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Earning my Prize

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Earning my Prize

Perusing the SLS site I came across a profile one afternoon that was far and away the best profile I had ever seen. It just exuded class and fun as well as having very hot side as well. While it certainly didn’t promise anything at all, it did imply if you were one of the lucky ones to be chosen into their circle, at the least you would be given the chance to satisfy your voyeuristic side by watching a very hot couple make love in front of you . . . and, if you were really lucky you might be asked to participate.

Being a pretty “average” guy in my mid-50’s it lit my fire and I opted to try to set up a meeting. My name, by the way, is Bill and I’m 6’ 3”, 230 pounds, with dark brown hair that is now freely sprinkled with gray, glasses and a very easy going disposition. While being a pretty big guy, I am only an average 6” or so in the “package” department but have been told my oral skills are pretty good. The couple whose profile I read are named Doug and Cher. Doug is in his early 50’s, good looking, creative and hung with an 8” cock. Cher is just hot. She is in her mid-40’s and has a great ass and a wonderful set of large breasts that just beg to be caressed and nibbled.

My initial e-mail was met with an immediate response and the follow-up was great. I determined I would be in their area in a couple of months and after a little bit we set a date and got together for lunch in a restaurant at the hotel I was staying near their home. Upon meeting Doug and Cher my decision was made immediately . . . this is a couple I would love to play with. Not only were they good looking and sexy, but were friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. Now, came the hard part . . . getting them to want to play with me.

Fortunately, that came easily and the three of us chatted amicably through lunch and it was apparent there was some positive chemistry at work. I had trouble keeping my eyes off of Cher’s attributes and enjoyed watching the view of her ass as she walked away to the restroom.

“Cher is gorgeous,” I said to Doug as she glided away.

“You should see her naked,” Doug replied, with a glint in his eye.

“Love to,” I said hopefully.

“Oh, I think you will,” confided Doug. “Cher is all worked up . . . and we love an audience. You up for it?”

“Absolutely”, I said quickly.

“Great,” Doug grinned. “Of course, anything else beyond your watching is completely up to Cher. Do you have a problem just watching?”

“Not as long as I can relieve myself at some point,” I grinned back.

“Of course you might have to do some things for Cher,” Doug winked. “Usually, the more you do the more you get . . .”

“Sounds fine,” I said, not quite believing my luck.

Just then, Cher returned and after a little more small talk and some flirting we adjourned to my room in the hotel. After a few awkward moments of getting settled in my room Cher reached over and pulled Doug close and started kissing him passionately while sliding her hand gently up and down his cock. Even hidden inside his pants I could tell it was growing to an impressive size thanks to Cher’s touch. Doug, in turn, gently plucked and Cher’s left nipple while massaging here right breast with his other hand. Her nipple jutted out impressively and the other nipple joined it when Doug’s hands switched jobs.

“So, Bill,” Cher said sexily, as she leered at me as she continued to stroke Doug’s cock through his pants.. “I hear you know the ground rules.” I nodded in reply.

“The first thing I need you to do is to take your clothes off . . . slowly,” Cher said with a wicked smile.

I gulped involuntarily as I had not been expecting to be the first one naked. One look at Cher though got me started on my task. She was just so hot I would do just about anything to continue the show. I kicked off my shoes and pulled at socks, trying to get them off in a hurry, while trying to appear composed. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and then started to undo my pants. I had Doug and Cher’s full attention and my cock was already hard as a rock. They watched as I slid my pants off and stepped out of them, leaving me in my boxer’s with a six inch tent if front.

Cher smiled at the site and quipped, “Well, I can see someone is glad to be here.”

I laughed nervously and after Cher nodded for me to continue I hooked my boxers in my fingers and peeled them down and dropping them to the floor as my manhood sprang free.

Doug and Cher were both smiling and looking at my cock and Cher said, “Very nice,” Cher gave Doug’s cock a squeeze and added, “Not as big as you Doug, but very nice.”

We all laughed and Cher moved toward me, smiling sweetly. “So first,” Cher cooed I need you to sit down in this chair if you are going to watch.”

