likes the attention on the dance floor. She was enjoying all the dancing and the guys that were dancing with her. When a slow song came on I noticed she and Jim were on the floor together. They were kissing and grinding to the music. As the song ended they came back to the table together. We ordered another round of drinks and started some small talk. Jim was a nice guy. We talked about everything and found out we all have a lot in common. We were laughing and enjoying the evening when the conversation slowly turned to sex. Jim said he really liked sex and we all agreed that we all did. Then he said he really enjoyed sex with my wife last night and thanked me for letting her go out. He said I was a very lucky man. I responded by telling then I was glad they had a good time. Jim responded by saying it was getting late and asked if we would like to join him at his place for a night cap. Without hesitation my wife said sure and headed off to the bathroom. We paid our tabs and headed out.

As we were following him home my wife began to play with my cock that was starting to swell with excitement. She looked up at me and said I see you are looking forward to some more dessert. I looked back at her with a startled look and said I am not sure about that but I am sure we will have a good time. Jim only lives a few minutes from our house only one neighborhood away.

When we all got there Jim said to make ourselves at home while he made us another round of drinks. He returned shortly with drinks and we all sat down and started to talk again. Jim was sitting on the couch next to my wife and I was in the chair across from them. They sat their drinks on the coffee table and began kissing. Jim?s hands were instantly full of my wife?s tits and she was moaning with approval. Her hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt and quickly followed by his pants. My wife stood up and began to undress. Jim was pulling her pants over her hips as she removed her top. Her nipples were hard and swollen I could tell she was excited. Jim quickly sucked her nipple into her mouth while pinching the other. His other hand was exploring her tight ass and wet pussy. Jim suggested we all move to the bedroom to be more comfortable.

Once in the bedroom my wife dropped to her knees in front of Jim and pulled his pants to the floor. His hard dick sprang up and hit her on the cheek. He has a nice big dick. It is about 8 ½? long and very thick. Her lips were stretched and her mouth was open wide as she slid him down her throat. He was moaning as he started to fuck her face. His big balls were slapping her chin while she hummed on his cock. My dick was rock hard. I unzipped my pants and started to play with it. My wife looked at me and pulled away from his cock. She told me to come over and lick her pussy while she gets him ready to fuck her. She laid back on the bed and he knelt at her head while I climbed between her legs and began licking her wet slit. Judging by the moans we were all enjoying ourselves.

Jim?s moans were getting louder and I knew he was getting close. He pulled out of her to keep from cumming. My wife asked if I wanted my dick sucked and told me to get up on the bed with them. I got on the bed and she climbed on top of me in a 69. I started licking her again. She told Jim to fuck her and swallowed my dick. There I was my face just inches from Jim?s dick as he entered her wet pussy. I could feel her moan as he stretched her tight slit. Her clit started to swell as he inched more of his dick inside her. I watched in amazement as he started to slide in and out of her. His dick was covered in her sweet juice. My dick popped out of her mouth as she started to shake in orgasm. She screamed her me to suck her clit. I sucked her erect clit into my mouth as he was fucking her hard and fast. His heavy balls were resting on my face as I lick her thru another orgasm. Jim began to moan and I knew he was close to cumming. She begged him to fuck her harder as she shook thru a rollercoaster of ecstasy. Jim gave one last thrust and filled her with his hot cum.

We all laid still for a few moments catching out breath. I could see Jim?s cock starting to soften. He began to slowly ease out of her just inches from my face. My wife turned her head to look at me and Jim. She told Jim to hold still and told me to clean him up. I froze. Part of me wanted to leave the room screaming and another part wanted to lick up the mess. Go on she said lick us both clean. Jim leaned back a little letting his dick pop out of her swollen pussy. As his head slid from her a wad of cum fell into my mouth and down my throat. His dick rested on my face. I slowly began to lick them clean. His dick was smooth and firm. It felt good against my tongue. I began to lick them like I it was my last meal.

She rolled off of me and watched as I finished licking his head. She said I needed to lick the juice of his big balls too. I sucked them into my mouth and washed them completely. Now suck the nice cock baby she instructed. Before I realized was I was doing I was taking as much of his dick in my mouth as I could. That?s it baby suck him hard for me she ordered. I began to slow down and take him out of my mouth. She slapped my dick hard. I jumped it really hurt. Of course the fact I hadn?t cum yet didn?t help. She slapped it again and yelled suck it. I quickly sucked his hardening cock back into my mouth. I could tell Jim was enjoying the feeling. His cock was completely hard again and he was stuffing more and more down my throat. I started to choke at first then I relaxed my throat and he slid the rest of the way in. Before long he was fucking my face. I wasn?t sure how much longer I could last but with my wife squeezing my cock so hard I wasn?t going to stop. Jim began to moan and his legs started to shake. I braced myself for what was coming. He let out a growl and shot his load in my mouth. It was hot and felt good splashing on my tongue. I had to swallow to keep from choking. That?s it Baby swallow his big load she said as she eased her grip on my throbbing dick.

Jim pulled his cock from my mouth and collapsed on the bed beside us. My wife leaned over and started sucking my cock again. I came almost instantly. She leaned over and kissed me filling my mouth with my cum. She whispered in my ear thank you that was really hot. I smiled at her and told her I had fun too.

My wife and I got up and dressed as Jim lay exhausted on the bed. We said good bye and headed home. I got to fuck her when we got home. I exploded quickly again filling her with me second load of the night. My dick was still hard as we drifted off to sleep.

Jim and my wife get together regularly now and I get to join them when I can. One thing is for sure I always get the sloppy seconds.

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