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Dream Vacation

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Her soft brown hair blew gently on her shoulders in the warm ocean breeze. Suzanne, or Suzy as we had come to know her, was a woman in her prime. As she lay on the lounge chair by the pool, her firm body was adorned only by a very stingy black g-string bikini bottom. Her firm breasts shined in the bright sunlight, covered only by a generous amount of coconut oil adeptly applied by her husband Mark.

My wife Nancy was sunning next to her, and sipping her fifth margarita of the morning. This was the third day of our shared vacation with Mark and Suzy, and I knew that Nancy would again be soused by early afternoon. She had left me hot and hard the previous night after passing out in the spa of our private beach bungalow. While I didn't expect to have wild sex with her every night when I had booked the trip six months prior, I sure didn't anticipate masturbating alone in our hot tub every night either!

As I admired Suzy's perfect c-cup breasts, I fantasized about licking and sucking on her pert nipples. They were soft in the warm sun, highlighted by her dark areolas. I imagined how hard and long her nipples might become with some oral attention. I dreamed of fingering her wet slit as I suckled both breasts, one after another. Abruptly, I was awakened from my dream by cold water dripping on my chest. Mark stood over me with fresh drinks from the bar, smiling as he had caught me staring at his gorgeous wife. I reached up to take the drink and he whispered softly where only he and I could hear - 'bad boy, Josh!'.

Mark and I had been good friends for many years, and I'm sure that this wasn't the first time he had caught me lusting after his hot wife. However, this was our first vacation at a resort that not only allowed, but encouraged, topless sunbathing. I had not picked this resort by accident. I had secretly worshiped Suzy's stunning body for years. She had 'helped' me reach an explosive orgasm numerous times as I pumped my own 9? cock while fantasizing of her. When I read the dress code on the resort's web site, I knew it was where I wanted the four of us to go.

The morning soon turned to afternoon, and true to her form my spouse Nancy retired to our bungalow where I am sure she quickly passed out. Mark and I swam while Suzy continued to tan her already bronze body. We checked out all the other hot ladies around the pool, and commented on each as we lazed in the warm water. Mark seemed to particularly like the more muscular, large-framed women while I enjoyed petite frames. We both agreed that breasts size was important, but firmness more important. He liked the larger titties with wide areolas and broad nipples, while I preferred the breasts with smaller areolas and long hard nipples - just like Suzy's.

The drinks and all the talk of sex had me in a constant state of arousal, which was not helped when Suzy joined Mark and I in the pool slithering between the two of us. Much to my surprise, Mark continued our conversation about the other ladies even in the presence of Suzy. She didn't seem to mind, and in fact made a few comments of her own about some of the better looking chicks. Her suggestive remarks made me think that she just might entertain the thought of going both ways.

"Present company excluded" said Suzy, "which guy do you think is the hottest, Josh?" "Which guy?" I asked with obvious surprise in my voice. "Yes hon" she teased as she caught me glancing at her nipples which were now hardened by the cool water. "Tell me which guy you think is the hottest, which one you think might have the best cock to put in your bad boy mouth!" she exclaimed with an air of superiority. ?She had overheard Mark calling me a bad boy earlier? I thought to myself.

?Well, uhhhh.. Miss Suzy? I stammered, ?I haven?t really been scoping out the guys. The women are much more attractive to me, and much easier to judge since they are half naked.? Suzy replied with a scowl, ?Josh, I didn?t ask for excuses! Now tell me which guy you this is the hottest in this pool, and do it now!? With that she brushed her hand across my cheek and just let the tip of her hard nipple touch the back of my shoulder. ?Ok, ok? I replied, ?I like the slender young man sitting on the side of the pool over there? nodding with my head. ?His wavy golden hair and hairless chest oiled up and shining in the sun make him look like a California surfer?, I said. ?And I can see the bulge in his shorts from here?.

?So? Suzy continued, ?You like guys with big cocks? I noticed you have quite a bulge in your speedo, you bad boy!? With that, she reached down and gently surrounded my bulging cock with her small hand. ?Mmmmmm, nice cock, bad boy!? she crooned. ?But I don?t like guys or cocks at all? I said with conviction. ?You?ve been ogling me since the day we arrived? she said. ?Mark and I have seen you and laughed at your predicament and how horny you must be with a drunken wife every night. I?ll bet by now you?d do just about anything to get into my string bikini, wouldn?t you bad boy?? No longer able to control my excitement nor mask my enthusiasm, I simply answered ?Yes, Miss Suzy?. She smiled at my response and her hand became firmer on my growing member. ?Then you will learn to like cocks, my little bad boy, because that is what I want you to do.?

?OK, little Josh bad boy, here are the rules. Follow them, and you will be greatly rewarded. Fuck up anywhere along the way, and you will be punished severely. You don?t have to do any of this, but once you begin you cannot turn back. You will do everything I say, and you will do it to the utmost of your ability whether you like it or not. If you succeed, you will taste my succulent pussy before the sun goes down tonight, and that nice firm 9 incher of yours will fill my wet slit.? Suzy removed her hand from my cock, backing up against Mark looking coyly at me square in my face. ?Do you accept, bad boy?? she said. All I could do was again stammer ?Yes, Ma?am?.

?His name is Eric? Suzy said, pointing to the young man I had identified as the most attractive at the pool. ?You will swim over there and strike up a conversation with him. Tell him of your assignment, that you are my little slut boy, and you?ve been instructed to approach him about giving him a blow job for my benefit. You can take your time, Josh, but do not fail in your assignment to bring him to our bungalow within an hour. Got it?? ?Yes, Ma?am? I replied submissively as I pushed off from the side in his direction.