I nodded and moved to the chair Cher had pointed to, which was the desk chair next to the TV. “Move it over here,” Cher said.

I moved the chair over and positioned against the wall by the side of the bed as Cher directed. “Sit down,” she said graciously. I sat back in the chair not knowing what to expect and Cher added, “Not like that Bill . . . sit up on the front of the chair so your balls hang over.” Cher then added a pillow from the bed behind my back to make it more comfortable.

“Oh, yes, very nice,” Cher chuckled as she smiled down at me. “So, for my protection I’m going to just tie your arms to the chair,” Cher announced, reaching for the soft velvet ropes that Doug has magically produced. I must say my attention had been fully on Cher.

Cher leaned over to fasten my right arm and flashed a little cleavage, brushed her nipples against my shoulder and enveloped me in her scent that was overwhelmingly wonderful. My cock twitched and Cher giggled as she moved to my left arm and fastened it as well. She stood up and backed away, looking over handiwork and smiled at me.

With that she turned and moved over to Doug who was perched on the edge of the bed in just his boxers. When did he do that? Cher flowed into his arms and into a wild kiss full of tongues. Cher’s hands roamed all over Doug as he kissed her back and massaged her ass cheeks with both hands as he pulled her closer. Cher’s hand dropped to Doug’s boxers and slid them off exposing Doug’s raging 8” hard on in its’ full glory.

Now with Cher still fully dressed and two naked guys in the room, Cher dropped to her knees in front of Doug and let her tongue slither out and lick Doug’s cock head like an ice cream cone. Doug sighed softly and Cher pulled his cock deeper into his mouth and sucked softly drawing another, deeper moan. I sat watching this show and my cock twitched again. Cher took Doug’s cock even deeper down her throat and Doug moaned even louder and then she pulled him out, stood between his legs and gave him a deep kiss on the mouth.

Cher turned away from Doug and glided my way, sliding her hands all over her ass and her tits. She stood in front of me and could see the effect her little dance was having as a small bead of precum had formed on my twitching cock.

“You would like to see more I assume,” Cher said playfully and I nodded immediately. “Remember, you will have to earn what you get from now on.” Again, I nodded immediately . . . what was I going to do . . . say no?

Cher’s hands went to the waistband of her pants and unhooked, unzipped and drew them seductively down over her ass, turning to give me that view as she slid them off completely revealing a sexy green thong and her beautiful ass. I was mesmerized by the sight and she moved forward and told me to give her a kiss as she moved her ass into position. I quickly complied and she tasted wonderful. She pulled quickly away and turned back around and started to slowly unbutton her blouse, one tantalizing button after another. With each button a little more cleavage and skin was exposed and the sight was driving me crazy. I was frantically trying to figure out a way to touch my cock or have someone touch my cock was I knew this was part of the plan.

Cher finally finished with her buttons and threw her blouse to the full and grinned at me. “You would like to see more?” she ventured knowing the answer before I nodded. Her hands went to her thong where she started rubbing herself and you could see the beginning of a wet spot. She reached around behind her back and unsnapped her bra and slowly let it drop to the floor revealing a perfect set of creamy white, beautiful breasts. Now I was drooling from my mouth and my cock as her breasts were just gorgeous. Cher stepped closer and put her thong covered snatch inches from my face.

I suppose you would like to lick this wouldn’t you?” she asked playfully.

I leaned forward to try and lick her, inhaling her sweet aroma but she pulled away before I could make contact.

“Not so fast,” she laughed. “First, you need to earn it. Come here Doug,” she said, reaching out a hand to pull him near. “Don’t you think Bill needs to earn the right to touch me?” Doug nodded with a laugh.

“Good, bring your cock around here,” Cher said, as she pulled Doug’s cock up close and personal to my face.

Never before had I been this close to another cock! Up close Doug’s was huge, with a bulbous head, and a thick veiny shaft. Cher lightly stroked Doug’s cock from the bottom to the top several times and it grew even larger and harder.

