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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Dr M And The Nurse (an Unexpected 3some)".


Dr M & the Nurse (an unexpected 3some)

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Dr. M & Nurse Like most other doctors appointments, the anticipation for this appointment was low on the scale. As I sat in the waiting room, enjoying my share of the outdated National Geographic I couldn?t help but think to myself that it was a shame that my normal doctor and nurse weren?t in. I understand the flu was pretty bad this year, and it was just a physical after all.

Finally, my name was called. I stared. I couldn?t help it. The woman was beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a body that didn?t quit the type of curves that made my mouth water. Realizing I was staring, she politely smiled at me. Not quite an ice queen smile, but not the welcoming smile you would expect. How was I to know what that smile held in store for me.

She took me into the nearest room and quickly, efficiently went through the entire list of questions that were typical. Then she poked her head out the door and told the doctor they had a ?special case? in room one. I was in room one..what the? ?Please remove your clothing, all of them, and put this gown on?. She stayed in the room and simply turned her back. So I quickly undressed feeling a little weird and rushed to put the gown on.

The doctor came in, attractive in a sturdy and hard working man kind of way, he smiled at me and introduced himself as Dr. M and did not introduce the nurse. I wasn?t sure why he didn?t. I looked curiously at the beautiful woman, but again received the politely distant smile.

I found myself wanting to make her smile more warmly at me and tried a few lame attempts at humor while the doctor listened to my lungs. He gently took my chin and turned my face towards his. He whispered ?She is right, you are a special case?. I was a little worried, but then he blushed a little and said ?not a medical-special case?.

He reached behind him and locked the door, then stood back to allow his nurse to come to me. She kissed me. I couldn?t wrap my brain around the fact that this beautiful woman had just kissed me. Then her hands were wandering lower from my face to my neck. It was just about then that it occurred to me that I had been sitting there without moving, like a deer caught in the headlights. I slid my hands up her sexy thighs and was so thankful that she was close enough to touch. She sighed out and moved her lips lower. She nibbled her way down my neck.

Before I closed my eyes and tilted my head back I caught Dr. M with his cock in his hand watching us. I reached one hand out to him to include him into our embrace. He came over immediately and ran his hands up his delicious looking nurse?s curves, cupping her breasts between us, catching my nipples in the process. I arched forward.

Dr. M smiled and whispered ?Would you like to play with both of us??. I could only nod; I was so extremely turned on. I slipped down and encouraged the Nurse up onto the table, completely forgetting that I was only wearing a gown until I felt warm hands sliding over my skin and a nice hard , thick cock pressed up against me.

I brought Dr. M with me while I began kissing and touching the Nurse. Her breast tightened under my touch. I leaned forward to unbutton her and found myself pushing into Dr. M?s cock. I loved when they kissed over top of me; Keeping me in the middle of them the whole time, making me feel safe and connected to them both.

Then the Nurse laid back and allowed me to slide off her bottoms. Her pussy was so wet I could see it and she watched me as I kissed my way up her thighs. Dr. M took his time playing under my gown with one hand and touching and caressing the Nurse?s beautiful legs.

I licked her welcoming pussy slowly, kissing and teasing the outside to begin with. I reached back to grab Dr. M?s cock and began stroking his thick cock. I was pleasantly surprised to find his cock slick with pre-cum and throbbing. Nibbling on Nurse?s clit and sucking brought a small sigh of pleasure from the Nurse.

Dr. M began moving with my hand and fingering my soaking wet pussy. I lost my mind. His talented fingers playing my pussy while being able to enjoy such a beautiful woman?s pussy on my tongue.. I pushed back on his hand to get him deeper into my pussy. A pleaser, he forced his hand up harder to accommodate m y demands.

Tonguing the nurse?s pussy, the flavor began to change, become heavier. Her pussy became more slick and her clit began to swell. I worked my way from her clit back to tonguing her pussy, nibbling her pussy lips and catching her clit in my teeth.

Dr. M encouraged me up on top of the Nurse. I happily climbed up and began kissing her. She kissed me and licked her pussy juices off my tongue and lips. I felt the Dr. slide his fingers in my pussy and heard Nurse gasp. I lost it, knowing that he was fucking her and fingering me. I came all over his fingers. Kissing his beautiful nurse and being included in their playtime left me breathless and soaking wet.

Dr. M stopped and I moaned. I didn?t want him to stop. Then I felt his cock slide into my pussy and Nurse gasped again. I could only guess he was fingering her pussy while he fucked my pussy. ?Shhhh? Nurse whispered to me. I must have been getting a little loud. I kissed her in response and swallowed the next moan that tried to escape my lips.

Dr. M kept us guessing. Eating our pussies and fingering us both while I sucked on Nurses nipples and kissed her body and lips. Alternating between fucking our pussies and being extremely attentive to our needs, Dr. M never left either one of our pussies for more than a second to readjust and please us some more.

Just when I thought it couldn?t get any better I heard Dr. M?s breath start to increase and, the thrusting got harder. His fingers worked my pussy harder and I kissed Nurse more deeply. Her tongue wrapping around mine, making me get even more wet. By now my pussy juices were dripping down my thighs. Then Dr. M did the most amazing thing. He pulled out of Nurse and came all over both of our pussies.

I loved the feeling of his hot cum dripping down my pussy onto Nurses pussy. Dr. M cleaned up his soaked cock and began cleaning up our pussies. Our kisses softened and I smiled at Nurse. I had no idea of what to say to these unexpected sexual gifts. I left the office after redressing feeling completely satisfied and hoping I would get to see them again. On the back of my next appointment card was a number and personal phone number. I knew I would be calling them very soon!


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