I swam up to Eric, his blue briefs bulging in my face as I pulled up beside him sitting on the edge of the pool. He had been watching everything we had done across the pool, and as I said ?Hi? he responded with ?Your friends Suzy and Mark seem to be leaving. Where are they going?? I responded ?I suppose to their bungalow?. My breath quickened as I blurted out ?Would you like to join them there with me? Suzy has instructed me to invite you there.?

Eric grinned and said ?Why would she want me there, Josh?? His smile broke wide as I told him of my assignment. ?Ahhh? he said, ?so you are willing to suck my dick so that you can have Suzy?s pussy, huh?? I stammered ?Well, er, I guess you could put it that way. I?ve never had a man?s cock in my mouth before, but damn I want to fuck that hot woman!? ?Do not feel so bad, my friend? he responded. ?Just last night, I tasted my first cock for the same reason! Suzy made me suck Mark?s cock before I could have her sweet pussy. And it was not so bad. I think Mark rather enjoyed it.? He looked down at me and said ?Your mouth looks very hot and wet my friend, and my big dick needs a little slut boy like you to suck it all the way down!? I could see that he was almost totally erect now, and he slid his glistening cock out the side of his swimsuit so that I could see it.

?Touch it? he instructed. ?Feel its hardness and imagine it fucking your bad boy face cunt!? I reached up and touched his massive member, feeling the veins and the warmth of his erection. He obviously wanted me to touch it more as he pulled his swimsuit further aside. I moved between his legs so as to shield our activities from the view of any prying eyes.

We walked to Mark and Suzy?s bungalow after refreshing our drinks at the bar. Eric was about 6 foot, and slender and almost devoid of body hair. His shoulder length hair belied his masculinity. He knew I was the slut boy tonight, and treated me as such ? expecting me to open doors as we went through them. He stopped me as we approached Mark and Suzy?s place. It was a secluded area, completely hidden from view by tall hedges and bushes. He told me to follow his instructions as if they were Suzy?s. He instructed me to remove all my clothes and hand them to him. He then placed a blindfold on me and pushed me to the ground, prodding me along from behind with his bare foot on my naked ass.

I entered the small bungalow, on my knees, not knowing who was viewing my submissive entry on all fours, ass high in the air as instructed by Eric. After passing the threshold of the door, the carpet was soft on my knees. Eric?s bare foot continued to prod my ass, then WHAM, POP, WHAM came the hard blows to my submissive ass. I could discern Suzy?s gleeful laugh among the crowd of jubilant cheerers-on. Someone obviously intent upon heightening my painful state hit down hard upon my exposed bottom with some sort of whip. My cock was at full attention, and my ass on fire from the first few iterations of what was sure to be an extended paddling session.

Eric thoughtfully whispered to me that I was the centre of attention, and that I should behave and act accordingly so as to please Suzanne and her friends. He softly whispered that his cock wanted my hot mouth, and that the spankings would soon subside when I began to suckle his firm thick member. I began to crave his cock in my mouth as a way to bring the intense pain of the spankings to a halt!

Even though I?d never tasted another man, I knew that I wanted Eric in my mouth. I wanted him to fuck my mouth-pussy and deposit his hot cum in my wonting throat. He told me to hold his now naked cock firm as the whips and paddles and canes continued to taunt my bare ass. I held him as if he were my saviour from the pain? holding his huge cock in my hands.. wanting to suck it to stop the incessant beatings. I could hear so many voices. so many more than just Suzy and Mark. Then, distinctly from the crowd, I heard the laughing of moaning sounds of my wife Nancy. I wanted so to remove the blindfold, but knew better.

Eric then drew me to him, placing the tip of his hardened member at my lips? his firm cock moving into my mouth with slow, but firm, smoothness. The crowd applauded, and I could feel their excitement as his cock slowly buried itself in my mouth-cunt. His hands, placed on my head, made it impossible for me to move back as he slowly thrust his hips into my face, burying his huge cock in my hot mouth-cunt.

I began to want his cock? hearing the moans and encouragement from the crowd.. I wanted to please them by taking his entire member into my throat;.engulfing it in my mouth-cunt. I could taste his manly pre-cum as he held my head and fully inserted his huge member into my mouth. As he filled my mouth with his hardened cock, he removed my blindfold and I saw from the corner of my eye my wife Nancy between Suzy?s legs, obviously sucking her swollen clit. Her wrists were bound behind her back as her head bobbed up and down between Suzy?s legs. Eric continued to pump his huge cock in my mouth pussy, pulling my hair to make me suck him to the hilt.

Mark moved behind me and lubed my tight ass, then inserted his cock inside me filling me with his hardened member. I now had Eric?s huge cock in my mouth, and my friend Mark fucking my ass. My own cock was attended to by Suzy, who began to suckle my swollen penis as Nancy sucked her clitoris.

I couldn?t believe how powerless I felt as Eric fucked my mouth? pumping in and out at his own desire? my tongue craving the feel of his slick cock in my mouth. I wanted him inside me? I wanted to feel his hot juices spray on the back of my mouth. His fervor increased as did his heavy breathing as his orgasm began and he sprayed his hot cum inside my mouth pussy. Mark pumped hard into my ass as he groaned with orgasm, and Suzy sucked my cock for all it was worth as I sprayed my hot cum into her sweet throat. Nancy sucked Suzy?s juices as she came to the ultimate climax. All spent, we lay on the floor and slept peacefully for a few hours until one by one we awoke and began the sessions again.

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