“Here Bill, lick Doug’s cock for me,” Cher said.

I was in shock. Just seconds before I was thinking I would do anything to keep the game moving forward never dreaming this would be the request. Cher looked down at me and let go of Doug’s cock, dropping one hand to her wet thong and rubbing her wet spot, while the other rolled a nipple between her fingers as she looked at me expectantly.

I looked back and Doug’s cock and then back at Cher’s exquisite body and made up my mind in a flash. I turned my head back to Doug’s cock and leaning forward just slightly stuck my tongue out gingerly to lick the head of Doug’s monster. A drop of precum had formed and as I licked my first lick of a cock I drew the cum onto my tongue and tasted my first seed. The taste was surprisingly good and I found myself wanting more so I leaned forward as far as I could and drew the whole head of Doug’s cock into my mouth. It was soft . . . it was hard . . . it was hot and Doug then stepped closer forcing more of his cock deeper into my mouth. I gagged a bit, backed off a bit and then started bobbing my head back and forth.

Cher moved to our side and put her hand on Doug’s ass and her other hand on the back of my head and controlled the tempo and the depth of Doug’s penetration into my virgin mouth. “Look, Doug, I think he really likes it,” Cher exclaimed.

“He’s pretty good, too,” Doug laughed as he sighed with pleasure.

I did like it and it was making my cock painfully hard. Abruptly, Cher pulled my head back and pushed Doug away and I suddenly felt empty. However, Cher moved between us and offered me her thong. I licked over the wet spot and Cher pulled her thong down ,then off, and offered me her hard little clit. I licked once, then twice and then it was gone as Cher moaned and moved away.

I was lost, turned on beyond belief with no way to get relief. Cher moved back closer and dangled her beautiful tits in my face, “lick my nipples, Cher growled and my tongue darted out a snatched a nipple and sucked gently. Cher pulled free and offered the other and I greedily latched on to that one. Laughing Cher pulled away and dropped to her knees in front of me. She reached down and grabbed my cock lightly and squeezed the head a little that sent precum oozing out onto her finger. She stuck that finger in my mouth and I licked it clean. She stroked my aching cock a few times and then leaned over and put my cock between her tits and rocked back and forth a few times letting me fuck her tits. Every third or fourth stroke Cher would lick the tip of my cock . . . and then she was gone.

Cher stood up and almost jumped on Doug, sitting and watching from the bed. She attacked him by throwing herself on top of him and kissing him wildly. Doug returned the favor and they kissed and explored each other with their hands as I sat helplessly watching, with my cock throbbing and my hands literally tied. I watched in awe as they pleasured in each other, first with a wild ride with Cher bucking away on top, then followed by slow, serious lovemaking that had Cher moaning out loud. My cock was ready to explode and I could find no way to relieve it when Cher finally announced she was coming and did so with gusto, shuddering in pleasure as Doug kept slowly pumping her until he too exploded in orgasm and filled Cher up completely.

Cher and Doug relaxed in the afterglow as if I wasn’t there. Finally, Cher looked over and grinned.

“Poor baby . . .you probably need some relief,” Cher laughed. She jumped off the bed and gave my cock a few strokes, quickly producing some more precum. This time she used it to coat my cock and then stooped over, allowing me another taste of one nipple while she loosened the rope on my right hand. She then pulled away and hopped back onto the bed and snuggled up close to Doug.

“Go ahead then,” Cher said with a grin. “Relieve yourself.”

Well, of course I have masturbated many times but probably only twice before in front of anyone and that was my wife . . . these were virtual strangers! However, I was in no place to hesitate as my cock was harder than it had ever been. I reached down and slid my hand over my cock and started stroking for all I was worth. I looked over and Cher and Doug were watching closely and both were glued to my hand and their breathing was speeding up rapidly. In less than a minute I could feel the cum boiling up and I shot a huge spurt across the room and then 6 or 7 more as my body shuddered in delight.

Cher and Doug were both smiling and applauded as the scene ended and laughed as I wiped the remnants of cum from my hand onto the floor.

