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Educating Laura and Co...

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I have always had the fantasy of having a threesome but my wife was a very conservative woman. I would fantasize as she would suck my modest cock, she would lie between my legs with her ass in full view of the mirror on the wall, she has such a nicely trimmed cunt with each motion I would imagine her being taken from behind as she enjoyed my cock. My wife is quite a ?cock sucker? and devoted to the art. This past fall we welcomed an American University Student in a European Exchange program, My wife and Laura hit it off quite well and became instant friends. One week I was called out of town for a business trip to Spain, after a quite tiring day I returned to my hotel room showered and relaxed, soon the neighbors came in, they we passionately engaged, and all I could hear were her cries of pleasure which I must say lasted half the night, I decided to cut my trip short to get home and enjoy my wife. Once arriving at home I noticed a few new cars in the driveway, so I decided to go up to our room the back way and shower. Once dressed I began towards the living room only to view my wife naked in between the thighs of what appeared to be a rather endowed college student, and much to my surprise as I peeped in there were three others and then there was Laura, as I stood there my wife was educating Laura on the fine art of ?cock sucking? she would explain then demonstrate, she licked the head of his cock tracing the ridge of his cock?s head lapping the precious drops then taking his cock deep within her mouth, she would then trace a line down to his balls placing each one within her mouth, strategically placing her hand around his thick cock she would then take his cock in her mouth and fuck him with her mouth while jacking him off, in no time he came with such fervor she almost failed to take all his cum. She looked towards Laura and then moved towards the 2nd of her private threesome, as she reiterated her training she before his climax, she placed her finger in his ass which brought this young man into a deep back arching climax, as she marched on to her third stud she took all his cum into her mouth and came up to his mouth deeply embracing him, sharing with this young fellow the fruits of her labors and thus Laura was educated. Much to my surprise my wife had another plan in mind, she instructed the three young stallions to sit of the coffee table and one by one she would teach them on the art of pleasing a woman with their mouths. She asked Laura to sit and then she got on her knees and spread Laura?s cunt lips with her hand and began her gourmet meal, in the same educative process she taught each one of these young men in the art, Laura climaxed over and over, first through the talents of my wife?s tong then with her vibrator, it was amazing seeing that once conservative wife of mine educate these young folks. To my surprise she looked towards me and called, she said you have been there long enough now come and give Laura her final exam, I quickly undressed and sat down, Laura placed a pillow on the floor and took her place to take her exam, she bathed my cock with kisses then licking each inch softly massaging my balls, licking the ridge between my balls all the way to the tip of my cock, yes she was well taught, she then began to finger fuck my ass and suck my cock with earnest lapping, sucking, embracing my cock until I filled her mouth with my cum. Little did I notice that my wife was taking on all three of these studs? Carefully placed on all fours she was ridding the hugest cock in her cunt, as I gazed over towards her I could see her ridding this horse like cock with stretched her cunt, when she lifter herself from his cock you could see the skin of her cunt wrap itself that thick tree trunk of a cock, the second cock filled her mouth and hand, with great ease she pleased this young man you could see the burring desire in his eyes, it was then that she asked the third young man she slowed the pace down to allow this young mans cock into her ass, she looked at me with a smile and whispered does this fulfill your fantasy. I smiled as my cock raised to new life, it was time to fuck Laura while my wife pleased these three young men, I placed Laura along side my wife and took her from behind, Laura never had such a cock in her as mine so I took the tube of lubricant from the coffee table and generously painted her cunt and ass, Laura was not only going to get the fuck of her life but she was going to give up her anal virginity to me.. I paced myself with the fellow that was pumping my wife?s ass, each moment carefully orchestrated increasing in harmony and fervor, my partner orgasmed with such emotion you could undoable hear her from across the road. The youth that was in her mouth first orgasm and bather her face with his cum, then the fellow in her as came and collapsed it was now only us four, this mammoth of a cock in my wife?s cunt and my cock in this tight milk white ass, he then positioned himself to penetrate my wife?s ass, he took his time but he got that huge horse sized cock in her ass we both began to pound each ass with such earnest you could hear our balls slap against their asses, each of our lovers moaned with pleasure, I looked at my wife?s tits dance with each plunge, she turn at me just then and I could see the pleasure this young stud was giving her, he began to move out of her ass into her cunt and back again she was so hot, she began to cum and the oceans of pleasure rolled through her body, my young virgin assed girl was no more, as I plunged my cock into her cunt and fingered her ass she came and once again then collapsed in unison with my wife. My young friend and I both turned our respective lovers over and placed ourselves on top of them so they both could once again suck our cocks as we tit fucked our lovers my dearly endowed friend cumed with such force that my wife could not keep all his cum in, needless to say seeing all that cum on her chin caused me to climax, but unlike my wife my young lover took it all in and then turned over to lap the cum that my wife had left over, she cleaned my wife up and then began her way down to her cunt, it was then that all four of us left to clean up???.. but I heard the ending was quite good?..

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