“Very nicely done,” laughed Cher. “I think you may have just earned yourself a chance at a little more time.”

My ears picked up with that remark as I thought we might be done. Cher came bouncing over to my chair and again offered me a brief taste of as nipple as she untied my left hand.

“Now, if you do as I say you can have another, probably more satisfying taste,” Cher said as she motioned to me to move to the bed.

I climbed up next to them both and again admired Cher’s wonderful body. I looked up at her and she pointed to Doug’s flaccid, cum-coated cock and said, “Can you get that hard for me?”

What would have been out of the question mere minutes ago suddenly was something that sounded like fun. I leaned her and touched another man’s cock with my hands for the first time and felt it move just a little in my fingers. I started to “pet” it a little and it moved again. I pulled it away from Doug’s body and leaned over further to lick the head. Doug’s cock moved again at my lick and I drew it further into my mouth and sucked softly. I pulled it from my mouth and watched in amazement as Doug’s cock started to grow and grow. A few more licks and sucks and it was at full staff and hard as a rock. My own cock had amazingly grown hard again as well and I stroked and licked Doug’s cock for a minute or so. Cher watched, enjoying the site and then reached over and took Doug’s cock from my hand and we started sucking and licking it together. Cher reached down and cupped Doug’s balls and I lowered my mouth to them to suck them in one at a time while Cher stroked his cock the full length with her wonderful fingers.

Cher then shifted her body into the 69 position with Doug and her head bobbed up and down on his cock while he licked her clit with gusto. After several minutes Cher jumped off of Doug and moved her pussy down Doug’s chest and toward his groin. With Doug underneath Cher lowered herself onto Doug’s throbbing cock reverse cowgirl style and started riding away. Doug pulled her backwards so she was laying on top of him face up and he tweaked her nipples and played with her tits as he stroked in and out.

Cher moaned out, “Bill lick me now,” and I quickly dove into the fray. Cher’s pussy tasted fantastic as I licked around and on her clit and she bucked harder and harder. I found I was licking Doug’s monster cock quite often as it seesawed back and forth in front of my mouth. All of a sudden it slipped out of Cher’s pussy and she screamed out, “Suck his dick, Bill!”

I quickly complied and pulled his cock into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. I reached my hand up and gently fingered Cher’s clit and then guided Doug’s cock back inside her where he resumed his pumping. I resumed my assault on Cher’s clit and several times Doug’s cock flopped out of her and into my mouth. Our combined efforts on Cher were working their magic and Cher was bucking wildly and moaning loudly. Suddenly Cher started gushing her come squirting out all over my face. Doug felt it to and started pumping her harder and harder. I could feel him start to tense up and then let go a torrent of cum inside Cher.

“Finish in Bill’s mouth,” Cher suddenly shouted, scooting back so Doug’s cock flopped out again. Caught up in the moment I grabbed Doug’s cock and swallowed as far as I could as he shot rope after rope of hot cum into my mouth. I couldn’t swallow it all but I got most of it and finally released his cock from my mouth.

“Oh, God, that was so hot,” Cher panted. “Clean Doug’s cum out of me and you’ll get your prize if you can make me cum again while you do it.”

Well my cock was throbbing again so I dove into my job with gusto. I cleaned out Cher’s pussy with my tongue and then began teasing her as I danced my tongue and fingers over and around her clit. With my fingers I found her G-spot and in concert with my tongue brought her to another shattering orgasm.

As she calmed down she had me lay alongside her and she took my cock into her long fingers and stroked it slowly. Once her breathing was back to normal Cher slid down the bed and took my cock into her mouth and started giving me the best blow job I had ever received. She took her time, slowing me down several times as she could sense I was going to come and wasn’t ready for it to be over. I had mixed feelings as it felt fantastic but I was really ready to blow. Cher built it up again using his fingers and mouth to take me to the brink. At the last second she pulled her mouth away and gave one final stroke with her hand before I exploded. She guided my cock towards her glorious tits and my seed found its’ mark decorating them in white.

I had certainly earned my prize and it was certainly worth it!

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